Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Some interesting info crossed my path recently and I will present it to you. Interpret it whichever way you will. I will give you my interpretation. The writing was on the wall, and all rats desert a sinking ship.

Now let's look at the time line here. Abigail Smith was in Tompkins until April 2011, I believe. These charts show a steady decline in cat intake but yet a surprisingly increase in euthanasia. Dog takes were declining but again euthanasia was increasing. Does one see a question to be asked here?

Another interesting item comes out with the wash and that is the percentage of intake classified as 'healthy' went from 26.9% to 5.3%. Raises another question, doesn't it?

Of course that goes along with classifying unhealthy and untreatable rising dramatically from 7% to 22%. 

Forum is open for questions, folks. I know I have a few. Like why did Abigail Smith really leave Tompkins? Better job? Or she saw the writing on the wall regarding No Kill. 

Thanks to Lisa Wahl for bringing this to my attention.