Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patitz is Out (Finally), Rae is Next

It is so hard to be sitting on information and have to wait until it becomes public. I knew a few days ago that Patitz in Indy was being kicked off the animal commission but had to wait until the news story came out.

Warren Patitz was (oh how I loved to say that, was) head of the Animal Commission in Indy and responsible for bringing Doug Rae there. He also was heavily involved in the "conference" of Nathan Winograd's. And his business would stand to gain a lot with the "No Kill" movement. Thus an explanation for Patitz supporting Rae.

Rae's probation period ends Sept. 30th. Indy is wiping the slate clean and Rae is next. He never should have had the job to begin with. These "No Kill'ers" are so sneaky. They get themselves appointed to commissions and bring in their buddies. We have to watch for that and prevent it. The humane community is it's own worse enemy in that most of those involved feel they don't have the time to do things like serve on Ad Hoc committees or go to budget meetings. This is what is getting the "No Kill'ers" ahead of us. They are making the time to do these things and the results is what has happened to Indy and Rae.

Mark the calenders for the 30th.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spadaro Update - What a Fucking Bitch

Seems she is filing more complaints on a personal level against San Bernardino Animal Control and Brian Cronin, the leader of AC.

Spadaro has another kennel now in San Bernardino and is pulling every trick to prevent AC from coming in there. Remember she is an attorney and knows all those tricks.

San Bernardino is getting hit hard in these economic times with pet relinquishment and the last thing their shelter needs is another hoarding situation. But that is what they got in terms of horses. Another hoarder by the name of Hart-Lawson has sprung up. Several of the horses had to be euthanized because of their health on the spot. Twenty seven felony counts have been filed against her, FELONY counts. Yet last week, this bitch and her friend "bashed" animal control for stepping in to stop their cruelty at public forum for the Board of Supervisors meeting.

I ask that anyone reading this blog write to the Board of Supervisors offering support for animal control in stopping this woman.
Not too many shelters can handle a shit load of horses who are sick and emaciated. It costs much more to house a horse and a lot more staff time treating these horses. Plus it is obvious that this woman intends to fight which means the horses will have to be held as evidence, overtaxing the shelter probably for months if not years. Spadaro's case has been going on now for over 4 years.

Hoarders are the scourge of the earth. But the newspapers still treat them too mildly, saying they have good hearts. When you see these stories, get in there and voice an opinion that they don't have good hearts, they are evil. I'm sick of having them called sick, mentally. They are abusers, plain and simple.

Get'em King County AC

King County AC is fighting back and good for them. A new posting on their blog shows that the Council there is comprised of idiots and they are listening to the idiots of "No Kill".

The Council of Fools gave a mandate to KCACC but failed to give what it takes to carry through on a mandate - money. This is tactic of "No Kill", ask them to do the impossible and then when they can't, go for the throat. Fucking cowards that the "No Kill'ers" are.

Let's keep fingers crossed that KCACC can prevail, it will be a tough go. Give 'em hell, KCACC!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on King County

It's getting hot and heavy in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is carrying it all. Just like Mike Speedy in Indy is concerned with public safety, now King County residents are yelling the same. The "No Kill'ers" are yelling to save the animals in the shelter but they don't grasp what it takes to do that and what it takes away from to do it. This nuts probably also believe that money grows on trees.

Go to this blog maintained by the head of the ACO Guild, the current news reports are on it and no use repeating. They need positive comments too if you can spare a few minutes.

UPDATE: Article in the Bakersfield Californian/Kern on the subject.

Oops, pet rescue missions broke rules
BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:56 PM
Last Updated Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:58 PM

More than 180 Kern County dogs transported to Seattle to reduce overpopulation here were carried across state lines in violation of Washington laws.

The animals, carried north by local volunteer Joan Dunham, were released by Kern County Animal Control under an agreement with the Seattle Humane Society, said Kern Animal Control Director Guy Shaw.

But the animals had not been vaccinated, treated for heartworm or given health clearance by a veterinarian before being driven to Washington, Shaw said.

Shaw recently learned that violated Washington import laws.

"If we knew what the law was from the beginning, we would be (following) it," Shaw said.

He said the Washington State Department of Agriculture has cleared Kern to send more animals north -- as long as they have the required shots and heath clearances.

But the Humane Society hasn't asked for any animals yet.

Calls to Seattle Humane Society's chief executive were not returned Tuesday.

Shaw said Kern County usually only vaccinates pets when they are adopted out. Shaw said when an animal is transferred, it's assumed the agency receiving the animals will do the vaccinating.

That "I didn't know" excuse isn't good enough, said Sgt. John Diel of King County Animal Control in Washington, "especially for someone in an animal care agency."

Diel is critical of the Kern County transfer, which was billed locally as a good way to reduce local animal overpopulation since Seattle had a shortage of adoptable animals.

Diel said his agency takes in 11,000 to 12,000 animals annually and has euthanized 21 to 38 percent in recent years because there aren't enough people to take the unwanted pets there.

The Humane Society used to take "a couple hundred" animals from King County Animal Control each year, Diel said, but has reduced those numbers as it began to take pets from outside the area.

"I have to question why you take animals from another state when obviously you have an animal welfare situation in your own county," Diel said.

Shaw said the unfortunate part of all this is that Kern County animals that might have had a chance for life in Seattle will likely be killed in Kern County, which has had a kill rate of about 70 percent in recent years.

Transfers, such as to the Humane Society in Seattle, have become a huge part of controlling his agency's increasing intake of unwanted animals, he said.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SF SPCA/No Kill Revealed and It Ain't Pretty

This article is long but it points out the hypocrisy of the "No Kill" movement. This has been going on all along, just that no one wanted to speak out. It's a money/numbers game. Give 'em what they want to hear and they will follow like sheep.

And to all the pit nutters, note that the Whino's pride and joy has never saved the pits. So you need to get off his little bandwagon. They have always been exempt from the contract between the SF SPCA and Animal Control.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Blame King County - Blame Winograd

I do hope that most of you are familiar with the fiasco in King County, WA with the Whino and the Whinonettes. If not, they have managed to worm their way into the elected officials, etc., you know the story of how that goes. Anyway, there is an article in this morning's paper, , of results of bringing in this "guru" and his misguided movement.

King County has received a lot of criticism because of being "Winograded". Animal control is the most hated department in government, probably outranking the Tax Collector. When budgets are cut, animal control is the first one. Animal control usually has more complaints going into elected officials than any other department. Why? Because animals are an emotional subject.

What people don't understand is that animal control must follow the law. If you don't like what you see, don't blame animal control, blame the person you voted for and go after them. But when you do, they turn around and try to make animal control the scapegoat. Don't let them do that, keep control of the situation and the focus where it should be. Animal control only follows the rules, they don't make them.

Animal control was not established to take care of the animals, the humane community was established to do that. If animals are being euthanized in the shelters, it isn't animal control's fault, it is the humane community's fault. They are letting these animals down by not taking them out. Animal control needs to focus on keeping the community safe and let the humane community worry about keeping the animals from being euthanized. You have to look at the ones being euthanized only to see that most shelters are "cherry picked" by the humane community, rather than them trying to actually save those normally euthanized. They want "adoptable" animals, easily adoptable and thereby they can earn the title of "no kill" because they don't have to euthanize. But there is a double standard at play. The ones the humane community don't want, the ones that don't meet their definition for themselves as adoptable, are what is left for the shelter. Thus euthanization occurs. And then the humane community shakes their fingers at the shelter for euthanizing when they, the humane community, failed to take the animals out.

Because of the "No Kill" movement, shelters are now scared to say no, they are scared to stand for what they think is right, because they are highly criticized for it. And in King County's case, they can lose their jobs because KC is thinking of privatizing. So they are forced to make decisions. It is damned if they do, and damned if they don't. And it serves a personal agenda of "No Kill".

We have to take back our shelters. We have to sit in the budget meetings and help fight for the funds to do programs for the shelters. We have to establish 501c3's for our shelters and actively seek donations. We have to work with the shelters not against them. Dividing and conquer is the motto of "No Kill" when it needs to be "Teamwork". There are a lot of good people who work in animal control and they want the changes probably more than any of us do. But they do the best job they can do with what they are given to do with, that's what we need to remember and change. Money, folks, it take money and commitment. That's what King County needs, not a bunch of "No Kill'ers" biting at their heels.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget

I am sitting here watching the History Channel broadcast the events of 9/11. That day will never leave my memory and it still puts me in tears.

I had a cousin who lived close to the Towers. I called as soon as it happened. He was going up onto his roof to see what was happening. We promised to get back in touch when he came back down to his apartment. I didn't hear from him for days, the phone service was off. Although I knew he was far enough away, I was still worried about him. Eventually he called and we cried together over the phone.

How can anyone's "God" allow this to happen, much less in their name? Innocent people who just started their day like any other. It just shows that we need to see every day as precious, everyday we need to tell those we love that we do love them, everyday to live as if there is no tomorrow. For the fallen of 9/11 there was no tomorrow and it can just as easily happen to each of us.

I think of our venue on this day and it seems so ridiculous compared. But everyone has to select a "venue" no matter how it compares to others, if it makes the world a better place. I couldn't have stopped the attack on 9/11 but hopefully with my venue I can stop other attacks of the innocents by the pit bulls and "No Kill". Is it any different from 9/11? In some ways, yes, and some ways no. Always working to help the innocent, whether from terrorists or from pit bulls, is a noble cause. I feel humble on this day but it gives me the courage to continue on this quest to get BSL and bans against the terrorism of pit bulls.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Use "Responsible" to Describe a Pit Owner?

My opinion is no. How does one call themselves responsible when they know how many attacks pits are doing these days? How does one call themselves responsible when they fight the very thing, BSL, that might make them responsible? It is beyond me how these pit nutters live with themselves, constantly trying to adopt out pits under the guise of the "nanny" dogs.

What does it take to make these fools realize that pits are not the same breed they were a hundred years ago, an excuse they always use. It seems to me that even then the dogs were bred to kill and I bet the pit nutters are just as old as the breed with their lies and excuses. Of course, you will tell people what great dogs they are if you want to keep them for financial gain like fighting. I bet that no time in history were they "nanny" dogs, just another misconception sold to the public by dog fighters even then.

It is disgusting how the comments on news stories lay the blame on the victims. Not once have I seen a pit owner comment that they accept what their dog was bred to do and have taken steps to make sure their pit is appropriately restrained. Not once have I seen a pit owner/commenter admit that they are aware of the breeding of their pit and what it means to others. They always speak in term of abuse and neglect. Duh, this is the best reason for BSL, trying to prevent bad owners from this abuse and neglect. These nutters always look for an excuse for the attacking pit, never words of condolence for the victims.

I would hate to see these pit nutters as members of a jury. They can't see the truth in front of their noses. They see the pit as the victim. I think that anyone who is a pit owner should never be selected to serve on a jury because they have such disregard for human life.

Pit nutters must be extremely gullible and so I suggest to all those scam artists pick on the pit nutters. They believe anything it seems. Course this already happens, look at the scam of "No Kill". It realized early on that the nutters mean money and therefore the pits get a "bad rap" nonsense has fulfilled that. And the NCRC is no different with the flawed reporting and the lack of raw data. All are designed to appeal to the pit nutters lack of common sense and their pocketbooks.

What these nutters don't realize or refuse to realize is that they are being used. Used to promote the myth of pits being pets. Used to promote the gambling associated with fighting. Used to promote stupid books. Used to make others money, period.

Then there are the pit nutters who have the "Savior complex". They want to save them all. If it weren't the pits, it would be something else. They have an obsession and rather than seek treatment, they continue to take the pits out of shelters and adopt them to unsuspecting families. Rather than putting their money, time, and efforts into reducing the pit population, they choose instead to "save them all". You wouldn't have to save them if they ain't there in the first place. They know the pits fill the shelters, another reason to have BSL, as a means to reduce the pit population.

Responsibility is a word that should never be used to describe a pit owner. Stupid, perverted, egotistical, dumb are the more appropriate words. Let me know if you can think of others.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senate Bill 241 in California HAS PASSED THE SENATE!!!!!

After dealing with pit nutters tonight, God what a bunch of characters they are, Judie Mancuso sent this email which has lifted my spirits to new heights. And it will pissed off the pit nutters so that makes it even better. In my book the pit nutters are either:
A. Those suffering from the "Savior" complex
B. Those making us suffer with their breeding or rather in-breeding and I ain't talking bout dogs
C. Those who want their precious pits to suffer even more from overpopulation
D. Dog fighters

"AB 241, Assemblymember Pedro Nava's anti-puppy mill bill, co-sponsored by SCIL, has passed the Senate with a vote of 25 to 9! Here is the vote count - if your member is one of the people who voted for this bill, please consider calling and thanking them.

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a concurrence vote, and then to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Thank you everybody for your hard work and congratulations Assemblymember Nava! We will contact you again when we need your support calls to the Governor."

Way to go, Judie!!! I salute you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are All Pit Nutters Racist? The Miami Ones Sure Are!!

First of all they are very sloooow. Just getting around to commenting on a post I did in May!! I have always hated Miami, it stinks literally. And the only decent people I ever saw there were all prostitutes.

I just had to post a comment made by one of the Miami coalition fighting BSL. I won't post the name because there will be ramifications from this comment and I don't want to spoil it. It is hard reading for those of us who have evolved, but suits these primates to a tee. I really hate to post the "N" word because I find it so offensive and any apologies to those of color who might read this blog. And the same apology for the use of "spic" as well.

Anonymous said...

"Lets kill all the dogs over 50 pounds and carry around pussy dogs.You guys are pathetic and you get your stats and info from the ambulance chasers at dogsbite. Is wild african dogs on this list, because if you ban everything else i'll just find something else to have, maybe a gator, jeckel, or perhaps a monkey that rips your face off. Talk about real problems like all the fucking crazy redneck serial killers and all the gangster niggers that fill up our jails and spend their lives as career crimanls or how about the worthless fucking spics that just add to our crime rates or better yet the taliban mop headed middle eastern fucks that bomb buildings. Craven what fuck ass ethinic background are you so i can add you to my list of pontential races i should ban.Come to think of it will just leave the chinesse alone, their smart people and really dont bother anyone.For the rest of you death is near if you smell like coon,look like a cracker, or speak like spic its death to the dangerous races! RSL!!!! race specific legislation coming to a city near you, so if i was you i would relocate quick before i come knocking on your door."

Note the definite lack of education, not to mention the use of the little "i". Psychologists will tell you that this person is definitely off balance and thinks so little of themselves that they don't even use the proper "I" to describe themselves. You can find studies related to the use of the small "i" in referring to oneself. Just because they are unable to debate the issue in a civil manner, pit nutters such as this one ( and I know who it is) resort to racism and name calling. The nutters do have a point in that it is the owners and this one is a perfect example. But unless they open their mouths so we can identify them, I will stick to BSL against the pits because they are easier to identify. Pit nutters, they are their own worst enemy in this fight and they will be the very reasons why BSL/bans will come about.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Gotta Be Crazy to Own a Pit !!!!

While cruising the internet today, I came across something I thought to look into. A web site that says it is for educating pit owners, rescues, etc. Okay, I'm all for education but this one has a twist. I thought that I needed to see how many other breed specific sites also give out this type of info to educate. Seems that education on pit bulls includes how to break up a fight. Wait a minute, does that seem right to you? I found nothing on other breed specific sites as to how to break up a fight. What would this say to you? Says to me that it is foolish to get a breed of dog that you need instructions on how to break up a fight.

The PBRC website is a virtual shelter and resource for owners and caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes.

Related Links
Pit bulls are terriers and were bred to recognize other dogs as "prey." Simply put, in a fight, the other dog becomes a "rabbit." Terriers grab a hold of their prey and shake. Many pit bulls will instinctively do the same if they get into a scrap with another dog. As a result, breaking up a pit bull fight can be difficult if you don't know what to do, but is easier than other breeds when you do know how to proceed.

The key is not to panic and use the right tools. Timing is important and the quicker you intervene, the better. However, it is necessary to assess the situation before sticking your hands in the middle of two dogs fighting.

Most rumbles can be stopped with a stern "No!" and by quickly pulling the dogs off of each other. If the altercation has escalated into a full blown fight, however, you will need more than your voice to stop the dogs. A water hose or bucket of water might work but in most cases the best tool to break up a pit bull fight is a break stick. No responsible owner should be without one.


We suggest that you practice using the break stick before you may actually have to use it. Examine your dog's mouth while at rest, pull the lips back and find the space behind the back teeth. This is where the break stick is inserted. You then twist the stick to pry the mouth open.

Pit bulls should never go without a collar. Good choices include strong leather collars and heavy duty nylon collars. The collar enables you to get a good grip on the dogs if a fight occurs and pull them apart as soon as the hold is broken.

Remember that a fight may not always be preceded by growling, barking or posturing. One second everything is fine and the next the dogs are going at it. Excitement and external stimulus, such as a squirrel or cat running up a tree, can trigger a fight. A fight may also escalate out of rough-housing, competition over a bone or toy, or attention from a member of the family.

A wagging tail doesn't mean a dog won't fight. In fact, a wagging tail is often a signal of excitement and the faster the tail goes the more excited the dog is. As explained above, intense excitement can trigger a fight.

If the dogs get a hold and two people are available, approach the dogs from the rear, clasp the dog's hind end between your knees, and grasp the dog's collar from behind. It is important to immobilize the dog's hind end. Then insert the break stick in the space between the teeth in the dog's jaw (behind the molars). Twist the break stick gently but firmly in the dog's mouth. You should work on the more aggressive dog, and the other person should be ready to pull on the other dog as soon as the stick breaks the hold.

If you are alone, drag the dogs to something solid, tie one of the them to it, and then proceed with the breaking stick to separate them.

If you follow these procedures carefully, you can stop a fight relatively quickly.

Whoa, one second everything is fine and the next second they are going at it? One would think reading this, who in their right mind would want a dog like this description. A fight can break out because of attention from a family member? I mean to say, my dogs are jealous but not like that. And right, I would try alone to break up a fight between a pit and another dog, about as quick as I would take a trip to morgue. Are these people for real? What planet do they live on?