Tuesday, May 17, 2016


UPDATE:  This transporter was served with a lawsuit on Saturday, May 28th. Those who harassed the victim's business might need to keep an eye out, they are also liable. Remember Niagara? Those who engaged in threatening, etc.? They were sued. All I can say, is choose your friends wisely. Choosing to follow this transporter will get you in trouble and harms animals, because she harms them. Guilty by association.

As you well know, these transports of dogs to who knows where are more than a pet peeve with me. One transporter, in particular, grates me the wrong way. 

First there was Rocco. This poor pit ended up in Georgia in a suspected fighting ring, but a definite cruelty case. Because the Devore shelter, where Rocco was pulled from, was microchipping pets pulled by 'rescues' out of concern about these transports, Rocco's microchip was traced back to Devore. And it led back to this transporter. This blog post has a cut and paste of what transpired on facebook afterwards. 


Then there is Rose Adams in Washington State. This transporter was named in the police records of this case. 



I really don't think it would have taken much effort to determine that Rose Adams should not be getting dogs but then again, with the mentality of No Kill spurring on this transporter, outta sight, outta mind, is her cup of tea. 

While there had been previous complaints about alleged illegal activity at the Lake Ballinger-area residence shared by the couple, the evidence was insufficient for a search warrant. This changed on May 14 when the Edmonds Police Department was presented with graphic video evidence of animal abuse occurring at the couple’s home. In response, Judge Fair issued a warrant to search the residence, which was immediately served by officers from the Edmonds Police Department.

“We are well aware of that address and that Rose Adams and George Beutler have been hanging around there,” said Edmonds Police Sergeant Mark Marsh. “Our officers have been there on numerous occasions. Our parking enforcement officers are also aware of the motor home and have issued appropriate citations. We will continue to be vigilant in that area.”

So this brings us up to date, for the most part, at least for the ones that we know about. Of course, how many do we not know about that this transporter has delivered into hell. 

The most recent one went all the way to Alaska, yep you heard me. A good excuse to write off the expense of a cruise is to take a poor rescue dog personally to Alaska, a 3 day cruise. But was a home check done upon arrival? Were the members of household interviewed? We can only assume the dog was loaded off the boat, outta sight, outta mind, again.

The dog, Brady, was missing from his new Alaska home in only one day. A post was made that the dog had been shot and once the snow melted, hunters will find the body. Oh, now don't rush to get pissed off at the poster, wait for the story. It may be awhile before we know the true story. Then again, it may not.


The only thing we do know is that this transporter/rescuer is toxic to dogs. 

Friday, May 13, 2016


I've gotten some comments as to why I am not writing as much anymore. Others do a much better job and are writing about events. Of course, they don't put my slant on things.

To be honest, there is just too much work right now to keep this blog going. Although I want to everyday, it's hard to do when you are writing to legislators all day.

I will make an effort to do a little more with the blog. Much of it has been 'dedicated' to the breeder, Brenda Barnette. Obviously, no one in LA much read it when it first came out, but they are reading it now.

LA got what it wished for, No Kill. It wasn't what you thought, was it LA? Tried to tell you, didn't want to hear it. My problem now is if Barnette does leave, who will take her place. No one in their right mind who is capable of fixing LAAS would be willing to do it UNLESS No Kill is kicked to the curb and never brought up again. Otherwise, LA is doomed to repeat the mistakes made with Boks and Barnette. I fear an even worse person will be hired, Jon Cicirelli from San Jose. He wants the job.

I just hope that LA doesn't jump out of the pot into the fire. If they don't start learning their lessons from the past, they are doomed to repeat them in the future.