Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Once again, the No Kill Equation has been exposed for what it is, one man's agenda. 

There are only 74 No Kill shelters approved by the No Kill Equation. According to the ASPCA, there are 5,000 independent animal shelters overall, meaning only 1.4% of that total are NKE shelters. All 74 of these shelters were contacted and 49 of those have stated they are not following the No Kill Equation. There are 10 shelters who stated they are partially following the NKE. But 14 of all shelters have never heard of the No Kill Equation. Again one can ask, how does the NKE take credit?

Winograd always take the credit, how many times have we known him to say that his way is the only way. That's the talk of mad men. 

Read this, use it to fight the fight.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Christmas, Easter, New Year's, and all the holidays rolled into as one major expose of No Kill shelters was presented by PeTA. Those of us in the humane community have known of the deception of these No Kill shelters for awhile but now the world can see what we have seen and known. These aren't shelters at all, they are brokers. They pick and chose in order to not have to euthanize. They pick the best ones of the lot and ship the rest to those "kill" shelters that they criticize. 

Earlier, Nathan Winograd wrote a piece for the Huffington Post. He said nothing new for him, more accusations against PeTA, the same ones we have heard for years now. And as usual he offered no evidence of his claims. PeTA admits they euthanize animals, they aren't hiding it like No Kill shelters are doing. PeTA offers euthanasia service to those who can't afford the vet. PeTA is not an intake shelter either although there are times when they do handle adoptions, of course, they are in the business of helping pets. But it is not an intake shelter in the sense that Winograd presents. Since PeTA offers this service, of course their numbers will reflect the euthanasia and it appears that they are "killing" all pets brought to them. Not true. Since they aren't a shelter, healthy pets are referred to other local shelters that do adoptions as a part of regular business. A humane society that runs a low cost spay/neuter clinic also offers free euthanasia, what would their numbers look like? The same. While no one is deliberately seeking to destroy healthy animals, Winograd distorts numbers in such a fashion as to make the uneducated believe.

With the advent of No Kill, scams and schemes have arisen. Randy Travis of Fox Atlanta exposed the well known and highly proclaimed No Kill shelter, Boggs Mountain, a few months ago. This No Kill shelter would take a donation from a pet owner telling them that if their pet was not adopted it would live it's life there. But they are so skilled at adoptions, that the pet will find a new home. Sure enough, the former owner would receive a postcard that their beloved pet had a new family. Not true, Boggs Mountain was sending them out the back door to be euthanized. 

Spindletop was another No Kill shelter. Horrible cruelty was found there and again it was highly touted by No Kill. Also Caboodle Ranch, another favorite of the movement, busted for unspeakable cruelty to cats. The list goes on. Pet transports to the unknown is a scam with it's birth based in the movement of No Kill. It is a brokering business, not a true humane effort.  These transports are delivering shelter pets to hoarders and cruel conditions.  But they have full approval from No Kill.

Please take the time to watch the video. PeTA went to various No Kill shelters, including the one in Tompkins County where Winograd started his program. Public shelters are open door shelters, they take any and all at the time of presentation. Open door shelters usually are funded by cities and counties. And those shelters have as a first priority to serve the public health and safety needs, thus they take any and all because to do otherwise can put the public at risk. No Kill shelters that serve the public turn animals away, unaltered animals too. Those are dumped to reproduce or get hit by a car, or be shot by the neighborhood punks. It is inhumane to turn animals away when their owners need to surrender them. Most people surrender their pet because they can no longer care for it for whatever reason, unemployment, health. Turning away those owners puts the pet at risk and there is nothing humane about that. There are far worse things that can happen to a pet than being euthanized in the shelter. The video has no graphic pictures.

This video plainly shows that they are "turn away" shelters, not open door shelters as proclaimed by Nathan Winograd's No Kill. Is it humane to turn animals away in their time of need? Is this how you reach No Kill, by turning them away to live on the streets? Ask Mr. Winograd how this works. He will promptly tell you there is no pet overpopulation and to read his books for answers. But the answers aren't there in his biased books. The answer is to live in this world which has to deal with the pet overpopulation problem, not in Winograd's world of fantasy and make believe.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Looks to me like Cooper runs from the abuse. Why isn't he in his own country trying to stop the likes of this? Or the seal hunts? That's because he isn't real with his "advocacy".He would rather brown nose a man who can't even make his own backyard No Kill. I can't help but wonder how much he is being paid to pimp the Whino and by whom.

Not to mention that all these No Killers are sending truckloads of dogs to Canada. Could those be going for these shoots? You just don't know because the No Killers don't bother to check, just outta sight, outta mind.

While Douglas Anthony Cooper kisses ass in the States with Winograd, next door to his home (or asylum) in Mexico there is horrible abuse going on. Do you think he might pay attention to what is going on around him as far as animal abuse or will continue to pick on PeTA who prosecutes animal abuse?

One would think that Cooper would work against those things in his country that are abusive to animals or at least the ones so close to him. Naw, he prefers to add to his little groupies instead via Whino. You like those sloppy seconds, huh Dumb Ass?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Yes, I know. I have had a lot of fires to put out here lately and the blog has suffered. 

A few weeks ago, No Kill Nation hired Jim Crosby to do a seminar on pit bulls in Miami. Along with him was Victoria Stilwell. Let's take a closer look at these bedfellows.

Jim Crosby. Resigned in disgrace from Bay County, Florida. An investigation proved that he condone the slaughtering and eating of a pet pig. This was not a hog, this was a pet and there were two families waiting to adopt it. Crosby also is two faced, saying one thing to No Kill about pits while testifying totally different in court cases. 

Victoria Stilwell. A failed actress who became a dog walker to pay the rent. Next thing she is considered an "expert" but how?? What has she done to make that claim? Credentials? She got credentials via mail order. Although she uses the clicker method to train, she goes against everything that the inventor of the clicker method says about pit bulls. What does she know, she's only been around for a little over a decade.

Then we have the infamous Camille Hankins that is all over No Kill Nation. And NKN is planning a protest with Hankins against PeTA. Well, well, well, does anyone know about this infamous abuser? Why is No Kill Nation kissing her ass? Because No Kill Nation hasn't got the sense to come in out of a shower of rain, that's why. 

Is this the best that No Kill Nation can do, pig killers, mail order certificates, and known abusers as their followers? No respectable person would ever consider being a part of No Kill Nation. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


Over a long holiday weekend, this article received over 1400 facebook recommendations!!

I wonder how many "pro bono" cases NKN's attorney will be willing to handle. Can't sue them all.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Well it should be an interesting spring in Austin. For the first time the City stood fast and did not allow double digit budget increases. They also stood fast and did not pay Austin Pets Alive additional funds. Also, Austin Pets Alive is now prohibited from bringing in animals from outside of the jurisdiction to get more revenue but at the expense of saturating Austin's market and in direct competition with the shelter. Couple that with the need of Austin Pets Alive to raise funds to make their current facility pass State inspection in the fall of this year and it is going to be a challenge. That does not even mention the fact Austin Pets Alive's lease on the old animal shelter (Town Lake) only goes through 2015 and low and behold they don't have funds to build a new facility since both their facility and the new Austin shelter are full. Okay so much for no pet over population and you can go No Kill over night and it costs nothing! 

Interesting article in the Huffington Post from an attendee at the Austin Pets Alive Conference (tickets paid for by Austin Pets Alive). The published slide show provided by Austin Pets Alive on "How to Help Rescue Pets" is interesting not so much for what it has in it but for what it does not. Actually some pretty good advice in it but only one minor mention of the "No Kill Advocacy Center" at the end. No mention of Winograd or Clinton. No mention of the no kill equation, nothing. Hmmm, could it be that APA is trying to distance themselves from No Kill and will eventually like so many other rescues have move away from supporting the shelter and leave Austin Animal Services holding the bag so to speak? Then of course they just become limited admission, never report numbers since they are private and then blame Austin for failing? Maybe APA sees the handwriting on the wall? Like I say interesting spring. For the animals sake I hope I am wrong.

An interesting side note. Once each year most of the mayors of cities in Texas meet in Austin for a conference. While I would guess Animals Services is not on the top of their discussion list I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear Austin's feedback to them about No Kill. Reduced killing is possible just not with the no kill equation as it stands. 

Thanks Anon.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Looking at some figures on Alameda County this morning. Winograd is based in Oakland, or at least that is what we think. The address given for the "Advocacy" center is a drop box location. Anyway, maybe he lives close around. Let's look at Alameda County.

The Hayden Act came into play in 1998. The Companion Animal Protection Act, CAPA, is based on the Hayden. Why I will never understand but. Now, let me remind you of the infamous slogan of Nathie, "STOP THE KILLING OVERNIGHT !" So here we go.

In 1998, the year of the start of the Hayden for Alameda County:

Dogs Intake  10,555  
Dogs Euth.     4,850
Cats Intake    10,452
Cats Euth.       5,612

Jump to 12 years later, 2010. The reason is that the last full online report is for that year. This is taken from the Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities, a state required report for all shelters done by county. Some counties have more than one entity doing animal control and/or housing.

Dogs Intake     7,136
Dogs Euth.      1,651
Cats Intake      8,357
Cats Euth.       3,495

So do the math. My figures come out to a little over a 1% difference in those 12 years. Overnight, I don't think so. This is slower than the strides being made by spay/neuter focusing on the problem. Maybe Winograd meant one of those long Arctic nights, you think?


What is this I'm hearing that Ryan Clinton of Fix Austin and Ellen Jefferson of Austin Pet's Alive are trying to get Eddie Rodriguez to file bill to get  a state law passed allowing  city and county shelters to send out animals to rescue groups that arrive at the shelter with no tags and no microchip with only a 24 hour hold instead of the normal 72 hours?

Is there a shortage of dogs for Austin Pets Alive  to pull?  Do they now need to steal family pets through legal maneuvering? Austin Animal Center is about 50 large dogs over capacity on any one day. Go pull  those dogs instead of trying to legally "steal" some one's family pet.

Add to it these private rescue groups have little to no oversight regarding conditions at their facilities; at least not to the same extent as our municipal shelters . No Kill seems to have no compassion and all under the pretense of saving tax dollars. If they were really worried about tax dollars they would pass a state wide requirement to spay and neuter most owned cats and dogs and start doing something to reduce intake at our City shelters instead of turning them into high volume holding and adoption centers at the expense of the tax payer.

And who says there's no money in rescue? Austin Pets Alive  has certainly figured out how to do it. Just take out the compassion component.

Makes sense when you consider the constant problem Austin has with overcrowding and now a cut in the budget to boot. Why don't they realize that No Kill is already dead in Austin, just roll over and get it done with. This was the state of Austin just 4 days ago and you can see where this selfish, ego driven legislation is coming from. Clinton is trying to save face and he can't do anything on a local level now, it is out of hand. So he is resorting to the State. 

Sent: 3/10/2013 11:43:58 A.M. Central Daylight Time
Subj: [ProjectStarfish] HELP! AAC is -47 dog kennels today!


Our medium-large dog kennel count this morning was -47. Yikes! Holding is full, the truckport is full, animals are in rolling cages, but we have NO place to put them!

So, how can you help? Consider taking one of the animals that we have already posted, OR visit the shelter, look around, and speak to the staff in the lobby about any medium-large dogs that you think you might be interested in fostering. They will let you know if the dog is available for foster or not, as well as provide you with any behavior/medical information that we may have. The initial criteria for being available for foster is the dog cannot already have a customer interest hold on it, and it can't still be within its stray hold period.

To help you in marketing a dog from your home, we can offer tips on writing an effective post that will get noticed, and our weekly adoption events are always available to you as well to help the dog find a permanent home. We can't do it without your help! And as always, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!
AND ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING IS PUTTING OFF THE INEVITABLE. You can fill every household in Austin with fosters, that will not solve the problem.   

Delwin Goss, the only rational mind in Austin on this issue, puts it in sane terms.

Our old shelter is still open and over flowing. Our new shelter is over flowing. All the rescue groups and foster families are maxed out. And puppy and kitten season is just around the corner. We've lowered the standards for adoption at the animal center to the point where homeless people and people convicted of animal abuse can walk in the door and walk out with an older cat or dog for free. Michael  Vick could walk into our shelter and if no one recognized him; he could walk out with a cat or dog. Our animal services department has had an increase in budget of over 60% over the last four years. Animal  Services director asked for an additional $1,300,000.00 but saner voices at the City prevailed and that request was cut to $300,000.00.

As it's been, all the other city departments saw budget reductions. Those reductions impacted things like housing the homeless, public safety, parks and trails, programs for our seniors and our children.
 Every large senior animal organization in Austin has passed a resolution asking our City  to pass a spay/neuter ordinance. Even the Austin Neighborhoods Council and some of the political clubs have also passed resolutions asking for a spay/neuter ordinance. Over 15,000 mostly East Austin residents have signed a pen on paper informal petition asking The City  to pass a spay/neuter ordinance .

 All that support yet our City seems to listen to one voice and one voice only.  Recently City staff and the animal advisory commission started work on a Differential Licensing  ordinance and once again that same voice scuttled the work. And the reason this time? Concerns over privacy. Really? Privacy over a pet owners registration records?  Who the heck cares about those records? I certainly don't.  Just how weak is that?

One of the things that leaves me most perplexed is that voice doesn't work with animals. No hands on  rescue, no hands on  cat work, no hands on dog work. Absolutely no first hand experience. Just an unending litany of "those ordnances don't work". "The ordinance will lead to more animals entering our shelters." The same statements  as the breeders, the same claims  as R.P.O.A. and the same dogma as the Endangered Breeds group ( basically Pit Bull Breeders and Fighters)
That's the same thing opponents of a State wide mandatory rabies vaccination said way back when. That's the same thing opponents of laws mandating that animal owners provide food , water and minimal shelter claimed .   It's the same thing that opponents of Austin of Austin's anti tethering ordinance said and it's the same thing opponents of Austin's pet sellers ordinance said. Strange thing; it never happened.

It's just depressing to me to learn some of our City's leaders and some City staff hear  voices but not the voices of the people, the voices of those of us who work with animals each and every day   and/or the voice of sanity.
  Keep Austin Weird!

Thanks Delwin for being a true animal/people advocate, not the fake ones such as Clinton. Hang in there, it will end. If nothing else, there will be a show down with Clinton and Winograd that will end all of this. Clinton is now on his "divine" trip and he wants to take over.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm trying to write under extreme circumstances. I have been laughing for the past half hour to the point of tears, so my vision is a little blurred. But this message isn't blurred. 

D.A. Cooper fancies himself a critic of the Oscars and starlets now. Odd how he goes from one subject to another, like he thinks he is a jack of all trades. One thing is for sure, he is a Master of none.
"The Oscars may have been tasteless, but the twits who reviewed the Oscars were almost uniformly without taste." This Truman Capote wannabe thinks he knows taste? When the Lord said he was handling out taste, DAC thought he said paste and he spit it out. If you read his books, you'd see that this man wouldn't know taste if it was in his........

Then finding nothing else interesting on television, he goes on a rambling rant about Hathaway. Only thing in the entire rave made sense.

"Maybe I just don't get it." That's what we have been trying to tell you for awhile now, Dumb Ass.

Okay, so we have a Canadian living in Mexico petitioning our President to draft Ted Nugent. Tell me this man hasn't lost it. 

Monday, February 25, 2013


It is so hard to justify the pimping of pets that can be the only ones in a household. Are these households on desert islands? Any pet has to be able to function in society or it should not be allowed in society. Shit happens as they say. The gardener leaves the gate open, an earthquake takes down walls and opens doors, the pet runs out the door. Then what happens when this animal aggressive (and there is a thin line between animal aggression and people aggression) pet does get out? They will kill someone's pet, maybe attack a child since children are seen differently from adults by canines.

This is immoral and irresponsible. Then again, we are talking about Best Fiends, aren't we.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


 Christie Keith writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, and saying that is really a stretch of the imagination. She is also a breeder and she loves Nathan Winograd. So really, HH, is that news? Not really. I do remember a comment section where she denied being a breeder, at least until links were put up proving her to be a liar, nothing else from Keithie.

I don't read her "blog" but someone sent me this one. I thought it would make for a good post. No link for you however, I'm not encouraging anyone to read anything from this woman.

She begins by addressing the "opposition". Lately I've been seeing a number of distinct and similarly-worded objections to the No-Kill movement appearing with predictable regularity on public discussions. So the next time you see someone post on Facebook or a website about how the No-Kill movement should be targeting sources of shelter animals rather than shelters where the animals are killed, tell them this:  We pressure shelters to reform because that's where pets are being killed.

NO CHRISTY, you have it wrong. Shelters are where pets are housed, attempts are made to reunite them with owners, adoptions, medical care are what shelters do. Get it through your head, shelters follow policies and often those policies come from another source. The shelters do a job, but the bosses are the ones you need to talk with.

Animals are being killed by shelters, so that's where we must focus our most intense efforts. Those other efforts are important in the long run, but they will not save the lives of pets in shelters right this minute.

Christie, ask yourself why those animals are there in the first place. And you want to make such a stupid statement as that? You can't kill 'em if they ain't there. And that means DON'T BREED ANY MORE WHILE THEY ARE BEING KILLED IN THE SHELTERS !!

What do you think these protests outside shelters do? What do you think the public thinks when they hear these distortions by Winograd about shelters? That is pushing the public away, not us telling them they are the cause.

And what happens when the public is pushed away? They go right into the waiting arms of breeders and Petsmart rescues. Oh how you guys love Nathie Boy. He is sending the best business ever to your doorstep. 

Christie, you are a breeder, you love Winograd. Shelters report 25-60% purebred populations. YOU, CHRISTIE, are the one killing them in the shelters, you, your breeder buddies and your Messiah. You disgust US.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Either No Kill has a learning disability or No Kill just flat lies through their teeth. No Kill News, that ridiculous website, announces another "victory". Lynchburg Humane Society supposedly is now at a live release rate that qualifies them as No Kill. Let's take a look at this "victory".

"In Lynchburg itself, stray intake dropped from 1306 in 2009 to 1018 in 2010." according to NK News. What NK News fails to tell you is that 100 animals died in their cages and kennels during that time as well. Now let's compare that death rate.

Rancho Cucamonga's State report for 2009 shows that 103 animals died in their cages and kennels. Rancho handled five and a half thousand animals that year. Lynchburg handled only 2254 animals, half of Rancho's numbers. Yet Lynchburg had as many animals die in their cages as Rancho.

No Kill News compares Lynchburg to neighboring communities. Amherst had NO ANIMALS TO DIE IN THEIR CAGES THAT YEAR. Bedford County only had 35 animals to die in their cages and kennels that year and handled more animals. Campbell County had only 27 to die in their cages and kennels. WHY IS THE RATE SO HIGH FOR LYNCHBURG OF ANIMALS DYING WHILE UNDER THEIR CARE?

The year of 2010 also shows that Lynchburg had a high death-in-kennel rate at 62 deaths. Amherst only had 35 to die like that, Bedford County had 50 and Campbell only had 17 deaths.

NOW HERE IS THE BEST, OR WORSE, PART. In 2011, Lynchburg allowed 164 to die while under their care, in their cages/kennels. This was with an intake of 2131 animals. Surrounding communities: Amherst - 37 to die in kennels with an intake of 2514, Bedford - 13 to die in kennels with an intake of 2568, and Campbell - 11 to die in kennels with an intake of 2814. Why do the surrounding shelters have a much lower number of those dying while under their care and all with a a higher intake number of animals? Ask why. Is it because those aren't counted in the "live release rate" and neither counted on the euthanization rate? Is someone not telling the truth?


Look at other No Kill shelters, see what their in-house death rate is. That's is telling the truth about this program.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Those of you who aren't blocked on DA's facebook page will instantly recognize this picture, minus the glasses. Give you a hint, her first name starts with an "M" and she thinks she is a photographer. DA calls her his favorite "peanut butter cup". Her facebook picture looks just like this one except she put on some makeup. Sorry, M, but no matter what you do, you are still one ugly woman(?), and not just on the outside.

I'm so glad she has never stepped foot in the Devore shelter because she would have scared all the pets to death. Keep that makeup on, M, it does help a little.

We also obtained a picture of the infamous Lucy Van Pelt but it was too horrible to post on this blog.

And we learned also that the reason DA is in Mexico is to obtain plastic surgery. Unfortunately it seems he got what he paid for and here is the after picture.

Put a Truman hat and sunglasses on and it does cover up a little. Should have stayed in Canada for free medical coverage, probably would have done a better job than this.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Screen shots of Dumb Ass's conversation with his handful of drooling beasts passing themselves off as humans, shows that this idiot wants to come after Devore Shelter.

Bring it on, little man. You will be blown out of the water and reamed a new one if you try. You stupid man, haven't you bothered to do any research on your own? Of course not, he follows the Whino, no one that follows that vile man does their own research or even thinks for themselves.

C'mon, Dumb Ass. Stick your nose in, make another complete fool of yourself along with your butt buddy, Marilyn. Do you realize that broad has never even been in the Devore shelter, much less rescued anything from there. Are you aware that she is connected with breeding? Of course, you are aware, you are a breeder yourself and breeders stick together.

We've stopped the morbid Marilyn and her cronies with the truth, and you will be stopped too.

Of course, you will do this "expose" on the Huff Puff so you can control the comments, deleting any that disagree with you. Coward, I challenge you to do your dirty work in such a fashion that comments aren't deleted. You are too much of a coward to step outside the Huff Puff protection. You're a coward just like the evil one you support.

Dumb Ass, you are one dumb shit.