Monday, February 27, 2012


Once again "No Kill" has reared it's ugly head and right on the verge of the SB 818 which would allow more of this particular behavior. It took all day for me to compose myself enough to do this post after seeing the pictures from this "No/Slow Kill" sanctuary in Florida. This isn't the first time either for a large cat "No Kill" sanctuary to go down and it won't be the last.

Only a short while ago, this sanctuary was being proclaimed all over. A wonderful place of 30 acres where cats lived a leisurely life.

Caboodle Ranch was eye candy for the national media, shaded paths, ponds, rows of brightly-painted cathouses and treehouses- a mini-kitty city where cats could presumably while away their time lounging in the Florida sun.
On his website Grant describes the property as a "permanent sanctuary for cats who have been kicked around by heartless people." He states all the cats are up-to-date on vaccinations and get seen regularly by a vet.
The reality was very different, according to investigators.

And who rode in on a white horse to save these cats? Not Nathan Winograd, the organization he despises, PETA. Without their investigation, these cats would still be suffering under the house of "No Kill".

Yes, Florida this is only an example of what the FARA will do for you.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Actually I would prefer to use the initials of BB instead of "W"itch. Yes, indeed this woman is destroying LA Animal Services and all the while the Mayor is more interested in gaining the gay vote than in animal services.

Two animal control commissioners have resigned lately, both closely connected to Barnette. One was voting on issues of reducing fines on unlicensed dogs and all the while, this broad was breaking the law herself with unlicensed dogs. The other, well, she probably resigned to take over the ADL-LA with her extremely close association with it.

All the senior officers with all their experience was put on administrative leave and from the looks of it, it was not warranted. This article is a long read, but extremely well researched and documented. When you finished reading, call the Mayor's office and demand that Barnette be given her walking papers.

Thanks to Phyllis Daugherty for her never ending crusade for the LA animals. And I encourage everyone to contact the Mayor to end this reign of terror., the Mayor's assistant, would love to hear from you.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


This is an excellent blog with links to show how miserable animals are now in Delaware. Is Nathan popping his chubby cheeks up there to see what the problems are? Of course not, he always has his flimsy excuse that no one is following his program EXACTLY!

Misery for those needing to be relieved of their suffering but used instead for the collection of donations and to feed the souls of the "Saviors". Breeding in these "No Kill" rescues allowed.

I look forward to the day when the name of Nathan Winograd is reviled and spit upon.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Another one bites the dust. First let's hear from the "rescuer".

Lacewell is adamant, saying she wasn't responsible for the dog's bad health, explaining that some of the dogs had come from puppy mills and she was in the process of rehabing them.(IF YOU AREN'T RESPONSIBLE THEN WHO IS??)
She also showcased where the dogs were kept, saying at times things did get a little messy but she always cared for her animals properly.(MESSY? YOU WANT TO CALL IT MESSY?)
"When I got off work, I would come in and usually clean, feed, water and play with them until 4 in the morning," said Lacewell.  (LOOKS LIKE YOU DID MORE PLAYING THAN ANYTHING ELSE!)
Now let's hear what the police had to say about the "messy" "No Kill" shelter.
Authorities say at least 100 dogs have been found alive while multiple dogs were found dead.
Since when do you count dead dogs as being messy? "No Kill" strikes again.


Controller Greuel finally completed her audit of LA Animal Services. Now this can read both ways. BUT, if you understand the political nature of this, it reads pretty much one way, Breeder Barnette has a lot of explaining to do

Usually I do excerpts from articles but there's just too much here. Many of the mentioned things I have done previous posts on. I was speaking with a friend about this and we both agree that Barnette should have come in and have been able to overcome all these things within the almost two years she has been on the job. These are just plain management problems, and should have been her first priorities. She screwed around on the licensing issue, taking ACOs from the field to walk door to door like vacuum salesmen, when there were other methods that would achieve better results.

Now to beat the band, Terri Macellaro has resigned from the LA Animal Services Commission. This really has me shaking my head. A better thing could not happen with Macellaro's baggage, literally and figuratively. I think she is going to make a run for Barnette's job. Barnette must be a big disappointment for the ADL-LA and Macellaro. I'd say things should start getting interesting soon.

This is the second commissioner to resign lately.

Ruthanne Secunda, a Hollywood talent agent and president of Much Love Animal Rescue, quit early this month after she was accused of failing to license her three dogs, then voting to cut penalties for owners of unlicensed dogs. She later volunteered to pay five years of licensing fees, with penalties.

I bet Ed Boks is laughing his face off at LA right now. If it weren't so sad, I would be laughing with him. 


Yet another one bites the dust. Okay, Nathan, let's hear the overused excuse how they didn't follow your program exactly. Can anyone follow your program exactly? Wonder if they learned from Tompkins County just down the road a piece?

ATTICA, NY (WKBW) - Multiple complaints and 2 weeks of investigating led New York State Police to raid the SPCA of Wyoming County in Attica and its satellite adoption center at the Eastern Hills Mall Wednesday.
The Wyoming County SPCA is a no kill shelter and some volunteers say close to 250 cats were living inside the Attica location. Police aren't commenting on the exact conditions inside but said the sheer volume of animals caused a filthy environment.
"Deplorable does not accurately describe it," said New York State Police Captain Steve Nigrelli.
Hey, Captain Nigrelli, that's "No Kill", blinded by the deplorable conditions because of drinking Nathan Winograd's koolaid.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Watching her show on the Pimping for Pits channel tonight, not because I want to either, Tia mentions how she intends to wear a pair of Uggs to a wedding. Don't ask. She had on a pair of Uggs. My God, doesn't that woman own a hair brush?

In my opinion, Tia is probably a cheap woman and buys the imitation Uggs but whether she does or doesn't, these animals are being skinned alive because of Uggs. I bet she buys stock in the horse meat trade probably. After all, she didn't think twice about selling women, why should she care about horse meat, meat is meat to her.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I realized I haven't posted about pit bulls in quite awhile so here's a little something.

In the mind of *Elaine,
A pit nutter insane,
The gears of her brain
Will persist to deny
All the possible realms
In which one could cast blame,
Of the reasons a pit bull could be driven to maim.

Someone fell in the street, 
Or was walking a dog, 
Or they had smelly feet,
Or was taking a jog…

Maybe that kid was chewing gum,
Or stuck out his tongue,
Or was playing a drum,
Or just acting too glum.

Or maybe they sneezed, 
Had an infectious disease,
Or was eating a bowl
Of Kraft Mac and cheese.

There’s bicycles, wheel chairs, strollers, and trampolines, 
Or the mere act of sitting on a porch with a magazine, 
Or being a mail carrier, or sharing Easter Candy, 
* Here’s a long list of others, please do keep it handy!

When all else fails, to whom should get the finger 
Pointed at them at blame, now sit down, it’s a ringer!
It is usually the victim, on their course doing errands, 
Or pursing those everyday mundane or fun gerunds.
Nay, it’s never the pit bull, and it’s rarely the owners, 
And the apologist will have rebuttals that are all quite the groaners. 

”THAT wasn’t a PIT BULL, they’re so SWEET and so TAME
Clearly, it’s NOT a pit bull, CAN’T you TELL by its FRAME?
And besides, there’s no such thing by this name,
The American Pit bull, the dog you choose to defame,
It is not a pit bull, no it’s not quite the same. 
Therefore your argument is really quite lame.”

These are sweet harmless Nanny Dogs, dogs of great acclaim,
The media’s biased, and they are to blame,
For mass hysteria, YES that is their aim,
For ratings, and money, it’s a horrible shame,
And the dogs are blamed falsely,” so says the granddame. 

We can persist to deny, despite what numbers claim,
Let’s flush Science and rational thought down the drain!
We can go on for days,
Examining ways,
And we’ll persist to deny,
It twarn’t D.N.A.! 

* A respected elder of the Pit Bull Tribe of Facebook


In my previous post
there are links to a couple of articles written by Phyllis Daugherty on the subject of the Hayden and "No Kill". Boy, these are long reads but worth every moment.

Now she has dropped a bombshell with the latest article. I won't tell you, you have to read it for yourself. San Fran, how many times have we heard about them being "No Kill". You might not be hearing that so much any more after this article.

And PETA has once again picked up and is giving this worldwide exposure.

So GO PHYLLIS, nail those suckers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Oh, how Winograd has his panties in a wad right now. After he went and patterned his bullshit Companion Animal Protection Act after the Hayden, now the Hayden is in jeopardy of being repealed. Repealed or not, the damage has been done. Word is out that it is indeed a failure. Of course, Winograd is putting his usual spin on things. Gov. Brown is well known for riding that fence. Gov. Brown originally hoped to smooth things over with saying that it worked so well that we don't need it anymore. But the Legislative Analyst report says a different story although it does try to soften the blow.

If you haven't read these articles by Phyllis Daugherty yet, here are the links for some essential reading. Note that Randall Lockwood of the ASPCA and Merritt Clifton both back the merits of this article. Clifton took his time to comment.

Once you have read these, there's really nothing more for me to say. Except that PETA has seen fit to take this to a worldwide audience.

So let the explanation begin Winograd, spin your tales to cover your ass. The truth will take you down.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Well, folks, just when we thought LA Animal Services couldn't sink any lower, guess what? It hasn't bottomed out yet! Now Koretz squirmed himself even further into the Barnette's World of Breeders and so that he, as new head of the Personnel Committee, will have sole oversight of "animal welfare:. Yep, it's now the LA City Personnel & Animal Welfare Committee. Quite a stretch, huh? Where's the Homeless Children Committee or the Elderly Poor in the Streets Committee? Is he talking about city personnel & animals as one group that need welfare? Well, what ever it is, it certainly is a manipulation and wouldn't you say, a conflict of interest for Koretz?  Isn't this the proverbial fox in charge of the hen house?
Here are the facts. Before Barnette got here, Koretz ran to the Mayor and whined his way onto the selection team. Since MV is always glad to share the blame, he jumped on that. So there was Paul Koretz, looking like the proud papa introducing Barnette at a press conference and talking about her being the best thing to ever happen to LA animals.
What did he base that on? Well, she was a breeder and the AKC Legislative Rep in Seattle. I guess that was good enough for him, since some of Koretz's best friends are breeders, according to a letter sent to him and posted by a big-time Encino breeder. (Remember that one? "We MUST have this increase in animals...Louis Krokover of the Encino Neighborhood Council wrote to Koretz as Koretz pushed for 10 adult animals and all the pups and kittens you want to breed in every yard in Los Angeles.). By the way Krokover also seems to have a little thing going with one of Koretz deputies! It's sort of incentuous, just like dog breeding.. Koretz, who thinks he is the expert on animals because he has a cat and had a puppy mill dog he got from a pet shop, he says.. So that qualifies him as an expert?
Now with LA Animal Services under his thumb, Barnette can continue torturing her staff and screwing up the department and getting what she really wants--Destroy LAAS! Remember in Seattle, Claire Davis replaced her on the committee and wrote to the CAO of Seattle, "We have spent 1-1/2 years trying to destabilize King County AC." Well, looks like that's about how long it's taking in LA but now Barnette has had some practice. And she has "Sleazy" Salazar who already proved he knows how to wreck the workplace and get the City sued.
So now, with Koretz, Barnette and Slazar in total charge, watch out City Council. The Big One may be coming. I heard it cost Riverside several mil. With the larger harassed staff at LAAS, let's see how that would add up.
And to get back to that conflict of interest, Koretz hired Barnette, has used her to try to get the animal increase for his buddies and can we say probably his best campaign contributors???? They are joined at the hip on all the stupid and useless things Koretz wants passed and Barnette gets to continue whipping the employees in her department while Mr. Personnel Committee Koretz turns a blind eye. It's just so perfect! And so sadistic! Pity the Animal Services Department. They are sinking like that Italian cruise ship, sunk by a City Council that doesn't care whether there are officers in a fire or earthquake disaster or out keeping the bad assed pit bulls from attacking people in LA. Well San Diego had three deaths by pit bull and a lot more attacks in just last year. With Koretz, Barnette, Salazar and pit bull loving Best Friends in charge of this city, L.A. will be doing better than that pretty soon. But as long as it's not their kid, will anyone on the City Council even care?