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Winograd used the excuse that he had to go back to California to care for a sick/dying father in law. Well, the father in law was not dying and is going strong enough to have lawsuits chasing him. The real reasons Winograd left Tompkins was that his program was about to catch up with him. He was caught not busting a cruelty situation with a breeder and that was questioned. Numbers were being questioned by his board, contracts were questioning him about services, and then there was this. Note the date, just before he left Tompkins County, unexpectedly too.
Humane officials see jump in animal abuse complaints
The Ithaca Journal - Ithaca, N.Y.
Author:Diana LaMattina
Date:Apr 7, 2004
Start Page:B.1
Text Word Count:469
Document Text
Journal Staff
ITHACA - Local animal humane officers - alarmed at a recent increase in the number of animal abuse cases reported - hope the trend only reflects communities becoming more aware of an existing problem.

"My hope is that we aren't seeing an increase in the level of violence," said Nathan Winograd, executive director of Tompkins County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "I think, especially in Tompkins County, there has been an increasing intolerance of violent behavior to animals. Animals have been so powerless for so long, people are just becoming much more vocal about protecting them."

The Tompkins County SPCA responded to 51 reports of animal cruelty in March, Winograd said, though the average for the past three years has been about one call per day. In each case, one of the two SPCA investigators responded to the complaint within 24 hours of being notified.

Of those reported, Winograd said about 10 cases a year turn out to be aggravated cases of animal abuse - for example, animals suffering from gunshots or knife wounds or from a severe beating.

The Stray Haven Humane Society and SPCA Inc., in Waverly has also reported a significant increase in the number of animal cruelty complaints. In 2003, the agency received 140 reports of animal cruelty, and as of Tuesday, the agency had responded to 63 calls reporting instances of animal cruelty this year, said Patrick Cartwright, animal cruelty investigator at Stray Haven.

"Probably only a third of the cases go onto the courts," Cartwright said. "In most instances, people just need to be told how they need to comply with the laws. They may not know any better."

Due in part to the increased number of complaints, Cartwright has gone from the agency's only volunteer investigator to be the only full-time employee working solely on responding to animal cruelty complaints.

The number of animal cruelty cases reported at any given time depends on several factors, Winograd said.
"It tends to spike after a big case or a case gets media attention," Winograd said. "It also depends on what time of year it is and if people are outside where they can see these kinds of things happen." (That's his tale, I sit on mine!)

In accordance with a national trend, initiated in part by American Humane, the Tompkins County SPCA is cooperating with the county's social service providers. The theory is that if animals are being abused in a home, other types of abuse may also be occurring, possibly to humans, Winograd said.

"If we go in on an animal cruelty compliant and find children in need of care, we let social services know. They do the same for us," Winograd said. "Children and animals are the two most vulnerable parts of our society. We need to watch out for them."

Thursday, January 26, 2012


As she drifts along, Breeder Barnette continues to show her love for the breeding community. First she wants to increase household limits and the only ones to benefit from that are breeders. Certainly not normal pet owners. You might not understand that if you haven't lived in LA. We, if anything, have problems with too many dogs now, in backyards, on the streets. Feral cats abound in LA. So we don't need more, Barnette.

Then she turns around and addresses barking dogs after attempting to put more barking dogs out there? Try as I may, I don't see this making good sense. Plus she just gave away a brand new shelter paid for by the taxpayers, and she wants more animals in the City, more strays, more owner surrenders, more cruelty, okay.

Now there is a mystery to be solved as well.$250-fine/

But things might change with a new law, now in effect, to fine dog owners $250 to $1,000 — that is, if anyone enforces it.

 Then, in 2010, a bizarre series of events unfolded as City Hall tried to crack down. First, in May 2010, in a story that went national, the Los Angeles TimesDaily Breezeand CBS reported that the City Council voted 10-0 to create a $100 fine against obnoxious dog owners. Some media suggested the fines could generate up to $1.8 million annually.
Nobody at City Hall seems to know what happened to that vote. There's no record of it on the city website, and the Department of Animal Services never implemented a $100 fine — much less collected $1.8 million.
Instead, last year, one veteran animal services employee told L.A. Weekly that he had never heard of a $100 fine. And despite thousands of annual complaints, the department held only 83 formal administrative hearings to force owners to control their barking dogs.
And then Barnette trying to establish herself as a pro pit nutter, actually ruled against two just and fair rulings for an elderly couple. Barnette overruled in favor of backyard pit bulls.
Lopez says. "I walk around with earplugs in, and I sleep on the floor or in another room. It's made our lives a living hell and my husband has had two heart attacks."She says two administrative rulings by the L.A. Department of Animal Services were in their favor, and Lopez says hearing officer George Mossman was fair and just.But Barnette, a busy city department head dealing with frequent political headaches, found the time to intervene. Lopez says Barnette overruled Mossman.The case wended through the bureaucracy for months. Eventually, Animal Services ruled against the dog owners.
Yet nothing changed. Lopez says Animal Services officials today let the barking to continue in Highland Park. Lopez concludes that Barnette, who moved here from Seattle in 2010, suffers from an illogical fear of being perceived as "anti–pit bull."
Just another case of Barnette grandstanding without using her brain first. Increase the number of barking dogs, then an ordinance against them barking, and then no enforcement. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So here we have Winograd, aware of horrid conditions at a breeding kennel, and yet he left those animals in those conditions while he worked at "gradually" reducing the numbers. What does that mean? How did he pick and chose which dogs would get a chance and which ones would continue to live in those conditions?

""In February 2003, the Groton kennel relinquished 59 dogs to Tompkins County SPCA. The SPCA maintained there were signs of neglect and long-term medical problems. Records showed that the kennel had never been cited for conditions in the nine years it had operated. The SPCA, the American Kennel Club and the State of New York had all inspected the kennel. After an initial license inspection, the New York Dept. of Agriculture and Markets contacted Mr. Winograd to inform him of the conditions in the Groton kennel. Winograd admitted he had known about the Groton kennel conditions since he began as director of Tompkins County SPCA. His goal was to “gradually” reduce the number of animals at the kennel. An Ithaca Journal op ed at the time argued that Winograd and the SPCA dropped the ball on the abusive kennel by failing to follow through with appropriate action.

Since the SPCA routinely facilitates the prosecution of animal abuse, it is puzzling that this organization recently went out of its way to claim serious incidents of neglect at a dog breeding facility without following through with charges. In other instances of alleged violations of state animal welfare laws, the SPCA quickly handed the cases over to law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Why not now?""



When this article was published the 23rd, Petfinders had 649 Labradors listed for adoption in the San Diego area. Now why would they bring in more?

Could it be that San Antonio is trying to go "No Kill" and they are dumping on others? I'd vote for that one. Like LA City is dumping theirs on Canada, Washington, and Oregon.

The group is Labradors and Friends and looking on their Petfinders, they have plenty of labs for adoption. Now could this be nothing more than grandstanding for donations? After all, now they can work San Antonio for donations too. And all the while, labs in the shelters in CA need rescuing.


One piece of information that you can't get from these "No Kill" shelters is their rate of return for their "reduced" adoption fees, BOGO sales, or Xmas/holiday specials.

From experience in Indianapolis during the reign of terror under Doug Rae, their $4 adoption special during 4th of July resulted in many letters being sent to the Councilmembers. These letters were from other shelters around the area where the $4 special pets were being returned, many of them because of biting. Rae refused to accept back these pets and the people were going to other local shelters for help. 

This article points out the problem with discounting pets to the public, pimping pets at times when they should not really be adopted. Xmas, with people in and out of a home, excitement, etc., is not a good time to take a strange pet into a household. A gift certificate is much more appropriate and do the adoption afterwards. We want to move them into homes, yes, but we need to do what is in the best interest of the pet.

Hyde typically sees animals given back to the shelter that were once Christmas gifts, but she said usually doesn't see a big number of returns until April as the pets get bigger. Now, only January of 2012, Hyde counts 21 puppies calling the Canutillo shelter home. Some of the puppies were found in ditches, others running in the road, and some were dropped off directly at the shelter, like Noel.

Hyde says the age of the 21 puppies, none of which are more than a few months old, is what makes her wary that they're discarded Christmas gifts. Animal Rescue is a "no-kill" shelter, but as the pens fill up with more animals, there soon won't be a vacancy and unwanted animals will be turned away.
"We try to screen potential adopters and make sure they understand 'have you done your homework? Are you sure this is what you want? This is life time commitment' but we still get returns," Hyde said. "After a while you learn that they're only telling you want you want to hear."
We need to do better adoptions, not more adoptions. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I just blogged about Baton Rouge.

If you remember, Baton Rouge was proclaimed as the newest open door shelter under "No Kill" and a mere 5 days later, it was being investigated.

And after all of this, NOW Baton Rouge is backing off of "No Kill". Guess they found out you can't just walk in and say "Stop the killing", doesn't work, huh?

When the Companion Animal Alliance took over, there were sometimes eight to nine dogs in each kennel. There are still about four or five in some, but they're trying to get them down to where all animals have their own.
In the meantime, animals that are not adopted are put on a list to be euthanized.


You never hear Nathan Winograd commenting about all these "No Kill" shelters/sanctuaries/hospices who inflict cruelty in the name of "No Kill".

TEXAS CITY — A Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary employee said it had been a week since she had been in the shelter to feed and care for the cats. 

She said she had entrusted the care of the cats to a volunteer. But to some, it seemed that the animals had been left without care for a longer period.

Authorities seized 168 live cats Tuesday from Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary, and 27 were found dead at the private, no-kill shelter. 

“The amount of weight loss that they have, I would, in my professional opinion, say that it’s been longer than a week,” Dr. Scott Johnson said. 

His clinic, Scott Veterinary Clinic, received 11 cats, Johnson said.

Volunteers at the Galveston Island Humane Society have noticed many of the Whiskerville cats sent there are yearning for attention while others seem almost feral, said Caroline Dorsett, executive director of the Galveston shelter. 

“These guys are emotionally starved,” Dorsett said. “Some of them are just desperate for human contact, and some of them don’t want us at all because I think they haven’t had it.”

THE LEGACY OF "NO KILL", STACK 'EM, CRATE 'EM, THEY'RE ALIVE!!!!! So then who gives a shit, not "No Kill'ers". One more example of how they ignore suffering.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Baton Rouge, LA, dateline August 1, 2010, the Companion Animal Alliance took over the shelter and within a month it was being cited for horrible conditions.
"But just three weeks after the CAA took control, complaints began to trickle in about overcrowding and inhumane conditions."
Now it appears that this shelter has made a big "mistake". A "mistake" like those Nathan Winograd plasters all over his Facebook and blog sites and condemns the shelter. Since this is one of his own, he will sugar coat it probably, and will probably say this is the first time.

No-kill shelter euthanizes family's dog because of mistake

But wait, it isn't the first of his own to make this kind of "mistake". It was noted in the audit by the City of Philadelphia in their audit of PACCA that dogs were euthanized BEFORE the end of their quarantine period. It resulted in people having to undergo rabies treatments in addition. If you recall, the management staff was handpicked by Winograd, they were the ones making these "mistakes". You can check out what the city audit had to say.

Butkovitz stated, “As a result of our compliance audit – we concluded two main findings:
First, PACCA staff admitted to the auditors that some animals had been put to death prior to the required ten day holding period for bite cases.  PACCA records were not maintained sufficiently to allow us to confirm compliance with holding requirements for animals that had bitten someone and could possibly have had the rabies virus. PACCA also failed to keep separate files for bite cases. 
Second, PACCA’s monthly reports to the Health Department, mandated under the contract, were not always accurate.”
Butkovitz continued, “For example -- the monthly “Put-to Death” reports for 2007 that were provided to the Department were incorrect and euthanasia logs for July 2007 were missing”.
Euthanasia logs are used to monitor the use of Sodium Pentobarbital, which is a barbiturate; a controlled substance which may be habit forming and which comes under the Federal Controlled Substances Act under the DEA.

And see what the audit went on to say, how licensing was being neglected. Winograd and his cronies like Brent Toellner don't like licensing. To them making any pet owner fork out money for their pet like licensing, fencing, good food, etc, might cause an owner to give the pet up to the shelter where it will die. Does anyone find anything at all rational about that line of thought?

Butkovitz stated, “Another concern is the dismal 4% rate of dog license compliance.  By increasing dog license registration the City will generate additional revenues that can go directly to the care and welfare of animals in Philadelphia.  If PACCA  increases licensing compliance to 25% an additional $650,000 would be generated.”

So if Winograd tries to get out of claiming the Baton Rouge "mistake" as just a mistake, remind him of Philly and PACCA, please. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For years I have heard "rumors" about this particular organization, Beagles and Buddies. Looks like the rumors have a ring of truth. Would this sanctuary be one of those recommended by Nathan Winograd to that poor woman who asked his advice on when it is appropriate to euthanize? Winograd would have that woman send her beloved pet to something like this. As usual the internet is full of those begging to help B&B without regards to what has happened there to the poor dogs.

Did you ever see how B&B cares for their dogs or are you assuming that all rescue groups do good work? Unfortunately, that is not so.

The City has regulations for kennel license and that doesn't guarantee that the dogs live a good live. It's simply bare standard. Not meeting those regulations makes me wonder what kind of life those dogs have. Especially if the rescue group failed to comply about things pointed out in 2007. This is not only about barking dogs and noise disturbance alone, this is about filthy living situations, poor care, mistreating dogs and not providing medical care ... pointed out by Animal Control. 

I didn't get any positive feedback from my rescue friends about Connie Kramer and B&B. I heard disturbing things. 
I checked out the internet about Connie Kramer of B&B and there are other disturbing situations described, including a Newspaper article from 1/1/2012 ... and the story of 18 dogs put in plastic airline crates in a hot 100 degree hot van to hide them for Animal Control...   

This all doesn't sound dog friendly to me. I think the dogs need our help to be re-rescued.    --- Newspaper article from 1/1/2012---

Other stories - online postings about B&B 

EL MONTE - A local dog rescue organization might have to pack up and leave after the city denied it a business license and permit.
An appeal hearing for the kennel Beagles and Buddies is scheduled for Jan. 12.
If upheld, the decision by the city's Permit Committee would force owner Connie Kramer to move her animals out of two properties she operates - one at 2661 Strozier Ave. and another known as Red Cloud Ranch at 2658 Strozier Ave.
After a hearing in November, the city denied a business license and permit renewal for Beagles & Buddies because Kramer failed to comply with requirements requested in 2007 to mitigate noise, odor and other complaints, according to city documents.
"Four years later, not a whole lot has been done," El Monte City Attorney Richard Padilla said. "She does not have much of a good reason. Seems to be a lot of excuses, but not a lot of action."
Kramer says she's been trying to complete the requirements, but the city hasn't been cooperative.
decision referencefindings from the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care & Control, which has "discovered evidence of animal mistreatment, failing to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for animals, failing to provide medical treatment to animals" and other violations.
Kramer called the evidence vague.
It also documents a June 2010 incident in which a dozen dogs were found in a van parked in South El Monte on a 100-degree day. The animals were found to be Kramer's.
El Monte Assistant City Attorney Richard Padilla said the city denied the permits due to a long-standing history of a lack of compliance, dating back to 2007. 

☆☆☆☆ Hoarding in the name of rescuing.  Karma S. ☆☆☆☆       
On June 3, 2010 around mid-day, a locked van filled with 18 dogs packed in plastic airline crates was discovered on a South El Monte street. When Animal Control agents from SEACCA took the temperature inside the van, it was 100 degrees. Those dogs had been in that heat for at least 2 hours.
The dogs in the van belong to Beagles and Buddies Rescue. They were most likely in the van in order to evade an inspection of the Beagles and Buddies Rescue kennels, which routinely has 3 - 4 times the number of dogs they are permitted to keep (3 - 4 times the number they have the resources to care for). Hiding dogs in vehicles (and inside private residences, and their groomer) is a common practice whenever Beagles and Buddies anticipates an inspection.
Anyone who would stack dogs inside a hot van on a June day for whatever reason is more concerned about their own agenda than they are animal welfare. Adopting dogs from here would be the best thing you could do for those dogs. Unfortunately, it will also enable the hoarding going on at Beagles and Buddies to continue. If you visit Beagles and Buddies and witness unclean or unsafe conditions, REPORT IT. If LA County Animal Control gets enough reports they will be forced to take action. THAT is the best thing you can do for all the dogs unfortunate enough to find themselves under Beagles & Buddies control
Beagles & Buddies Facts: 

1) June 3, 2010, a locked van was found in South El Monte with 18 dogs crammed into airline kennels. Dogs had been inside at least 2 hours when SEACCA (animal control) responded to an anonymous tip. They tested the air temperature inside the van and it was 100 degrees. SEACCA removed the dogs and took them to their shelter in Downey.
An investigation revealed the van and dogs belong to Beagles & Buddies Rescue of El Monte. On many occasions volunteers and employees have witnessed the "Director" of Beagles & Buddies ordering dogs to be placed in vans whenever an inspection was scheduled because Beagles & Buddies regularly has over 100 dogs at one time. They're only permitted to have 40. They only have the staff for half that.
18 dogs in a hot van on a June day. Does this sound like "rescue" to you, or like hoarding?
2) Beagles & Buddies advertises that they are a "no-kill sanctuary." This is very appealing to people who donate money. Several times a year Beagles & Buddies takes multiple dogs to be euthanized to make room for more dogs. The dogs sent to be killed are not necessarily sick dogs, either. Many people witnessed this happening at the Pasadena Humane Society. Since they were called out in the press for this, they've used private vets.
Beagles and Buddies is not "no kill" they are "selective kill." The dogs that won't get $700 in adoption fees only get to live there for so long. Eventually they will be killed by lethal injection at the "Director's" discretion.
3) Beagles & Buddies non-profit status with the State of California is "suspended." They continue to solicit donations.
4) Monetary donations to Beagles & Buddies pay for the food, the housing, the clothing, the entertainment, the automobile, the gas, etc., of their "Director."
I hope after this latest incident with the dogs in the van it has become abundantly clear to everyone that there is a problem at Beagles & Buddies. The organization is rotten at the top. There are many wonderful, selfless volunteers doing all they can for the dogs, but they are unable to do anything about the corruption and hoarding. It's time for a change of guard at Beagles & Buddies. For the dogs' sake.

Hoarders Not Rescuers -- by CookiesMom at Citysearch
The City of El Monte has been holding hearings about the horrible conditions at Beagles and Buddies for at least the last 2 years.
Connie Kramer, the woman who controls the day-to-day operations and lives off the donations and adoption fees, is a hoarder. There's no other way to put it. Many, many volunteers have confronted her about the fact that she has at least 100 more dogs at any given time than she has the resources to properly care for. There are dogs at "Questover" and "Red Cloud" that have lived on that property without ever leaving their concrete jails for YEARS.
Yes, you would be doing the best thing in the world to get a dog out of there, but Kramer will only get 4 more to replace it.
If you want to do something, go and tour the facility and then then complain to the LA County Animal Control and City of El Monte about the hoarding going on there, and the suffering of hundreds of animals in the care of a mentally unstable woman.
As long as Beagles and Buddies is run by Connie Kramer it will be the source of horrific suffering by the animals who aren't cute or desirable enough for Kramer to sell (yes, sell!!!) for $700 or more. 


INTIMIDATION is Nathan Winograd's middle name. Let's intimidate everyone into silence. First we can call them murderers, despite stellar reputations in the humane community, then we can file lawsuits against them. Beat those non believers into silence.

What has it all come down to? Nathan Winograd is the darling of the likes of Rick Berman. Nathan Winograd parrots the talk of Berman against HSUS and the ASPCA. That talk of Winograd and Berman is designed to take away donations and thus affect the fight against agribusiness cruelty, puppy mill cruelty and dog fighting. Ask yourself, is this moral or righteous?

Robin Starr made a comment on one of Berman's latest "enterprises", Humane Society for Shelter Pets, and received a nasty note threatening a lawsuit.

I understand another couple of non profits are enduring the same from HSSP.

Then to go back a bit, Winograd made himself part of a lawsuit in LA over the dog, Zephyr. Then he did the same in regards to a TNR lawsuit in LA. The LA County lawsuit really didn't go anywhere, the "rescuer" was not happy about the settlement, and Winograd used it as a PR opportunity. The TNR lawsuit was won and now LA cannot engage in TNR. Winograd vows to return.

So now we come to Florida, a saga is going on there and lawsuits are flying. Seems there is two sagas going on and I am late getting into the game. So, Readers, correct me if I am wrong on this.

Lawsuits are being filed by No Kill Nation, run by one of Winograds cronies and following in his footsteps by suing local rescue groups,  against noted and respected rescuers. These rescuers are guilty of nothing more than asking for proof of monies being spent from a chip-in to save the dogs in the Everglades. It is a complicated issue and I would like to refer you to this link.

This lawsuit can affect all of us in that it wants to limit our ability to express ourselves on blogs and Facebook. I suggest that you follow it closely.

What is it all coming to? Will non profits have to fore go rescuing to spend their money on attorneys? While animals are dying in shelters, "No Kill" is preferring to intimidate those who ask for accountability via paying attorneys to file frivolous lawsuits. Winograd has always used intimidation tactics to silent the opposition. Threatening to affect donor bases of non profits by calling them murderers, etc. This is the workings of an evil mind. Winograd is tearing us apart and all that does is cause more animals to suffer and die.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Oh boy, Pandora's box is open. As of late, Best Fiends, as I like to call them, has been using their money, not to make things safer from the likes of Tug and Diesel, but to wine and dine so to speak. As of late, they have been dangling money and goods in front of thirsty misguided souls but they are still wolves in sheeps clothing.

If you remember, one of the first, if not the first, Maddie's grant was to make Utah, home of BF, the first "No Kill" state. Well, that didn't happen. Where was the influence of such a mighty organization such as Best Fiends in all of this? Well, as of this past June, and when was that Maddie's grant, Utah had only one "No Kill" shelter.
The Ivins Animal Shelter, the only no-kill city shelter in Utah, is completely full. It is in desperate need of foster families and/or people to adopt them into forever homes. 

Ching, ching, cost that up as a failure of Best Fiends to make their own state "No Kill". Could that be why they are moving into other areas, they are getting the hell outta Dodge because people now have their number?

And then Best Fiends has failed their own state with such things like this happening. We all know that we know everything about everyone in the humane community. This was probably known to Best Fiends, how many times probably did they get reports about this and yet it just was allowed to happen until just this past September? 

The city of Smithfield appears to have a small animal control unit operating under the police department with no physical shelter.  They do have what the Salt Lake Tribune describes as an “unshaded temporary holding kennel” outside where an ACO can place an impounded dog briefly before transporting the pet to an area shelter.
On Thursday, June 23, 2011, Smithfield ACO Brady Robbins reportedly picked up a 4 year old retriever named Lola and placed her in this outdoor kennel.  After leaving the dog there, Mr. Robbins went on to “other tasks, including moving police department records to the city’s new police building”.  When he returned to his AC duties on Monday, June 27, he found Lola dead in the pen from heatstroke.  Mr. Robbins drove Lola’s body to the landfill and dumped it, then wrote the following in his log:
“I, Officer Robbins, had taken the dog to Cache Humane Society. The animal has been adopted by Cache Humane Society.”
Multiple witnesses who observed Mr. Robbins finding Lola’s dead body in the pen on June 27 reported the story to his superiors.  Mr. Robbins resigned and this month was charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of evidence tampering – both misdemeanors.

Ching, ching, cost up another failure of Best Fiends to intercede in their own state. 


January 12th 2012

Ching, ching, cost up another big failure to have not eliminated the gas chamber in their own state.

Now I ask you, has Best Fiends served their own state well? What makes you think they will serve you well? What is the ching, ching cost to you when you deal with Best Fiends? What is expected in return? 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Once again "No Kill" fails to see the suffering caused by the puppets of Nathan Winograd. These animals are the victims of this movement.

Just a week or so ago, I saw on the Facebook page of Nathan Winograd under his post about euthanasia, a woman wrote to him about when is the "right" time, in regards to her old suffering dog. Nathan Winograd was about as hateful as you can get, telling this woman she should do hospice care, that there is no afterlife, no Rainbow Bridge. Even Christie Keith, his ranting buddy, disagreed with him. So, Nathie Boy, this one is for you. Here is your type of hospice.

Angel's Gate is a self-proclaimed animal "hospice and rehabilitation center" in Delhi, New York, operated by Marino. Angel's Gate receives "special needs animals" from all over the U.S. Marino promises donors and people who send her animals that the animals will "live out their days in peace, dignity and love." 

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney's Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel's Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call "a hospice and rehabilitation center." 

 Angel's Gate was a chaotic hellhole, where animals whose conditions required special, individualized, round-the-clock care were deprived of basic necessities and quality of life. PETA's investigator discovered the following:
  • Paralyzed animals dragged themselves until they developed bleeding ulcers, even though wheelchair carts were readily available. One dachshund suffered a wound so deep that it exposed the bone.
  • Animals whose bladders should be expressed every few hours were kept in the same diaper for up to two days until the diapers were urine-logged, and animals suffered from urine scald.
  • Animals, even severely dehydrated ones, were confined without access to water.
  • Animals kept outside in freezing temperatures without access to proper shelter.
  • Animals were confined to a bathtub, which they could not climb.
  • Animals were confined to bathrooms.
  • Small dogs were confined to Marino's bed, several feet off the ground, with no way to leave it.
  • Animals were suffering from treatable conditions without veterinary examination or care, including open wounds and respiratory, eye, ear, mouth, and skin infections. One dog's infected, rotten jaw snapped in half.
  • Crowded conditions so stressful that fights broke out daily, leaving animals with wounds that were left untreated.
  • Animals suffering from pain, seizures, and hydrocephalus (water on the brain) were denied veterinarian-recommended and/or prescribed medication.
  • Horribly suffering animals on death's door were deprived of the dignity and relief of euthanasia.
  • The bodies of dead animals were left out for days among live animals.
  • Animals were fed rancid, raw meat that had been left unrefrigerated.

Then we have the bullshit TV stars who have shown their irresponsibility before in misguided support.
DELHI -- The Delaware County district attorney's office is reviewing a request by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seeking an investigation into an animal hospice in the Catskills lauded on "Oprah" and "The Rachael Ray Show." 

The nonprofit facility founded by Susan Marino in 1993 on Long Island relocated to Delhi in 2006. It has been featured on several national news outlets and television shows for its charitable work. In 2009, the shelter won Rachael Ray's Mutt Madness competition, which rewards what viewers vote to be the most outstanding charitable pet organization with $50,000. Angel's Gate beat out 550 other organizations for the top prize.

Marino was also featured in Newsday and People magazine and on "Martha Stewart Living" and the CBS Early Show. She received the 2001 ASPCA Founders Award for her facility on Long Island.

"No Kill" manages to sucker in these gullible personalities because it looks good on paper. Rachael Ray is a fool anyway with a pit bull that has attacked five times already. Ray even said she was putting off having kids because of the dog. So she is sacrificing having children for the sake of a five time loser pit bull. And people actually listen to this woman. It's all so disgusting.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Once again, Winograd has destroyed. His list of destroyed shelters is much longer at this point that the self proclaimed successes, of which none are. The Companion Animal Protection Act is a joke. Last year, Winograd was bragging about Delaware becoming the first "No Kill" state. Ain't gonna happen Whino.

Here's an excellent blog that shows how miserably this "Act" has failed Delaware. And be warned, that so far, it is costing Delaware an arm and a leg to continue this farce. I suggest that you read all the posts on this blog.
While CAPA has been a disaster for Delaware, the one bright spot is that it provided other states an opportunity to see what happened here and realize that it was just the tip of the iceberg of what will happen in on a larger scale in a larger state.

There is a point in that now the other states have a reference point to refuse to adopt this morbid program of the Whino's. What will he come up with next in his continuing saga of harming the most vulnerable ones, the animals in the shelters. 


Recently a vet tech in the Chatsworth shelter of LA City was dismissed because of how he was doing euthanasia. Did Breeder Barnette do anything about this? Nope, she didn't turn it over to the DA, she didn't file a complaint with the licensing board - nothing. Why you may ask. First of all, she doesn't give a damn anyway. Second, she knew to do anything would reflect badly on her since she obviously hasn't been managing very well.,0,7090566.story

Now the Heigl Foundation has issued a letter about the lack of caring of Barnette and have started a petition. 

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation was outraged by an article published by the Los Angeles Times on December 14, that revealed a horrific account of animal cruelty within a city animal shelter. The cruel practices were perpetrated by Manuel Boado, a Register Veterinary Technician (RVT) in the employment of LA Animal Services.
The Foundation has filed a complaint with Brenda Barnette, the General Manager of LA Animal Services, seeking an explanation of events. We have requested assurances that no additional companion animals will suffer the same intolerable treatment, questioned why no formal complaint has been registered with the Department Of Consumer Affairs Veterinarian Medical Board, and asked why the case has not been referred to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.
We feel strongly that all concerned citizens should consider doing the same so that your voices can be heard.

Letter Of Complaint To LA Animal Services

December 15, 2011
Ms. Brenda Barnette
General Manager
LA Animal Services
221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90012
RE: RVT Manuel Boado's Termination
Ms. Barnette:
The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (the Foundation) has long supported public animal shelters with significant financial contributions as well as advocated for the ethical and humane treatment of all animals, regardless of whether they are in shelters, with rescue organizations or in homes. Unfortunately, we have been informed of the attached LA Times article, "L.A. Fires Animal Shelter Worker Over His Euthanasia Practices". The details, as revealed in the article of this egregious situation, raise several questions for which we seek your immediate explanation.
The article indicates that you "did not consider referring Boado's case to the district attorney's office for prosecution." Would you please explain why you, as the head of Los Angeles Animal Services (the Department), determined that the abundance of facts supporting Mr. Boado's intentional, egregious, cruel and inhumane conduct did not warrant an immediate referral to a law enforcement agency (such as the Los Angeles Police Department) and/or an impartial LA City investigative department for further investigation and subsequent submission to a prosecutorial agency?
Moreover, following verification with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Veterinarian Medical Board, we noted that your Department has not filed a complaint regarding this incident. Would you please advise to why the Department did not immediately file a formal complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Veterinarian Medical Board, which would launch an investigation by the State Licensing Agency and likely result in the revocation of Mr. Boado's RVT license? Our Foundation, and each of us personally, are extremely concerned that your Department's failure to report the termination for cause to the appropriate State Licensing Agency has enabled Mr. Boado to continue to seek and secure positions with other animal treatment clinics, with the unacceptable likelihood of the repetition of his cruel and inhumane conduct.
Finally, please advise of what steps you have taken (e.g., installation and regular monitoring of security cameras) to ensure that no additional companion animals housed in your shelters suffer the same intolerable treatment, which has resulted in an understandable and deserved public outcry and an embarrassment for the Department.
We look forward to a prompt response.
I encourage all of you to sign this petition. Let's show Breeder/"No Kill'er" Barnette that we won't tolerate her lack of caring and lack of management any longer.