Friday, May 28, 2010


This is a disturbing piece from Wayne Parcelle. Follow the links provided to see a video of men hitting new born calves in the head with their fists and metal bars. I couldn't watch all of it.

One has to ask how a human could be so cruel but I have to ask how the likes of Nathan J. Winograd and Brent Toellner could be so cruel as to condemn the agency that is stopping this type of abuse. How can they do that?

How can they deliberately try to turn people away from HSUS, affect their donor base so that they might not be able to go after these types of abusers? I'll tell you why, because they don't give a damn for animals. These two assholes want the cruelty to continue.

They try to turn people away from HSUS with their condemnation by saying that HSUS doesn't help shelter animals. Hey, you jerks, there are more species of animals than just cats and dogs. Everyone has to chose their battles and HSUS has chosen to stop the abuse of those others who are used to supply us with food, fur coats, entertainment. Why can't Winograd and Toellner see that?

These two men have done more to harm animals than they could ever to do to help them. I hope they rot in hell for their deeds. There is a saying that before you can enter heaven, you have to walk by all the animals you failed to help in life. Those animals can block your way into heaven. That's why these two will go straight to hell for what they are doing.

Thank you HSUS for being there. My donation is in the mail.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KCDogPoop Stinking It Up Again!!

UPDATE: Guess this will piss off this puppy mill supporter! S3424, Puppy Uniform Protection Statute S3424 was introduced yesterday. Your rotten buddies, Toellner, the puppy millers will have a hard time with this one. Kudos to HSUS for their timely production on the Pimping for Pits channel over the investigation of puppy mills.

Again, this fool is mouthing off and it is a real pisser. Now he is against enforcement of pet licensing. Yes, Fool, it is for public health, ever heard of rabies? Course you've been rabid ever since you jumped in bed with the Whino, but have you ever heard of rabies????

This is the advice for those trying to help animals by making sure they have their rabies vaccinations.

Basically they tell you to tell Animal Control to go to hell. This is the same advice given to breeders. This is also straight from the Whino's mouth to KCDogPoop's ass.

Toellner tries to take the focus off the issue with his rantings about there are so many other things that the officials need to be doing. Typical for a pit nutter, maybe he wrote the book, but I don't give him credit for being that smart, he just repeats what he hears like the puppet he is.

In other words, fuck laws, they are made for others, not those who own pits or don't get their dogs vaccinated or BREEDERS. Then he goes on to talk about our rights verses the law, straight from the mouths of breeders talking about their "property". This man claims to care about animals?

He calls it a grab for money. So fucking what if it is? That might mean more funds for the shelter animals. Again, this asshole claims to give a shit about the shelter animals?

Brent Toellner is as evil as the Messiah he follows blindly. He is a pimp for pits and for breeders, that's all he is and will ever be. Vote for him for Joke of the Year, he deserves it.

Wonder how much he is being paid to spread this propaganda? Surely he has enough sense to not do it for free. Then again................! Toellner, you are so fucking obvious, you ain't fooling anyone but yourself.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Petland, HSUS, and the Evil Winograd

Last night the Pimping for Pits channel aired the HSUS investigation into puppy mills in Oklahoma.

I found it extremely hard to watch. I also was imagining the Whino tied to a chair in front of the TV, being forced to watch. These are his people now, the puppy millers. His stance on the lack of a pet overpopulation has given credibility to these puppy millers. This bullshit stance allows these puppy millers to tell the world that there is not enough animals and therefore it is their duty to provide the world with enough animals via breeding in large quantities. How can anyone in their right mind (key word) be a part of this if they claim to love animals? The Whino can and does.

I was looking at the list of organizations and individuals who support a puppy mill bill in Missouri and failed to find the Whino's name or Toellner, for that matter. One can only deduct that they support puppy mills if they don't support legislation to end them. This is the Whino's logic. If you don't support "No Kill", then you must be for continuing the killing. If you don't support legislation to end the cruelty of puppy mills, then you must support the cruelty to continue.

Another notion that shows the conspiracy between the Whino and the breeders is his constant condemnation of HSUS and their work to stop puppy mills. He tries to lead people to think that HSUS is doing nothing because they aren't on the local level helping local shelters. He is gambling on the public's ignorance concerning the use of the genetic terms humane society and SPCA. How can he be critical of HSUS when it is the main organization fighting against the cruelty of puppy mills, does he want this to stop? This is the question you have to ask of him. If HSUS were to focus on local shelters, then their money would be limited for their investigations, their lobby efforts, and then there would be no obstacles for puppy mills to continue.

Nathan J. Winograd is pure evil. You judge by actions and his actions show that he is nothing more than a voice for the breeding industry, not the voice for the humane community or for the shelter animals. He and his Whinonettes are the scum of the earth and we will not let them win.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Annual JOY Award

This is to announce that we are now accepting nominations for the annual JOY award.

The JOY award, Joke Of the Year, is given to those who are or have made the biggest fool of themselves for that year. Several names have already been submitted such as Brent Toellner of KCDogPoop fame, Karen Delise with her infamous bullshit, and the list goes on.

Sorry, Nathan Winograd is not eligible for nomination because he would win hands down and he has been a joke for too many years already.

Send in those nominations, folks, and why you think your nominee should be the Joke Of the Year!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This Blows Me Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

You guys know how much I respect , well I would say now that is an understatement.

You must go to the DBO Blog, , and read the fantastic piece of research that will blow the pit nutters outta the water on one of their biggest lies, the culling of "man biters". I've always known that was a lie because I have dogmen in my family. I always heard them bragging on "man biters" and the idea of killing one was met with hostility. "Why should I throw away good money? If nothing else I'll sell the damn dog and get something back." was what I would hear.

And this is carried through on which give even more information that shoots down this pit nutter lie of culling. This blog is great on it's own, uncovering the criminal element of the pit nutters and exposing them for what they are, low life, scum suckers. So to all you pit nutters who continue to spew the propaganda fed to you, read and weep. And I ain't talking about dogmen, the "Savior" rescues and pit "owners" qualify most definitely for the term pit nutters.

Another lie of the nutters that is shot to hell in this post is that Staffies and pits are two different breeds. Sorry, nutters, but DBO has the evidence that this just ain't so. They are one in the same. A pit by any other name is still a damn pit. This can be used now to show why "Staffies" need the same treatment as pits when it comes to regulations and bans.

Slowly but surely DBO is shooting down all the lies of the pit nutters. When they come up with more, DBO will be right there with the gun of truth. Thanks DBO, you probably have saved lives already.

The Wayne Pacelle WannaBe Will Never Be

Today Wayne Pacelle posted a great read about Rick Berman. As we all know the Whino is nothing more than a Pacelle wannabe. So I googled for the Whino and Berman, just for the hell of it. Quite a few hits came up. I was surprised at some actually.

Seems the Whino is losing ground with his vegan friends. I found several vegan blogs about the Whino and his buddy, Berman. The Whino is not too awful smart degrading the the only organization that fights against the cruelty to the animals that are eaten, the vegans have picked up on that. I would venture to say that the vast majority of vegans are that because of their feelings about how animals are slaughtered for consumption. Then here comes a vegan who gives the impression that he gives a damn about animals, so the vegans jumped on his bandwagon. They are now jumping off it appears. How can one be so hypocritical about condemning HSUS when they are the main crusaders against the inhumanity involved with the raising and slaughtering of consumption animals? The Whino can because he still thinks he is the Second Coming. First of all, I have never believed that he is a vegan to begin with. He is just a little too plump and getting more so every time I have seen pictures of him. I bet he sneaks around for a McDonald burger every chance he gets and I bet he hides that from even his own wife. Just strikes me as that sort. Second, I have never believed that the Second Coming will be in an animal shelter.

Yes, indeed the Whino and Berman are in bed together. Course the Whino will crawl into bed with anyone that gives him the time of day and he thinks he can garner more monetary support. The recent lawsuit by Mothers Against Drunk Driving at Berman brought up something interesting. Berman is always paying himself from his non profits and there is a way to do this properly and a not so proper way to do it. Looking at the Whino's No Kill Advocacy scam, it appears that this is the case there as well. Might have to ask the Attorney General to have a look into the Whino's affairs.

Someone recently said that the Whino is an old game, he is losing support everywhere. He pissed off the "cat" people in LA just recently when he lied, just flat lied. He said they failed to contact him about the environmental lawsuit against TNR and they have proof that they did contact him more than once and he turned them away. Little by little he is pissing everyone off and I couldn't be more happy. The Whino is very smart in some ways and extremely stupid in others. To say he is clueless would be a correct statement.

Anyway I recommend that you read the latest posting by Pacelle on Berman. Keep in mind that Berman pushes the Whino. When asked about this association, the Whino's response was that he would do an interview with anyone, doesn't mean he is on their team. Duh!! Really, Whino, you can't come up with anything better than that to excuse your poor decisions. He's been grasping at straws since Philly fell, putting the blame on the management when he selected the management and bragged at the good job they were doing. That is until he got wind that cruelty charges were about to be filed.

Never admits a mistake, never thinks his program is at fault, and where does this lead? It leads to never learning. Mistakes are the best way to learn, we all make them but not all of us learn from them. The Whino certainly doesn't, he thinks he is perfect, his program is perfect, it is the rest of us that are stupid and imperfect. Can anyone say ready for the psych ward? The "rumor" is that the Whino is losing it, he is in dire financial shape and having family problems. I find it strange that he hasn't put his legal license on active status. I have always thought it was strange that he doesn't use his legal skills to help the humane community, that is the one thing most needed. There's more to that story I am sure.

And I want to thank HSUS for what they do. Imagine what it would be like without them fighting the fights. Who else is busting the dogmen, who else is trying to stop the suffering of animals for food, who else? Not the Whino and certainly not his butt buddy, KCDogPoop. They are too busy lending support and credibility to the breeders, hoping to get donations from them for fighting MSN, household limits, no fencing requirements, etc. Just remember KCDogPoop that their support is blood money, gotten off the suffering of their products. Yep, the world is wising up to this bullshit and none too soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spadaro Fiasco Continues

I am seeing a lot of hits for this bitch and wanted to pass along this bit of info. You can follow her court case at Go under departments on the right hand side and pull up Superior Court. You will be looking for Case Information and it is pretty self explanatory.

Besides you need to see this woman's "rap" sheet. Keep in mind she also has cases in Riverside County. Again you can see a long rap sheet. Seems this pitiful excuse of a human has no regards for laws pertaining to safe driving either.

This is one of the best examples of how the system doesn't work. This bitch has been allowed to continue to inflict cruelty on animals awaiting for a court date. Her being an attorney, she has used every trick in the book to delay her trial. The justice system is not for the victims, it is for the offender, and the victims in this case have to continue to suffer and die at the hands of this monster.

Write to your elected officials and demand that this woman be brought to trial NOW!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick Notes

As my readers know I definitely consider TNR (trap, neuter, and RELEASE) to be the ultimate cruelty to cats and that I support TNR (trap, neuter, and RETAIN). Those "crazy cat people" who think only in terms of the cats forget that people can be affected by their leaving cats in the neighborhood. A case in LA of a colony that was 45 YEARS OLD brought this to the public's attention first. Kinda puts the quast on neutering them and they will go away, didn't happen with this one. There was a day care facility close to where this colony was and the children were getting sick. The problems were traced to the cats, coming into the day care play yard, leaving feces, fleas, etc. Some children actually required hospitalization. So as a reminder, here is some info on how cats can affect your health. Keep in mind that cats do attack and bite, just look at records from any animal control agency. Here's some information about cat scratch fever, something that I have suffered from several times in the course of rescue work.

Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is the result of a bacterial infection known as Bartonella henselae. Surprisingly, about 40 percent of all cats carry the bacteria in their saliva at some point in their lives, with kittens being more likely to be infected than adult cats; however, neither commonly show any signs of illness.

Most people contract CSD through bites and scratches; however, it is also possible to contract it by petting an infected feline and then rubbing your eyes.

Symptoms include fever, nausea, chills, headache, poor appetite, fatigue, vomiting and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

People with a compromised immune system such as HIV/AIDS, organ-transplant patients and those receiving chemotherapy are at greater risk of developing abnormal blood-vessel growths that resemble tumors after becoming infected. These masses can cause severe organ inflammation and lead to a host of other issues.

In the healthy person, however, CSD should resolve on its own without treatment. If lymph-node involvement remains, a patient might require prescription antibiotics for up to a month.

The key is to have your physician make a correct diagnosis, receive antibiotics if appropriate, and take precautions at home by preventing all cats from licking a scratch or open wound on your body; avoiding rough play that might induce the cat to scratch; and washing your hands after playing with the animal. By all means, enjoy your cat, but take precautions to ensure your good health.

Then take into account the numerous people who are allergic to cats, tapeworms, etc. Cats are not harmless and do risk public health when left in colonies. I expect KCDogPoop to come up with one of his unreasonable excuses such as putting on a contamination suit in order for these cats to live their lives or killing yourself so as to not be a hindrance to these cats.

Next note is President Obama. I never liked him anyway, even before he was running for President. Just has a look about him that says "Don't trust me". First he disappoints all of us by buying a dog rather than adopting from a shelter. What happened to getting a "mutt" like himself? He bought a purebred and that probably meant that some poor dog in the shelter was euthanized because he didn't adopt. Then he allows off shore oil drilling, another thing that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs. Remember that the Gulf spill is killing animals and we need to speak up on that. Obviously Obama had no concerns for the lost of lives with his decision.

Personally I think he will prove to be the enemy of the environmental movement in this country before it is over. I really dread the next three years under him at the rate he has been going.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Calgary, Bill Bruce and Bullshit

Haven't quite finished this one yet but here's a start. This Bill Bruce guy isn't a "No Kill'er" at least, that's about the only good thing about him. Seems that pet rats are immediately euthanized in Calgary under his program. Does this apply to other pets outside of the typical dogs and cats? Why not be able to have a pet rat? If nothing else, require that pet rats be altered, then if they escape at least they can't reproduce.

In a very recent news article it states that there are 105,000 dogs and 48,000 cats licensed in Calgary. The Los Angeles County and City handled more than that every year coming through their shelters. So Calgary is small potatoes in regards to true experience in handling the problems of pet overpopulation. I'd like to see what his bullshit would accomplish in a place like LA.

But in researching I find that he has to be in league with the devil/breeders. Seems that the majority of his "speaking" engagements have been solicited by the breeding community. That's enough to say that this man is one that you avoid at any cost.

The breeder forums talk about how there are no fencing requirements in Calgary and they love that. Means less money and work for those who breed. Would be interesting to see how many dead animals they have to pick up from the streets.

Another disturbing thing is that bite cases are not recorded by breed. Sounds like he is covering the pit nutters there in order to avoid BSL.

The breeder forums talk about how there are no anti-tethering requirements in Calgary. Can anyone say pit bulls? Can anyone say inhumane?

And no pet limit law. Oh boy, just the thought of having a dozen or more untethering, unrestricted pit bulls running around the neighborhood is enough to make one want to move to a deserted island. Not to mention those who will go overboard and can't afford to take proper care of the animals. Pet limit laws are to protect pets. Studies have shown the more pets a person has, the less likely they received medical attention. So again, this supports inhumane practices.

And if low license fees with hardly any differential between altered and unaltered is what he pushes is again in favor of the breeders, not the general public. Experience shows that a differential in licensing fees means more animals being altered, which is a good thing for everyone, including the pets. It does not mean people will turn their pets into the shelters as the "No Kill'ers" would have you believe.

All in all, Bill Bruce is the next "devil in disguise" to the animals in this country. I'm all for building a wall around Calgary to prevent this man from joining in on the destruction of our pets in this country. You really only need to know one thing, anything good for breeders is bad for us and Bill Bruce is the darling of the breeders. "Nuff said.