Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anyone Need A Laugh??

This info was just sent to me and I just had to do a post on it. PAH

Seems that the Messiah, the Guru of No Kill, the Savior of all shelter animals, the Wayne Pacelle wannabe, the envious of Richard Avanzino, the chubby cheek vegan, has a mail box drop address for his "business", his "non profit" whatever. Pretty impressive, huh?

He just knew he would be the next great thing to happen. Well, Whino, welcome to the real world. If people believed so much in this "No Kill" shit, you would be rolling in the dough, just like the ASPCA, Best Fiends, and I don't want to put this one with those two, HSUS.

If that doesn't work for you, just look up his address and find out. This link gives you a street view. Try Google maps for a street view. Thing is, Is this best he can do? Pitiful, Whino, didn't work the way you tried to plan it, did it?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'M NOT ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea who set this site up but it sure makes me feel good to know that there are so many others who see the Whino in the same light. Please visit this site and pass it along to those elected officials being hounded to adopt the Whino's pet killing program.

In case you might not know, Bill Hemby, the founder of PetPac, was indicted by the Attorney General in California for fraud. Now if the Attorney General would just indict Hemby's friends, that would make us all feel a little safer.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

We All Grieve for You, Julie

I felt compelled to write this even though it is a little off topic for my blog.

Julie was a "pit nutter" to begin with. She was regular on some blogs I am addicted to regarding pit bulls. Slowly she saw the light, the messages that these blogs were conveying about pits. Julie owned a pit and defended pits like a "pit bull". Once her eyes were open, she started a blog,

because she saw that BSL makes sense afterall. She saw the cruelty that pits suffer and realized that BSL would help to eliminate this cruelty as well as help keep people safe. She has put together a wonderful blog written from the viewpoint of a pit bull owner. Also she began to share the problems she had with her own pit, the things that she did to try to overcome the genetics written into pit bulls, and the failures of what she tried. In other words, she did everything she could for this dog.

August 5th she made the decision to euthanize her pit rather than continue to put herself, her family, and her other dogs in danger from the escalating aggressiveness of her pit. I just couldn't let this go by because I realize what courage it took for her to reach this decision. She has shown a strength that not many people have. Instead of taking the easy way out by re-homing her pit, she chose to do the right thing. It's never the right thing pawning off your problem onto someone else just to avoid the hurt and pain.

Julie, I grieve with you and applaud you as a courageous person. You've now earned my trust and in addition, admiration. You have done the right thing and never doubt that.