Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This one makes you sick at heart. Note that this shelter took "castoffs from no kill shelters". How many more animals have to suffer to satisfy Nathan Winograd's ego? He talks about open door shelters when he needs to be cleaning up his own creations.


BUFFALO, N.Y. — A former animal rescue worker wanted in Georgia following the discovery of dozens of animal carcasses on her property was awaiting extradition Monday after being picked up at the U.S.-Canadian border.

Christiane Babic, 39, also known as Christiane Judd, arrived with her three sons at the Peace Bridge border crossing in Buffalo on Saturday after being denied entry into Canada. When records revealed that the German citizen is wanted in Long County, Ga., U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents turned her over to Buffalo police, agency officials said.

Judd, who authorities say is in the United States on an expired visitor visa, ran a 10-acre animal rescue operation with her husband in Ludowici, Ga., until earlier this month, when she called another rescue group to say she was leaving town. When workers arrived to look after the animals, they found dozens of dead cats and dogs, some of them in cages.

Investigators found roughly 70 carcasses at Loonie Farms, including at least four dogs that had starved to death. Some of the animals may have died from illness or been euthanized and not properly disposed of at the facility, which accepted castoffs from no-kill shelters and private residents, investigators said.

At least, Whino, the open door shelters don't let animals die in such a fashion. The blood of these animals are on your hands.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


The crazy bat lady in Texas has struck out thanks to the ACLU. This is a win for all of us trying to get the truth out there.

Here's my original post on this cruel woman.

Her attorney who was embarrassed by another case of a man claiming to be a veteran and who had a pit bull as a "service" dog. http://blog.dogsbite.org/2010/12/fort-worth-pit-bull-owner-steven-woods.html  Would you call Randy Turner a slow learner, I would.

Now the ACLU has intervened and rendered a decision in favor of the activist.
ACLU tells lawyer Randy Turner that Indybay will not remove article about animal cruelty.
Kudos to Mary Cummins for exposing this cruelty!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


On May 26th, Breeder Brenda Barnette released Public Information: "Labor of Love: Volunteers in Action for Shelter Dogs"" bragging about Perla  beds donated to the shelters.  But we're all still waiting for her big report release on the Best F(r)iends Super Adoption last weekend.  Let me refresh  Ms. BB's memory. 
This weekend, May 20 and 21, trumpets blew, bells sounded, drums were beaten and the media interrupted prime time news to announce that Best Friends of Utah was coming to town to put on the all-time SUPER adoption event in Los Angeles.
But, whoa there, something didn't quite work out the way it was planned.  Afterwards, one of the Best Fiends spokesflunkies was assigned the task of telling the bad news so that it sounded like good news.  Heres' the way it was posted on the BF afterglow page. 
And according to this version by Best Fiends itself  http://network.bestfriends.org/17218/news.asp, IT WAS A REAL BUST!!

Sure enough, close to 1,300 animals showed up from 18 shelters and approximately 50 rescue groups, each ready to find his or her own happy ever after,  However, for the whole two-day event," there were only 284 same-day adoptions and 102 animals pulled from shelters to be placed safely into rescue groups (including Best Friends).". (Note: the 102 will just be local "relocations.)

And all the while, the real purpose of the SUPER adoption event was taking place quietly.  Best Fiends had its little workerbees collecting names and addresses and e-mail addresses so they can grow their donation base.  In plain language, that is,solicit donations, keep in mind Best Fiends is not really a local charity. They use Los Angeles and other big cities like NY and Phoenix to garner donations that go back into their coffers in Utah, and probably into their bank account in the Cayman Islands (according to their IRS 990.).
 But there's an even bigger picture.  Best Fiends wants to look good to the Mayor Lu Parker and  Los Angeles City Council, which is just about ready to give them a $19 million shelter in the Northeast Valley, the Mission shelter, for $1 a year and they don't even have to spend any of their own money and all they have to try to do is a few adoptions of city shelter animals, which won't cost them anything either.  The City and Lu Parker feel so blessed by BF's presence that it is even going to maintain the building, provide security forces, and they just had to throw in another bone---they will even pay the utilities so that Best Fiends will be comfortable and not have to bother itself by such trivialities.  After all the taxpayers can afford it.  It's worth laying off City employees and shutting down facilities, if Lu (and thus the Mayor) are happy, isn't it? 
BUT THE TRUTH COMES OUT... just a little sooner than BF expected.  Look at those adoption numbers? Do they justify the City giving away a new shelter to these people?  We were told they are the Pro's in adoptions.  I say this is pitiful.  The shelters could have done more than four, yes, 4,  adoptions (284 adoptions divided by 68 shelters/rescues) by leaving the animals in their local areas. 
So, does Best Fiends intend to make the Mission shelter into a "sanctuary"--probably for pit bulls?  Or will it become the "transport" hub of So Cal?  Where animals are shoved into cages in trucks with no air and shipped off into never-never land, where nobody knows their name (or their ID #)?  Is that what the Mayor calls a "world class shelter" in a "No Kill" city?  I've heard Lu Parker and I can't believe she'd either be part of this or let herself be used and made a fool of.  Not only a fool, but also part of one of the most inhumane practices that has ever been devised by the "No Killers" who want somebody else, somewhere else to do the dirty work. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/best-friends-of-utah-the-process-church-of-the-final-judgment-to-animal-society 
 If you don't believe this is true, Sweet Lu, ask Brenda Barnette how many actual records she has of those "forever" homes  by rescuers who were not really known by local rescuers (some of which get paid  just to pull shelter animals) but so promised them the animals would live happily ever after in Montana or Idaho or WA--maybe OR or Canada.  Wherever!.  And find out how many of the transporters are guaranteed $150 for each animal according to the e-mails floating around.  But nobody seems to know exactly where these pets end up---but they do know "it's all good!" 
So today's "Public Information" by BB should have been about this adoption event, one would think. Now one thinks, Barnette is so ashamed of the poor showing of her Best Buddies that she is trying to take the focus off and talk about Perla beds.   HUH???
 How many Barnette failures does it take, Mayor, Council?  Are you going to jerk around like you did with Boks?  Cut your losses while you can!


I was reading the bullshit article by Breeder Christie Keith (who passes herself off as a journalist) this morning, ruined my breakfast for sure. It's too trashy even for this blog but it was in the SF Chronicle. She's pimping the Nathan "No Kill" Winograd's CAPA program. Do I have a problem with all of this program, no, I don't. Do I have a problem with certain aspects of this program, you damn right. As I see it the hands of an effect animal control program will be tied and it will placed communities in danger. These people can't seem to grasp that there is a two way street here, animal control is there for the public health and safety, the humane community is there to "save" them, thus the name "rescue".

Breeder Christie fails to mention those "HIGH PROFILE "NO KILL" shelters being busted for cruelty, does she? Why not, Christie, would it be the numbers show there are more of them than the "killing" shelters smeared by you and Winograd? I'm quite sure you have something of an excuse, you and your Messiah always are pushing lame excuses.

Whose suppose to pay for this, the taxpayers? You want taxpayer to pay for animals when the elderly don't have services, some go hungry, some go without medical services and medicine. You want the taxpayer to pay for animals when kids are at risk, when we need programs to keep them from gangs, drugs, etc. It's called priorities and the taxpayers have priorities. You want these things, expensive operations, vet care, so forth at the expense of the taxpayer when it should be at the expense of the non profits. People who care can then donate if they chose to have these things done for the animals. It should not be force upon them.

Volunteers, a love/hate relationship and "No Kill" is the reason for the hate part. Who wants to take a chance of putting a volunteer in who is on the extreme side and will probably be a troublemaker? Who wants to deal with people that call them killers? All Winograd's followers do is bad mouth shelters, calling them pounds, and turning off the public. So who wants to deal with those kinds of volunteers? Volunteers have to be supervised and most shelters are facing budget cuts and lost of personnel. I've found that sometimes, volunteers just aren't worth the time and effort.

In my book, if animals die in the shelters, it is the humane community who failed them, not animal control. We know they are there, why is animal control suppose to take valuable staff time to notify rescues? DUH, RESCUES, you know how to get to the shelter, go there, get them out. Why do you want animal control to do all the work? Get a map. You can't use the excuse that you have no room, DUH, you think a shelter has a magic pill that creates more space without animal losing lives? If you have the problem, imagine the problem animal control has, they can't just say that's it like you can.

Foster homes is something that is a thorn in my ***. I think that if someone wants to foster for a public shelter, that the foster home should agree to surprise inspections by animal control. Too many foster homes are nothing more than hoarders. If you are honest, then it shouldn't bother you, should it?

Temperament testing, another thorn. Again I say, animal control is there for the public health and safety. If an animal can't handle the stress of the shelter, then how does that animal handle all the stresses of being adopted? My opinion is to have well qualified staff to temperament test or even have a panel comprised of behaviorists to make the decisions. Again the question arises, are rescues prepared to provide for these "small" behavioral issues if they take them? If they aren't, then they are setting the pet and the family up for failure. and that ain't in the best interest of the pet.

Then we have those rescues who use the public kennels as a boarding kennel in hopes of "saving them all". I spoke with one shelter director who had 25% of his kennels tied up with dogs on hold for rescues that the rescues had put on hold for 5 to 30 days. Doesn't these rescues who do that realize that other dogs die because they are taking up that precious space? Don't you see how you are the problem, not the solution.

I wish we didn't have a need for shelters all together but ...  Let's keep the line drawn where it should be, animal control "rescues" them from the streets, abusive owners, irresponsible owners, etc. AND the humane community SHOULD BE RESCUING THEM FROM DEATH ROW. It is a failure of the humane community, those who so flippantly call themselves "rescuers". These are the ones who need CAPA more so than the open door shelters. POLICE THYSELF, NATHAN WINOGRAD, the solution lies within the humane community, not within animal control.

Monday, May 23, 2011


This is meant as a satire and it could be funny if the issue wasn't so sad. Comments are welcome on the OV site and feel free.


Ah yes, pit bulls, don't you just love them? I love them to the point that it doesn't matter the amount of damage they are doing, people need to change their ways to avoid the attack of a pit. I say that you need to lock yourselves in your homes, don't take out your trash, don't let the kids play in the backyard, don't walk down the street, especially with another dog.
And don't forget to block your windows and doors because pits will come through if you are provoking them by just being there. I just know that the grandmother who was sitting beside her grandchild and the pit came through the screen door and killed the child, had to provoked that pit bull, it was the grandmother's fault. After all pits are called the "nanny dog" and although that description has no basis for truth, you can repeat it anyway, no one will know the difference. http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2010/08/nanny-dog-myth-revealed.html
Pits are never at fault, the victims always are. The world needs to learn how to accommodate pit bulls instead of wanting to put restrictions on pit bulls. They are great, loyal pets. Forget about how many attack their owners, after all anytime there is an attack, it is the irresponsible owner to blame, not the pits. Pits can do no wrong.
So what that it is said that pits are committing two-thirds of the fatalities. We, as pit owners and apologists, know that we can always say there is no such thing as a pit so those figures are not credible. Another thing is that pits are misidentified and the media has a conspiracy to "get the pits". It makes for good headlines to blame a pit bull.
Yes, I know that it is not the reporter that identifies the attacking pit but we can always say that it is an ignorant reporter who doesn't know a chihuahua from a pit. http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2011/04/find-pit-bull.html Besides chihuahuas bite more than pits, use that the next time. Doesn't matter that a bite from a chihuahua probably won't land you in the hospital or a casket, compare those apples to oranges, the public doesn't know the difference. Always talk bites, compare bite records to fatality records, it is confusing to the general public.
Also refer to "dogs will be dogs" just like when a guy rapes a girl, they always say "boys will be boys". The public understands this. Just because pits were bred specifically to fight and kill, unlike other dogs that were bred to be of service to mankind, doesn't mean they are different. Just because a pit doesn't have the same body language of other breeds doesn't mean it is different. Watch pits in a fight, they are wagging their tails because they are doing what they were bred to do and they like it.
Most dogs, granted, will bite and run away but not our game pits, they don't stop even if it means their death. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=477_1296278090  This is typical behavior of a pit and I am proud of it. I don't want them to change, I like their gameness. I laugh each time my pits rip into another dog, some useless wildlife, and especially when they "play" with livestock.
Another excuse you can make is that pits are always misidentified. We pit apologists invented a wonderful way to prove that they are misidentified. Who cares when the police, the vets, and animal control identify a pit, what do they know? http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2011/04/find-pit-bull.html And always refer to the media conspiracy to "get the pits".
Tell people that the media only reports if a pit bull is involved and the reporter will deliberately misidentify to make a more sensational headline. I often imagine all the journalists in the world getting together to form this conspiracy.
Remember to always bring up the National Canine Research Council. The public falls for those big names, deceptive or not. Yeah, I know this is not a national type of thing, yeah, I know that the main person is a self published author who basically has failed to get her books picked up by a reputable publishing house. The point is the public doesn't know that. There are more sources you can quote such as the AKC. Sure the AKC allows puppy mill cruelty but they don't want any cruelty on their big litter producing money maker, pit bulls and Staffies. By the way, pits have several names and staffie is just one of them. The ignorant public may not want a pit as a pet but they might take a Staffordshire Terrier, sounds better.
Even HSUS and the ASPCA stand behind the pits. Yes, they are donor driven and would lose donations if they came out against pits but does the public know that? It's easy to see how they have been bought with the dogmen's money because of the change over the years. Sure they bust dogmen, but it is the little ones, not the big guys. The big guys use their donations to support this because it is the easiest way to "get rid of their competition", just turn them in to HSUS. Keeps them all in business. Dr Michael Fox, Director of the Institute for the study of Animal Problems, Scientific Branch, Humane Society of the United States:

"I spent 20 years studying  the behavior of dogs and it's not in their nature. Man, has created a monster, If you wish...These dogs were selectively bred to fight, they have greater propensity to fight than other animals."

"They can attack people, and because the attitudes of Pit Bulls it is more likely they will attack people.  The worry is the power of the dogs jaw...to bite and not let go. It's quite sufficient to crush right through a child's arm or leg."

Randall Lockwood is often used as a source but he has changed his stance because of the pressure that us pit apologists have placed upon him. How dare he call our dogs canine pschopaths. http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/boston/access/660427671.html?dids=660427671:660427671&FMT=ABS&FMTS=ABS:FT&type=current&date=Jul+19%2C+1986&author=Dianne+Dumanoski%2C+Globe+Staff&pub=Boston+Globe+(pre-1997+Fulltext)&desc=A+HOT+DOG+GETS+THE+COLD+SHOULDER%3B+PIT+BULL+BREED+BANISHED+IN+LYNN%3B+LOYALISTS+ATTACK+%22CANINE+RACISM%22&pqatl=google
Let's hope no one delves into the background of the AVMA. People think of vets in the same vein as doctors and don't question their motivations. The AVMA stands on the side of breeders because they are agribusiness friendly. Plus their vets make a lot of money taking care of the victims of pits so their stance insures their members of continuing to make money and send the AVMA dues. Who cares that they issued to their vets a brochure about pits being dangerous in their waiting rooms and how to handle them. It's an old report. http://www.scribd.com/doc/13616704/Dos-and-Donts-Concerning-Vicious-Dogs-by-Donald-H-Clifford  Board members change and so do positions. We don't have to worry about them.
And the ASPCA, well they have put out literature on handling pits in shelters. Pits are the only breed that they dedicate literature to on their handling in the shelters. http://www.scribd.com/doc/14396422/ASPCA-Guide-to-Handling-Pit-Bulls-in-Shelter-Environments  Pits are soooo special!
We just can't seem to overcome the insurance industry's positions on pits. We have tried to force all insurance companies to insure pits, some do to an extent. So we just tell people to lie about the breed of dog they have. Too bad when there is an attack and the victim has no recourse to collect the hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical and the homeowner's insurance company says the homeowner misrepresented the dog so they won't pay. We don't care about the victims anyway, our pits are always innocent. Let the government take care of their injuries, let them sell their homes to give their kid a new face, it ain't our responsibility to support them.
And never mind the statistics that show regulation is reducing the euthanization of pits in shelters like Denver. Denver now has the lowest euthanization rate of pits in the entire country but don't tell anyone. http://www.dogsbite.org/pop-pit-bull-death-chart.htm Quote instead the stats from the hospital on bites. It works because the hospital serves outlying areas without regulation and all those bite cases are added in.
Makes it look like Denver has more bites since installing regulations. Aren't stats wonderful, you can always make them show what you want them to show. And if someone says anything about the Lancaster, California mayor who proclaims a 45% reduction in their crime rate since regulation and credits pit bull regulation for that reduction, just say that the mayor doesn't know what he's talking about.
Just remember defend pits no matter what against those Nazi, racist pit haters. Blame the victim, blame the "irresponsible" owner, blame cabin fever, whatever, just never blame the pit, they are always innocent. All they want to do is please us, they would die for us. Never mind what Randall Lockwood has to say that pits are six times more likely to attack/kill their owners. http://www.scribd.com/doc/16267151/Are-Pit-Bulls-Different-An-Analysis-of-the-Pit-Bull-Terrier-Controversy-by-Randall-Lockwood-and-Kate-Rindy  Lockwood is now on our side and we use him as a reference. Strange, isn't it, how loyalties change. Pits are loyal and they deserve everything. Defend the Breed Because They Love Doing the Deed and that is why we love pits.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Once again Brenda Barnette shows where her heart is, with pets that are pregnant, spraying, running away from home, aggressive, in other words, UNALTERED. Breeder Barnette just keeps missing those opportunities to deliver the word on spay/neuter. The ADL-LA complains there is no money for advertising, so what? Barnette wouldn't use the advertising dollars for the right thing anyway. She has access to free ink and fails to use it. She doesn't want LA to succeed, she wants to turn LA over to the "No Kill" cult groups so why should she do anything to make it better by getting the message out that altering is the law.

For Immediate Release                                        
May 17, 2011
Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager                                                                Email: Brenda.barnette@lacity.org                                                                                    Phone: (213) 482-9558

Making Harmonious Cat to Cat Introductions

Two (or three) cats can be better than one! With two cats in your home, your family will be able to enjoy the true social nature of cats and their relationship with each other. Having a playmate provides companionship and active stimulation during your absence and keeps both cats more playful and youthful in their later years. But how you prepare for the new cat’s arrival and how you manage the transition is very important.

Cats, in general, are very cautious of new places and things. They don’t like change in their lives, and it will take time – the amount will vary with each individual cat – for your new cat to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. A kitten is usually easier to integrate into the household with a full-sized adult. Cats of opposite sexes usually get along better.

Here are a few tips to help provide a friendlier transition:

- Set the new cat up in a small “safe room,” a bathroom with a tiled floor or a confined space he can call his own for a week or so. Get new food and water bowls, a litter box, scratching post/pad and bedding. Visit him frequently with interactive toys, special treats and lots of hands-on loving during the first week.

- Feed your resident cat and the newcomer on opposite sides of the door of the “safe room” so they can smell each other and associate the new cat smell with an enjoyable experience. Gradually move the food dishes closer to the door until they are eating calmly directly opposite each other.

- Switch scents by switching their beds between the new cat and the resident cat so they have a chance to become accustomed to each other’s scent. Another option is to rub a small towel on each cat and place the towel from the opposite under the food dish of the other cat.

- Begin an exchange of living space once your new cat is settled in and eating regularly in the confined room. Let the new cat have some free time in the house while you confine the resident cat in the “safe room.” This is another way the cats can experience each other’s scents without meeting face-to-face. It also helps the new cat get comfortable with her new surroundings without experiencing the other cat.

- Securely prop the door open a crack so they can safely see each other for the first time when the cats seem to be relaxed with everything you have done so far. Place treats on each side of the door and connect two toys with several inches of string slipped under the door so they can try playing with each other.

- When the cats seem to be calm in each other’s presence, it’s time to open the “safe room” door and let her out for a few minutes. The length of time should be increased gradually. Always allow the new cat an escape path back to her “safe room” if needed.

This process may take a few weeks or a few months depending on the personalities and territorial needs of the cats. If from time to time your cats become hostile or fearful, return the newcomer to the “safe room,” close the door and let them calm down. Back up one stage in this process and begin again. Minor setbacks don’t ruin a growing friendship, but an aggressive encounter will be remembered a long time and should be avoided. The time you spend slowly orchestrating a proper introduction of your cats will eventually be rewarded with years of harmonious habitation and loving companionship.

The mission of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of animals and people.  Call us at 1-888-452LA-PET1/1-888-452-7381 (TTY Hearing impaired: 877-875-8205) or visit the website at www.LAAnimalServices.com to learn more.

Now we all know that the first thing you do to intergrate a cat into a household is HAVING IT ALTERED!!!!! Otherwise the owner will lose their mind dealing with an unaltered cat. Brenda, the rest of us aren't breeders, we want pets altered, we want to stop the births of pets that will end up in the shelters. You obviously feel differently. When are you leaving, soon is not soon enough.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thus far, Breeder Barnette has not answered my challenge to show all those places where they are no longer euthanizing for time and space. She continues to send transports into areas, taking away homes, and shelter animals are dying from this. Here's an article attesting to the fact that Portland has an overpopulation problem with pets, yet BB continues to send dogs into the area.

Jon Gramstad and Barbara Spears are less concerned with such warm and fuzzy details than they are with the cold, unhappy numbers: Forty-three percent of the 8,300 dogs and cats brought into the shelter last year ended up dead.

Does this couple mention all those dogs going to the Humane Society from California and the impact that has on that figure? NO, BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO DRUNK ON THE KOOLAID OF NATHAN WINOGRAD!! AND BRENDA BARNETTE IS MAKING SURE THEIR CUP IS FILLED WITH THAT KOOLAID!!! This couple needs to work on stopping those transports that are taking the homes from those shelter animals instead of pimping a program that has proven itself to destroy open door shelters.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Could Brenda Barnette be Nathan Winograd's revenge on Los Angeles? And his plan for revenge on her for failing him so miserably in King County? Is this the killing of two birds with one stone? Stay tuned and see.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Brenda Barnette's latest "Action/Media/News/Public Information (?) release (Can't keep up with the name changes but they all sound pretty much the same.  And who do they go to, anyway?  Ain't seen any in the "Real" news).  Anyway, whatever it was, it came out yesterday and she tells us the "Los Angeles City Shelters are Crawling with Kitties."  Yet, below she admits there's only a 1% increase in cat and kitten impounds from last year.  So what's happening to all the explosion of kittens she's singing the blues about?  Are they being given away to "fosters"?  Or are they being put on those great transports to nowhere?  Don't think we aren't watching!!

She then suggests adopting an adult cat and says they get "passed over."  Has it occurred that might be because there are so many cute little cuddly kittens?  And cute, cuddly little kittens come from cats that aren't spayed.  But I can't find that message in any of BB's "media or action releases/alerts."

Which brings us to the real issue.  This is another "Action/Media/News/Public Information Release" withnot one word about spay/neuter.  How many does that make now since BB came to Los Angeles.  Well, she's churning them out about every week and she's been here nine months.  You do the math.  That's how many times cat owners in Los Angeles could have been reminded to spay or neuter their pets. 

We're still waiting, BB.  When do you start telling people that it's the law to spay or neuter?  Or is it because you really don't believe in that anyway.  You're just a good ol' breeder--"one of us"--at heart, and taking out those little uteruses (or is it uterae). is really against your basic philosophy.

This could be a good message.  It starts off like somebody else (other than BB) wrote it and goes downhill from there.  She shoulda stopped after she talked about Daisy, Petunia and their friends.  Here's how she later describes why you should adopt an adult, "Mature animals are more poised, and in many ways that makes them easier to train,” says LAAS General Manager.  BB, you seem to have a hard time grasping that you are in Los Angeles.  70% of the people don't speak English at home.  "Poised" as a reason to adopt is not high on their list.  If you are going to succeed here, you have to learn to speak the language our shelter visitors understand.  They know happy, loving, gentle, fun but I've never heard one person come to a shelter and ask for a "poised" cat.
Any rescuers out there have some descriptions they could share with BB?  Of course, they should all start with "spayed" or "neutered."   Think spay/neuter, spay/neuter, BB!!   That means lower impounds, fewer cats and dogs---and, by the way, it keeps them "poised."

For Immediate Release 
May 12, 2011
Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager
Phone: (213) 482-9558
“The Second Time Around”
Los Angeles City Shelters Crawling with Kitties

Daisy has been hanging out in our North Central Shelter for two months now. She's talkative, 5-years old, timid, but affectionate; it says so right on her information sheet. Dozens of potential adopters have come to visit Daisy and her friends Samantha, Noel and Petunia, and taken home a new kitty, while these great cats keep waiting for the “forever home” that they deserve. (Very good job on describing these cats when you consider that you never even named the cat "rescued" from under a chaise lounge, much less described it or did anything constructive to help it get adopted. A staff member anti-ed up the money to make it a free adoption to encourage adoption. I'm sure, BB, you could have afforded to front the adoption fee better than one of your employees.)

This year, approximately 5,181 cats and kittens have been surrendered at the Los Angeles Animal Services’ (LAAS) Shelters since January 1, 2011; an increase of 1% percent from the same period last year. (Maybe if you would do your job, this might not have happened. Lots of promises, Brenda Barnette, but you aren't delivering!)

But, you can help! Adopt a cat today. Adult cats are often passed over in favor of a kitten. These amazing adult cats have done nothing wrong and they will run out of time and space if we can’t find homes for them. (Well, I'll be damned, she said something right for a change!)

Like most shelters this time of year, LAAS has an abundant supply of kittens. It is definitely kitten season. Although they are cute, they are also a lot more work in every possible way. (NOW, GET READY!! Instead of explaining why we have so many kittens and putting in some education of spay/neuter, programs, etc, look what this woman breaks into - SONG!!!! And what is so bad is that there probably aren't that many people who even remember these songs!! Breeder Barnette has been asked repeatedly to use her press releases to push spay/neuter and she just doesn't get it.)

Thinking about people who adopt mature animals brings Sammy Cahn’s haunting lyrics set to Jimmy Van Heusen’s score, The Second Time Around, immediately to mind. Bing Crosby crooned them in a film, and Frank Sinatra put them on the charts, “Love is lovelier the second time around…Just as wonderful with both feet on the ground.” (I just envision BB in a flowing white dress in a meadow in the Alps, singing her little heart out, don't you?)

There are many advantages to adopting mature animals. You already know what they are going to look like and what size they will be, and you will know their personalities sooner, rather than waiting through those sometimes very trying development stages to find out who they will become. “Mature animals are more poised, and in many ways that makes them easier to train,” says LAAS General Manager, Brenda Barnette. (Ding, Ding, once again something truthful comes from this woman's mouth, that makes 2 truths to God only knows how many lies.)

That is not to say you shouldn’t adopt a kitten, too. Imagine the enjoyment you’ll get watching the adult cat teaching the kitten “the ropes.” In addition, they will have the company of each other when you are away. (Well, which is it BB? You trying to push the older cats to save them from being euthanized or you pushing the kittens, or what?)

When you adopt, you can be a lifesaver and a hero to a homeless pet, no matter their age. And love will be lovelier all the way around! (Love would be your tucking your tail and going elsewhere!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well, folks, I did some research on other comments on the Internet about this book and the Best Fiends "Satanic Cult," as some people call it.  Here are just a couple of doozies for your consideration.  In my opinion, folks, you can't make this stuff up, but I'll just put it out there and you can decide for yourself.

The Processean theology worshipped both Christ and Satan. Their belief is that Satan will become reconciled to Christ, and they will come together at the end of the world to judge humanity, Christ to judge and Satan to execute judgment.”
“…The Process never came to terms with its Satan. Its failure in this regard is, I suspect, the reason it has attracted such ferociously negative publicity as a 'Satanic' group,” writes a former Processean.  http://skepticaltheurgist.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2006/1/30/1733065.html#1429412

And LA Weekly’s Doug Harvey (July 22, 2009) ends his review of Love, Sex, Fear, Death, this way:  “It is an unglamorous saga of indentured panhandling, Dumpster-diving, child neglect, public-access proselytizing, and Heathers-level Machiavellianism — detailing the insidious banality of evil more convincingly than Process theology or Maury Terry ever could.”

“De Grimston was forced out by Mary Ann in 1974, and after unsuccessfully trying to start a Process revival, gave up and got a real job. Mary Ann kept revising and renaming the group, gradually removing all references to Satan and Lucifer before realizing that it was easier to persuade the rubes to part with their hard-earned jack for the protection of poor little defenseless animals than to facilitate the immanentization of the eschaton. Ultra-ironically, Wyllie recounts a rumor that her death in 2005 was the result of an attack by feral dogs that had broken out of their “sanctuary.” Who says Jehovah doesn’t have a sense of humor?”  http://www.laweekly.com/2009-07-23/art-books/love-sex-fear-death-the-inside-story-of-the-process-church-of-the-final-judgment/   

(From Circlesphere)  “What permeates Wyllie's writing however most noticeably is his regret about the Process children. It is a serious issue as is evident in Gabriel de Peyer's son's 2007 book, Coast to Coast. In the first chapter, Jonathan DePeyer describes how he was belted by his “watchers” when he was hungry and attempted to get some raisins from the kitchen:

“When the watchers found me with raisins in my hand, they immediately woke up all the other children and dragged them downstairs to the kitchen. The raisins were taken away and I was led to the center of the room while other kids watched. The watchers were adults assigned to care for us, like some sort of surrogate parents, but in truth they weren't always kind and gentle … Within a few minutes my pants and underwear were around my ankles and one of the watchers removed his belt. The beating was my punishment … The long sturdy leather belt came up and down on my backside.”  http://circlesphere.blogspot.com/
Now I ask you, do these people sound like someone you would want for a neighbor? Nope, and neither should they be allowed to steal one of the LA City Shelters.

Monday, May 9, 2011


This is so unbelievable but one can expect surprises from Kern County, the armpit of California.

A Commissioner on the Kern County Animal Commission is a hoarder. So no wonder the most infamous hoarders chose to locate to Kern. Plus a breeder is also on the commission. I hate animal commissions, they are nothing but trouble. I am in favor of a state operated complaint board instead. I'm still shaking my head on this one.

You Gotta Read This!!!

You may or may not be aware that Breeder Brenda Barnette wants to turn over one of the new LA City shelters to her cohorts in crime, Best Fiends. She wants to "lease" the new shelter for a dollar, robbing the taxpayers who are paying the bill for this new shelter. Currently it is being used to house moms with babies and cruelty cases. This will mean those will have to go back into the open shelters and many will face euthanization. Cruelty cases will take up space and again cause more euthanization. So BB, are you or are you not trying to work toward "No Kill"? Trying to cater to your friends means more animals will have to die.

Are these the types that you want to bring into LA? All Best Fiends wants to do here is collect names and addresses so they can solicit for donations. That's their purpose, raising money, it has never been for the animals. The only reason they exist is that they think dogs can predict the end of the world and they want to surround themselves with dogs for that reason. Tell Best Fiends no deal.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I came across this piece and just had to write something about it. This examiner and the person interviewed were both on the animal commission for the City of LA at one time. Does this mean they know what they are doing, not really! To me, both are drinking the koolaid of "No Kill" when it comes to the temperament testing issue. Neither seem to understand that we have a duty, an obligation, to keep people safe. Shelters are not really for the animals in as much as they are there to protect the public from animals. It is also anyone's duty to try to adopt out a safe animal, not set both families and pets up for failure. And failure is what you will get if you deny temperament testing and the role it plays.

The biggest reason given for not doing temperament testing is that animals in the shelter are stressed and this would affect the results of temperament testing. Whoa, when an animal is sent home with strangers, a strange place, is that not stressful? If a pet is walked in new surroundings, is that not stressful? We do need to know the stress levels of a pet, to ignore it is a certain way to fail that pet.  Instead these two and others, blame the shelters for trying to care enough to avoid failure. They both quote the Whino pretty much on this issue.

So what do we do? Just pimp these pets out to an unsuspecting public? Let any dog, no matter what the temperament, be adopted? Can anyone say liability? Can anyone say ripping the face off a kid? We have to have something to judge by, to not place animals in homes where they can cause injuries, and that is temperament testing. Once again, animals are being placed above the health and well being of people and children. Once again, animals are being set up for failure if we don't do temperament testing. Not all animals can be saved but we can try to spare as many children's lives as possible by not adopting out a dog that is food aggressive or reacts badly to loud noise. Temperament testing is not a ploy used by shelters to "kill" animals because they are lazy, it is an effort to avoid failure for the pet and the people who adopt.


I've been dealing with rescuing animals for 5 decades and never, never would I allow an untested pet to be adopted. Walk the shelters sometimes and see that not all dogs and cats are stressed being there. I had a dog once that loved being in a boarding kennel, he loved the noise, the commotion, he was definitely not stressed. I see many more pets unstressed in the shelters than stressed. This is not an excuse in my book.

These two women forget that the rest of the world is not trying to "save them all", all most people want is a decent pet, one that won't bring harm or disrupt their households. We have an obligation to make sure animals are as safe as they can possibly be when they are put up for adoption. Continuing with this line of thought that we can save them all and there are no bad pets is only hurting our cause. Most people who adopt don't want to take home a dog that snaps when you feed it. And adopting out those dogs only means failure and failure means the dog is returned to the shelter, put on a chain, or dumped in the desert. Wake up Ladies, the rest of the world doesn't share our views and for the good of the animals, we need to protect these people and the animals much better than we are currently doing. Temperament testing is only one tool to do better adoptions, adoptions that work. Any less and animals will suffer.


IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!! How many times have I heard someone speak of making a donation, only to find out it was not to whom they thought they were making it. The majority of people think that any SPCA or Humane Society falls under a national organization and their donations will filter down to their local one. Doesn't happen that way. The terms SPCA and Humane Society are genetic terms that anyone can use. You can be the biggest animal abuser ever and still call yourself an SPCA or Humane Society. So hopefully this asking for the intervention of the Attorney General will wake people up to where their donations are going.

By Erica Gaudet Hughes, Executive Director, State Humane Association of California           The State Humane Association of California, on May 3, 2011, filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General against the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), alleging unfair and deceptive fundraising practices which harm local humane societies and SPCAs.  The complaint alleges that ASPCA capitalizes on and intentionally reinforces the widely held, mistaken belief that it is a parent or umbrella organization to the thousands of humane societies and SPCAs across the country.

In reality, the ASPCA operates only one animal shelter and that shelter is in New York City. While it does fund projects in California, such expenditure is insignificant in comparison to the amount of money the organization raises in this state. For example, according to the ASPCA, it received $116.5 million in revenue in 2009. However, in 2010, California received only a total of only $352,100 from the ASPCA. That is only .03% of the ASPCA income, while California represents 13% of the national economy and undoubtedly donates proportionately to the ASPCA, especially based upon the targeted ASPCA solicitations in this state.

Most of us are familiar with the ASPCA’s commercials featuring Grammy-award-winning musician, singer, and songwriter Sarah McLachlan and comedian Dan Aykroyd. The commercials feature heartbreaking images of abused and neglected animals as a backdrop to their compelling plea for donations.  However, the commercials do not reveal that the ASPCA is not directly affiliated with any of the thousands of humane societies and SPCAs across the country.

Since such aggressive fundraising by the  ASPCA in Califiornia began several years ago, humane societies and SPCAs throughout the country have suffered. Erica Gaudet Hughes, Executive Director of the State Humane Association of California, explained, “Our member humane societies and SPCAs frequently report hearing from people who gave to the ASPCA believing they were giving to their local shelter. We believe they are missing out on funds that were intended for them and which they need badly to care for the thousands of local homeless, sick and injured animals in their care.”

The State Humane Association of California does not take issue with the work done by the ASPCA and has been involved in cooperative efforts with them. SHAC simply wants the ASPCA to stop capitalizing on and reinforcing public confusion regarding its relationship to local SPCAs and humane societies.
“Our member SPCAs and humane societies do not wish to stop the ASPCA from fulfilling its mission.  They just want the public to understand that when they give to the ASPCA, local SPCAs and humane societies do not receive a direct or significant benefit for local animals in need.”


I see that Brenda Barnette isn't answering my challenge to name one place she has sent dogs to that is no longer having to euthanize for time and space.

This transporting of dogs scheme, of which BB is the ring leader, is now coming into the spotlight and people are beginning to realize that it is not what it is cracked up to be. It is a way to keep the Whinonettes in business by supplying them with "rescued" dogs and thereby taking away the homes available to the local shelter dogs. When these shelter dogs are euthanized, these same groups scream and yell for "No Kill". How vile can people be!!

I received this email and it points out that many people are waking up to this scheme and how inhumane it truly is. Brenda Barnette doesn't know what happens to those dogs she is sending into Canada and I would venture to say, she doesn't care.

From: vegan4animals@sbcglobal.net
Date: May 3, 2011 6:55:41 PM CDT
To: srn@yahoogroups.com, laanimalrights@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [LAanimalrights] WARNING ABOUT TRANSPORTER Fwd: Be Aware Wonderdog Rescue Van - URGENT
Reply-To: vegan4animals@sbcglobal.net

Please- STOP the transports to who knows where, it is nothing but suffering for the animals, and now of course scammers have found a way to make a profit, and could care less about the animals. See below for the latest- we are only beginning to find out what REALLY happens on these transports. There is NO shortage of homeless dogs in Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, etc- just take a look on petfinder and see who is available!! Do you care if the animals die in transport, are sold to anyone with $$ including hoarders and dog fighters, or these brokers SELL these dogs to RESEARCH LABS?! Wake up people! Anyone can sound good or look good online! Don't be naiive! You pat yourself on the back while the animals SUFFER!

See below for the latest. It's just sickening.

--- On Tue, 5/3/11, Kerri Shafer-Ross wrote:

From: Kerri Shafer-Ross
Subject: Fwd: Be Aware Wonderdog Rescue Van - URGENT
To: "Dawn" , "Ruth Silny" , lindamuggli@vzw.blackberry.net, "merrill flam" , "Laurie" , frances@lifelineanimalrescue.org, "Cheryl Poindexter" , "Watanabe, Scott" , kai.aceofhearts@gmail.com, susanw1068@aol.com, "Kim Johnson" , "Tamara Nolan" , "Chela" <77dognights@sbcglobal.net>, critters911@gmail.com, "Poochmatch" , "Dog Lover" , j.peters@cafemoto.com, "O'Connor, Jan" , "Kathleen Helmer" , "Deborah Johnson"
Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011, 3:52 PM

From: Ben Kellogg


I have received information from a VERY close and reputable source and wanted to pass on the information below. I am declining to disclose who my friend is. Please be aware and take critical precautions. I will not tell you what to do or not to do, but only to give you the information you need to make a clear decision in your mind about the dogs you are trying to rescue and re-home via transport..


Just wanted to relay a conversation I had with a CCAS volunteer yesterday. She told me that Lee Kinsel is driving WDR's van and charging $30 per dog. Apparently he has done several trips to Oregon, Washington and Canada that involved Contra Costa County dogs. Sue told me that apparently he is cramming as many as 30 dogs in the van in very small crates and that they don't get out for potty breaks and may or may not get food or water during the trip. She told me that one dog that was sent up to Washington was so traumatized after the trip that it had to be put down.....She won't use him any more for transport..... 30 dogs...that's $900 per trip....

So it appears I am not the only one concerned for these animals being dumped with God only knows who, what and where. How many animals are going to suffer in Breeder Brenda Barnette's grand scheme to make Nathan Winograd into a God?