Monday, July 23, 2012


Where to begin? There's is an overload of "No Kill" horrors this past week or so. Let's start with a few like this.
A puppy adopted from No Kill El Paso animal shelter had been left for dead in the desert two months later. No Kill El Paso has been constantly trying to find the family who originally adopted and abandoned socks, but the address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match and no one is answering the phone or returning emails.

EXCUSE ME? The address listed on their adoption forms doesn't match???? Then one can reasonably assume that they didn't do a home check. This is not a public shelter, this is a rescue, rescues do home checks. In other words, they are guilty of giving this puppy to an abuser, no concern with quality of life, typical of "No Kill", who gives a shit once it is outta sight.

Then to add insult to injury, this same rescue who failed this puppy once is asking for money to heal the puppy that they failed. They need to have charges brought against them for neglect because not doing a home check in my book is neglect.

And look who this rescue follows and promotes.

Yep, you guessed it, Natan Whinograd.

Here's another example of these "No Kill"ers failing other pets. This story is still unfolding.

"Buck was a rescue effort that went horribly wrong..."

Buck isn't the only one, reports are almost daily now with the irresponsible "No Kill" rescues.

This post is just to warm you up. There's much more to come. Use this information to conduct your own wars locally against this morbid movement by Natan Whinograd and his cult followers.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I know that you are expecting quite a post now, but I have to be honest, I just don't have it in me to do what you expect. My grief for all those animals caught up in no kill schemes is overwhelming right now. I do expect it to turn to anger and then I would be able to be the old Honesty Helps.

Boggs Mountain Humane and the TX pit bull sanctuary bust plus a few others in the background should be the straws to break the camel's back. This can't continue. Be back with you shortly.

Friday, July 20, 2012


In reading the comments made by the man himself on his latest shrill's pitch for Rick Berman, I was truly amazed at this particular one. 

Okay now listen to this, Natan says that Pat Dunaway abused her own animals BUT, animal control cut a deal with her to be their "spokesperson" so as they would drop the charges. EXCUSE ME!!

I laughed so hard, is that the very best he can come up with? He's doing nothing more than covering his lame ass because he can't come up with the evidence of his accusations against Pat. Check out Pat's resume on this very blog, she is far from an animal abuser. She doesn't deserve this treatment.This man is so vile.

I challenge the SOB to prove his accusations against Pat. When challenged on that piece of biased crap the Whino quickly move on to degrade Randy DeCarlo. Randy is a rescuer and also disabled with Crohns Disease. The Whino puts things in such a way, if not direct, that would make people think Randy is a druggie, out of his mind, worthless. Randy is all but those things. He actually does save animal lives but now has to forgo rescuing due to a lawsuit against him from No Kill Nation. Trying to silence Randy, someone who is dedicated enough to go to jail for his animals, is totally immoral. Not to mention useless, Randy will not be silence. Check Randy's story on

And neither will I be silenced, and neither will be Pat Dunaway. Prove yourself Whino, prove it or shut the fuck up. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Once again cruelty abounds and where is Nathan Winograd? He ain't there helping to load these pitiful pit bulls, rescued by his faithful cult followers. He ain't there to donate money to rehab these pitiful pit bulls, rescued by his faithful cult followers. He ain't there to take any of these pitiful pit bulls into his home to foster. Where the hell is he and why ain't he there?

And Bett, this is in your backyard, baby. I'm laying bets that some of those dogs will lead right back to you.
Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Tim Holifield, who is over Montgomery County Animal Control, headed up the rescue of 298 dogs from a facility on Calvary Road in North Montgomery County on Tuesday, assisted by the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, the Precinct 1 Constable’s Office, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s Office, and the Humane Society of the United States. The hundreds of dogs, mostly Pit Bulls, were allegedly kept in inhumane conditions, with several needing immediate emergency veterinary attention. Ironically, the location where the warrant was executed touted itself as a “dog rescue.” ("No Kill" likes to do that, lie.)

Katie Jarl, HSUS Texas State Director, called the “dog rescue” a “large scale hoarding situation,” and called conditions “absolutely deplorable.”
“We came on-scene today and found conditions were absolutely horrible,” Jarl said. “Many (of the dogs) were living in cramped, stacked cages without access to clean water, veterinary care, and certainly without access to any outdoor enrichment.” ("No Kill" all the way, same description everytime.)
And the story continues to describe those conditions in vivid detail. 
The Constable said since the story broke calls have been coming in from across the country, as far away as New Jersey. People sent animals to the facility believing it was a boarding facility that cared for a breed that many would like to see become extinct.
“Many felt stood greater chance at survival through this rescue organization, only to find out that they have been removed because of deplorable conditions,” he said.
People paid money for boarding of the animals or relinquished them for long-term care and now want to know about reclaiming their dogs, which will be up to a judge. Holifield said proof of ownership will be needed, which can include veterinary records, photos or microchips.
Build it and they will come, even if it is a hellhole for animals, doesn't matter to Natan Whinograd and crew. They only care that an animal is alive, they don't give a shit about the quality of life of animals. 
This is "No Kill" at it's finest hour.
The complaints alleged that several dogs had recently died from heatstroke and were buried in a mass grave on the property. While this particular claim has not yet been proven, veterinarians with the task force found several reasons for concern about the dogs’ health and well-being. Dogs are alleged to have been found on the property malnourished and emaciated, and with severely urine scalded feet from standing in their own waste in undersized cages.
Spindletop Refuge was, for many years, regarded as a reputable pit bull rescue organization, which accepted pit bulls from individuals, shelters, and rescue groups all over the country. It appears that the rescue may have become overwhelmed with too many animals, and too few resources. As often happens when good rescue intentions go wrong, the rescue may have moved from “animal rescue” to “animal hoarding”. Katie Jarl, HSUS Texas State Director, described the situation as a “large scale hoarding situation,” and called conditions “absolutely deplorable.”
That lazy, fat ass, chipmunk cheeked SOB does nothing other than pay lip service, praising himself for doing nothing to help animals. Another scheme of "No Kill" gone bad. The house of cards is falling, the cornerstones are coming up. It's only a matter of time now.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


This came as a comment but was just too good to pass up for it's own blog post.

Comment on post by Dumb Ass Cooper on 6 Jul @ 10:44--

First of all, have you ever actually read one of The Wino's inflated, redundant consultation reports? They are pretty mind numbing with repetition. Do you know how he gets the photos? He hangs out in the shelter under attack and takes photos before the cleaning crew/animal care providers have cleaned, medicated, fed, and watered. He is an opportunist at every turn, including with his photography and note taking for his reports. I will go so far as to say in certain situations it is pure fabrication and/or set-up. I'm actually a trained forenics photographer. I too know how to take advantage of camera's eye to mislead the untrained to make an innocent situation appear far worse than it is. 

Secondly, I do not see how anyone can say with a straight face that The Wino has improved any system or helped to end cruelty anywhere. You obviously do not have a real grasp on his MO (modus operandi) or you would know that one of the points in his NK Equation is the elimination of cruelty investigators/humane officers or whatever you choose to call them. The reason is 2 fold. First, one of his big selling points to boards of directors and/or municipalities is to promise to reduce the operating expense if his plan is implemented. Humane education, event planners, and cruelty officers are the first to go. Then replace trained staff with untrained volunteers. Two of those 3 have direct impact on animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect. It is my belief that he recognizes that having cruelty officers on staff can end up pointing the finger at the legal animal care failure of NK with over-population and hoarding that are rampant in NK shelters. Turn a good cruelty investigator loose in one of these shelters and see what kind of daming evidence they could produce. If you want a really good example of how very wrong NK can spin out of control, Google "Animal Foundation, Lied Shelter, Las Vegas" and learn how NK failed to the point that something like 3,000 animals had to be destroyed. To the best of my knowledged The Wino did not have a hand in that disaster, but he has the exact same model in his NK Equation. And, from reading this blog along with a couple others, it appears another NK Nevada shelter might soon be in the spotlight for the same thing. 

Come'on dude. Take the blinders off and come out of the tall grass. The evidence showing that The Wino NK plan cannot be sustained and is a flawed premise is visible in the shelters that have used his model. You really need to educate yourself beyond the rainbows and unicorns of NK. Once you do, you will come to realize that that the NK detractors you read here and elsewhere have worked in the trenches both with and without NK and know what does and does not work. If what we do did not work, then explain how it was possible to drop from 10 million animal in US shelters 20 years ago to the current 3 million, before The Wino even dreamed up his little scheme? The Wino is selling a product. Period. Uninformed "furry kid parents" drink the Kool-Aid and provide financial support for The Wino's income and burgeoning ego. Fame and money are his drug of choice and he tries to achieve them on the back of good shelter personnel and creating animal cruelty wherever he goes with his failed blueprint. 

Thank you 007 for this remarkable insight and hopefully Dumb Ass will read this.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Could this be a clue to a hidden agenda to attract another author?

Could this explain even why Whinograd's books have been allowed to even exist?

As I recall, at some point in time, Whinograd stated that he chose Almaden over several other offers, including, I think, what would be consider reputable publishing houses. Well this bit of information says quite differently, I would say. It says that he had no offers from those reputable publishing houses and had to foot the bill himself and still is???

nathan j. winograd
PO Box 61359

So all you cultist followers, check those Bibles of yours and see for yourselves. If your Messiah were so great, the great publishing houses would be knocking down his door at this point. Amen.


As if we all don't know that "No Kill" is indeed an infection, this is a real virus. Recently Natan announced that he would be offline for awhile. I don't know the reason he explained his absence but could it be that his computer was infected? OR could it be he was busy infecting the computers of the people who follow his many links all over the internet from which this report has come? What all this means? There are further investigations based on this report, maybe that can clear it up. Will keep you posted. Click on picture for expanded view.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This came across my email desk and I thought it was good enough for a blog post. As my readers know, I am at odds with "No Kill" for de-valuing pets via BOGO sales, give aways, throw them out the door. Outta sight, outta mind is the motto for the "No Kill Equation".

This person is expressing a reality associated with this devaluation. Hoarders, sold to research labs, abusers, all of these take advantage of this devaluation. Now it seems that rich boy Michelson is joining the crowd to de-value pets. He is behind this particular scheme mentioned.

Sent: 7/11/2012 3:42:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: Thought's on Found Animal's shelter program 9 Lives for $9.00
Hi everyone,

As you may or may not know, Found Animals has a summer long program with the LA City/County and Private Shelters to encourage cat adoption for cats 9 months and older in hopes that it will reduce euthanasia .

Their “9 Lives for $9.00” program allows the public to adopt any cat for $9.00 (if they get one, two, or three...) if the cat is 9 months or loder.   I have been hearing from some non-profit rescue groups that this program is hurting their adult cat adoptions and that they feel the low price is basically giving cats away that may subject them to cruelty, hoarding, research etc.  

I am just wonderfing what people's thoughts are on this because I work with a couple rescue groups who were going to talk with Found Animals on this topic and they wanted to get some feedback from the community, good or bad. 

Please send your thoughts & ideas to me or Teri Harrington at



Please pass this along so that this person can get some responses. If the local rescues don't wise up, they will be swallowed up by the Wal-marts of the humane community.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


This came in as a comment but I didn't want it to get lost from all the other vile and nasty comments by this one particular pro-Whino stalker. And I also want to ask Dumb Ass Cooper if he really wants to share a bed with such people who resort to these types of threats because their Messiah has been exposed for what he is. There's a saying, DA Cooper, that you have made a bed, now you lie in it, along with all your flea ridden friends. If you think these people are around to save animals you need to lick your calf over again.

"yes, our paths wont ever cross because you are a fat old slob who barely gets up off of her dirty smelly ass. you are a disgusting low life animal abuser who has multiple personalities. about the only time you do get up off of your lazy miserable ass is to go and find an animal to kill. your day is coming you old freak. there are people who are watching so go ahead and just try something. one day you will either be put away or dead. i would prefer the second option and hope karma catches up to you soon. and i have nothing to do with your obsession, winogard so eat shit old bitch"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey ho i don't know who this biskit is you freaks but animal killers need to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
July 7, 2012 10:33 PM

July 7, 2012 10:29 PM

You made your choice, this is what you have decided to run with. This is their description of a woman who was instrumental in developing a national award winning spay/neuter program that was copied by others. This is their description of a woman who offered up to a thousand dollars toward medical vet care with a fund for low income senior citizens. This is their description of a woman who was credited by the late Senator Nell Soto as her inspiration for making cockfighting a felony in CA. How warped does a mind have to be to describe those achievements in such a fashion, Mr. Cooper? These are the same minds describing PeTA to you and again, they are just as warped with that description.


Yes, finally we know why Natan Whinograd has such a disconnect with reality, he is changing his cat's litter box. 

This article explains this odd reason. I've said before he needed professional help but didn't think he actually may need medical help.

A recent study published by the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that negative personality changes and mental illness in humans may result from exposure to a parasite that exists in almost every cat's litter box, no matter how fastidious the owner may be.

In regard to mental and neurological damage, Dr. Gerhold writes that Toxoplasmosis has been associated with increased risk of schizophrenia, autism disorders, and other neuro-inflammatory diseases.

A 2012 study of 45,000 women in Denmark has now shown even more dire consequences of exposure to Toxoplasma. A team of researchers led by Dr. Teodor T. Postolache, an associate professor of psychiatry and director of the Mood and Anxiety Program at the University of Maryland, has now determined that women who were infected with T. gondii were one-and-a-half times more likely to attempt suicide than uninfected women. The higher the levels of T.gondii antibodies found in women who were infected, the higher the suicide risk. They were also more likely to try to commit suicide violently, with a gun, sharp object or by jumping.

Yet, with this kind of risk to public health, TNR is part of Winograd's program. How many innocent children are exposed, do we know the consequences yet? This is scary.

Friday, July 6, 2012


You may have asked this question after reading this shrill's articles in the Huffington (the Huff Puff) on PeTA. Well, we are going to introduce you to this Whinograd shrill in all his lying glory. If anything Mr. Douglas Anthony Cooper proves my point about Whinograd and where he gets his support and money.

I will not provide a link for this shrill's articles either, I'm not in the business of pimping his poor excuse for a book like his butt buddy Whinograd is doing. I will however, provide the links to back up my "assumptions" of this shrill.

Let's see, where do we start. First of all in the last article poison penned by this shrill, he states that he doesn't volunteer in a shelter. Okay, has he ever volunteered in a shelter might be a question? He lives in Mexico, how much can he know about our shelters here and now? Plus he is Canadian, where is his exposure to the american shelters? Another question might be why he lives in Mexico (he rents??), but that's for another piece.

Then there is Cooper's involvement with the breeding community. What? Surely you didn't think he is writing these articles against PeTA because he has a big heart for animals? Not quite. He goes along with the game plan that Whinograd plays with the breeders. In this piece he is promoting his purebred's breed, creating business for his breeding buddies. No shelter mutt for this guy.

Our Xolo, Snorkel Louise, has had a difficult time expressing her peerless beauty. She lives in the same house as Pixel, our Italian Greyhound, who is something of a celebrity in Oaxaca. We have in fact found random photos of Pixel all over the web, snapped by tourists who were captivated by her radiance while passing through town. Pixel's mom was a Mexican champion, and her dad a world champion: That's a lot to live up to. (Are those the words of someone who cares about shelter animals? He bought and paid for a dog from breeders.)

The article goes on in such a fashion that you can only gather that this shrill, just like his Messiah, gets off on being the center of attention. Never mind that he is promoting a rare breed that will end up like other breeds who had the same type of shrills, but hey, he has to make money for his breeding butt buddies. His other dog is another purebred, he doesn't even have a shelter dog. In other words, he supports breeding, not shelter animals.

Plus Cooper is supporting cruelty by supporting Whinograd. Winograd protected a cruel puppy mill while in Ithaca and was caught doing so. And when he was finally caught, suddenly he has a sick relative in CA and has to go. 

So he writes, without the truth, about PeTA, following his orders like a good little butt buddy for the Whino and Rick Berman. Probably made more money off Berman than off his little books. He is another little man just like the Whino who has an agenda of making money for his breeding friends at the expense of animals in cruel "No Kill" conditions. In other words, he doesn't have a clue about what he is writing about. If you interchanged the names of the Whino and this shrill, the article would read the exact same. 

So now you have your introduction to this Douglas Anthony Cooper and his motives for condemning PeTA. He is a fake just like Natan Whinograd.