Sunday, February 21, 2010

In One Day, Two Mothers Kill Their Own Daughters Because of Their Greed in Breeding Pits

In what is believed to be the first fatal dog attack in Philadelphia in more than a quarter-century, a pit bull sank her teeth into the neck of a 38-year-old Fishtown woman and killed her yesterday.

The victim, Christine Staab, had been arguing with her mother in their Oxford Street rowhouse and fell backward. At that point, the dog leaped on Staab, said her mother, Barbara Erb.

Erb, 59, said she tried frantically to pull off the dog, Jade, but could not get the pit bull to relax her grip on Staab's throat. THIS IS WHERE THE "LOCKING JAW" COMES FROM, THIS DOG DOESN'T EVEN OBEY IT'S OWNER, SO MUCH FOR THE LOYALTY!

The dog "was in some kind of protection mode," Erb said. TRY MODE BRED INTO PITS CALLED KILL!!

After struggling with the dog, Erb let go and darted to confine her other dogs and call police. Arriving about 7 a.m., officers shot and killed Jade. They then shot and killed Bear, a second pit bull that lunged at them after he jumped over a barrier that had penned him and four other pit bulls in the kitchen. I GUESS BEAR WAS IN THE "PROTECTION MODE" TOO!!

The four surviving dogs were taken to the SPCA's Animal Care and Control Team shelter on Hunting Park Avenue and quarantined.

Erb said she would like them back. "It was just a horrible, horrible incident," she said.

Detectives in the East Division are investigating.

Erb said no one had suggested to her that she might face arrest.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Medical Examiner's Office said the death was being investigated as a fatal dog attack. An autopsy is to take place today.

Despite about 70 million dogs in the United States, fatal attacks are relatively rare.

According to the organization, dogs killed an average of about 30 people a year nationwide over the last three years. According to a review of Inquirer archives, the previous fatal attack in Philadelphia occurred in 1981, when Mary Logan, 81, was killed by several of the mongrel pets she kept in her house in Northern Liberties. advocates breed-specific legislative action to control violent dogs. According to the group, pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population in this country, but account for more than 40 percent of deadly attacks.

Erb spoke with an Inquirer reporter yesterday as she stood on her street moments after police gave her clearance to return to her home.

According to Erb, her daughter - the mother of a teenage son who lives with his father - had long fought a battle with drugs, shaking her addiction only to succumb again. Staab came into their house about 6:30 a.m. and appeared to be high, Erb said.

"I said to her, 'I can't deal with that anymore. You have to go,' " Erb recounted. "She was telling me where was she supposed to go?"

She said the dispute had not escalated into a physical fight and that their voices had not been raised. IF THIS IS SO THEN WHY WAS THE PIT IN "PROTECTION" MODE?

As they argued, Erb said, her daughter took a step back and tripped over a mirror on the floor. She fell back, taking a lamp down with her. Erb said she was clutching at Staab's sleeve as she fell. NOW THE PIT FIGURED IT OUT AND MADE IT'S OWN DECISION.

This enraged Jade, who went "nuts" and attacked, Erb said. "I couldn't get her off."

At some point, Erb said, she rounded up the other five dogs and put them in the kitchen, blocking the doorway with a three-foot-high barrier. She called police.

Erb said she found the attack hard to explain because Jade, 6, knew her daughter well. DOESN'T MATTER, PITS DON'T DISCRIMINATE.

"I never had a problem with a dog," she said, describing the six pit bulls as "house dogs" that were well cared for and even had microchips installed for identification.

"They were spoiled rotten," Erb said. "They were not neglected in any way."

A neighbor agreed, saying, "The dogs were very sweet. They never had a problem with them."

The door of the house had one sign that read "Beware of dog," and another saying that in the case of fire, rescuers should save the six dogs inside. It listed their names: Paige, Peaches, Maggie, Satan, Bear, and Jade. YEAH, BEWARE OF PITS THAT ARE "SWEET" AND "NEVER HAD A PROBLEM".

OCALA, Fla. -- Marion County police said a family dog mauled to death a 3-year-old girl on Saturday.

The incident happened at 6540 NE 25th Ave. in Ocala at about 5:30 p.m.

Jenifer Fisher, of the Marion County Sheriff's Office, said breeder Lori Haaker was in her yard with her daughter, cleaning out the pen where the family keeps four dogs chained to trees. YET THIS IS CONSIDERED AN EXCEPTABLE WAY TO CONTAIN PIT BULLS. PIT NUTTERS ABOUND WITH THEIR PROTEST AGAINST LAWS THAT WOULD STOP THIS.

Haaker has a sign at the entrance to her ranch promoting her business that reads: "Haaker's Dream Bulldog Ranch." However, the MCSO said that the dogs chained to the tree were American pit bulls.

Police said that Haaker had gone into her house and returned outside but didn't see her daughter. They said she told them that she started searching the property and found that her daughter had entered the pen and was being mauled by one of the dogs. OKAY LET'S HEAR HOW THE MOTHER IS TO BLAME AS IF NO OTHER MOTHERS HAVE EVER LET THEIR 3 YEAR OLD OUT OF THEIR SIGHT IN THEIR OWN BACKYARD.

Fisher said the mother had to wrestle the child away from the dog and that it was difficult because the girl was wrapped in the dog's chain.

Fire Rescue crews arrived but could not save the girl, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Animal Services was at the home Saturday night to seize the four dogs from the pen. They believe only one dog was responsible for the attack but took all of them as a precaution.

Animal Services will investigate to determine which of the dogs should be deemed vicious.

An investigator was questioning the mother and father, as well as a renter who lives on the property. It's not clear whether the parents of the girl will face any charges.

There are four other children who live at the home and the Department of Children and Families was called in to investigate their welfare. THERE SHOULD BE A LAW THAT CHILDREN AND PIT BULLS CANNOT EXIST IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

More on Isaboo

Seems Rachael doesn't put her money where her big mouth is, she purchased Isaboo from a breeder. Then she turns around and tries to make the world think she is the salt of the earth by supporting rescues. What a hypocrite! Plus a picture

**We found the newest member of our family at Candi Land Pit Bull Kennel. Isaboo was delivered healthy and cute as a button. She is still only four months old but is growing up to be a gentle, loyal, and well adjusted young dog. She gets along GREAT with all people and especially loves children and other dogs. If Candi's other puppies are even half as good as our Isaboo, then they are all superstars!

John C., New York

Yeah, Johnny Boy, that ain't all you found, how about a nice lawsuit to go along with that newest member. I do so love the remark of how well she gets along GREAT with other dogs.

But then, in an interview with Glenn Close, RR says that Isaboo is a rescue. Can't be both, which one is it.

One of the great loves of Rachael's life is Isaboo, her rescued Pit Bull, who we get to know, at least a little bit, in the following Q & A. I thank Rachael and her team for having us on her show and for so generously focusing on the huge issue of animals who are the victims of circumstance and the ways we can save them.

GC: How did Isaboo come into your life?
RR: I was distraught after Boo, my first dog, passed away. One day I saw a puppy online that looked so much like Boo I became convinced that she was actually Boo reincarnated. So I got her.

GC: What does Isaboo think about other animals?
RR: She is very socialized as far as other animals are concerned. She went to obedience school at a very early age and goes every day to a socializing doggy gym

Man, does this woman know how to tell the truth? So when you see this, one has to ask, just how many attacks has Isaboo had beause it looks like RR can't keep her stories straight. Then again, she is a pit nutter and we all know that they have no clue about the truth, don't we.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rachael Ray's Isaboo ATTACKS

Not just one attack, FIVE, count them, five attacks.

"Peppy television host Rachael Ray has been dealing with a family crisis – her beloved dog Isaboo has been attacking dogs while out on walks and she fears he may have to be put to sleep.Isaboo is the pit bull that has appeared on her show and whom she calls her “baby,” but the dog has had five incidents of violence with other dogs. The brown and white dog becomes aggressive even when on a leash and being walked by a dog handler.

The latest incident with her dog occurred in early February in New York City when Isaboo lashed out and ripped off another dog’s ear! According to an exclusive report in the National Enquirer, the dogs and their handlers were walking by each other in Greenwich Village when the attack occurred. “As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog’s ear off before its handler could pull it away.”
The good news is that a vet was reportedly able to save some of the dog’s ear, but the bad news is Rachael is devastated by her dog’s aggressive behavior which may escalate causing Isaboo to harm another dog, child or adult.

Rachael’s husband, attorney John Cusimano, immediately contacted the owners of the dog Isaboo attacked, and offered to pay for all the medical bills and any additional costs incurred from the incident.

Isaboo was in a fight with another dog three years ago, and when Rachael intervened she received a painful gash on her hand. After this latest incident a source said “Rachel calls Isaboo her baby,' but after the latest dog fight, she’s living in fear that her pet will have to be put down.”

The dog’s owner refused to confirm or deny the incident to
Rachael and John are considering using a muzzle on the dog and getting additional training for their pit bull. “While she loves the dog, she can’t help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person,” said the source."

And she needs to worry because that is coming if she continues in denial about her pit and other pits. Wonder why she has been allowed to keep her pit after 5 attacks, couldn't be that she is a big star with lots of money, could it? Not to mention that she has probably been paying off the victims. This woman needs to wise up BEFORE her wiggle butt does some real damage like to a small child walking down the street. Another pit owner who is learning a lesson the hard way. BOYCOTT RACHAEL RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't the Pit Nutters Have Priorities?

Did you notice the new change in my heading? As I was strolling thru the internet this morning, this caught my eye.

The article is basically about people abortions but there is a part that really hit home and inspired this particular post.

"Such disjointed thinking reminds me of the situation in Toledo, Ohio, where a known abortion facility director lives a double life. Sue Postal is the chief executive at Toledo’s Center for Choice, an abortion facility that provides the killing “service” for expectant mothers through the 25th week of their child’s life. In addition, the center addresses fetal anomalies and other so-called high-risk situations, which one presumes means that they would kill or refer for killing even after the 25th week.

What is of interest is that Postal also involves herself in efforts to protect healthy puppies from being euthanized, as exemplified in a recent case involving a mother pit bull and her litter. Postal attended a hearing to protest a policy that would have resulted in the puppies’ untimely death.

Odd, is it not, that preborn human beings are of little consequence while puppies at risk bring out the best in this lady."

This pit nutter can kill babies with ease and she saves pits so that they can kill babies too. See the irony here. This nutter will take an 8 month preborn baby and kill it. Sorry but I think that is wrong. The article points out that these babies can be saved. That is too far along in the pregnancy for me to be comfortable with it being aborted. But I don't intend to debate the abortion issue here.

If this woman tries to save preborn babies then I might understand her wanting to "save them all" when it comes to animals. Instead it shows that this nutter, like all the rest, place no value on human life. The nutters are full of excuses but no solutions. They want the attacks to continue with their motto of Punish the Deed. They continue to make excuses while people are dying from their precious pits. All I can say is shame on their parents for raising these closet serial killers called pit bull owners/nutters, one in the same.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dog Broker in Canada getting dogs from US -- Please circulate these videos!

Dog Broker in Canada getting dogs from US -- Please circulate these videos!

as posted on craigslist in Vancouver, BC:

Dog Rescuers Beware

I know most dog rescuers scan Craigslist, so please stop allowing scammers to take US dogs and broker them in other countries.

Cold Noses Warm Beds is a "rescue" located in Langley, BC. They work with various L.A. based rescue groups to bring dogs from California to B.C. to rehome them. The dogs are pulled from shelters and most of the people in the U.S. believe that they are doing good things. But CNWB is selling dogs with no home checks, no name checks, nothing.

The woman in this video gave a false name, false email, false address. Nothing about her story was true. She purchased 2 dogs from CNWB and immediately took them to the vet, where one needed surgery to help an infected neuter site. She told CNWB that the dogs were for an elderly, immobile father for his 70th birthday as a surprise for him (rescuers worst nightmare) and she was given 2 dogs with NO hassles.

The operator of CNWB then posted that the dogs were going to "a family home where they will work in agility". This is NOT true. The 2 dogs in this video, Pepe and Tiny, are long gone now and are safe and sound.

This is NOT rescue and this needs to be stopped. I'd also like to point out that this woman is NOT affiliated with the BCSPCA as she states in the video.

Please, send this out to as many people as you can, this MUST be stopped.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs" Vikki Shore Is At It Again!!

The Howdy Doody look alike, Vikki Shore, is at it again. Although she managed to get her buddy, the Whino to intervene with his buddies, Best F(r)iends, there is still a copy from one of their "ambassadors" calling VS a cuckoo.

Now it seems she is entering the halls of hoarders per one of her neighbors who is so frustrated that she started a blog.
My neighbor is an animal rescuer. Vikki Shore Hort's cats in her unoccupied Rancho Cucamonga home located at 11809 Bunker Hill Drive. Vikki Hort's her cats in late night.
She brings them in from the Rancho Cucamonga animal shelter. I have filed multiple complaints with the city. Vikki is a licenced animal rescuer, she leaves her garage door open and feeds the stray animals, including cats, dog large and small, rats,birds what ever gets in. This large dogs have chased the children in our neighborhood. She has created a nightmare in our neighborhood. The cats are multiplying daily !! She is suppose to help reduce the pet populationbut instead creats one. She is the founder of nokillnow, but what i really feel like doing is taking all the cats that made our yards there person litter box to devore animal shelter were they euthanize ! Her cats line the window in her vacant house. During the summer her house smells of cat urine. Vikki Shore has created web sites bashing Devore Animal Shelter and their director Mr. Cronin for his practices, but she also has unethical practices on horting and creating a cat epademic. She bring a new cat to the neighborhood everynight around 10 pm. She sneaks them in so the neighbors don't see her. I am now foreced to place animal traps so my son with allergies has a fighting chance in his own home.

And this neighbor even took the time to go before public forum:

I5. Debbie O’Neal addressed the City Council regarding a neighbor who is attracting and rescuing
stray animals at 11809 Bunker Hill Drive. Concerns were raised regarding the placement of canned
food on public and private property, littering and attracting stray and wild animals. Ms. O’Neal
provided letters from other neighbors regarding these concerns, as well as pictures.

Vikki Shore is nothing more than a wannabe, always coming in on the tail end and tries to take credit. She has a blog that is so old with information as noted by the Best F(r)iends piece. She is the perfect example of a Whinonette, follows blindly, makes up stories as she goes, and is just a pawn. I suppose I should feel sorry for her but it is people like her that have set the humane movement back into the dark ages. Vikki is also linked with the infamous hoarder, Cindy Bemis. Probably with others too, but I do know for a fact that she made donations to Bemis and was bringing her dogs.

There should be more on this Whino wannabe soon. She's in for a big surprise shortly.