Saturday, May 30, 2009

This Sucks!!!!

I was doing my usual research and saw this. Seems that Winograd is feeding his posts to the pit nutters before even posting it on his blog.
Note the difference in time, anything over a 3 hour time difference is a "pre-feed".

Who Loves PETA? : Nathan J Winograd 2 hours ago
Who Loves PETA? May 29, 2009 by Nathan J. Winograd. If you can't shoot the message, shoot the messenger. PETA wants to discredit me. To PETA, I am a threat. Why? Because I eat meat? No, that can't be it. I'm an ethical vegan of 20 years ...
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Who Loves PETA? - Pit Bull Chat Forum 7 hours ago by Nathan J Winograd
To PETA, I am a threat. Why?Because I eat meat? No, that can't be it. I'm an ethical vegan of 20 years living with a vegan wife, two vegan kids, and vegan dogs. I even have a ... More from Nathan J Winograd. ...
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NKE - Killing Them With Kindness

I read this article and wept. Nathan J. Winograd is the worse thing that has happened to animals since the beginning of time. He has so very little experience that he either doesn't realize what his NKE program really does or he doesn't give a damn. I vote for the latter. This sort of thing in addition to saving all the pits make the Whino a very dangerous person in the humane effort.

What I always note in stories like this is how these people can't see what they are doing. How can you walk by suffering and not recognize it? Like the "rescuer" in LA who stopped long enough to take a picture of Zephyr, a dog that was obviously dying, and then leave. She told the newspaper that it was after hours for her vet and that is why she didn't take the dog out. She didn't see the pain and suffering for a month while she walked by this dog to get a cute fluffy dog. Zephyr was a 10 month old pit mix. Then she and the Whino file a lawsuit against the County of LA. Who is to blame on this one? I say the damn "rescuer" is to blame. Anyone with a heart would have taken that dog out and straight to the emergency room. Zephyr died during the night but this "rescuer" has a picture to remind her. Fuck this no kill shit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well, this is a fine mess you've gotten us into.

So California, LaLaLand, is introducing Nazi legislation to force the Whino's miserable program on the shelters. Whino has been unable to get legit people to pay him to consult, so first he tried a lawsuit. Surely that will get me a gig, he says. No go, Whino. So then he jumps into bed with the breeders AKA puppy mills since that is where the majority of the money comes from, and now they are backing his program in legislation. They announced this last year but we sat on our duffs with it.

What can't people understand? His pride and joy, Philly, was the perfect example of why we can't let him in the door. The audit done by the City plainly show that records were missing, deliberately I suspect, on bite cases and euthanasia medicine. The conditions at the shelter were horrid when Doug Rae and PACCA pulled out. The animals were suffering and dying under the NKE program. Rancho Cucamonga was overwhelmed when they installed their program. Within three months, they had 400 cats with capability of only housing about 60. With only 50 kennels for dogs, they had 150 dogs and a 60% pit population which means only one pit per kennel. Their died in kennel rate increased 600%. And look at LA and Ed Boks. Boks is a loud version of the Whino. Boks let it go to his head with all the hoopla when he came on board. He, too, has the Messiah complex, must be a requirement for those who push "No Kill".

This is nothing to turn away from, we have to fight. Arizona also had legislation introduced. It's hard to fight the breeding industry. The AKA has a letter posted on their website "threatening" the State of Ohio to either repeal their 20 year pit bull regulation or run the risk of losing millions of dollars that their dog shows bring in.

I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of letting those with money rule the roost. Call, write, march, or whatever to stop this shit. Or the next shelter to be destroyed and the animals made to suffer will be yours.

Let's Take Indy Back

I sent yesterday's news headlines to the two major players in Indy against pit regulation. I got a nasty response from one who can't even spell dachshund, she tried. So I say it is time to take Indy back from these irresponsible council members. I ask that anyone reading this blog contact the council members with the truth about pits. And the truth about Douglas Rae. Did they not read the audit from Philly? It plainly shows that the shelter where he was the Chief Operating Officer was in chaos when he left. Can't blame Tara, she isn't responsible for the day to day operations such as the record keeping, impoundment times, Rae was.

I ask that you gather info on BSL in other areas that is working and send it to the Council. And anything else you can gather. These Council members are not living up to the public trust given to them in regards to public health and safety. for the email addresses of Council members.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pit Bull Bashing

Just for the curious, here are the news headlines for just one day, May 19th. It's like this almost on a daily basis. How can this madness continue? Police Forced To Taser, Shoot Dog That Attacked Owner Pit bull that attacked child in Galax has been put down Police said they found a large, pit bull-type dog biting its owner on the arm. 2:30 pm: Police shoot Pit Bull Officers spotted Shugart running through the backyard of the house and chased him, but were confronted by two angry pit bull dogs. Nine-year-old Bethlehem girl bitten by loose pit bull Unleashed: Owner bitten by pitbulls while living in Jeep with dogs Police officer shoots pit bull in Hollywood Chauncey Ross has the latest on a vicious pit bull attack late Monday afternoon that sent one man to the hospital. Pit bulls maul woman outside neighbor's home The officer fired after the pit bull lunged at him, A benefit for a 4-year-old boy mauled by a pit bull last month,5_1_WA19_DOGBITES_S1.article Two weeks ago, a 14-year-old girl was bitten on the face by a pit bull on a leash A Cape Coral man and his small dog are recovering after being attacked by a pit bull inside their own home. This is not the first time the pit bull has The man is accused of ordering his unregistered, three year old american pit bull dog to attack a man in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No 500 or White Castles for Me This Year

I am a big race fan and have enjoyed the Indy 500 for years. I read earlier this year that the Speedway Motel was torn down. Many a good party graced the hallways of that motel. It was also the one where Paul Newman caught Joanne in bed with Robert Wagner. Oh, that I should be so lucky.

In fact, I was there for the opening of the Speedway Museum inside the track, along with my dog, Peppi. It was chaos that day and I went in with Peppi. Since no one knew what they were doing, they said if I bought a ticket for the dog and held him in my arms (no peeing on tires), we could go in. I think I can say that probably I have the only ticket ever sold to a dog at that museum.

And I was so looking forward to a dozen White Castles. During the race, the line is long but fun. Guess I will have to visit the local grocery store and buy frozen ones.

I am on strike. I will not support Indy in any way until they regulate pit bulls. My not going will be a big affect on business there, especially at the SnakeBite Saloon in Brownsburg. If I can put one business out of business by staying home, imagine what all the other 250,000 race fans can do if they don't show up either. Kinda like asking the question if a tree falls in the woods with no one there, does it make sound. If there are no race fans, can there be a race?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG, The Messiah and Doug Rae

Well, you have heard me refer to the "Messiah", how the Whinonettes proclaim that the Whino is the second coming. I thought I was clever, however, I have learned that this is indeed true. Want confirmation of this, listen to the review written by Doug Rae, formally of the infamous PACCA fiasco, and now making his own fiasco in Indy. I will say a prayer for Indy, they know not what is about to hit them.

The only guide ever needed for Shelter Management!!!!, September 14, 2007

What a well-informed read REDEMPTION was, and what a kick in the pants for those who sorely deserve it. This industry needs a good shake-down and Winograd is not afraid to do just that in this book. More people need to stand up and call it like it is but sadly most `Leaders' in animal welfare are in it for the personal spotlight....Not Winograd. His priorities are in line with Henry Berg's vision on protecting animals `from' people. Something the leaders in this industry clearly have forgotten along the way.

I plan to read REDEMPTION at least 3 times a year to keep my mind fresh, motivated and crystal clear as to why I chose animal welfare as my career - to save lives...PERIOD!! Just as the Bible is available in a pocket sized edition, so should REDEMPTION. Every Director's job description should include verbiage speaking to "carrying REDEMPTION in his or her back pocket at all times; reviewing to its principles as needed". Within REDEMPTION is a roadmap of proven success; but I have little doubt this book will have its fair share of cynics.

Yes, the same cynics who claim that the only way to manage an animal shelter is to kill, kill and kill some more while blaming the deaths on the general public. Not here. REDEMPTION tells it like it is, as Winograd calls out the organizations (and people) who hide behind multi-million dollar budgets, 6 figure salaries, and excuse after excuse as to why they can't get it done in their city. REDEMPTION is the industry's best read and Winograd will one day go down as the savior to animal-welfare.

I've said it before and I will say it again, the second coming will not be in a "dog pound". How dare this ignorant failure make a comparison to my God and Jesus. First, it pisses me off that this fool thinks like this and second, it really pisses me off that he compares the Whino to God. What a total jerk this man is. Let's just hope that his role in all of this is one of Judah.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prevent the Deed VS Punish the Deed


I'd say that is pretty straight forward. The definition of prevent is to cause not to do something, to cause not to happen, or not to made or done. So this catch line lends itself to saving lives, not pit/bully lives, but children and the elderly, people. A noble cause in my book, preventing others from being victims of pit bulls and the bully breeds.


Again straight forward. The definition of punish is to prescribe a form of suffering in penalty for an "offense". The definition of offense is the act of attacking. This catch line says let someone get attacked or killed FIRST then punish the owner of the attacking dog. So those who use this catch line condone children, and people in general, being mauled or killed FIRST, and even then they don't want to blame the pit/bully. Oh no, so many comments on the daily stories of pit attacks blame the victims, infants even. What kind of people want to allow this suffering and death over that of a breed of dog?

One would hope these "pit nutters" would be the first to want change. They would be the first to want to stop the maulings and killings. But they aren't. They want to continue to feed the public misinformation so that the overabundance of pits can be shoved out the door to the ignorant. Save those pits is their battle cry. I say that the cost of saving the pits is not worth the cost of the failures.

Now enters "No Kill". It's bad enough that the pits in the shelters have no history to them but to adopt them out to less than the most experienced dog handlers is immoral. It must be stopped. People lives are at stake. The question should not be how to save the pits but rather how to save our children. That is the moral question that needs to be asked.

Another Vet Speaks Out on No Kill Shelter

How much does it take to make people understand that animals suffer in no kill shelters? Not to say there are some that can manage no kill just fine but they are small closed door private shelters. They can pick and chose, thus controlling their population. This vet is being slammed because he is speaking out. Thus continues the saga of the Whino, intimidation is his speciality and he teaches his Whinonettes well.

I suggest you read the entire article but here are some outstanding quotes:

My involvement with this most recent situation with the shelter did not evolve from any kind of relationship with the town at all and it certainly has nothing to do with being na├»ve. Quite the contrary. It started because of multiple factors. First, our doctors had dealt with three cases of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) in a period of only three weeks last fall. Caring members of our community had adopted all three kittens from the shelter as “healthy” kittens into different homes.

Within very short periods of time they were at our hospital seeking help and being informed of the impending death of their new companions, as there is no cure. Why is this relevant? We typically see one case of FIP, at most, per year. Phone calls to other community veterinary clinics strongly suggested a potential outbreak of the virus.

Second, we had an inordinate number of clients coming in expressing disdain for the conditions and apparent care of the animals at our local shelter, most of whom turned to adopting from the OSPCA in Bracebridge. Most of these complaints and adoptions were in regard to the cats and kittens at the shelter, not the dogs. All of these clients were encouraged to speak directly with the shelter about their concerns. Most expressed they had already done so and felt like their words fell on deaf ears. Not an unexpected or new concern.

Third, I had a client express that they had launched a formal complaint with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) inspection agency already, based on their impression during a recent visit.

Why do animals coming from the shelter continue to have such poor medical records accompanying them after adoption, with improper, incomplete or inappropriate vaccination and medical schedules associated with them? Why are huge amounts of funds used on individual animals, especially those with life-limiting, chronic and painful conditions? Why does the shelter continue to dismiss the fact they need to operate from a population medicine perspective? Why does the shelter shirk its responsibility as an integral component of the community when it comes to the pet overpopulation and transmissible disease issues? Why are there cats living in the shelter for many months or years at a time? What kind of life is that?

What kind of life indeed. Adopting FIV and FIP cats only spreads the disease. Sometimes I wonder if this movement is actually a genocide in disguise. Let's make the cats sick by using a fatal disease and the pits will bring bans on dogs. Something ain't right here.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Thought About Pits

Why is it that we always say: "He's like a pit bull that won't let go when he gets a grip" ?

And think of when we say that and in regards to what kind of behavior.

I don't think I have ever heard: "He's like a poodle that won't let go when he gets a grip."

Whenever one wants to make a point about something that just won't let go, they use the pit as an example. And in the next breath, tell us that they are nanny dogs.

Old wives tale?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hi there this is Kristie Ceith and I have just returned from the conference. I am still suffering, however, from my head up my ass but I'll contribute that to jet lag. But I can say that I am still just as stupid and ignorant as ever, not to mention I am still a breeder.

I can still hear the ringing in my ears from all the whining. And Bonney Brown announced that she will be leaving Reno to become a photographer. Then she plans to write a book of names for shelters to use.

What's in a name anyway? At the No Kill shelters, since they turn away desperate owners, dogs are then dumped on the shelter, left at the door step, tied to the building, and no one leaves a name. Just because it has been a beloved pet for years and using the name it knows would help relieve the stress in the shelter, doesn't mean that the shelter can't give it a new name.

And all those overworked shelter workers will be glad to take all day to make a wonderful photo of one dog and take hours pouring over a list of names for one that is appropriate. And if the new owner doesn't like the shelter name, then they can change it and confuse the dog all over.

Hell, I think that shelters should name all the dogs after me. Gotta go now, busy breeding my dogs so I can give my tithe to my Messiah.

Just A Thought

People often ask me why I go to such extremes to get just one cat or dog altered. Those extremes referred to are for a future post maybe.

My response always is that I don't see one dog or one cat, I see all the other dogs and cats they can reproduce. I never help just one dog or cat when I get it altered, I save the lives of all those that would come if I didn't help.

I apply this to people as well, not the altering, but seeing beyond the "one". To win one person to your "side" of an issue means more than that. One tells another, then another, then another. So to win this war, we must see beyond the one. We must see the one's friends, relatives, co-workers, and remember that if we piss off one, we piss off all those others. If we win one, then we win the war. Granted there are those out there where it really doesn't matter if you piss them off because they are such low life, their relatives are low life, their friends are low life and they would offer nothing to help win the war and in fact, can harm. Those who are seeking, not quite right, not quite wrong, are the ones I want to affect.

I love the passion of one of my commenters. Passion is a wonderful thing and I support it. This commenter has supplied me with great tools and I want to assure this commenter that I have used those tools as requested. But passion has to be controlled in order to be usable. Stay passionate and continue to feed me, I'm always hungry for your comments.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

If You Don't Understand This, You Must Own a Pit Bull

I had to post this. This was such an outstanding piece of writing concerning pit bulls. is the most illerate website I have seen outside of the big boys such as HSUS. Watching daily I am still shocked as to how many serious attacks these dogs deliver. And the American public never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity about these dogs. I'm also including the comments to this piece because they are a hoot.

In response to the recent mauling of mailman Jeff Glen, a commenter has left a beautifully articulated response. Commenter Doug draws on the parallel example of the equine world to discuss the genetic heritage of pit bulls. Both animals underwent performance selection over many years to produce an unmatched breed: the ultimate canine warrior and the fastest horse on earth. Neither animal was selected on the basis of "human friendliness."

Pit Bulls Were Selected to "Win"
"In the beginning, human aggressive dogs were slaughtered or abandoned, they didn't develop within the fold of domesticates. Human friendliness was a necessary trait for all dogs, regardless of type. This wasn’t hard because early canines were pack animals, they had to work and get along with others. Humans were a simple adaptation for this social trait; broadening the definition of a pack member or leader was not a colossal leap.
Pit bulls never benefited from special selection for human friendliness; this potential characteristic already existed and was passed to them from their genetic predecessors. The only feature of their character that needed to be maintained was a modicum of pack loyalty and subservience to a pack leader (owner/handler.)
The myth of any special human friendliness by pit bulls is merely that – a myth. As in all animals bred and developed for competition, many faults are acceptable… so long as they can win. Winning is job one.
A parallel example of performance selection exists in the equine world. Anybody familiar with the race world knows that Thoroughbred horses rule the track. There is no other breed in contention beyond 2 furlongs. So you would think, if you subscribe to the so called “logic” within the mythology put forth by pit bull advocates, Thoroughbred horses must be the most tractable, gentle saddle horses ever created. After all, their purpose is to carry a rider; they don’t run these races by themselves! And Thoroughbreds have been in development for over 300 years – surely they are the most rider friendly of all horse breeds, aren’t they?
No one in the horse world would ever make such a claim about Thoroughbreds! The original stallions from the Mediterranean and Middle East were crossed with native horses to make them more manageable, but speed under saddle was and continues to be paramount. Many character faults are forgiven, so long as the horse can run!
And so it is in the TRUE history of pit bulls. Winning pit bulls that could be managed, even marginally, were always – ALWAYS – bred. No dogfighters ever forsake a winning lineage because of manageable human aggression. A winning pit dog need not be a family dog, anymore than a Thoroughbred needs the gentleness and versatility required for Junior 4-H horse shows.
The pit bull advocates have attempted to rewrite the history of pit dog selection. Their version is a fairy tale – a complete lie. Pit dogs were selected for strength, stamina, and aggression. If they happened to be tractable for their handlers, it was a fortunate happenstance carried over from their predecessor canines – definitely NOT a primary consideration in the development of winning pit dogs.
This pit advocate lie is a failed absurdity. The frequency and severity of attacks on humans make the truth self evident, regardless of how many times the lie is repeated."

Anonymous said...
I would also say that the idea that pit bull breeders "cull" so their dogs can be "handled" by humans is also a fabrication, in the sense that these dogs are not "handled" in any way recognized as dog handling by society.

Pit bull fighting dogs are more like livestock. They live their lives on a chain or in a small pen or cage, separated from humans and each other, primarily brought out to throw in a ring to fight or to breed perhaps, but not "handled" to an appreciable degree by humans

And I also saw something in the comments for that news article that was ridiculous. Someone commented that the pit bulls must have been "abused" to get them to fight. Abused? It is in these dogs' very DNA to fight and kill. If anything, it takes "abuse" to get them to STOP fighting, as in DEATH.

Anonymous said...
No No! The poster has it all wrong!

Pit Bulls are magic dogs!

Bred via the fighting pits killing bull, bears and other dogs, yet good with kids!

Easily identifiable when being sold or pit bull subsidies are being handed out, but impossible to identify after a mauling!

Great at weight pulling which has nothing to do with chain breaking, fence busting and leash snapping capability!

One of the smartest breeds, but never used for complex herding, retrieiving and bonfide service dog jobs like sight assistance!

Not human aggressive but used by drug dealers for guarding drug houses!

Owned and bred by "Dog Lovers" who see nothing immoral with the desired breed standard of explosive dog aggression!

The same as every other dog except for requiring a breakstick!

They're Magic!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is Kristie Ceith reporting from Washington DC on the No Kill Conference.

Yes, folks this is a great day for all of us who have chosen to follow the Messiah of "No Kill". We had a difficult time getting here because we are all so blind, but we did make it. We were greeted by a huge cross, the one that our Messiah hangs on. Of course, we all fell to our knees in awe.

Just went to the "If they won't hire me, then I will sue" seminar lead by the Messiah himself. He still swears that the lawsuit in LA was a good thing when it is well known that he didn't get what he wanted at all. I'm glad he didn't get the job because that way he can spend more time leading his blind congregation.

Also this afternoon I will be attending the "How to lie about how many animals are in the shelter" seminar. This is the mainstay of the NKE movement.

And tomorrow I will be going to learn how to overcome opposition to NKE with name calling such as "animal murderers" and "killing" shelters. This is the only way to stop people from coming to the open door shelters and supporting euthanasia. Who cares that they are going to adopt? We don't want them to adopt because it would make the shelters look good. Our mission is to make the shelters look bad so our Messiah can make a living. We have to make sure he makes money so he can continue his work.

Then I will be returning home where I will be mating some of my dogs. Breeding is a wonderful thing and now with NKE, it is being given the credibility it was losing before NKE. I plan to make a donation to my Messiah from the sale of the puppies.

So let's all go home and file lawsuits against our local shelters. It's not my problem that the economy is bad and shelters can ill afford to spend their money defending lawsuits. If the animals in the sued shelters suffer, it is for a good cause.