Tuesday, August 30, 2011


That Randy Turner, when will he ever learn?!?  I posted about Amanda Loller, the crazy bat lady, http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/05/youve-heard-of-crazy-cat-lady-now-meet.html
and I have posted about her goofball of an attorney, Randall Turner, who "represented" Steven Woods. http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/05/crazy-bat-lady-strikes-out.html Woods claimed to have been a war veteran who needed a pit bull as his service dog. Well, his "service" dog was involved in an attack on a person but Turner got the dog back for Woods anyway. Woods turned out to be a liar, was never in the war, wasn't even in the military. Then a couple of weeks ago, the same dog that Turner got back for Woods was involved in another attack. This time it was a couple and their young son plus the wife was pregnant. Thanks to Turner this couple came close to losing their lives as well as their young child being attacked. http://cravendesires.blogspot.com/2010/12/pit-grifters-put-nigerians-to-shame.html

So Turner is at it again. Seems he had Mary Cummins, who is being sued by Lollar, in court last week, and tried to pull a fast one. He asked Cummins if she had ever handled bats without gloves. Cummins replied that she had not except when told to do so by Amanda Lollar. Cummins is a well known and respected wildlife rescuer in LA and handles bats regularly.

Here is a tidbit of Turner's attempt to discredit Cummins.


August 27, 2011: I was deposed on Thursday for this case. I won't get into all of it but I will mention one question which summarizes this entire lawsuit. I was asked if I've ever handled bats without gloves. I said I'd only done that at Bat World. Turner then showed me a photo of someone holding a bat without gloves. The photo was in my blog and FB page. I was asked if this was a photo of me holding a bat without gloves. Turner thought he'd caught me in a lie. I'm positive Lollar knew this was not my hand holding a bat. Turner just believed her without thinking and probably not even looking. Below is the photo in question.

I'm sure that anyone who has ever seen me or a photo of me can instantly realize that this is not my hand. One, that hand is dark brown. I am clearly white. Two, that hand has unkept nails. Lollar keeps whining that I have perfectly manicured nails. My natural nails are longer and I keep them clean, that's it. Three, that hand is much older. Four, that is someone's right hand. I am right handed. All of the photos of me holding animals are of my left hand as I use my right hand to take the photo. Five, I've never held a bat like that in my life as you can see from my photos. The person holding that bat had just taken it out of a mist net. That is the hand of a 65 year old dark Mexican woman. I was at a two day class learning about bats, bat conservation and research methods from true bat experts.
Here is a photo of my right hand and the right hand of the person holding that bat. That is CLEARLY not my hand. The photo of my right hand is on my blog, Flickr and FB pages. Turner just believed what Lollar told him without looking at the evidence and thinking. He filed a lawsuit stating I had no permission to take the photos when I did. The suit also stated that I posted all the videos, photos after I left when the time/date stamp on the plaintiff's own evidence clearly shows it was before I left. This summarizes the entire lawsuit. Turner filed this suit without asking for or looking at any evidence. He just blindly believed the client. (Just like he did with Woods to his later embarrassment.)

The hand on the right is Cummins' hand. Big difference, huh? 

Clearly Randy Turner is an attorney to avoid unless you are a lying sneak or an animal abuser.

Monday, August 29, 2011


UPDATE: The investigation report has been release with no surprises for the non "No Kill" people. http://cdn.comcorpusa.com/files/nbc33tv/0005_001.pdf
Pretty scathing I would say and all so typical of what happens when an open door shelter adopts the Whino's program. 

I have predicted that Austin will be the quickest failure of the Whino but guess what folks, another one has beat Austin. This one has gone down in less than a month. I can just hear Nathie Boy whining over his Big Mac now. (By the way, I am just assuming that Nathie prefers Big Mac over BK because his idol, Richard Avanzino and the Maddie's Fund has stock in McDonalds, wonder if they bought it because of the weight of Nathie Boy?)

Here is the proclamation of Baton Rouge going "No Kill" dated just a mere five days ago. http://www.no-killnews.com/?p=1036

East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control And Rescue Center (EBRP ACRC) is the organization responsible for animal control in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.  The parish contains the city of Baton Rouge, which is the capital of Louisiana.  The Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAA), a non-profit,  has entered into a public-private partnership with EBRP-ACRC to provide sheltering services for the parish.
Laura Hinze recently took over as director at CAA, after serving as director at PAWS Chicago, Chicago’s largest no-kill humane society.  She has committed to making the parish no-kill.  CAA posts its statistics on its website, and the organization admits that the current statistics are “alarming.”  In 2010, the parish euthanized more than 6000 animals.  CAA has laid out a plan for the future though, consisting of action in three areas.  First, reducing the number of animals who come into the shelter by providing intake counseling, establishing a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral cats, and promoting spay-neuter.  Second, making sure that animals are healthy and safe while in the shelter by establishing medical and cleaning protocols.  Third, reducing length of stay in the shelter by increasing the number of animals returned to their owners, implementing creative adoption programs, and developing a foster program.
The impetus for change in Baton Rouge was the same as we’ve heard from many other communities — local animal welfare advocates who had been convinced that killing was necessary changed their minds after reading Nathan Winograd’s book Redemption and hearing about no-kill success in other cities.  As CAA executive committee secretary Nancy Jo Craig said, “It’s really been part of an awakening that’s happened all over the country.”



But earlier in the week, some of the 4-by-6-foot enclosures held as many as seven dogs, according to complaints aired before the Metro Council.
Some dogs were kept in restrooms and storage rooms in recent weeks as the new staff struggled to find places for the steady flow of incoming strays without having to resort to massive euthanasia.
“We do have more animals,” Hinze said. “And we are employing spaces that were not employed previously to house animals.”  (Employing spaces such as restrooms and storage rooms???? Where does the employees go when they need to take a dump???)

But just three weeks after the CAA took control, complaints began to trickle in about overcrowding and inhumane conditions.
Animal Control Director Hilton Cole, whose office oversaw the sheltering operations prior to CAA’s takeover, has opened an investigation into the complaints. (That has to be the all time record, sorry Austin.)

Christy Wyatt, a shelter volunteer of two years, filed a formal complaint against the shelter because of the overcrowding.
“It’s based on an ideology that cramming seven dogs in one cage and having them trample all over each other is better than euthanizing them,” Wyatt said. “They (CAA) didn’t have the planning in place, and what happened as a result is they overlooked the inhumanity of the situation.” (You can't plan when the incoming is more than the outgoing. Plus since when does "No Kill" care about the suffering it creates?)
But what CAA needs is more foster homes to ease overcrowding and volunteers to help operations, Hinze said.  (Interpretation needed here, what the CAA wants to do is pimp off animals onto unsuspecting persons, little do they know that it will be permanent, not temporary. All in the name of those numbers, folks.)


Just 3 1/2 weeks after taking control of the parish’s animal shelter services, the Companion Animal Alliance was accused of inhumane treatment of its animals by a Metro councilman and other members of the public.
Councilman Ulysses “Bones” Addison visited the animal shelter unannounced on Wednesday morning and said he witnessed “horrific” and “unacceptable conditions” for the animals. (Kudos to this Councilman, I love those surprise visits!!)
Addison, prompted by emails from constituents, said he saw overcrowding of kennels, including one cage with eight dogs.
He said the kennels with animals were stacked on top of one another, stored in bathrooms and spilling out into the lobby. (Be sure and buy stock in crate companies when "No Kill" rears it's ugly head!! Let's not forget Doug Rae of PACCA fame and his putting cats in the ventilation ducts, now that is creative thinking.)
“I have never seen anything like it. I won’t accept it as a council member, I won’t accept it as a citizen and it needs to be corrected forthwith,” he said. “If we’re going to save animals, we can’t put them in inhumane conditions.” (You're right Councilman, but this is "No Kill" that we are talking about, and that is just fine by them.)
CAA Executive Director Laura Hinze said after the council meeting Wednesday that she disagrees with the statements about animals being put in inhumane conditions. (Staying true to "No Kill", can't see nor admit the suffering they create.)

Susan Aronson, who spoke to the council Wednesday evening, said she filed a complaint after visiting the shelter.
“The cages are seriously and very dangerously overcrowded, several large dogs were in cages with cowering smaller dogs, food aggressive dogs in one cage were fighting, a cage clearly marked ‘aggressive’ had two dogs together, and the worst was a nursing dog in a cage with four large dogs,” she wrote in her complaint.
“The animals are no longer being euthanized, but now, due to stress and fear of being in these overcrowded cages, (the animals) are more likely to fight, be severely injured or killed,” Aronson wrote. (Imagine putting a nursing mom in with other dogs, if her milk drying up from stress doesn't put the puppies in jeopardy, the other four dogs will. Just how cruel can "No Kill" be?)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


And it just keeps rolling along, folks. This week this article, http://oncentral.org/news/2011/08/24/strays-rise-south-la/,  focused on the increased impounds and euthanization under the reign of Queen Barnette. Duh, doesn't this always happen when the public thinks you are going "No Kill"? Of course it does, history proves it. In every case of an open door shelter going "No Kill", suddenly animals come out of the woodwork, owners line up to relinquish their pets, the streets become overrun, adoptions fall. It's just a fact of this movement. So why is Breeder Barnette so astounded at the rise in LA City? Guess she forgot to read the Book of "No Kill". 

Recent reports from Los Angeles Animal Services show a marked increase in euthanized animals — jumping from 150 dogs between 2008 and 2009 to over 1,000 dogs between 2009 and 2010.
They also show a decrease in adoptions over the same period, and an increase in animal intake — nearly 2,000 more dogs in the past year alone.
We’ve been somewhat astounded by it, quite frankly,” said Brenda Barnette, general manager for Los Angeles City Animal Services.
It's not from lack of trying to ship animals out of LA City. Imagine how much worse it would be if Barnette weren't able to pimp off her shelter animals to other areas. These transports aren't going to save her and neither are these transport saving the lives of animals. Oh, I know they save the transported animals but it is offset by the deaths of the shelter animals in the areas where these transports land. So it is causing other animals to die. Such is this morbid program.

This article shows that these areas are still having to euthanize for time and space. http://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/anna_griffin/index.ssf/2011/05/portland_couple_pushes_multnom.html

"Jon Gramstad and Barbara Spears are less concerned with such warm and fuzzy details than they are with the cold, unhappy numbers: Forty-three percent of the 8,300 dogs and cats brought into the shelter last year ended up dead." 

Yet, the transports go into Portland on a regular basis. When will people learn that this is a scam, designed to put pressure on the shelters. The receiving "rescues" are allowing their own local shelter animals to die while they are helping the world by bringing in dogs that will "keep people from buying from breeders". What a flimsy excuse for causing so many deaths. 


Thursday, August 18, 2011



I'm not meaning to insinuate anything here actually but you can read for yourself. Go Kathy!!

Remember a short while ago, Breeder Barnette made the mistake of firing the last of the "old regime", Kathy Davis?  http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/07/brenda-barnette-what-is-real-reason.html  And when Kathy left, that was the last of those who could cover your ass for you. Big mistake, BB. 

Now it appears it was an even bigger mistake than you realized. Kathy Davis has been hired by the Heigl Foundation as it's Executive Officer. CONGRATS KATHY!!


For Immediate Release August 2011

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation Announcesthe Hiring of Kathy Davis as its Executive Director 
Los Angeles, Calif. – The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (Heigl Foundation), is announcing the hiring of Kathy Davis to serve as its Executive Director,effective Monday, September 5, 2011. “We are thrilled to have someone as experienced and compassionate as Kathy Davis join the foundation and are confident that her leadership, experience and tireless work ethic will guide our foundation toward meeting our ultimate goal of ending the needless suffering of companion pets and to serve as the voice of our compassion revolution.” (Katherine and Nancy Heigl). Ms. Davis has over 20 years of experience in animal care and control, most recently serving as the Assistant General Manager of Los Angeles Animal Services. She has been instrumental in developing and implementing various programs targeted at reducing the number of pets entering and subsequently euthanized at local shelters and placing particular attention toward the launch of low cost spay/neuter programs made available to residents in high need areas. Ms.Davis was instrumental in the successful launch of the “Apollo Initiative”, a program subsidized by the Heigl Foundation, which aims to offer free spay/neuter services to the general public from designated zip codes in an effort to decrease unwanted and accidental litters and increase awareness. “I am delighted to join the Heigl Foundation as itsExecutive Director and excited for the opportunity to expand the foundation’s existing programs and develop additional programs to continue to save the lives of companion pets throughout our cities and be on the forefront of finding a collective solution to the pet overpopulation crisis.” (Kathy Davis).

And the effects of Breeder Barnette's stupid mistake are already being felt. We've already seen the effect in emails and letters written by 7th grader Barnette. But this effect is even better. Here's is BB's announcement of the loss of spay/neuter funding by the Heigl Foundation on August 9th.

From: Brenda Barnette RE: HEIGL FOUNDATION
On August 9, 2011, we received the very unexpected news that the Heigl Foundation, after more than years of consistent dedication to and generous support of LAAS and its New Hope Partners, was no longer funding its valuable program which provided spay/neuter surgeries for animals adopted from LAAS by New Hope Partners. Without the Heigl Foundation contribution, the price for all New Hope Partners to rescue from LAAS shelters increased by $40 per animal.

Well, needless to say BB was bombarded for an explanation for this withdrawal. That means that the New Hope partners will need a little bit more change to rescue animals from the shelter. It also means that they probably won't be taking too many out anymore. Thus BB's numbers will really go down down the toilet, even more than they have been doing for the past year. 

In Brenda Barnette's August 9th notification to New Hope Partners, she explained the reason for Heigl Foundation's decision this way:
“At this time, the JDHF Board has decided to change the focus of some of their philanthropic giving and they have discontinued their subsidies for New Hope Partners rescuing from Los Angeles City Shelters.”

That was BB's explanation for the loss of the Heigl Foundation's steady support to the tune of well over $1 million to LAAS. NOW, here is the explanation directly from the horse's mouth to your ears. This was sent to the rescues to clarify the "statement" made by Breeder Barnette.

We have received information of LA Animal Services' notice to New Hope partners of the Heigl Foundation's discontinuation of funding for the New Hope program. Unfortunately, the notice was misleading and failed to provide the appropriate context and relevant facts regarding the decision to suspend the subsidy for the near term. (A polite way of saying "Barnette, you lied!!) Despite our continued and tireless efforts to work cooperatively with the department in providing financial and strategic planning support various programs, LA Animal Services has been unable to reciprocate the same spirit of partnership and working collaboratively to address the challenges we face in our efforts to better the lives of animals in our cities. (More politeness saying "Barnette, you are a screw up and are screwing LAAS)  We would like to assure you that the Heigl Foundation will continue to work with and support any department (including LA Animal Services) tasked with caring for the homeless pets of our cities if the leadership of such department is committed to the ultimate goal and takes actions that communicate that spirit of cooperation. Additionally, please have no doubt that the Heigl Foundation will continue to fully support the amazing efforts of reputable rescue organizations that work tirelessly to care for our homeless pets. We are excited to look forward to announcing various new programs and increased funding support for various existing programs in the coming months to help you in saving lives of animals at our municipal shelters and throughout our cities. We are honored to be your partner and will continue our dedication to support your efforts.
JDHF Board

ARE YOU HAVING A BAD DAY, BARNETTE?? JUST SIT BACK AND HAVE ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE, OR TWO GLASSES, OR THREE. Besides you have assured yourself of a job by pimping out one of our shelters to the Best Fiends. Are you planning to join their little church as well? Maybe you are already a member. I'm sure they will offer you some comfort and maybe a little blood for that wine glass too. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Since our City Council has seen fit to turn over a new shelter to Best F(r)iends, why not hire Charles Manson for Barnette's position while you're at it?

Yes, you heard me right. There is a connection between Best F(r)iends and Charlie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Process_Church_of_The_Final_Judgment
 "Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor of the Charles Manson family trial, comments in his book Helter Skelter that there may be evidence Manson borrowed philosophically from the Process Church, and that representatives of the Church visited him in jail after his arrest."

 "It goes something like this…Manson did at one time live only two blocks away from Process member Victor Wild (aka: Brother Ely) on Cole Street in The Haight. Process meetings were open to the public and it’s likely that Manson’s curiosity drew him in. He would have had ample access to their literature. It's also possible that Manson had met “The Teacher” during a visit that DeGrimston made to a Manson Family hangout in Topanga Canyon, CA. Process groupie, Marrianne Faithful had a relationship with underground film maker and Crowley/OTO devotee Kenneth Anger who may have also been involved with the Process Church.  He made a 40 minute movie about Satanic ritual starring future Manson follower and convicted killer and future neo-Nazi Bobby Beausoleil. Whew! However, there may be yet another tenuous connection between Manson and the Process through “Orange Sunshine” LSD kingpin and CIA operative Ronald Hadley Stark.

Attorney Vincent Bugliosi was not entirely convinced by Process denial of involvement with the Tate-LaBianca case, but lacking concrete evidence, he never brought any Process members into court during Manson's trial."

And are we sure that adoptions will be all that is going on at the shelter? Hardly.
"Author Michael Newton wrote that the cult, “is also deeply involved in white slavery, child pornography and the international narcotics trade.” Sanders alluded to serial “weird ritual mutilations and animal sacrifices” apparently committed in the Santa Cruz Mountains by a Process incarnation called the Four Pi. (Remember, the Process symbol cleverly incorporates four of the stylized letter “P”) I’m envisioning a whole new definition of the term no-kill movement.

"Beginning in June 1968, authorities in San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos began recording discovery of canines, skinned and drained of blood without apparent motive. As the director of the Santa Cruz animal shelter told Sanders, "Whoever is doing this is a real expert with a knife. The skin is cut away without even marking the flesh. The really strange thing is that these dogs have been drained of blood."

Another “hotbed of activity appears to be New York, where 85 German shepherds and Dobermans were found skinned in the year between October 1976 and October 1977”. And it wasn’t just four legged animals…ref  #2 Dog Sacrifice)"

Here's the real reason why Best F(r)iends are in the "rescue" business. They ain't in it because they want to help animals.

Bad publicity usually means it’s a good time for a name change. In 1979 The Process was again reorganized and renamed itself The Foundation Faith of God. Founders at the Arizona retreat began collecting stray animals and eventually the property became too small. It soon became evident that donations roll in faster when you operate an animal rescue than when you’re begging for the occult. Perhaps, they were on to something.

Once again, they were searching for their Eden. In 1982, founder Francis Battista was driving through southern Utah and happened to visit Kanab Canyon where several classic western movies had been filmed.  Everyone agreed, this was the spot.

The Arizona ranch was sold, and in 1984, they used proceeds from the down payment to purchase 2,269 acres in Kanab Utah; what would come to be called Angel Canyon. The group would acquire additional land and leased 30,000 more acres from the government.  Founder Paul Eckhoff, an architect who had designed prisons, designed one of the first buildings."

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12) http://www.satanservice.org/propaganda/process.html 

So, Breeder Barnette, what have you unleashed on LA? Think they might be seeking more converts while they are doing those adoptions? Shame on the LA City Council for not investigating this group before turning over one of our shelters. You have turned the Devil loose in LA, LITERALLY. But to be honest, I would take Manson over Barnette any day, at least he is honest about what he is.


Well, well, Miss BB, seems you have assured yourself of job security by pimping Best F(r)iends to the LA City Council. http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_18696494  http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/brenda-barnette-la-animal-shelter-giveaway-best-friends-gift-public-funds You had no intentions of letting anyone else have it, did you? Alarcon was correct in his calling you a sham. Now you've opened the door for this cultist group, you've assured yourself of a job with them, the question is WHEN ARE YOU LEAVING?

Breeder Barnette didn't even give the local groups a chance at this opportunity and that was deliberate. She wanted to make sure she gave it to Best F(r)iends for her own job security. Richard Alarcon called it a sham and he was right to do so. It won't save lives, it will take lives. Now the evidence pets will have to go into the other shelters, taking valuable space, and that will cost other animals their lives. Evidence pets can stay in shelters for months or years on end, taking up that valuable space. Now they will put moms with their litters back in the regular shelter instead of the peace and quiet of where they were. We all know how this will affect them, the moms will be stressed, milk will dry up and again, lives will be lost. Barnette doesn't care, she was only thinking of a new job so she can get outta LA.

How is Best F(r)iends gonna sink money into the shelter when they are claiming they don't even have enough money to provide adequate fencing at their own sanctuary? http://exfriender.wordpress.com/2010/10/13/is-the-truth-in-here-somewhere/

Last year two of Vick's dog broke containment and ripped the head off an adoptable, non Vick dog. http://blogs.bestfriends.org/index.php/2010/10/11/sad-news-from-dogtown/
Note how they closed the comments on this one. That's because their employees and ex-employees were telling the tale on the comments about how BF has refused to spend money for proper precautions. 

So there is an up side to losing a shelter and the LA Taxpayer is actually paying to get her outta town. High price but in the long run, it will be for the best. Breeder Barnette has assured herself of a job with Best F(r)iends with this move. We wish her well with her new position. Now instead of worshipping her evil master, Winograd, she can openly worship her Satan. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/best-friends-of-utah-the-process-church-of-the-final-judgment-to-animal-society 

Wonder what Nathie Boy thinks about this since he is now condemning BF along with everyone else? The only question now is "HOW SOON CAN YOU PACK, BREEDER BARNETTE?" I will even volunteer to help you on that. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


YOU STILL HAVEN'T PRODUCE ANY EVIDENCE AGAINST PAT DUNAWAY, WHERE IS IT NATHIE BOY? I'll answer that, it's all in that conniving, small, sick mind of yours. SHOW THAT EVIDENCE, WHINO, OR SHUT UP. Take down that shit about Pat Dunaway unless you can prove it.

You lying sack of shit, Nathie. First of all, the incident with the "beating" was from this piece of crap, Vikki Shore, another hoarder and a Howdy Doody lookalike. http://ranchocats-meow.blogspot.com/2009/12/vikki-shore-not-friend-of-cats.html#comments
She is referred to as Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs by Best F(r)iends. http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2010/02/cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs-vikki-shore-is.html   
http://www.ci.rancho-cucamonga.ca.us/govt/documents/12-16min09.RDA.FIRE.CITY.pdf I5. Debbie O’Neal addressed the City Council regarding a neighbor who is attracting and rescuing stray animals at 11809 Bunker Hill Drive. Concerns were raised regarding the placement of canned food on public and private property, littering and attracting stray and wild animals. Ms. O’Neal provided letters from other neighbors regarding these concerns, as well as pictures.

On her ignorant website, Cuckoo Shore states that someone who worked at the shelter called her, giving the impression that it was an employee. IT WAS A CONVICT, A DRUGGIE, THAT CALLED HER, JUST "HAPPENED" TO HAVE HER NUMBER HANDY. A DRUGGIE ON WEEKEND WORK DETAIL WAS HER "SOURCE". Now if that doesn't reek of a set up, nothing does. The truth, according to three different and independent investigations, was that the ACO fell going out of the kennel and the door accidentally hit the dog. Plus Cuckoo never presented any evidence like a vet report, nothing to back up her ridiculous claim. 

You have two ANONYMOUS letters on your post but you marked through part of them. What you marked through was an accusation that I abused my children. I don't have children, never did and have been told that I would die in childbirth. I had myself "fixed" in my 20's. Another lie that you are promoting, so what else is new about you? I was instrumental in developing a national award winning spay/neuter program that has been copied in other areas, including Rancho Cucamonga, the late Senator Nell Soto credits me as her inspiration for fighting to making cockfighting a felony in California, I had a fund to help low income senior citizens with their medical vet bills as well as being the Chair for one of the oldest financial aid group for spay/neuter in California. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE SOMEONE WHO WOULD NEGLECT THEIR OWN DOGS? HARDLY. Plus the Superior Court of San Bernardino is online and you can easily check it to see if any charges were ever presented about this accusation of my neglecting or abusing any animals, much less my own. I've done more for animals than you will ever do. 

One letter refers to the incident of the burned dog. This is the truth and it is in public records. That dog was returned to the owner who WAS NOT the abuser, the abuser was in jail. Animal Control had no choice by law but to return the dog since the abuser was no longer in the household. They did and the owner then went and bailed the abuser, his son, out of jail. As soon as Animal Control learned of this, they immediately took the dog away and it was adopted out to a vet tech. I didn't even know about it until two weeks after it was finished. And if you check records you will find that Brian Cronin, the head of Animal Control, was still in his training period during all of this and could not make the decisions about that dog. Another of your fabricated lies.

The activist that brought you to Rancho Cucamonga has charged the same man with abusing her TWICE. She failed to show for court the first time, making all women look bad and also allowing herself to suffer abuse once again. He was ordered to surrender all his guns but he was there every time at public forum spewing your propaganda. Fine example of the types that are part of your cult.

And another thing, those accusations of cruelty at the Rancho shelter were all explained and is in public record. No cruelty was ever proven, no matter how hard they tried. The Rancho shelter under the County of San Bernardino had an 86% save rate on dogs, hardly the figure of a cruel shelter, wouldn't you say? Since installing your morbid program, their "public" surrenders have increased more than those at the County shelter which handles a much higher population and twice the animals. Public surrenders are usually those strays picked up by good people off the streets and brought to the shelter. Now because of your program, people are turning their own pets in as strays in order to get the shelter to take them. They avoid the dirty looks and lectures as well as getting turned away. So their poor pets are left, feeling abandoned and WITHOUT THEIR NAME! A pet will always feel more comfortable in a strange place if it can hear it's name. How damn cruel can your program be, Nathie Boy?

Plus according to original Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities for 08, Rancho was letting animals die in their kennels. They reported more than the County did that year. When this was pointed out by a Humane Officer, suddenly a new report was issued under the excuse that they hadn't figured out the Chameleon system in 2+ years. Yeah, right and my shit don't stink. 

Remember your garage variance, Nathie? Well, if you don't let me remind you. In the town hall minutes you yourself talked about all the complaints by your neighbors. Seems Nathie Boy is a hoarder and not just a hoarder, a mean hoarder. I spoke with a couple of those neighbors, Nathie Boy, and they told me about your leaving the dogs and cats outside in the snow and bad weather. Poor pitiful dogs and cats whining at your door and you coming out to kick them away, yelling at them to shut up. Yeah, Nathie, that's right, they told on you. Seems you were taking animals home so your numbers would look better. All in the name of "No Kill".

And what about that pit bull brought into the shelter in TC, eaten up with mange, emaciated? You remember, the one you walked out of your office, looked at it and said, "We don't take those kinds of dogs", and walked back into your office. That one was reported in a letter to the Ithaca Journal. You couldn't even help that poor dog by taking it away from it's abusive owner. Why? Because you would have had to euthanized it probably. So you sent it away to be dumped in that state, sent it away to die a miserable death, but your numbers still looked good, so you didn't care. You are the animal hater, Nathie. How do you live with yourself?

And wasn't it an all out lie your reason for leaving Tompkins County? You left because your poor wife's father was on his death bed. BULLSHIT!! He's alive, well and kicking as well as being sued for various scams he has been involved with. You left TC because it was coming out about your abuse and hoarding. You got the hell outta Dodge so people would shut up about you. 

If the truth be known, I'll bet you are a primary stockholder of Burger King. No vegan is fat like you are, look at those chipmunk cheeks and that tire around your middle. You didn't get like that from eating veggies. Course being such a short man, weight shows more but your gut tells the tale. Could it be from BK or Budweiser? 


Just wait Ryan Clinton, Brent Toellner, Valerie Hayes, and all the other cultists. He'll turn on you because he is a snake. Your time is coming, he will come after you if you dare disagree with him in any shape, form, or fashion. He just uses you because you guys are stupid enough to pimp his lousy book for him. He's not getting donations so now he has resorted to "writing" to support his family. Your father in law is reported as being upset that you are unable to support your family. Doesn't he own the house you are in? Why don't you have an office instead of a PO Box posing as an address? If you truly were "successful", your 990's would look a little better than they do. Then again, that money under the table from Rick Berman probably keeps you afloat while Berman attacks anything trying to stop animal cruelty. Can anyone say Best Buddies? Yeah, Nathie, your closet is full of skeletons and they are going to crash down on you one day. 

Seems you've put on a reputation defender, why Nathie? Too many people learning about your lies and you are trying to cover your ass? Shame on you for not allowing others to defend themselves against you. What are you scared of, Nathie, that you would feel the need to pay good money for one of these services?

Now you want to send me another cease and desist order, Nathie? I would love to get your ass in court. The next one you better be ready to back it up.



Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am extending an invitation to my readers to go to this blog http://squirrelsnnuts.blogspot.com/

It seems that many people are becoming disillusioned with Nathan Winograd and this is one of them. So welcome him with open arms. We can't win the war if our soldiers are hiding and more are coming out all the time.

Here's another one. http://hamptonroads.com/2011/08/war-words-hurts-animal-protectors  Sharon Adams of the Virginia Beach SPCA writes a good piece, an accurate piece, and now she will be in the sights of Nathan Winograd. Let's wish her good luck.

Here's another questioning the Whino's sanity. http://dogspoton.com/2011/05/30/is-no-kill-even-humane/

Another blog that was offline for awhile due to efforts probably by the Whinonettes to silence us. But it is back up and well worth a read. http://nokillnowaynottomorrownottoday.blogspot.com/

Oreo is back online too and keeps tabs on Washoe. http://ricknbaby0076.blogspot.com/

Hey, Nathie, the list is growing, you're gonna lose. We know what you are, a pawn being used by Rick Berman and the breeders. You're just a little man with a short man syndrome and you've done enough damage. You won't win, only justice and right wins and you are neither.


Here is one of the most perfect examples of the deceptive practices of the Center for Consumer Freedom. One has to ask, who taught whom? Rick Berman and Nathan Winograd must have been born twins and maybe separated at birth, who knows? I came across this and just wanted to show the world how these two deceive people.

HSUS has a horse sanctuary in Springfield, Oregon. They have 1120 acres for rescued horses and probably other hooved animals as well but we will concentrate on the horses. I came across this in my research and thinks it proves beyond a doubt as to how these two practice their deception. 

Watch the video. In this video, note the feedlots, several of them. See the small amount of space that this video covers and then think in terms of 1120 acres. Now use common sense, something that Berman and Winograd are severely lacking in, to realize that all the horses on this 1120 acres will show up at these feedlots at least once a day. Also this video was taken in February and anyone that knows Oregon also knows the amount of rain that Oregon gets in February, a lot!! They focus only on a small area, probably no more than a couple of acres. It makes sense to know that when a lot of horses are tramping around in the same area, you won't see grass, you'll see mud. Mud from the rain plus the urine. Feedlot areas always look like this, you won't see grass growing around them, you'll see mud. They focus on a few down branches, piled up in a small area. Well, geez, horses aren't going to get into these branches and hurt themselves, they have better sense than that. Besides, fallen branches are a fact of life anyway. If you go on trail rides, you'll encounter branches and far worse things for a horse. 

CCF has managed to get a vet to say dangerous conditions. I say that vet needs his license pulled for unethical reasons. CCF gets some "horsemen" to comment, yeah right, let's go see how these "horsemen" keep their horses because in February in Oregon, their feedlots will look the same, believe me. 

CCF talks about HSUS pressing charges against a woman because her horses were in the mud. Excuse me, but her horses were confined in mud, they didn't have 1120 acres to roam around in that isn't muddy. There's a difference.

This shows that CCF is deliberately deceptive. Imagine them saying that they are only going to show a small portion comparing it to HSUS showing small portions. Doesn't make sense at all. 
It's worth noting that the above video is just 40 or 45 seconds of video, out of the roughly five minutes of film that we got from the undercover videographer. We did this quite on purpose, 

It's only 40 or 45 seconds because that is all they could film to suit their purpose. Had they filmed the rest of the sanctuary, it would have made them a laughing stock. 

IT'S CALL DECEPTION, FOLKS, AND WHO IS LEARNING THIS FROM WHOM? These are the same things that Winograd does. Only showing something and describing it in his terms rather than the truth. I can't wait until Berman and Winograd stand before the Gates and try to explain themselves. Look in hell, that's where these two will be.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Congrats to Chap for coming back online with his blog. Just had to re-publish this one from his blog


SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2011

Washoe County, The Unspeakable Tragedy

As a young man growing up, I often heard that figures can't lie, but liars can 
figure. Going over the stats in Reno Nevada for the past 3 years as it descended 
into it's own personal hell, that is a true statement. The final figures for 2010 show a 
turn in rate of strays to owner surrender that are 3 to 1. The only condition that 
can create that scenario is No Kill  run amuck. 
A couple of years ago NHS decided it needed to do something to look necessary, 
so they began pulling animals from Animal Control.  Prior to that time, we only 
took from the public, and if they wanted an animal from AC we brought it 
to NHS.  Don't misunderstand the ol' preacher, they never took all the 
animals the public tried to surrender, just enough to keep the good citizens 
off their back.  During that time they turned away terminally ill dogs, and 
harassed owners with the help desk until they left in shame.  Nice folks 
those NHS types.  We could have used Denise at one of our terrorist 
detention centers.  I went out to the parking lot in an attempt to bring 
comfort to a woman with three small children. She and her children had brought 
in two dogs adopted from NHS 5 months earlier, The husband  lost his job 
and the home was going into foreclosure, and the issues the dogs came 
with had worsened with maturity.  That means the 9 month old "puppy behavior" 
was taking on a serious tone.  Nobody told her that 2 males pitbulls are not the 
best idea, She had been told they were a "bonded pair" and would never 
fight.   Having gone to the SPCA and been turned away, I'm certain it was 
difficult for her and those children to walk into NHS with those dogs..  Like 
every other volunteer at NHS, I gave her the  "secret word" and she walked up the 
path to Animal  Control. Can't anyone see or care that of the 8,0000 dogs in 
that shelter in 2010, 6,0000 of them were "strays" ? Compare that to Sac or 
SF or even New York.  It's part of a tragic numbers game, and people and 
animals are hurt.  Stop the games NHS do our job , don't hide behind 
pulling from WCRAS to stay so full you turn away families with pets.  At the 
end of 2011 NHS loses any compensation, they are trying an end run to 
avoid  meeting their cmmitment. Last week I chatted with Denise and she gave 
me the story of how tough things are in this economy, how many animals are 
coming in and how they are out of room.  When NHS puts the welfare of the 
animals ahead of Nathan Winograd, maybe then I could respect them.