Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Subject of Hate

Whenever a pit nutter or a "No Kill'er" comes on my blog, they always resort to making accusations of my being full of hate. At least they have one thing right in their feeble little minds.

I hate those people who put their rights above mine and everyone else's rights.

I hate those people who sacrifice the future to "save 'em all" now.

I hate those people who allow themselves to be used as pawns for dog fighters and breeders, aka the so called "pit rescue" groups and most pit owners.

I hate those people who continue to cite the National Canine Research Council as the expert on pit bulls. Some people are so easily taken in by a big sounding name. NCRC is a farce.

I hate those people who offer excuses for a breed of dog bred to kill instead of offering solutions. Punish the deed is not a solution to STOPPING the attacks, it waits until there is a victim.

I hate those people who have personal agendas that allow the overcrowding of shelters, animals dying in their kennels at shelters, and can only focus on a bogus save rate.

I hate those people who blame "pit haters" instead of blaming "pit lovers". Pit haters aren't the ones breeding pits, pit lovers are. They have destroyed their own breed.

I hate those people who manipulate the gullible for their own means.

I hate those people stupid enough to think there is a worldwide conspiracy by the media to "get the pits".

I hate those people who blame the victim.

I hate those people who only think pit bulls are abuse when all breeds are abused to the same degree yet those breeds aren't taking vengeance like the pits are doing.

I hate those people who live in a perfect world that can save all the animals with a program called the "No Kill Equation".

I hate those people who can't see beyond their nose and swear there is no pet overpopulation and no pit bull problem.

Well, that just about covers it. I do, however, love those people who truly care about other people and animals. And that leaves out pit nutters and "No Kill'ers" because neither do.

Monday, January 18, 2010

HOT NEWS!! Animal Planet Has A New Name - Pimping For Pits

First, PFP (formerly known as the Animal Planet) brought us Tia Torres and her pit bull "sanctuary". What a role model!! Her husband has known Aryan Nation ties, is a felon, and is currently serving time for a "parole violation". Torres says this as if it is nothing, no big deal. It probably is a big deal to those who were his victims. And her program of "rehabbing" ex-cons, yeah right, is probably nothing more than a recon mission for these cons to make their hits easier. Plus Torres opened up a brothel to support her addition to the pits. Pimping women to support pit bulls, that is disgusting.

Now PFP (formerly known as the Animal Planet) is again pimping pit bulls with their newest Frankenstein creation, Pit Boss. Another criminal being glorified along with his pit bull who still has balls!! This man can't even control a pit physically because of his size. And in my opinion it is his lack of size that has him using pits to make up for it.

All this emphasis on saving pit bulls from PFP and none on saving the lives of hundreds of people. The former Animal Planet has gone to the dogs literally, the pits in particularly. Just goes to show that money walks and the lives of people walk when it comes to PFP. Boycott PFP and let them know that you are doing so.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

King Co animal shelters to stay open until end of June

Well, well, well. Just what do you think has happened to bring about this complete turnaround? Couldn't have anything to do with that little ol' lawsuit filed the ACO Guild, could it?

This is so good. I love public records, absolutely love them. I would campaign for even more openness in government if I weren't so busy with the Whino and the pit nutters. The pit bull issue actually puts the Whino issue to shame with their conspiracies, lies, deceit, you name it. I still can't believe that the media isn't all over the pit issue. Makes one realize that you come up against a much bigger brick wall than the Whino will ever be. His is more like a chainlink fence with all the loopholes that you can see right through. But the pits, it's more the solid concrete block type, takes a lot more to see or get through that wall.
This one will be an interesting ending. Please go to the AC blog and make comments. They are waging a good battle against our mutual enemy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Whino

I had been putting off doing one of my least favorite things to do in life, and that is to go to the Whino's blog. I really hate seeing his face on my computer. But one has to do what one has to do and I did.

Glad I did because it is pitiful and that makes me very happy. His list of his "achievements" for 2009 are somewhat lower, I bet, than he expected since he thinks we will be "No Kill" shortly. About the only thing he did was put out another propaganda book and that certainly won't be a great legacy to leave the world.

He is still supporting Doug Rae, can you believe that? I felt certain he would turn tail on Rae like he has been known to do on others like Tara Darby. Oh, Tara was the greatest - until he caught wind of possible cruelty charges. Then he turned like a pit bull on a nutter and went for the throat. Nice guy, huh? Especially since Tara was his hand picked choice for the position. It was actually Rae who brought the Philly shelter down because the things wrong there were directly under his control, not Tara's. Yeah, the Whino is again whining about a corrupt city council, in Indy, blah, blah, blah. Man, does his bullshit get old.

So, he has very little to "brag" about now, very little. The "successes" get fewer and fewer every year. And he wasn't really making a lot of predictions for the future of "No Kill". I wonder if he is getting the message a little, that his program is not having the acceptance he expected. I would say he was expecting to be the second coming of Richard Avanzino by now. Don't get me talking about the Maddie's Fund here and how Avanzino is wasting the opportunity to truly help with his insistance to only fund those programs he thinks will be successful. Avanzino doesn't put money into the really hard core areas because he only is concerned with collecting success. The Whino would love nothing more than to boot Avanzino out and control all that money. He should stick with being a Wayne Pacelle wannabe instead and go for the looks, not the money.

So I predict that it pretty much is the beginning of the end for "No Kill", no one wants the Whino any more. If he were as great as he thinks he is, he would be doing seminars everyday. Instead he might have one only on occasion now. Looks like the Whino is winding down and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. He's caused enough suffering, enough contention in the humane community, enough bullshit and needs to go. The sooner, the better. Hope to say in 2011 that no ones knows his whereabouts. I know where I would like to send him.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Some things have happened in the last day or two that has lent itself to some thoughts on my part and I would like to share.

If you read my blog and you are in Southern California, or New York, or any other large metropolitian area, then it makes sense. But if you are in Podunk, USA, it may not.

My prospective from Southern California says that "No Kill" in a major, open door shelter does not work as presented. It should always be a goal however. My prospective on TNR is that is does not work in major populated areas as presented.

BUT, that doesn't mean it can't work in a small, less populated, more humane area. I was thinking of a couple of places I know where these programs can stand a good chance of working. Areas where people love their dogs, where you'll never, if ever, see a dog without a collar and/or tags. Areas where cats can walk around without fear of neighborhood punks, traffic, or loose pit bulls. Believe it or not, these places do exist, I won't tell you where because I don't want these places spoiled.

So can these places indeed become "No Kill"? Almost. There's still the problem that these are small places, small budgets, so animals may not be able to receive treatment because of the costs. Still those would be few and far between because small places have less traffic to cause injuries, less disease because things are further apart.

And where is Winograd's program in all of this? The shelter and animal control in both these places have never heard of Winograd, yet they rarely have to euthanize for time and space. They average saving well over 90% of their impound population. They haven't even heard of no kill really. Their responses were that means a private shelter, right? My answer is always, yes it does.

So please if you read this, think of my prospective. I'm used to shelters that handle tens of thousands of animals every year. When that is the case, then "No Kill" is only adding to the woes of those shelter animals, it's not saving them.