Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hi Readers

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Just kinda taking a break here.

One of my beloved dogs was diagnosed with terminal cancer last week and I am having a difficult time dealing with it. All I really care to do right now is be with him and think of him. It was quite a surprise, I've never liked surprises anyway. It is an aggressive cancer and even the best of treatment won't extend his life much past 6 months. He is a large dog and 12 years old. Hard to take care of something for 12 years and hear this kind of news.

I got this boy on the first day of his life, his mother was a stray that came into someone's yard and started having her babies. She lost all the litter but for my guy and his sister. I fostered them all until time for adoption. My guy had some problems, had 5 surgeries before he was 11 weeks old. Just couldn't send him for adoption when the time came, we had been through so much.

I'll be back, probably with a vengeance, in a week or so. Appreciate your understanding at this time, bear with me. And please continue to send those not for publication comments alerting me of the happenings of our common enemy. To whoever sent the comment regarding the No Kill, No Way blog, I have no idea what has happened to it. In this game there are playERS and there are those playING. We'll have to wait and see which one applies to that blog. Thanks again to those faithful readers. HonestyHelps

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still No Evidence, Nathan Winograd

He's using the excuse he is too busy with his "seminars", or as I call them, his hate mongering. I recommend that you read about Ardena Perry on

Seems Ms. Perry is not the person that the Whino presents either. Both of these women are valuable community members who have done more for animals in one day than the Whino has done period.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How Long, Nathan Winograd? Where's the Evidence?

Needless to say, I've seen nothing yet from Winograd to prove what he is saying about me. Can't get blood from a turnip, can you Whiney?

I would like to pass along this link
today because it is an interview with Ardena Perry. Seems she is speaking out about the lies Whiney has told about her.


Pat Dunaway

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Day, Nathan Winograd, No Evidence Yet

Yet another day where the Whino doesn't present any evidence to back up what he says about Pat Dunaway. I pulled this one out of my old posts to show that Pat Dunaway doesn't hesitate to go after animal control, again making the Whino out a liar since he says that she supports animal control no matter what. This shows plainly that Dunaway doesn't tolerate cruelty at the shelter and fights against it. So take that Whino, you've been caught in another lie.

Pet advocates accuse city of wrongdoing
SAN BERNARDINO: They file a claim saying the shelter mishandled dogs and donations.


A trio of animal welfare advocates has accused San Bernardino officials of misappropriating more than $10,000 donated by the public to help three emaciated puppies rescued from neglect in July 2001.

In a claim they filed earlier this week, Pat Dunaway of Fontana and Suzanne Martin and Pauline Itkin of Riverside are seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

The three, who are involved with animal welfare groups throughout the Inland area, allege the city's animal shelter mishandled the dogs and that city officials conspired to alter and forge public records documenting how donations were spent and how the dogs were treated.

"We want justice for the animals. We want whoever is responsible for allowing those animals to suffer to be held responsible," Dunaway said Thursday. "We also want reform at the animal shelter."

The claim, filed Monday by the women's attorney, Mark Blankenship, follows an 11-month city investigation into the dogs' treatment that was prompted by earlier complaints from Martin.

San Bernardino officials interviewed more than 16 people involved with the care of the puppies and concluded in November the dogs had received the best care possible under the circumstances.

City Attorney James Penman did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment Thursday. He has defended the city's integrity in the past, saying claims that the donated money was misspent are unsubstantiated.

The women also claim City Administrator Fred Wilson released a fraudulent report that the city had completed an investigation involving former city animal control director Jon Cicirelli.

Cicirelli resigned in November. City officials have said the investigation was unrelated to the animal cruelty case but have declined to specify its nature.

The three puppies, named Chopper, Bandit and Rosie, all have been adopted. As of November, a little more than $3,000 remained in an account for them after medical and food bills were settled, and the city said it was researching what to do with the rest of the money.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Day Passes With No Evidence Presented, Nathan Winograd

Show something other than the anonymous letters. You don't have anything other than the pissed off words of a little howdy doody hoarder, do you? Or maybe the one who took the same man to court twice for abuse but failed to show up the first time, making all women look bad of course. Maybe that one? Least we forget the drunk, multiple offender, had to report to prison on weekends, a mother too, that one is in the running as well. You have many strange bedfellows, Winey.

Pat Dunaway

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

C'mon Whino, Answer the Challenge

Coward that you are, you were given a challenge to produce the evidence against Pat Dunaway and nothing so far. Everyday I will remind you of that challenge.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here Nathan Winograd is the Results of Your Personal Agenda Published 09/02/2010

When animal rescuers become animal hoarders
Rescues, shelters make up a quarter of the 6,000 hoarding cases each year

""LOS ANGELES — Linda Bruno called her Pennsylvania cat rescue the land of milk and tuna. It thrived for years as people sent pets they couldn't care for from hundreds of miles away — unaware it was a death camp for cats.

Investigators who raided the place two years ago found killing rooms, mass graves so thick they couldn't take a step without walking on cat bones and a stunning statistic: Bruno had taken in over 7,000 cats in the previous 14 months, but only found homes for 23.

In doing so, she had become a statistic herself, one of an increasing number of self-proclaimed rescuers who have become animal hoarders running legal and often nonprofit charities.""

Winograd relies on these types, they probably make up his biggest group of supporters. Hoarding is on the increase with the advent of his morbid "No Kill Equation" program. I don't have a lot of use for Randall Lockwood but he nailed this dateline to coincide with the rise in hoarding.

""When I first started looking into this 20 years ago, fewer than 5 percent would have fit that description," Lockwood said.""

""'I wouldn't give one of my dogs to Jesus'
Some hoarders develop a "messiah complex," seeing themselves as saviors even as animals die. One hoarder told Lockwood: "I wouldn't give one of my dogs to Jesus Christ if he came in the door."" How many times does Winograd fit the description of the Messiah? Even he states that the only way is his way.

Winograd's motto: Any home is better than dying in the shelter. Well, Whino, this is your legacy, deal with it, and go to hell with it.

Less we not forget this recent article out of Philadelphia. Remember that Philly was home to the Whino's biggest failure, PACCA and his hand picked manager, Tara Darby. Note the timeline showing how badly hoarding cases became after his program was installed. Also note that the hoarder here was getting her animals from PACCA as well as the PSPCA which is now under the control of one of the Whino's Whinonettes.
""In Philadelphia, the number of large-scale animal hoarding cases went from one every six months in 2004 to one or two each month now. And the suburbs are not immune.""

"She disputed the PSPCA's figures on the number of animals seized from her home, andWilliamson confirmed that Federov had helped foster kittens for the PSPCA.

Federov said she had taken dogs from the former PACCA to save them from being put down."


Pat Dunaway Challenges Nathan Winograd to Put Up or Shut Up

My friend, HonestyHelps, is once again allowing me to post. I CHALLENGE NATHAN J. WINOGRAD TO PROVE HIS ACCUSATIONS AGAINST ME!!! I gave the link to the San Bernardino Superior Court in a previous post on this blog so anyone can go there and see if there are any charges.

A drunk and Howdy Doody lookalike hoarder sent out anonymous letters making these accusations because they were desperate to destroy my credibility and this is the basis of Winograd's accusations.

PROVE IT YOU BASTARD. I CHALLENGE YOU TO DO SO. Otherwise your ass is going to see me in court. You're the animal killer here, not me. You are relying on your intimidation tactics to scare people away from speaking against you and it isn't working. More and more are coming forward. That just chaps your ass, Winograd, because you can't make us fall down on our knees and worship you. Never, we will fight you and your cruelty to the very end.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Here's How Austin Did It, Winograd. Same Old Numbers Game

UPDATE: What the hell is Winograd bragging about here?

""The animal shelter last reported a 67.4 percent live release rate for August 2010 in comparison to 64.7 percent in August 2009. The rate refers to the percentage of animals that leave the shelter alive through adoptions, transfers and owner redemptions. The adoption rate for the shelter was at its highest for 2010, hitting 32 percent of total intake. ""

A lousy 3% and he is bragging like something great has happened? Note that he didn't bother to report this record setting 3%, just referring to the best ever month for "live releases". That 3% probably has ended up with hoarders.

Anyone drunk enough to read the latest post on the Whino's blog sees that he is right up on his bragging rights for Austin. Word has it that the officials in Austin are seeing through this game and Austin hasn't quite fell into the quagmire of Nathan Winograd yet. This article was written over a year ago but rings quite true today and the way that the Whino gets to his "figures" that he thinks justifies "No Kill". It is and always has been a numbers game with him.

Web Posted: 05/15/2009 12:00 CDT
""ACS policy only masks problem
If a basketball team lowered its goal from 10 feet to 8 feet, it would certainly generate some impressive offensive numbers. But those numbers would be meaningless to a real understanding of the team's true ability. Changing the parameters changes the results.

But that's exactly what Animal Care Services has been doing to help generate numbers that show San Antonio making progress toward its no-kill goal in 2012.

The city's euthanasia numbers have dropped by almost half in recent years, from nearly 50,000 dogs and cats in 2004 to about 26,000 animals last year. That decrease is due in part to more aggressive efforts at adoption and a campaign to increase the number of spayed and neutered animals.

But as Express-News reporter Brian Chasnoff revealed last week, the lower number of euthanized animals is also the result of a policy to limit the amount of strays ACS accepts.

Sources told the newspaper ACS officers routinely pick up only sick, injured or aggressive strays.
Residents who try to leave animals at the ACS facility are discouraged or turned away.

The focus on lowering a number, rather than dealing comprehensively with the animal control problem, has some predictable consequences. One is that more, healthy, breeding animals are running loose in the streets. Another is that, according to ACS, reported animal bites doubled over the course of a year from about 2,400 to 4,800.

Gary Hendel, the new ACS director, had some encouraging comments on the numbers game. Public safety should be the priority, he said. “The citizens are paying for animal control.”

Hendel is correct.

San Antonio has a huge animal-population problem, one that is the result of irresponsible pet owners. Masking it by limiting the intake of strays may temporarily generate some positive euthanasia numbers. But it does nothing to solve the problem.""

I think this says it all.

Trading One Life for Another

I came across this comment and wanted to pass it along to all the TNR nutts out there. I don't use the adjective "outside" to describe cats. You probably know by now that I hate the TNR movement almost as much as I hate the "No Kill Equation" movement. I consider TNR to be the ultimate cruelty to cats.

"No one is addressing the issue of history. In the last 450 years, the domestic cat caused the vast majority of all recorded extinctions.
The second agent of extinction was the European rat. When European fishermen and explorers inadvertently transported and introduced the domestic cat to the Earth's island ecosystems, specie after specie fell extinct. In 1997, an Australian member of parliament called for the total eradication of all domestic HOUSE cats on that island. Cats caused thirteen extinctions of native, indigenous species of fauna. However, Australians are more protective of their native, indigenous species. Upon its introduction to New Zealand, the domestic cat cause eight extinctions of birds, and many extinct species' extinctions were left unrecorded. When introduced to the tiny Guadalupe Island, southwest of San Diego, domestic cats pushed extinct three species of native birds, including the storm petrel, and one lizard specie, and birds are considered a difficult prey specie for cats to slaughter. History paves a bloody and sad path of vast extinction with the major cause, the domestic cat. Cats caused over twice as many extinctions as the rat. Though the mongoose is cited as causal to Hawaii's extinctions, by the time of its transportation to the island ecosystem, cats and rats had caused the majority of the island's extinction of biological diversity."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Remembrance of 9/11

We will never forget.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Nathan Winograd is a LIAR!!!

Did anyone read his blog today? Not even to mention his ass kisser Brent Toellner's posting as well. Well, I received an email today from Pat Dunaway who asked that I expose his lies about her.

""Honesty Helps, would you be so kind as to post this. This is Pat Dunaway and I am answering Winograd's charges. First of all, I have no children because I have a medical condition that prohibits me from having any without dying during child birth. So his accusations that I am a child abuser is just another of his lies. And second, if anyone wants to run a search of court records in San Bernardino ( case information online) they will see that there is nothing, nothing relating to child abuse or animal abuse. Winograd has not once posted any links other than an anonymous letter written by one of two people, one of which is a drunk who was convicted as a multiple offender and spent time in prison for it and the other is a kook that you have blogged about who is now a hoarder, Vikki Shore.

Algae covered bowls? This is taken from a kennel that was down for repair and no dogs were allowed to be housed in that kennel. One of the reasons for the repairs was the fact that the bowl was broken. Otherwise the water runs into the bowl automatically as the water level drops. Again Winograd distorting the truth for his own agenda. I never have worked with a shelter as he states, I was the one they didn't want to see if they were doing anything wrong. Anyone in animal control will tell you that I have no friends when it comes to pointing out cruelty, they know I would be the first one on their backs if they were doing something wrong.

Winograd mentions a burned dog returned to it's owner. Animal control had no choice, it was owned by someone who WAS NOT the abuser and the law demanded the dog be returned. Vikki Shore reported that Brian Cronin returned the dog when Cronin was still in training for his position and had nothing to do with it. I learned of the dog two weeks after the incident and questioned why it had been returned. Animal control had no choice since the owner demanded the return. The abuser was the son of the owner and he was in jail at the time. Since the abuser was no longer in the house, the only choice was to return the dog to the father. However, when the father bailed his son out and the son did return to the home, Animal Control immediately responded and took the dog away. Vikki Shore tries to take credit for this but she had nothing to do with the decision.

I was instrumental in developing a national award winning spay/neuter program. I was the inspiration for making cockfighting a felony in California and given credit for this by the late Senator Nell Soto in a Press Enterprise article. I helped low income senior citizens with their medical vet bills, donating as much as a $1000 in order to save their pet. I also provided financial aid to low income people to get their animals spay/neutered. I have never condoned cruelty in a shelter but I do know where he gets this from, Vikki Shore. Vikki lies about an incident at the Devore Shelter in San Bernardino. An incident that was investigated by three different sources with one conclusion, a set up. But it had good results in that it allowed the shelter to receive over $350,000 to install security including cameras so people like Vikki could no longer make false claims. And it has worked, nothing since the cameras were made known.

Winograd has not once offered any proof of cruelty that I have supported. I faced off with him in Rancho Cucamonga, a shelter that had an 86% live release rate for dogs prior to installing his program. Now it is less than that. Every charge that was made against that shelter was proven wrong and is in the public records for Rancho. Winograd is a liar, plain and simple. Brent Toellner is a brown noser who can't get get enough of Winograd's sorry ass.

I have worked for over 50 years trying to stop euthanasia in shelters for time and space and how dare this wimp of a man come along and try to destroy that. He supported Philly when it was torturing animals and he supports others who are doing the same. He is the fiend to animals, not me. A chubby cheek, fat, short dick of a man who shows me that he cares nothing for animals, only for his personal agenda. In fact, I think he gets off just knowing the damage he does. I'm still out there, Winograd, working against you. I've had success in stopping you only you are too stupid to know it. To Winograd and Toellner, fuck you!""

Wow, I guess that said it all. I also have posted about Pat before. She is a victim of this malicious man, just like the animals in Philly, Indy, Rancho and others. I invite Ardena Perry to state her story on this blog too. All that I could find on her is that she is considered a valuable community member, shelter volunteer, and has been appointed to several commissions in Washoe County. Doesn't exactly fit the description that the Whino is giving.

Pat, I feel the same way, FUCK YOU WINOGRAD AND TOELLNER. The day has arrived that your lies are coming undone and you are running scared. No body likes you two so why not run away together to the wilds of Canada and get the hell outta civilized society.

Hey, Nathan Winograd, It's All Falling Apart for You

What can I say? I have been beating my head against the wall trying to come up with a good post about recent events but just can't do it. I think the relief of having others come forward dulled the old mind.

It appears that others have had their fill of the Whino, his whining, his lies, his sick philosophy and it couldn't be soon enough for me. I have been fighting this short man for over six years, enduring his endless rantings and those of the Whinonettes. This morning I came across an article written by Ingrid of Peta fame, talking of institutionalized hoarding, a good description of the Whino's "No Kill Equation" program. I expect the usual comments degrading Peta but no, many of the comments were in favor of Peta and degrading the Whino. Guess the Whinonettes are running outta steam.

I like Peta because they are straight up, not concealing the truth like the Whino does. They aren't ashame of the dirty job they have to do for the public. The Whino babies the public, playing to the public and the public loves being told they aren't the responsible ones for the deaths of so many shelter pets. Well, I got news for you, Mr. and Mrs. Public, you are the animal murderers, not Peta.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Public, you are the ones who let your irresponsible behavior of not altering your pets fill the shelters. You are the ones who kill the animals, not the ones who put the needle in. You, Mr. and Mrs. Public, are the ones who caused all this with your continued buying from the puppy mills. You are the ones who allow the suffering of these puppy mills. YOU, MR. & MRS. PUBLIC ARE THE GUILTY PARTIES!!!!

And to the Whino, I call you the animal murderer now. You with your associations that lead right back to the puppy mills and their suffering. You, Whino, with your rantings of how the public is innocent and it is only the shelters who make the decision to kill, are the one who is causing all the problems. You, Whino, have divided the humane community even more than it already was, making the problems even more so. And all of this comes down to one thing, hurting the shelter animals and the people who try to keep up with the demands of your public.

Whinonettes are being sued and they should be. It is all coming apart for you, Whino, and I can't think of anyone that deserves it more than you. Rave all you want, it won't do any good now. We and I am happy to say we, are coming after you with the intentions of stopping your hurting and killing of good animals. You, Whino, are evil, shear evil but you will not prevail.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Getting Crowded!!!!

And I am not complaining. Seems there is a sudden awakening to what I have been preaching all this while.

Although you know that I don't think a great deal of Best Fiends, I will give them a break now. Seems they are learning a lesson on the hypocrisy of the Whino. As you know, or don't know, the Whino now considers Best F(r)iends as his enemy. You know the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I still disagree with many things about Best Friends but maybe they are turning around, maybe because they are seeing that we can't save them all, I don't know.

Anyway here's another two that are speaking against the "No Kill Equation". Welcome to my world.