Thursday, October 30, 2014


The types that are attracted to No Kill never cease to amaze me. We have, of course, the likes of Best Fiends, or Best Friends, as idiots call them. A cult who figured out they got more money from pimping animals than from passing around the church plate.

Now here is Jane Berkey, idol and hero to every pit lover in the country. If you don't know her, here is but some info on this woman.

Seems there are other loves of Ms. Berkey. Warning: May be more than you want to know.

Credibility. Know thy enemy better than you know thyself. Attack credibility. How many officials want to be linked with the likes of these folks? More tools for the arsenal.

Friday, October 3, 2014


This month is a recognition month for the misunderstood pit bull breed. Last year the Huffington Post was honoring the Pit Bull Awareness Day with an article showing the wonders of the "nanny" dog and their tiny playmates, kids. 

Included in that stream of photo ops was one picture of a small boy hugging his pit bull, photo #61 of 73 photos, the same pit bull that killed him a month or so later. The Huffington Post ran this picture along with the others until it was brought to their attention. They just took it off, no apologies, nothing to the family, no explanation.
Recently the Huffington Post has given voice to the pit community via Douglas Anthony Cooper.
Cooper, a small time novelist from Canada, has condemned one of the two only sources that track disfiguring and fatal dog attacks, Merritt Clifton.

He also attacked another Canadian, Barbara Kay, who speaks so eloquently and knowledgeable about the issue of dangerous dogs. 

It is irresponsible journalism to continue on the path that the Huffington Post is on, which is pimping, yes pimping, pits. Attacks are daily, as of this writing, pit types have killed 25 people in 2014 and countless other animals.
Last Sunday, families were blocked from attending a memorial to the ones killed by dangerous dogs, not just pit bulls, three breeds were represented. Pit bull owners and their pit bulls blocked families from this tribute. 

Is the Huffington Post contributing to this intimidation by having a dedicated "Pit Bull" Huffington Post now?

Recently they presented pits in tutus, a series. When pits are mauling and killing like no other breed in history, is it responsible journalism to support the killers?

"MAD WORLD" by Galileo Dog has answers. "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

Monday, September 29, 2014


Taken from:

A tribute art memorial entitled “Pay it Forward,” honoring 30 recent victims of fatal dog attacks, was unveiled on September 24, 2014 in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Wyoming,  Michigan resident Joan Kowal as an entry in ArtPrize, an annual outdoor art contest attracting upward of 1,500 entrants and more than 400,000 votes from viewers who select the award-winning entries.
Each victim was portrayed on a cross, along with information about how the person was killed. The killer dogs were identified. About two-thirds were pit bulls, as were 140 of the 216 dogs to have killed Americans since the beginning of 2010.
Displaying thoughtless solidarity, poor social judgment, and some cruelest behavior by fellow humans I have seen short of actual physical violence, pit bull advocates flocked to this sacred memorial, bringing their dogs, to protest that the pit bulls were identified as pit bulls.
Many of the victims were killed by pit bulls from their own households. The information about those pit bulls, including photos of some of them, came from the victims’ grieving families. The pit bull advocates’ protest was simultaneously an exercise in trying to suppress the truth and in disrespecting and bullying the families of the dog attack victims for having shared their painful stories.  The phalanx of demonstrators and pit bulls barely controlled on chains blocked vistors’ view of the information on the crosses for hours.Apart from the sheer nastiness of the demonstrators, their actions illustrate why pit bulls are the dogs most often abused, neglected, and otherwise exploited, to fight and intimidate. This was an act of provocation comparable in rudeness to the Ku Klux Klan repeatedly rallying in the largely Jewish city of Skokie, Illinois, with the difference that Ku Klux Klan members are not notoriously inclined to attack each other and fight to the death without offering even a warning gesture first. These pit bull advocates put their own dogs at risk by bringing them into lunging distance of each other, as well as putting themselves and the public at risk, to try to score propaganda points at a memorial for the recent dead.
This is who is supposedly defending and protecting pit bulls. So long as this sort of behavior characterizes pit bull keepers, pit bulls will continue to be overbred, continue to suffer at the hands of people who claim to love them, and continue to die prematurely after failing repeatedly in homes––and humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife will continue to be victimized by dogs bred for no purpose other than to kill.


As a close friend to many survivors of pit bull attacks and surviving family members of some of the dead whom Julie Kowal memorialized, I have witnessed endless egregious acts of cruelty thrown at them by pit bull owners and advocates.  As if it were not horrible enough to experience and deal with all that comes with these attacks, fatal and non-fatal,  emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually, there are some very disturbed pit bull owners who have made an around-the-clock mission of maligning and hurting my friends who have lost children, husbands, wives, sisters, and brothers to pit bulls.Pit bull advocates even distribute false information about victims and survivors to their employers, seeking to get them get them fired from their jobs.
I am not speaking of just a few pathological individuals, but of scores of sociopaths who claim to be defenders of the pit bull, who engage in systematic, organized cyber-stalking and telephone harassment. Many aggressively blame victims and survivors for attacks which typically came either from pit bulls who previously were trusted family members, or pit bulls who rushed out of open doors, leaped out of windows, or jumped fences to attack people who had no idea before that their assailants even existed. Each time the ‘pit bullies’ mystifyingly determine that it is not the dog’s fault that the dog tore off a limb, tongue, or ear of the victim, and allege against the weight of the evidence amassed from more than 5,000 fatal and disfiguring attacks that all dogs do this type of damage.
The self-help networks formed by dog attack survivors and friends have become a very strong united front. Support offered by victims to fellow victims has so far prevented tragic outcomes such as suicide, which often occur in other post-traumatic stress situations where the victims feel alone. But many of the pit bull advocates behind the ceaseless barrage of bullying and personal attacks make clear that they hope for the deaths of victims who speak out, and for the deaths of anyone who amplifies their voices. ANIMALS 24-7, for instance, received this message just last night: “I hope you and your while family contract the Ebola virus!”
As the list of pit bull attack victims grows exponentially, so does the support network.  Survivors around the world are helped to channel their grief, frustration and anger in positive ways to strengthen public awareness.
Meanwhile, as bullying by pit bull advocates escalates, few if any appear to be offering more than platitudes in response to the overbreeding, lack of owner accountability, and increasing frequency of pit bull maulings, which have increased tenfold since the Michael Vick dogfighting case in 2007, more than doubled in 2013 alone, and are close to setting a new record in 2014.

Sociopathic behavior

Just a couple of years ago I too was deeply involved in pit bull rescue and advocacy, as described in “Why pit bulls will break your heart,”  But even in my own fiercest days of pit bull advocacy, when I was transporting, fostering, and speaking on behalf of pit bulls, I would never have dreamed of hurting another human being to defend my dog or any other pit bull.  I also campaigned under my own name.The pit bull fanatics we are dealing with today often conduct their activities anonymously or under false names, like many of the dogfighters and nightriders who produced and perpetuated the breed for decades before most people knew that pit bulls existed.  These people know that attaching their own names to the poison they spew would bring rejection from most of civilized society.
That such individuals form a large part the crowd promoting, defending and protecting pit bulls explains in large part why so little is being accomplished to end the suffering of not only humans, pets, livestock and wildlife victimized by pit bulls, but also of pit bulls themselves.
More surprising, though, than that hostile people who keep hostile dogs behave in a hostile manner is that these are the people with whom much of the humane community elects to make common cause.
Thanks to Beth Clifton for her advocating for pit bull victims. 


Low lifers blocking the memorial so families could not come to honor their dead. They made death threats when the Candlelight Vigil for Victims of DANGEROUS DOGS was held. Why is it that only the bullies get pissed off, not owners of the other breeds who have killed.

The lower lifers with pit bulls should realize that this memorial covers all canine fatalities including other breeds who have killed. Where are the bullies for those breeds in this exhibit? Why aren't others out there about their breeds sitting with the low lifer pit bull owners? Because other breed owners aren't bullies, aren't low lifers, they show respect for their breed.

I still say let the police check on those fools for warrants.


I would say that at least half of these lower life forms have a criminal record behind them. Someone needs to call the police and let them show check a few. What kind of people want to dishonor innocent children who were ripped apart by pit bulls? Not people, scum, dirtbags, pit bull owners. This is being sent to several legislators this morning. This will be used against these low life beings. Pit nutters are the worst enemies of the pit bulls, they will be the reason that BSL passes if not bans. They show the world the low life types who want this breed. I just wish I could spit on each one of these low lifers.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Delaware, a lesson for us all. Somehow Nathan Winograd managed to get his CAPA (Companion Animal Protection Act) passed in Delaware on the state level. I certainly don't want to piss off any citizens of Delaware, BUT what were you thinking?

A nationally heralded attempt to make Delaware a no-kill state ended ignominiously on November 14, 2013 with the closure of the Safe Haven no-kill shelter in Georgetown, the euthanasia of 19 pit bulls who flunked behavioral screening, and the evacuation of 22 more dogs, mostly pit bulls and pit mixes, by the ASPCA.

The Safe Haven shelter just 17 months earlier had taken over the biggest animal control control in Delaware, accounting for more than half of the total impoundments  and killing in the state. 

The Delaware Companion Animal Protection Act was hailed by Nathan Winograd, found of the No Kill Advocacy Center in Oakland, California, as "The most sweeping, progressive companion animal protection legislation in the United States. The law was modeled on the No Kill Advocacy Center's CAPA," Winograd blogged. 

"The no-kill movement has denied the existence of overpopulation and downplayed the importance of prevention of unwanted litters, focusing all their attention on adoptions," Mechler told Animal People. "Anyone who wants to get to true no-kill, or as close as is feasible, should watch what is happening in Delaware."

This fine blog followed this fiasco all the way through. I feel that this blog had a lot to do with stopping the CAPA in five other states. I know I used it in Florida and Florida shoved CAPA right under the table.

No Kill should just roll over, it has been exposed, it has failed, and it is time to just throw in that towel, Winograd.

Friday, September 26, 2014


This picture was posted on facebook. The backdrop is an art exhibit dedicated to the victims of dogs.

Over thirty individually decorated crosses are displayed with blue and white flowers in the nation's first physical memorial for victims of canine-related fatalities. The title reflects the fact that canine- related fatalities happen "Out of the Blue", in many instances. The crosses will be covered in multiple shades of luminous blue colors. This is an opportunity to Pay it Forward, and show the good side of humanity. Visitors are encouraged to express their sympathy, respect, and support for the victims and their families by leaving teddy bears, flowers, or memorial decorations in the designated heart-shaped memorial space. There will also be information on prevention of bites, and responsible dog ownership.  

Now would you want to live besides women who can look at the faces of innocent children, read the stories and then put the beast on the memorial and smile about it? These are people who don't give a rat's ass about you, your family, your pets. We talk of BSL for pit bulls when we need to talk of encampments to isolate this segment of society from the rest of us. They call us 'haters', but that is much better than what I call them.


Boggs Mountain Humane Society was the first No Kill shelter in Georgia, and now is a name that will live in infamy in the humane community and especially in the world of No Kill. A shelter that offered sanctuary, a No Kill shelter. LoWanda "Peanut" Kirby has been sentenced to 25 years in prison and has to serve 15 years. 

Nathan Winograd of the No Kill Equation encourages sanctuaries for aggressive dogs. Even aggressive dogs, he says, could lead happy lives in sanctuaries where they cannot harm the public. He encourages sanctuaries where dogs can be rehabilitated rather than the alternative of euthanasia. Sanctuaries such as Best FriendsOlympic Animal Sanctuary, or Spindletop, where these aggressive dogs can be rehabbed and be adopted out. 

This stance has had drastic effects in the form of the number of deaths from 're-homed' dogs. The only dogs re-homed from US shelters to killing anyone before 2000 were two wold hybrids in 1988 and 1989.  No kill started on the scene in the 80's with limited admission shelters that were able to pick and chose in order to not have to euthanize. From 2000-2009, three shelter dogs skilled after adoption, a pit bull, a bull mastiff, and a Presa Canario.Since 2009, with pressure from the No Kill movement to save them all, 33 re-homed dogs went on to kill, 25 pit bulls 8 bull mastiffs, 2 Rottweilers, and 1 Husky.This speaks for itself in that too many dangerous dogs are being adopted out via the philosophy of No Kill. Do we need to be establishing 'sanctuaries' for these dogs while so many are still having to be euthanized in our shelters for space? 

Winograd's movement states there is no pet overpopulation, therefore we need to save them all in some shape, form or fashion. Sanctuaries being but one. A number of these sanctuaries, some endorsed by Winograd, have been exposed as houses of horror. Boggs Mountain is the latest one. Not only is the No Kill movement putting public safety in jeopardy, but it opens a world of scams and schemes that only has resulted in more pets being at risk of unnecessary suffering as well as horrible deaths.

Last week, a jury found the director of the Boggs Mountain Humane Society, guilty of 60 counts of fraud. This fraud resulted in beloved pets dying while their owners were led to believe that their pet had found a good home. Boggs Mountain Humane Society bragged they were No Kill and your pet would be safe. The "Lucky Dog/Lucky Cat" program was thus established, but many weren't so lucky. Prosecutors have shown via testimony that people who signed up for the Lucky Dog/Lucky Cat program understood that their donations, $100 or in some cases more, meant that animals they took to Boggs Mountain or otherwise sponsored would not be euthanized. Boggs Mountain was No Kill wasn't it? Records showed, however, that the pets had been euthanized.

"During a contentious cross examination, Healy tried to established that Penny Burkitt, for presient of the Boggs board, set up the protocol for the Lucky animal program. Cousins held firm, however, and explained that Kilby told her how animals were transferred to Rabun County Animal Control so that Boggs Mountain could remain a no-kill shelter. 

The movement of No Kill via Nathan Winograd has allowed for such a scam, playing upon people's emotions, offering the comforting assurance that the words "no kill" should mean to most people. What does it mean in reality? It has allowed for the development of schemes and scams like no other movement before. Money is collected now on animals still sitting in shelters, animals that no one comes for even with the donations, animals that die in the shelter waiting for those with the donations to come to take them out.

No Kill has allowed dangerous dogs to be placed back into society. Save them all is the latest campaign slogan from Best Friends. Should we be saving them all? What is that cost of saving them all? Prior to 2000, only 2 re-homed canines had gone on to kill after adoption, and that was two wolf hybrids. It is no coincidence that the time line of the rise of No Kill and the rise of deaths from re-homed dog attacks. Between 2000-2009, there were three deaths from re-homed dogs. In the competition for the donor dollars, the Humane Society of the United States, along with the ASPCA developed their own versions of No Kill. From 2009, there have been 33 deaths from re-homed dogs. Pit bulls account for 25 of those deaths, 8 by bull mastiffs (including Presa Canario, 2 by Rottweilers, and one by a Husky. In their fervor to "save them all", the safety of people has been forgotten.

The deception of No Kill goes even further with exaggerations of the number of shelters that have adopted No Kill. Nathan Winograd makes claims that he can't back up. PeTA has exposed No Kill shelters as limited admission shelters. But it is the term alone that is doing the damage, misleading people into thinking that all can be saved. Saving them doesn't mean warehousing them, creating hoarding, scams for money making, or just sending them off to the unknown via transports. This is what the humane world has become, ignoring public health, pet health, and safety for both. Playing on the emotions of the public for donations, donations that often don't reach the very cause of the problem. 

Boggs Mountain is but one of many No Kill shelters that have been plagued by the easy money that can be generated by pushing the No Kill slogan. How many haven't been caught yet? How many are being covered up to protect an elected official's reputation? There are many questions you need to ask when it comes to No Kill. Ask those tough questions. 


Save them all, the cry from the No Kill camps, save them all. The question is should all be saved? What are the consequences of this? The consequences are people and beloved pets loving their lives in a most horrible way.

See how the timeline fits the crime. No Kill has been around for about 10 years, with no kill being around for awhile longer. According to Merritt Clifton, a brilliant researcher who has logged fatal and disfiguring attacks since 1982, there were two deaths from shelter dogs between 1982 and 2002, two disfiguring attacks for a total of four attacks in 20 years. Another 4 attacks in 2003 resulting in two deaths. BUT the number of fatal or disfiguring attacks from shelter dogs rose to 10 in 2009, 18 in 2010, 11 in 2011, 13 in 2012. A dramatic increase for 2013 of 27 attacks but 2014 is outdoing that. The first 6 months of 2014 saw 34 attacks from shelter dogs. 

The first shelter director to be charged with reckless endangerment is Laurie Hollywood of the Stamford Animal Shelter. She adopted out three dogs with bite histories and failed to disclose this to the new owners. She had been warned about doing the same thing in 2008 and 2011. 

Best Fiends also pimps dangerous dogs. A disclaimer on their advertisements for adopting some dogs. Best Friends has a new promotion that includes free transportation (translation: Let's get this damn dog out of town before it does something to bring attention to us.) to your home town, even if that means a ride on an airplane (talk about desperate to hide dangerous dogs). Now, with all that wonderful information, did you notice in small print at the bottom of the flyer: THESE PETS NEED TO BE THE ONLY DOG OR CAT IN HOME. That sounds a little ominous, doesn't it? No explanation as to what it means either.

It's only a matter of time before something happens that will be traced back to Best Fiends. Their money won't buy everyone off.

With all the dogs and cats in our shelters without baggage, why such an emphasis on those dogs and cats who will probably fail the real world test. Why does No Kill want to set up families and animals for failure by denying that some are just not right for adoption. 

No Kill and DBRFs go hand and hand with each other. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014


UPDATE:  Looks like Barbara Kay reamed you a new one, Cooper. Whiney Boy will love that.

So D(umb) A(ss) Cooper is at it again in that Huff Puff rag. Following his Master's order to get the bad man. Cooper hasn't the sense to come in from a shower of rain, hasn't he even seen the light yet? His Messiah was proven to be a false prophet, an out and out liar. Cooper isn't as stupid as we think, he knows his Messiah has fallen and he is right there trying to pick up the distressed groupies.

What does DA know about pit bulls anyway? What are his credentials when it comes to pits? What are his contributions, other than lip service, to the issue of pits? I doubt seriously he even wrote that piece, I lay my bets that Whiney Boy himself wrote it. Cooper isn't that bright a bulb.

Cooper, who isn't in his homeland fighting cruelty there, isn't in the States either so he contributes nothing here. Nope, he is in Mexico claiming to be saving a rare breed aka breeding for big bucks is how it translates. Living the good life with a little girlie girl who loves to kiss on chihuahuas. I would say this is a better reason for his living in Mexico than trying to save a breed. Some things just aren't allowed in this country. What's the matter, Douglas Anthony Cooper, isn't Lucy enough woman for you?

And his book goes right along with it, a child's book for his girlfriend. How sweet of him. So here is Barbara Kay's review of that book. And the funds raised for it seem somewhat suspect to me.

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!

Looking back, this blog has been neglected for too long. So much has happened in the past year. Between the demise of No Kill, hoarders running all over the country and transporters loadin' 'em up, not a lot of time for the blog. I would like to ask the readers to submit links for stories that you want to see captured here for easy searching. Where do we start?

I think the first place with be with the 'movie' of Nathan Winograd. The man doesn't do one single thing to help animals directly but he has time and money for a movie? C'mon. Whiney Boy criticizes HSUS for not spending their money on shelters, does he realize he is the pot calling the kettle black? He does nothing to contribute other than run his mouth. His actions, or lack thereof, prove he is full of it or rather full of himself. He actually believes he will walk the red carpet at the Oscar's this year. Does his ego know no limits?

Take a look at his version of 'sell out' crowds at his movie. I would say there are more empty seats than attendees. Maybe it was intermission and they all went to potty. I'm quite sure he has some kind of excuse. Here's but three.


Poor Valerie, she failed her Messiah, more empty seats. It was so bad she had to resort to showing Whino rolling on the floor with a dog more than showing all those empty seats. No officials, nothing, once again. LOL

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Recently a couple of articles were purchased from the archives of the Ithaca Journal. These articles tell the tale of Nathan Winograd at the Tompkins County SPCA, a tale of deceit that continues to this very day. The publicly available abstracts are presented for both articles.

The first of these two tales is that of the protection of a puppy mill by Winograd while in Tompkins. 
The Ithaca Journal - Ithaca, N.Y.
Author: LaMattina, Diana 
Date: Feb 22, 2003 
Abstract (Document Summary) 
According to Winograd, the investigator informed him there were numerous complaints with the kennel and the dogs' care. According to Winograd, he has been aware of what he termed "unfit conditions" at the Groton kennel since he began working at the SPCA a year and a half ago.

A year and a half these dogs were left in these conditions. The reason is that Winograd wanted to save his numbers. Imagine the amount of suffering that occurred during that time.

"Many of them were so filthy that your hands turned black from touching them. The conditions were pretty shocking and horrifying, and she wouldn't allow us to go back to the kennel cages," said Christine Thomas. "Some of them had mammary tumors from being bred and bred. They were all filthy with urine and feces. Their coats were so matted, we had to shave several of them."

"My goal was to reduce the number gradually over time, so it's manageable," Winograd said.

You don't wait to reduce numbers gradually when the animals are in these conditions. Many, if not most, of the dogs were old and not the adoptable types. They needed extensive medical, lots of money for a private shelter whose director never raised the contract amounts of the contract cities. HE LEFT THEM THERE !!

This blogger is familiar with this story personally. I spoke with Patricia Sipman. Patricia Sipman described the incident. She also took the time to relay this incident to the Rancho Cucamonga City Council who was considering hiring Winograd at the time. Sipman is a native of San Dimas, next door to Rancho.

Sipman had just moved to Ithaca from California. She had been a paralegal in Pasadena. She went to the Tompkins County SPCA to adopt that day. While sitting in the lobby, a Cornell student brought in a pitiful Pit Bull. The student was the owner. Sipman said the dog was extremely ill, emaciated, mange ridden to the point of little hair left, stunk with blood coming from sores. She petted the dog in sympathy. Sipman has wondered what happened to that poor dog.

The counter people went to get Winograd. He came out, look at the dog from the distance, and said "We don't take dogs like that" and walked back into his office. Sipman was mortified at this and wrote a letter to the Ithaca Journal.
Jan. 28, 2004

"I visited the shelter often last fall and saw a dog turned away. It was not vicious; indeed I petted it. It was underfed, neglected, had advanced contagious mange and perhaps other health problems. 

When I asked, I was told that the SPCA routinely rejects such animals, but conveniently no statistics reflect this. The dog could and should have been quickly, humanely euthanized."

Patricia also went on in her letter to speak of the deceit of the stats provided by the TC SPCA.

"Tompkins County SPCA Executive Director Nathan Winograd has said ".....a no-kill shelter was a fantasy. In five years, we have reached that goal." If the director is referring to his facility as no kill when in fact 2,012 animals were killed since 1999, he's still fantasizing. Likely the "no-kill" facilities he transferred 882 animals to are, like Tompkins County, euthanizing animals."

Patricia told me also that Winograd sent 3-4 nasty emails to her afterwards. Most rational people would try to explain their actions, especially to a taxpayer/concerned citizen, but not Winograd. He called her names, childish behavior as Patricia said.

So here are two documented cases of the true nature of Nathan Winograd. His dedication to his program at the expense and suffering of animals is unconscionable. Ask him to provide any documentation of his accusations of others.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Some interesting info crossed my path recently and I will present it to you. Interpret it whichever way you will. I will give you my interpretation. The writing was on the wall, and all rats desert a sinking ship.

Now let's look at the time line here. Abigail Smith was in Tompkins until April 2011, I believe. These charts show a steady decline in cat intake but yet a surprisingly increase in euthanasia. Dog takes were declining but again euthanasia was increasing. Does one see a question to be asked here?

Another interesting item comes out with the wash and that is the percentage of intake classified as 'healthy' went from 26.9% to 5.3%. Raises another question, doesn't it?

Of course that goes along with classifying unhealthy and untreatable rising dramatically from 7% to 22%. 

Forum is open for questions, folks. I know I have a few. Like why did Abigail Smith really leave Tompkins? Better job? Or she saw the writing on the wall regarding No Kill. 

Thanks to Lisa Wahl for bringing this to my attention.