Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My New Name

I am so sick and tired of seeing stats quoted from Karen Delise and the National Canine Research Council. The NCRC is thrown out there as if it is an official body and it appears no one takes the time to research the NCRC to find out the true mission, lying about pit bulls.

So I thought it was time for us, the advocates of human life over that of pit bulls, to give ourselves a new name, one official sounding like the NCRC. I'm looking for suggestions.

How about the Worldwide Council on Pit Bull Myths, WCPBM? I'm sure that my readers can come up with a better one. I like DBO representing DogsBite but we need something that encompasses all of us including no kill. So send in those suggestions. Our motto can be something like "Save humans, not pit bulls". Our mission statement can be that the question is no longer how to save the pits, but rather how to save ourselves from the pits. I'm not that imaginative so I need your help. If Karen Delise can pass herself off under the guise of a misleading name, then surely we can pass ourselves off as a legit effort.

Friday, December 18, 2009

King County ACO Guild Files Lawsuit

This is great news!!! Hopefully we can see the conspiracy that has developed between certain council members, the Seattle Humane, and the Whino.

According to Michael Brannan, attorney for the Animal Control Officers Guild, “It is time for the truth to come out, and the truth is those who pushed most strongly for the services to be handled by non-county run shelters appear to have the most to gain.”

“We support the County’s decision to reduce euthanasia,” stated Sgt. John Diel, President of the Animal Control Officers Guild, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. “Animals housed in the shelter require food, medical attention and adequate care. We have managed to do that in a fiscally responsible – and humane – manner,” Diel said. “Our reputations have been smeared, jobs have been lost, and in my opinion, this happened as a result of political favor. Taxpayers will likely field the bill for a sweetheart deal worked out between King County and the Seattle Humane society.”

The same sweetheart deal that was worked out in Reno. I agree with Sgt. Diel and hope the truth comes out before King County is screwed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feral Cats 0, Wildlife 1

The feral cats of LA will have to start looking for homes, which should have been the case all along.

This comes as good news/bad news. The good news is that TNR is no longer acceptable in LA due to a lawsuit. The bad news is what happens to these "feral" cats now. I doubt that these "caregivers" will step up and do the right thing by taking them off the streets.

Songbirds of Los Angeles may get a reprieve from feral cat predation. Six conservation groups won a lawsuit on Friday against the City of Los Angeles and its Department of Animal Services to stop the practice of encouraging feral cat colonies until the legally required environmental impact reviews are performed.

The Los Angeles Superior Court found that the City of Los Angeles had been “secretly and unofficially” promoting “Trap-Neuter-Return,” a controversial program to allow feral cats to run free, even while the Department of Animal Services promised to conduct an environmental review of the program. The Court ordered the City to stop implementing TNR. The plaintiffs, The Urban Wildlands Group, Endangered Habitats League, Los Angeles Audubon Society, Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society, Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society, and the American Bird Conservancy, sued the City in June 2008 to ensure that the controversial program to sanction and maintain feral cat colonies was not implemented before a full and public environmental analysis.

The groups decided legal action was necessary after their investigation revealed that the City had been unofficially implementing a so-called “Trap-Neuter-Return” program and the City repeatedly declined their request to stop implementing the program until environmental review was performed.

Although the City insisted that no such program existed, the Court concurred with the conservation groups and concluded in its Friday ruling that, “implementation of the program is pervasive, albeit ‘informal and unspoken.’”

“Our goal was to see that the City follows the California Environmental Quality Act by thoroughly assessing the program’s impacts on the environment and considering alternatives and mitigation measures before making specific programmatic decisions,” said Babak Naficy, attorney for plaintiffs. “Feral cats have a range of impacts to wildlife, human health, and water quality in our cities. The impacts of institutionalizing the maintenance of feral cat colonies through TNR should be discussed in an open, public process before any such program is implemented,” Naficy said.

In June 2005, the Los Angeles Board of Animal Services Commissioners adopted TNR as the “preferred method of dealing with feral cat populations as its official policy.” Thereafter, the Board directed the General Manager to prepare an analysis of the program under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). This analysis was never completed but the Department implemented major portions of the program anyway.

The Department issued coupons for free or discounted spay/neuter procedures for feral cats being returned to neighborhoods and open spaces, including parks and wildlife areas. It also began refusing to accept trapped feral cats or to issue permits to residents to trap feral cats. The Department assisted outside organizations that performed TNR by donating public space, advertising their services, and referring the public to their TNR programs. The Department even encouraged and assisted in establishing new feral cat colonies at City-owned properties.

The Superior Court recognized these actions as illegal implementation of the TNR program that could have an impact on the environment and enjoined the City from further pursuing the program until it complied with CEQA. Dr. Travis Longcore, Science Director of The Urban Wildlands Group, said, “Feral cats are documented predators of native wildlife. We support spaying and neutering all cats in Los Angeles, which is the law, but do not support release of this non-native predator into our open spaces and neighborhoods where they kill birds and other wildlife.”

Even when fed by humans, cats instinctively hunt prey, including birds, lizards and small mammals. Colonies of feral cats, often thriving with the aid of handouts from humans, harm native wildlife and contaminate water bodies with fecal bacteria. Longcore continued, “TNR is promoted as a way to reduce feral cat populations but scientific research shows that 70–90% of cats must be sterilized for cat populations to decline. This is virtually impossible to achieve in practice, but population reduction can be achieved with only 50% removal.”

The City must now stop its TNR program and any further proposal to implement such a program must undergo objective scientific review as part of the CEQA process. This will ensure that the public has adequate opportunity to comment and that significant impacts on parks, wildlife, water quality, and human health are avoided.

It's a shame it had to come to this but it was inevitable. TNR was doing nothing more than trading cats' lives for those of other creatures. Cats do kill for fun, playing with their kill and sometimes not even ending their prey's suffering. Not to mention that leaving cats outside is the ultimate cruelty.

This will have quite an effect on "No Kill". This along with the bans on pits that are coming on board daily should put "No Kill" in serious jeopardy as it should be. I predict that many places will now stop their formal or informal TNR programs because of this court case. I have no problems with that.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a Reminder About Winograd's "Success"

The Whino is still running around bragging about Reno/Washoe when in actuality "no kill" was rejected there.

After hearing that current practices ensure that few healthy animals die at the Regional Animal Control Services Center, the Washoe County Commission on Tuesday agreed not to adopt an official "no kill" policy.

It also agreed to hold a community forum to educate the public about the center, which includes the Nevada Humane Society.

The commission agreed that it did not need to create a task force to draft a formal policy to become a "no kill" community, one option that was presented by staff in an update on the joint facility that opened in 2006.

That policy is misleading, said Mitch Schneider, interim animal control director. Vicious animals and very sick animals, not likely to survive, are euthanized under a "no kill" policy.

He said he prefers "pet friendly" as animal services' goal.

Commissioner Kitty Jung made a plea to create an oversight committee to review operations and policies at the center. Chairman David Humke and Commissioner John Breternitz said they didn't have enough information to consider whether that's needed.

In 2008, Washoe County animal control euthanized 188 dogs and 238 cats because the center had run out of space, and no one wanted those animals, Schneider said.

"There were a lot of pit bulls. There's just not enough homes who want them," Schneider said. "The Humane Society is not going to take all pit bulls."

The Washoe County euthanasia rate is 7.4 animals per 1,000 population. That compares with the national average of 12.5 animals per 1,000 population.

The center took in 11,494 animals in 2008, including wild animals and dead animals. Schneider said the number was up by about 300 from 2007.

"I'm grateful the economy hasn't caused a tremendous number of abandoned animals," he said.

Animal control saw that 3,290 animals were returned to their owners in 2008 and its staff delivered a number of them. Another 5,906 animals were rescued by the Humane Society and other groups.

A closer look

Animal control and the Humane Society moved into their new building in February 2006. The Humane Society raised $4.5 million to build its share of the building and pays a lease covering operating and maintenance costs.
Its members also helped push for a successful bond issue/tax override to create the regional animal control service that involved merging county, Reno and Sparks operations.

The Humane Society found homes for 8,635 animals in 2008, up from 8,030 in 2007 and 4,536 in 2006. "This community is incredibly animal friendly," said Bonney Brown, society executive director.

Connie Johnson, a Humane Society volunteer, urged the commission to visit the center and watch the staff and volunteers at work. "It's so heartwarming," she said.

Each time an animal is adopted, staff members comes out of their offices to cheer, said Gina Cole, another volunteer. She said staff comes in early to make sure animals are ready for the public. And other commented on the shelter being opened daily to encourage adoptions.

See, even this Humane Society won't take pits, just like San Francisco. The Whino distorts the truth about his "successes". With a 58% euthanization rate for pits nationwide his proclaimed successes are contributing to this rate by refusing to take pits. They should be forced to take all the pits because pits get a "bad rap". I say actions speak a lot louder than words, Winograd.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Legacy of No Kill or How to Make Animals Suffer Even More

The Toronto Humane Society has been in the news this past week. Another perfect example of why "No Kill" doesn't work in large open door shelters. And there is a confidential report in the comment section that tells the tale.

Shades of Lied, NV!!!! What kind of people are attracted to this "No Kill" movement has to be a question asked. Lied employees had no idea that all those animals were sick and obviously Toronto Humane didn't either. Doug Rae in Indy was hiding cats in the ventiliation ducts to keep from euthanizing them. And this was after the house of horrors he created in Philly. Rancho Cucamonga, CA issued a report for 08 showing a tremendous increase in animals dying in their cages. When questioned about this from a cruelty officer, they immediately issued a new report that put them in a better light. It's only a matter of time before the news picks up on this shelter.

And whose fault is all of this? Not animal control, they are just going a job for the public. It is the fault of the humane community, the very ones who yell no kill. There would be no euthanasia in our shelters if the humane community would step up to the plate. If they complain about animals dying in the shelter, why don't they take them out? Because there is a double standard when it comes to the definition of "adoptable". Most of the animals in an open door shelter are rejects from "No Kill' groups. Yet these same groups expect animal control to work miracles and adopt out their version of "unadoptable". The "No Kill" groups turn away owners and where do those pets end up? Either as road kill or being euthanized in an open door shelter. So what does that make these rescues, hypocritical. They have the blood on their hands even more than animal control does. They are the ones dictating the doom of animals.

A case comes to mind in LA of this. Zepher was a dog that was brought into the shelter sick. The shelter tried to treat the dog but in the end the medication failed to work. A "rescuer" had a hold on the dog, which means she intended to take it rather than it being euthanized. This "rescuer" walked by that dog many times as she bailed out other cute, fluffy dogs. The day before Zepher died in the kennel, this "rescuer" actually took a picture and the picture showed that the dog was dying. When asked by a reporter why she didn't take the dog then, she replied that her vet was already closed. Duh, as if there aren't after hour vets???? So she allowed the dog to suffer and die, and she failed Zepher. I felt all along this was a set up and Zepher was sacrificed. Then this "rescuer" had the nerve to fill a lawsuit against the County, along with Winograd.

Other open door shelters are being subjected to this type of setup. King County, WA has been setup for failure and it is a mess there. Memphis may be in the throes of a set up, will wait and see. This seems to be a trend to make the shelters look worse to the public. What does that accomplish? It sends the public to "rescues" and to breeders. Both of which are the friends of Winograd's "No Kill" movement. Yes, indeed, the Whino does love the breeders and they love him. Instead of helping bring the public into the shelters, "No Kill" drives them away and more animals go down as a result.

We have spent the last decade focusing on this "No Kill" movement and the numbers are showing it. Before all is lost, we need to defeat the Whino's movement. It can work in private shelters that pick and chose, it can work in smaller shelters probably. But it cannot work in large open door shelters and has proven, thus far, to be a detriment in those shelters. Keep in mind that the Whino has only taken care of about 10,000 animals in his "career", not nearly enough to classify him as an "expert". And he hasn't been in a shelter that handles over 3000 animals a year. Look at the SF SPCA and SF Animal control, their numbers are low. The Whino fails to explain that SF has mandatory spay/neuter for pits and that the SF SPCA doesn't take pits from the shelter. And the SF animal shelter euthanized pits. Read between the lines, do your research, don't fall for this hoax (according to Roger A. Caras, longtime President of the ASPCA). It is robbing our shelters of volunteers and it is making more suffering than is necessary. I classify it as the singularly most evil thing that has happened for animals in my lifetime.

MORE: They were letting them die in their cages rather than euthanize. "No Kill" is beyond evil to do this to the animals!!! Twice as many animals died in their cages than they euthanized!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA is doing the same thing. Check out an earlier posting about Rancho on this blog.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pit Nutters That Purrrrrr

To begin, I do not use "outside" to describe a cat. I don't believe in cats being outside unless supervised. Cats have never stuck me as being capable of taking care of themselves outside. Therefore, I do not accept Trap, Neuter and Release (Abandon in my book) as a viable way to manage cats. I came across this article and wanted to pass it along, some excerpts and my comments.

Animal-welfare activists have requested that the address be withheld; they say that revealing the location of a colony encourages people to dump unwanted cats there.

But people do know about feeding stations and colonies. This allows them to dump their cats knowing that the "crazy cat lady" will take care of it. It also means the punks know where to get cats for their perversions.

Working with RMACA, Des Marais and other volunteers are trying to reduce the kill rate by trapping ferals, spaying or neutering them, then returning them — in effect, transforming the entire colony from feral to sterile so that it will eventually die out on its own. But trap-neuter-return, or TNR, is a controversial solution, often unpopular with communities afflicted by the colonies.

Great in theory, doesn't work that way in real life. When will occur to these people that if they put food out there, cats will come? There will always be new ones. The perfect example of this was the Los Alamitos colony in LA that was 45 years old!!!! There recently was controversy because the cats were causing problems at a nearby day care center. Children were becoming sick from allergies to parasites. And it was traced back to the cats. So, to keep the Whinonettes off their backs, the city tried to work with the TNR people. When they started the count was 130 cats, a year later the count was 200. It never ends.

That appears to be the case at this apartment complex. Des Marais tracks down the tenant who invited her here, a man named Santos. He says things are getting worse by the day. He caught a neighbor shooting at the cats with a BB gun and asked him to stop.

"He said, 'Those aren't your cats,'" Santos recalls. "He told me to mind my own business."

Another tenant saw a coyote eating a cat. Cats have been found with their entrails hanging out. One was decapitated. Santos doesn't think all the mutilations are the work of coyotes. "People can be cruel," he says.

What an understatement, people can be cruel!!! I have seen worse than this in colonies. It changed my mind rather quickly that TNR is actually the ultimate cruelty. Where is a concern for quality of life?

It's a formidable task. Not only is there no magical place in the country for them to go, but feral cats are highly territorial. Relocating them requires keeping them confined for weeks until they get comfortable in new surroundings. Contrary to the myths about cats being able to fend for themselves — the same myths that have helped create the feral cat problem in the first place — a feral released in the country will try to find its way back to its colony and probably perish in the attempt.

Another myth about cats being territorial is that they will keep other cats from coming into their colony. THAT IS NOT TRUE, particularly when cats are altered. They do not sit at the feed station protecting it. That's why colonies never go away and TNR lies about this aspect. Now this conflicts with the Whino because he is now saying to relocate them. Who's right?

"Even people in the animal-welfare community think tame cats are one issue and feral cats are another, and they're not," she says. "Everything is connected. Tame is one end of the spectrum, feral is the other. But there's all sorts of shades of gray in between."

And who makes the decision as to whether a cat is truly feral or another domestic gone wild? Too many times I have seen a cat classified as feral come out of a trap friendly. Too many times I have seen cats in colonies who would greet you, rub against your leg, and want to leave with you. Those aren't feral, they shouldn't be left in those colonies. Think about this, imagine a kitten trying to survive outside long enough to become "feral". Yeah, right.

The effort to establish a grassroots TNR program in the city is enthusiastically endorsed by Doug Kelley, director of Denver's Municipal Animal Shelter. As an "open admission" operation, the shelter takes in every type of stray or homeless pet. Cats labeled as feral will be euthanized — but not before they've already taken up space and expense in feline housing that often operates near capacity.

Of course he supports it but not for the reasons you think. Otherwise all those cats would end up in the shelters and screw with the euthanasia numbers. Let the other fools pay for it, keep the cats out, and he looks more like hero.

Many of the volunteers in the TNR movement are violating the city's five-pet limit by virtue of the number of cats and kittens they are in the process of rescuing, fostering or otherwise housing; putting out food for a colony can result in further violations. Consequently, many feral-cat people tend to operate furtively, setting up feeding stations in alleys and hiding their work from the neighbors and animal-control officers. "We need an exemption for ferals," says Angelilli, who's been meeting with city councilmembers over proposed changes in local ordinances.

Wait a minute, the reason for the problem is too many cats per household, people being allowed to have that many and no licensing, no responsibility. And what about those who don't want the colonies around them for various reasons, medical, etc? We don't let dogs run around in colonies, why make exceptions for cats? That is not fair.

Kelley would rather not see his office embroiled in neighborhood complaints about feral cats, but they keep coming. "If somebody really pushes, then we have to take some sort of action, and we'll contact Neighborhood Inspection Services," he says of the city agency that handles such matters. "It's a fine line between being a responsible person who helps take care of a colony and being a hoarder. We've certainly been on properties where well-meaning people have a hundred-plus cats. Then it becomes a health and safety issue."

Ah, now we are getting to the gist of it. I do believe that much of the TNR movement is nothing more than giving hoarders a way out. I think of it as a type of hoarding. Letting the great outdoor be your kennel.

"Sometimes it's hard to tell a feral cat from one that's very unsocialized or one that's just nasty," Kelley explains. "What we're calling feral cats aren't always feral cats."

And that is the moral and ethical side of the issue. As I said imagine a kitten outside surviving on it's own long enough to become truly feral.

"We have people who are considered caretakers, who are feeding the cats but not fixing them," Aubart says. "They get overwhelmed, and they have to choose between feeding and fixing. They choose feeding, of course. But all that does is make it so that you have to feed more."

Thus, the biggest problem of TNR. And if you provide food, then they will reproduce.

No, I don't want them killed. I want them fixed. I want these types of people to put ALL their efforts behind spay/neuter. I want these people to realize that they really aren't doing these cats a big favor, they are just prolonging the suffering. I want these people to realize that they are putting owned cats in danger, they cross streets, etc. coming to a food station. Not all the cats in a colony were dumped, the food and the colony attract cats that have a home. There needs to be regulations, policies, oversight for these TNR colonies to make sure they do what they intend to do.
Look at cats outside. Most of the time they looked terrified. Would you want your cat to live that way? Only if you would be willing to put your dearly beloved cat in a colony should you support this treatment of cats. These cats can be brought in from the cold via cat enclosures. TNR is the lazy way out, the cheap way out. It requires less of the caregiver but puts more on the cats and the neighborhood.
I recommend to those thinking of engaging in TNR. There's more to the story. Cats are a non native species and we are all familiar with what a predatory non native species can do to the native species. Plus cats in areas such as LA attract coyotes. These coyotes feed on people's pets as well. Is it right to sacrifice one life for another? Is it right for cats to take prey from coyotes, birds, etc. in the wild? And cats don't kill just to eat, they kill for fun. That's what makes them dangerous to native species, the prey and those that prey. California hasn't had canine rabies in years but there is feline rabies every year. What about diseases carried by cats? The children in Los Alamitos who had allergies, those who ended up with tapeworms. Cats are mobile, meaning fences don't stop them. They go into people's yards, leave their little gifts. And they carry fleas, fleas that can carry plagues, plagues that have wiped out thousands of lives.
Can you see the mentality between the pit nutters and the TNR "No Kill'ers"? Ain't a lot of difference is there?

Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Blog

After repeated requests for there to be a blog that shows media headlines on pit bull attacks on a state by state basis, I decided to get it done.

Comments are welcome but nutters will be treated for what they are, dirt. They want to spar with me, then bring the big gloves.

Pits are attacking in epidemic numbers, nutters want us to accept that. Nutters want us to change rather than change the dogs. Ain't gonna do it. These dogs are dangerous and need to be treated like anything else that can come into your home and kill your children. Thanks DBO for making me a wiser person, you may have saved my life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pit Bulls, Pit Nutters, and the Rest of Us

Been taking a short break taking care of my two dogs and some other stuff.

This morning I was on checking out the pit nutters and they are all over that blog. Craven really pisses them off but as I always say better to be pissed off than pissed on. And the nutters love to piss on people, particularly those victims of pits.

What goes through the nutters minds, if anything? They continue to defend a dog that is taking down people on a daily basis, what kind of people think like that?

They want us to believe that there are responsible owners of pits out there - WHERE?? I fail to see any. I have known some people who might fall into that catagory but unfortunately they ended up being just as crazied as the rest of the pit owners.

Nutters can't carry on a decent conversation about pits because they have nothing good they can say about them other than pits will lick you to death. Close, they do do death but not by licking. In every case where an owner can be found, the infamous statement also appears about how their dog has never shown any aggression and lives with their six stepladder children. This should be a red flag to the nutters that the pits are unpredictable. Oh no, it is because the dog was abused or trained to fight.

Anyone who has another breed of dog is able to see what the dog was bred to do even when they are puppies. Pointer puppies will point WITHOUT being trained. Terriers will chase even WITHOUT being trained. Border collies will herd WITHOUT being trained. Yet the nutters insist that a pit has to be trained to fight even though they have been bred for years to fight. DENIAL, IT IS CALLED DENIAL. And that denial only makes things worse. Can't these nutter fools see that they are the ones making the situation worse?

Why can't they face the truth? Is it because of the way they were raised? Didn't their parents tell them that lying and deceit is wrong? Who do you blame here? I doubt you'll find too many parents of pit owners who are proud of their offspring.

The scary part is to think that these people are out in society with their hatred of human life. They make excuses for the dogs but not for people. They will not hesitate to blame an innocent child for "provoking" an attack. You will rarely see a comment made by a nutter where condolences are made to the attack victim. In today's news headlines, the owners of a killer pit bull are forcing a mother to remove her remembrance of her dead son, how cruel. Instead of trying to help this grief stricken mother, these nutters are pouring salt into her wounds. And other nutters are supporting them for doing this.

Go to Cravens and look at the pictures of the typical pit owner, they will give you nightmares. At least they allow the rest of us to be able to distinguish them from civilized people because they have a pit at their side. I propose that all pit nutters with their pits be sent to an island, not be allowed to live in civilized society. These are throwbacks anyway, just get them out of sight. Then they can kill themselves off without disturbing the rest of us. The pits need to go the way of the dinosaurs, extinct. And as for the nutters, they just need to be lock away somewhere.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Utah Shelters REQUIRED To Sell To Research - Where the Hell is Best F(r)iends?

This blew me away. Here it is that BF claims to care so frigging much about animals and they are allowing this to happen in their own state!!

"Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs and cats dropped off at Utah shelters over the years have been handed over for laboratory experimentation under a state law that requires government-run pounds to surrender animals to research institutions that request them. Only Utah and Minnesota make these so-called "pound seizures" mandatory.

Subsequent open-records requests by a local activist confirmed the animal transfers, and that many of the animals were former pets. "

With all those donations and all that media, BF can't change this horrid practice in their own backyard? They're too fucking busy condemning HSUS and kissing Winograd's ass to clean up their own state. It's a money game for them now and taking time for real issues only detracts from getting donations from gullible people.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Seattle Humane Employees Painting the True Picture

Seems to me that the Seattle Humane Society needs the Whino to do an audit on their shelter. But since he is buddies with Brenda Barnette, it is doubtful he would speak the truth. And Barnette, lying bitch that she is, uses disease as an excuse to not help the local shelter animals when her shelter is the one that needs to quarantined.

(Kent, WA) Seattle Humane Society (SHS) employees, speaking on the condition of anonymity due to fear of retribution from SHS management, report in the last 18 months SHS has transferred in over 120 Skagit/Everett dogs and 90 American Eskimos from Kennewick, in addition to, over 100 transfers from Kern County, CA. The last 12 Eskimos remain at the shelter 5 months later without enrichment and no interest from rescue due to the fact they are so stressed they try to bite repeatedly rendering them unsafe to handle. Staff report severe overcrowding of the shelter with transferred dogs, lead to injury from fights, illness and high risk of disease spreading to the existing animal population.

Earlier today, Sgt. David Morris, Guild Executive Board member and Lead Cruelty Investigator for KCACC said, “I have serious concerns about our dogs and cats well being if King County turns over control of sheltering to the Humane Society. It is painfully evident they are not properly staffed or equipped to take on a project of this magnitude.”

SHS employees report overcrowding in isolation areas is a real problem due to disease prevention not being a concern of management. Staff has issue with improper housing and ventilation where sick animals are housed especially when the shelter is over capacity. SHS just recently recovered from a bad strain of Calici Virus affecting at least 22 cats. Improper quarantine and willful disregard for Veterinary protocol combined with adverse recommendations from management is of grave concern to SHS staff.

The fact SHS management continuously transfers animals from outside King County, as well as, from hoarder’s, plagues the shelter with disease and should be known to the public. SHS management is continually subjecting the shelter population to preventable disease. In addition, staff is concerned the public does not receive full disclosure of theses conditions during the adoption process or prior to placing animals in foster.

The SHS with around 70 staff has had over 60 employees turnover in the last 18 months, this is over 75%! Staff fears this high rate of attrition is not just the nature of the job, but from a complete lack of attention to training, employee retention and morale by management leading to a lack of continuity in care for the animals.

Spadaro Update

I just received a comment that Spadaro is back in San Bernardino. I knew that and did not want to publish what she is doing now until I received more on it.

Spadaro is at a kennel on the border of the City of San Bernardino. Originally she had written a bad check to purchase the kennel. I'm not sure what the situation is currently with the kennel, it was in foreclosure.

Seems she is again using tactics to stall the justice system. She has now filed cases against several people in animal control on a personal level. This means that the County has to pay to represent these employees against these suits Spadaro has filed.

Will this woman ever see justice? It's beginning to look doubtful. She has managed to put it off for 4 years now and there seems to be no end in sight. It is time to go to Sacramento and demand better laws pertaining to hoarders.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

King County Verses the Whino

This letter was received and I felt it needed to be published. These guys are fighting for their lives there and any support we can offer would be appreciated.

My name is Sgt. John Diel and I am the President of the Animal Control Officer’s Guild (the Guild) proudly representing King County Animal Control Officers, Sergeants, Veterinary Technicians and as of September 29, 2009 the Operations Employees of the Seattle Humane Society (SHS).

The purpose of this letter is to bring context and perspective to the article published October 9, 2009 in your paper, ‘Whistleblower letter alleges neglect at the Kent Shelter.’

As the President of the Guild I of course am deeply concerned an employee, possibly one I represent felt it necessary to go to the King County Ombudsman to voice concerns about what was described as “violations of neglect and cruelty laws, and constitute an abuse of authority, and a gross waste of taxpayer money.” Since this complaint was summarily withdrew by the complaining party before it could be investigated and the employees exonerated from any wrongdoing, in a separate letter (attached) to the King County Ombudsman I am requesting they go forward with investigating these accusations which I am confidant will be unfounded again.

For many years Guild members have worked very hard to meet King County mandates only to be criticized at the highest level of King County government time and time again. You may remember back in 2007 King County Council members Dow Constantine and Julia Patterson drafted and passed ordinance 15801 revising KCC Title 11: Animal Control Code. Contained in 15801 was a provision to reconvene the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. The Guild favored this move hoping much needed resources would be provided in order to allow officers to serve the public and the animals in our care at a much higher level than ever before. Do a little research and you will find this did not happen.

The last time the Citizen’s Advisory Committee convened in the 1990s King County Animal Care and Control served only 800,000 residents with 36 Animal Control Officers. Today we serve over 1.2 million residents with less than 30 officers. The County Council historically has not increased the Animal Control budget, but has reduced it substantially over time except for one time money of which little was earmarked for staffing. This includes 2008 and 2009, whereas, the Council mandated reducing the euthanasia rates in half to 20% in 2008 and 15% in 2009. Where did the money go? Here is a little hint, make a request to see what the Executive requested in his budgets and compare it to the final budget by the Council.

Now I am sure you are asking why this is important. Let us focus on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for a moment. The committee make up from the 1990s was much different than today. Funny thing is if you go to the KCACC website you no longer can find a link for the current Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Approximately five of the members took a leave of absence in 2008 and the Council did not want to allow the remaining members (more supportive of KCACC and its mission) to continue working on improving care and service to the citizens and the animals.

If you refer to the 2008 KCACC Operational Master Plan and take a look at appendix C you will see a list of the Citizen’s Advisory Members. Pay close attention to the following:

Julie White – Chair -Past President of FCSNP (former Pres of Friends of KCACC) (not on original). Taken from the now defunct KCACC CAC bio page: Julie joined Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project in September of 2005 as Executive Director. Before joining FCSNP, she was the west coast community program manager for Best Friends Animal Society's national "No More Homeless Pets" campaign. In this position, she worked with individuals, shelters, rescue groups, and humane organizations across 15 western states and Hawaii to develop local no-kill communities. Julie has held several board positions with Friends of King County Animal Control (KCAC), including public relations director, vice president and, most recently, president.

Brenda Barnette - CEO Seattle Humane Society. Taken from the now defunct KCACC CAC bio page: After a nationwide search, Brenda F. Barnette was named Chief Executive Officer of the Humane Society of Seattle/King County on June 1, 2006. Before joining Seattle Humane Society Brenda's achievements include: Development Director at The San Francisco SPCA, led the successful campaign to build the world-class Maddie's Pet Adoption Center Client Services Manager at the San Francisco SPCA in charge of all on-site adoptions, outreach adoptions, owner surrender and spay/neuter intake. Owner/operator of a large commercial boarding kennel for dogs and cats

Claire Davis - President Coalition for No-Kill King County (not on original)Taken from the now Defunct KCACC CAC bio page: Claire Loebs Davis is President of the Coalition for a No Kill King County, an organization started to support the King County Council's effort to lower euthanasia rates in county shelters. She is also an attorney with the firm of Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, where her practice focuses on commercial and securities litigation and employment law, as well as pro bono projects in the field of animal law. These projects have included assisting in the drafting of the 2007 Companion Animal Protection Act, a model act designed to help communities achieve No Kill by mandating that shelters provide programs and services targeted at saving lives. Before moving to King County, Davis worked as an animal law advisor for Best Friends Animal Society, which seeks to bring about a time when homeless, unwanted animals are no longer being destroyed in the nation's shelters.

Kim Sgro - Director (at the time) Pasados Safehaven (not on original). Kim is currently a Co-Director for Coalition of No-Kill King County with Claire Davis and Brenda Barnette.

Cheryl Bell – Current President Friends of KCACC (not on original). Aside from Friends of KCAC support of No-Kill, although there is no longer a link to any related websites on their homepage, they have helped several of KCACC’s animals by paying for much needed medical care. Please continue to donate to help KCACC animals!

Ask for a copy of the original members and compare it to the present. In a nutshell the Council added certain positions and organizations in order to stack the committee in favor of No-Kill policies.

The reason this is important is the Citizens Advisory Committee, came out w/ a scathing report (this was not unanimous among all the members the others were clearly out numbered) about Animal Control then recommended hiring a consultant to evaluate KCACC. The requirements according to the RFP (request a copy and the ensuing contract) were so stringent only one person in the US qualified. This person, I am sure you guessed is Nathan Winograd. Nathan Winograd worked w/ Claire Davis assisting in the drafting of the 2007 Companion Animal Protection Act, an act designed to help communities achieve No Kill, and Brenda Barnette when she worked at the San Fransisco SPCA. Julie White worked for a short time w/ Best Friends in UT before coming back to King County. Nathan Winograd and Claire Davis are very close to Best Friends where Nathan publishes a blog. Julie White was on Friends of KCACC board before going to FCSNP and was still on their board when appointed to the Citizens Advisory Committee. Julie White when she was with the Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Project sponsored and made the arrangements for Nathan Winograd’s book signing tour in November of 2007 while currently serving as the chair of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. Kim Sgro, Claire Davis and Brenda Barnette also make up the board of directors of the Coalition for No-Kill King County. Claire Davis and Kim Sgro are also the directors of KCACC Exposed (this is a very hostile vulgar site). If you want copies of the incorporation papers write WA State Secretary of State.

The County Council who passed this legislation and hired Nathan Winograd went into a contract w/ an organization by the name of No Kill Solutions operated by Nathan Winograd (the only employee). The problem is according to the California Secretary of State’s office No Kill Solutions dissolved as of 2004. Remember Dow Constantine, running for King County Executive, and Julia Patterson brought this upon King County. Of course his report is very hostile and accuses the employees of KCACC of horrible crimes. If you read any of the other reports he has done on other jurisdictions they read almost exactly the same. The following is a list of the so called model No-Kill shelters used for comparison in King County’s legislation: San Francisco, California Tompkins County, New York Tompkins County, New York Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Reno, Nevada Charlottesville, Virginia Some others not mentioned Indianapolis, Indiana San Antonio, Texas Houston, TX

At one point in the report and on his televised testimony Nathan Winograd accuses the employees of neglect and other horrible acts. I come to find out later after a cruelty complaint was filed against the Animal Control employees Nathan tells the investigating officer he was surprised the police were investigating possible crimes at the facility. Nathan also stated he did not observe or find any criminal activity in his lengthy inspections. Did you read this anywhere in the propaganda? As you can see the damage had already been done, but it goes on.

Last year the Guild was forwarded an e-mail from a supportive citizen received from Dow Constantine’s office shortly after the Winograd report was released. Contained in this e-mail were more unproven malicious accusations from Constantine himself about the hard working shelter employees. The Guild decided to request the names and contact information of all the persons whom he sent these accusations. Constantine’s office only sent one copy of the original e-mail saying it was only sent to one person followed by several other generic e-mails. The Guild also request the method of investigation he conducted to assure the accusations were based on fact before he ‘published’ them , only to be told they did not have to provide this information.

Remember the Volunteer Veterinarians who supposedly came in to save the day? Would it interest you one of them has ties to Kim Sgro (big surprise) and Dow Constantine’s Chief of Staff, Sharon Nelson. Sharon Nelson, who is also a WA State Representative, told me personally she was responsible for bringing in the veterinarians. Obviously she thought I was going to thank her when she told me this, but I am sure I disappointed her when I explained it would have been a great idea if they were not brought in to do exactly what they did, fabricate more smoke and mirrors to further damage the reputations of the Animal Control Employees. Here is some advice, when you live in a glass house, you know the rest.

This same veterinarian has made numerous accusations against the KCACC shelter employees including, “delaying them for two hours on the first day they arrived” and conducting a “mass killing” of shelter animals without any evidence to support the allegations. No big surprise Sharon Nelson (remember her, Dow Constantine’s Chief-of-staff) reported this to a local police department stating the veterinarians were denied entry and when they returned they checked cat cages to find many were empty. Wow, certainly a smoking gun! What you are not being told is the King County Department of Public Health has audited KCACC euthanasia records and found no evidence of illegal activity. The State of Washington and the Federal Government has very strict guidelines on the handling and recording of controlled substances. Both the State of Washington Board of Pharmacy and the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) have audited our records and did not find any falsification of records or any other intentional deviation of controlled substances which is considered a felony.

Coming full circle, back to Brenda Barnette and the Seattle Humane Society, let’s recap: She sat on the KCACC Citizen’s Advisory Committee and came out with a scathing report defaming KCACC employees. She is a Co-Director of the Coalition for No-kill King County also with a seat on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee. She worked with Nathan Winograd who worked with her and Claire Davis and came out with another scathing report attacking the KCACC employees. Are you getting the pattern?

As early as October 6, 2008 KC Council was already talking about giving animal services to the Humane Society so this is only news if you haven’t been paying attention. One might go as far as saying this was the goal from the beginning of this Council’s failed policy. So now Brenda is desperate to take over operations so she continues to regurgitate the same recycled allegations of inadequate care and other nonsense. Did you read in there she is expecting $2,000,000 from King County taxpayers to upgrade her shelter? Looks like the KC Council had this in mind as well. Can this be considered a gift of County funds?

Just so you know, the Seattle Humane Society and any legitimate rescue agency can come to the King County animal shelters and rescue animals at any time at no cost to them. The issue with the Seattle Humane Society is they want the County to pay them to take animals so Barnette keeps repeating she will not take our animals because they are “diseased.” They will take dogs from Kern County, CA without vaccinations or health certificates, but not local animals in their own back yard. I am confidant if you contact any shelter in King County, Washington State and the US you will find they have and are treating sick animals including the Seattle Humane Society. According to Brenda Barnette, “This is the cost of doing busine………saving animals lives!” Animals come in to the shelter sick and can easily become sick in a shelter environment. When is the last time your child caught something from a daycare or school? Does this mean the employees of the daycare are negligent or violating the law? No, it means your child was exposed to a sick child in the daycare who may or may not have been showing any symptoms when they arrived.

I am sure it will not surprise you to know Brenda Barnette also stopped selling King County pet licenses starting the beginning of 2009. This realizes a loss of around $100,000.00 dollars to the King County Animal Care and Control program! Where is the outrage from Dow and Julia over this?

When all is said and done, the notion of closing KCACC and giving it to SHS was contemplated and set in motion way before Title 11 was revised. What I have outlined is the fall-out, but no-one expected KCACC to step up to the challenge and meet the mandates. Funny Dow and Julia have never publically recognized this. One last thought where are the auditor’s reports? I speculate they are not too provocative, so they will not come out until after the election!

I hope you and your readers find this information useful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Sgt. John Diel
Animal Control Officer’s Guild

Friday, October 16, 2009

Breeders Going to Extreme Measures in California

Although this is bad news, it has a most positive side. This is extreme action showing that the Breeders are getting very anxious. Ed Buck is a fighter and he has been getting breeders busted through the push by the Board of Equalization, sales tax people. These guys may be setting the example for the country and they deserve our support.

Monday, October 12, 2009 – By WeHo News Staff, West Hollywood

West Hollywood, California (Monday, October 12, 2009) - A sniper fired a rifle loaded with two-millimeter brass bullets Saturday during a Santa Monica puppy mill retailer protest, hitting three protesters including West Hollywood community activist Ed Buck.

Ed Buck and Carole Raphael Davis reacting to sniper fire that hit them both, as well as a third animal rights protester.

No one was seriously injured; the victims suffered minor welts and contusions.

Santa Monica police are investigating what they called “assault with a deadly weapon,” a felony.

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS) organizers offered a $5,000 reward for the capture and conviction of the perpetrators.

The protesters were at Aquarium & Pet Center, 829 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA, to protest that retailers’ alleged sale of puppy mill dogs, pups that have been bred in inhumane conditions for resale.

Several dozens protesters gathered at the sidewalk in front of the store to shout, wave signs and attempt to warn off clients in the mid-afternoon when they heard gunfire and several of the protesters felt impacts.

The people hit by the bullets included head organizer Carole Raphael Davis, who lived in WeHo for 15 years before departing for LA, Ed Buck, who operates So Cal Golden Retriever Rescue and advocates for slower development in the city and another CAPS protester who Ms. Davis could recall only as Elizabeth.

Mr. Buck said his wound was “a welt on my thigh,” while Ms. Davis credited her sign with slowing the bullet meant for her, saving her injury.

“They must have been aiming at the groin, though,” she said. “The bullet hit my sign right at my groin, and Ed’s and Elizabeth’s injuries were both to the groin.”

SMPD investigators found at least three two-millimeter solid brass bullets customarily fired from a pneumatic rifle, or BB gun.

A rifle of that type may not sound deadly, but a shot in the ear can kill and one in the eye can blind. The incident appalled local officials who heard of it.

“It’s shocking to think that people would try to intimidate people or cause them harm simply because they expressed their views,” said WeHo council member Jeffrey Prang, who has been working with the group to write a municipal ban on the re-selling of any pets except bred or rescued animals in West Hollywood.

He said, “We need to bring the perpetrators to justice. Acts of gun violence are always out of bounds.”

He said that protests against retailers who sell the animals they obtain from large puppy or kitty mills where mostly un-hygienic and inhumane conditions rule can raise emotions to a keen.

“That means we need to be ever vigilant for those who would settle arguments though that gun violence,” he said.

The protesters claim that store employees stood at the front door laughing and high-fiving after the shots were fired.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Winograd's "Boy" Is More Like A "Lost" Boy Sucking the Life Out of Indy

Doug Rae only lasted for 9 months and his legacy shows that his philosophy of "No Kill" doesn't help anyone, the animals nor the public. All this from the best manager as proclaimed by Winograd. The Whino would proclaim Howdy Doody the best if HD was a follower. Nathan Winograd's house of cards is falling.

City officials say the service suffered during the nine months Douglas Rae ran the Animal Care and Control division this year -- January through September -- compared with the same period last year. And it was reported that Rae was not working with advocacy groups, the backbone of the Whino's program. Several of these groups that had supported bringing Rae to Indy have now joined with the City in ousting Rae.

» 7% more calls for service

» 41% fewer animals impounded

» 29:36:00 average response time this year, an increase of more than nine hours, from 20 hours, 7 minutes last year.

Animal care

The officials say Rae's focus on animal welfare put the public at risk. These numbers look at the first eight months of this year -- under Rae -- compared with the same period last year.

» 25% increase in adoptions, from 1,331 to 1,658

» 56% increase in returns of animals

» Or 44 more animals were returned to the shelter under Rae; 14 of those returns were because the animal was aggressive, including 3 that reportedly bit their owners.

Note: Numbers are for the first nine months of 2008 compared with the first nine months of 2009, except where noted otherwise.

All this in addition to his disrespect for employees and the City. He failed to carry through on mandates set by the Council as well. He hired his people into "management" positions even though they had no one to manage. His plan was to have the experienced people quit from his bullying, replace them with his "yes" No Kill'ers and destroy the Indy shelter just like he did with Philly. The new interium director immediately fired these No Kill'ers. Much of what he did has not become public yet such as his telling ACO's to NOT pick up animals in the field although these numbers from the IndyStar, a crappy paper that is part of the Gannett Media Group, do show that. Considering Rae's background on keeping inaccurate records, we don't know the full extent of how poor the numbers will be. Again the "No Kill Equation" has brought about more suffering than necessary and again proven to be a program to run away from.

Monday, October 5, 2009

RAE IS GONE!!! Or Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out

It's about 9:30 Indy time on Monday morning and the dismissal of Doug Rae has just hit the news. There will be a press conference at 10:30 this morning.

Congratulations to Mike Speedy for all his work on ridding Indy of this disease called "No Kill".

Now on to getting the pits under control in Indy and stop counting their victims there.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"THE DOG ATE GRANDMA" or An Ode to the Pit Bull

A 70-year-old woman is said to be fighting for her life after being viciously attacked by two neighborhood dogs.

The attack happened Friday night just outside of Westminster in the 6300 block of Julian Street in unincorporated Adams County.

Mary Garcia is hospitalized at Saint Anthony Central Hospital.

Neighbors say they never heard Garcia scream. She was too busy fending off the two dogs as they tried to go after her face. Garcia suffered several bites on her ankles, thighs, arms and face. As a result of the stress, she suffered a heart attack.

Animal control says a boxer-mix named Roxy and a mastiff/pit bull mix named Brutus broke out of their yard and attacked Garcia in her driveway. Neighbors heard what sounded like dogs fighting.

"We heard dogs barking. They sounded like they actually had food in their mouth," neighbor Christian Juarez said.

Garcia tried to fight them off, but when on their hind legs, the dogs were bigger than she was.

"They were just trying to get her face," Juarez said.

Juarez and his father saw the attack and beat them off with a stick, shovel and a broom.

"Real hard, it was two of them trying to get both of us and like they tried to jump on us, but the neighbors started helping us too, so that's how we got them away," Juarez said.

It took four men to get rid of the dogs.

"Then the dogs started coming back so he took off chased them off with a shovel," neighbor Richard Wold said.

Garcia's family says she is fighting for her life.

"She's not a very big woman and two big dogs tearing at her, it makes you very angry," said Garcia's son, John.

Garcia wasn't the only victim. Her 2-year-old great grandson, who saw the attack from the front door, is traumatized. He was crying "the dogs ate grandma."

Neighbors say Roxy and Brutus have gotten loose before and they've complained to the owners about it, but those complaints never made it to animal control.

No longer the Big Bad Wolf eating Grandma, pits and pit types have changed that. Maybe we need to put the book out - Little Red Riding Hood and the Pit Bulls.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Patitz is Out (Finally), Rae is Next

It is so hard to be sitting on information and have to wait until it becomes public. I knew a few days ago that Patitz in Indy was being kicked off the animal commission but had to wait until the news story came out.

Warren Patitz was (oh how I loved to say that, was) head of the Animal Commission in Indy and responsible for bringing Doug Rae there. He also was heavily involved in the "conference" of Nathan Winograd's. And his business would stand to gain a lot with the "No Kill" movement. Thus an explanation for Patitz supporting Rae.

Rae's probation period ends Sept. 30th. Indy is wiping the slate clean and Rae is next. He never should have had the job to begin with. These "No Kill'ers" are so sneaky. They get themselves appointed to commissions and bring in their buddies. We have to watch for that and prevent it. The humane community is it's own worse enemy in that most of those involved feel they don't have the time to do things like serve on Ad Hoc committees or go to budget meetings. This is what is getting the "No Kill'ers" ahead of us. They are making the time to do these things and the results is what has happened to Indy and Rae.

Mark the calenders for the 30th.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spadaro Update - What a Fucking Bitch

Seems she is filing more complaints on a personal level against San Bernardino Animal Control and Brian Cronin, the leader of AC.

Spadaro has another kennel now in San Bernardino and is pulling every trick to prevent AC from coming in there. Remember she is an attorney and knows all those tricks.

San Bernardino is getting hit hard in these economic times with pet relinquishment and the last thing their shelter needs is another hoarding situation. But that is what they got in terms of horses. Another hoarder by the name of Hart-Lawson has sprung up. Several of the horses had to be euthanized because of their health on the spot. Twenty seven felony counts have been filed against her, FELONY counts. Yet last week, this bitch and her friend "bashed" animal control for stepping in to stop their cruelty at public forum for the Board of Supervisors meeting.

I ask that anyone reading this blog write to the Board of Supervisors offering support for animal control in stopping this woman.
Not too many shelters can handle a shit load of horses who are sick and emaciated. It costs much more to house a horse and a lot more staff time treating these horses. Plus it is obvious that this woman intends to fight which means the horses will have to be held as evidence, overtaxing the shelter probably for months if not years. Spadaro's case has been going on now for over 4 years.

Hoarders are the scourge of the earth. But the newspapers still treat them too mildly, saying they have good hearts. When you see these stories, get in there and voice an opinion that they don't have good hearts, they are evil. I'm sick of having them called sick, mentally. They are abusers, plain and simple.

Get'em King County AC

King County AC is fighting back and good for them. A new posting on their blog shows that the Council there is comprised of idiots and they are listening to the idiots of "No Kill".

The Council of Fools gave a mandate to KCACC but failed to give what it takes to carry through on a mandate - money. This is tactic of "No Kill", ask them to do the impossible and then when they can't, go for the throat. Fucking cowards that the "No Kill'ers" are.

Let's keep fingers crossed that KCACC can prevail, it will be a tough go. Give 'em hell, KCACC!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More on King County

It's getting hot and heavy in the Pacific Northwest. This blog is carrying it all. Just like Mike Speedy in Indy is concerned with public safety, now King County residents are yelling the same. The "No Kill'ers" are yelling to save the animals in the shelter but they don't grasp what it takes to do that and what it takes away from to do it. This nuts probably also believe that money grows on trees.

Go to this blog maintained by the head of the ACO Guild, the current news reports are on it and no use repeating. They need positive comments too if you can spare a few minutes.

UPDATE: Article in the Bakersfield Californian/Kern on the subject.

Oops, pet rescue missions broke rules
BY JAMES BURGER, Californian staff writer Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:56 PM
Last Updated Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 05:58 PM

More than 180 Kern County dogs transported to Seattle to reduce overpopulation here were carried across state lines in violation of Washington laws.

The animals, carried north by local volunteer Joan Dunham, were released by Kern County Animal Control under an agreement with the Seattle Humane Society, said Kern Animal Control Director Guy Shaw.

But the animals had not been vaccinated, treated for heartworm or given health clearance by a veterinarian before being driven to Washington, Shaw said.

Shaw recently learned that violated Washington import laws.

"If we knew what the law was from the beginning, we would be (following) it," Shaw said.

He said the Washington State Department of Agriculture has cleared Kern to send more animals north -- as long as they have the required shots and heath clearances.

But the Humane Society hasn't asked for any animals yet.

Calls to Seattle Humane Society's chief executive were not returned Tuesday.

Shaw said Kern County usually only vaccinates pets when they are adopted out. Shaw said when an animal is transferred, it's assumed the agency receiving the animals will do the vaccinating.

That "I didn't know" excuse isn't good enough, said Sgt. John Diel of King County Animal Control in Washington, "especially for someone in an animal care agency."

Diel is critical of the Kern County transfer, which was billed locally as a good way to reduce local animal overpopulation since Seattle had a shortage of adoptable animals.

Diel said his agency takes in 11,000 to 12,000 animals annually and has euthanized 21 to 38 percent in recent years because there aren't enough people to take the unwanted pets there.

The Humane Society used to take "a couple hundred" animals from King County Animal Control each year, Diel said, but has reduced those numbers as it began to take pets from outside the area.

"I have to question why you take animals from another state when obviously you have an animal welfare situation in your own county," Diel said.

Shaw said the unfortunate part of all this is that Kern County animals that might have had a chance for life in Seattle will likely be killed in Kern County, which has had a kill rate of about 70 percent in recent years.

Transfers, such as to the Humane Society in Seattle, have become a huge part of controlling his agency's increasing intake of unwanted animals, he said.

Monday, September 14, 2009

SF SPCA/No Kill Revealed and It Ain't Pretty

This article is long but it points out the hypocrisy of the "No Kill" movement. This has been going on all along, just that no one wanted to speak out. It's a money/numbers game. Give 'em what they want to hear and they will follow like sheep.

And to all the pit nutters, note that the Whino's pride and joy has never saved the pits. So you need to get off his little bandwagon. They have always been exempt from the contract between the SF SPCA and Animal Control.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Don't Blame King County - Blame Winograd

I do hope that most of you are familiar with the fiasco in King County, WA with the Whino and the Whinonettes. If not, they have managed to worm their way into the elected officials, etc., you know the story of how that goes. Anyway, there is an article in this morning's paper, , of results of bringing in this "guru" and his misguided movement.

King County has received a lot of criticism because of being "Winograded". Animal control is the most hated department in government, probably outranking the Tax Collector. When budgets are cut, animal control is the first one. Animal control usually has more complaints going into elected officials than any other department. Why? Because animals are an emotional subject.

What people don't understand is that animal control must follow the law. If you don't like what you see, don't blame animal control, blame the person you voted for and go after them. But when you do, they turn around and try to make animal control the scapegoat. Don't let them do that, keep control of the situation and the focus where it should be. Animal control only follows the rules, they don't make them.

Animal control was not established to take care of the animals, the humane community was established to do that. If animals are being euthanized in the shelters, it isn't animal control's fault, it is the humane community's fault. They are letting these animals down by not taking them out. Animal control needs to focus on keeping the community safe and let the humane community worry about keeping the animals from being euthanized. You have to look at the ones being euthanized only to see that most shelters are "cherry picked" by the humane community, rather than them trying to actually save those normally euthanized. They want "adoptable" animals, easily adoptable and thereby they can earn the title of "no kill" because they don't have to euthanize. But there is a double standard at play. The ones the humane community don't want, the ones that don't meet their definition for themselves as adoptable, are what is left for the shelter. Thus euthanization occurs. And then the humane community shakes their fingers at the shelter for euthanizing when they, the humane community, failed to take the animals out.

Because of the "No Kill" movement, shelters are now scared to say no, they are scared to stand for what they think is right, because they are highly criticized for it. And in King County's case, they can lose their jobs because KC is thinking of privatizing. So they are forced to make decisions. It is damned if they do, and damned if they don't. And it serves a personal agenda of "No Kill".

We have to take back our shelters. We have to sit in the budget meetings and help fight for the funds to do programs for the shelters. We have to establish 501c3's for our shelters and actively seek donations. We have to work with the shelters not against them. Dividing and conquer is the motto of "No Kill" when it needs to be "Teamwork". There are a lot of good people who work in animal control and they want the changes probably more than any of us do. But they do the best job they can do with what they are given to do with, that's what we need to remember and change. Money, folks, it take money and commitment. That's what King County needs, not a bunch of "No Kill'ers" biting at their heels.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Never Forget

I am sitting here watching the History Channel broadcast the events of 9/11. That day will never leave my memory and it still puts me in tears.

I had a cousin who lived close to the Towers. I called as soon as it happened. He was going up onto his roof to see what was happening. We promised to get back in touch when he came back down to his apartment. I didn't hear from him for days, the phone service was off. Although I knew he was far enough away, I was still worried about him. Eventually he called and we cried together over the phone.

How can anyone's "God" allow this to happen, much less in their name? Innocent people who just started their day like any other. It just shows that we need to see every day as precious, everyday we need to tell those we love that we do love them, everyday to live as if there is no tomorrow. For the fallen of 9/11 there was no tomorrow and it can just as easily happen to each of us.

I think of our venue on this day and it seems so ridiculous compared. But everyone has to select a "venue" no matter how it compares to others, if it makes the world a better place. I couldn't have stopped the attack on 9/11 but hopefully with my venue I can stop other attacks of the innocents by the pit bulls and "No Kill". Is it any different from 9/11? In some ways, yes, and some ways no. Always working to help the innocent, whether from terrorists or from pit bulls, is a noble cause. I feel humble on this day but it gives me the courage to continue on this quest to get BSL and bans against the terrorism of pit bulls.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Can You Use "Responsible" to Describe a Pit Owner?

My opinion is no. How does one call themselves responsible when they know how many attacks pits are doing these days? How does one call themselves responsible when they fight the very thing, BSL, that might make them responsible? It is beyond me how these pit nutters live with themselves, constantly trying to adopt out pits under the guise of the "nanny" dogs.

What does it take to make these fools realize that pits are not the same breed they were a hundred years ago, an excuse they always use. It seems to me that even then the dogs were bred to kill and I bet the pit nutters are just as old as the breed with their lies and excuses. Of course, you will tell people what great dogs they are if you want to keep them for financial gain like fighting. I bet that no time in history were they "nanny" dogs, just another misconception sold to the public by dog fighters even then.

It is disgusting how the comments on news stories lay the blame on the victims. Not once have I seen a pit owner comment that they accept what their dog was bred to do and have taken steps to make sure their pit is appropriately restrained. Not once have I seen a pit owner/commenter admit that they are aware of the breeding of their pit and what it means to others. They always speak in term of abuse and neglect. Duh, this is the best reason for BSL, trying to prevent bad owners from this abuse and neglect. These nutters always look for an excuse for the attacking pit, never words of condolence for the victims.

I would hate to see these pit nutters as members of a jury. They can't see the truth in front of their noses. They see the pit as the victim. I think that anyone who is a pit owner should never be selected to serve on a jury because they have such disregard for human life.

Pit nutters must be extremely gullible and so I suggest to all those scam artists pick on the pit nutters. They believe anything it seems. Course this already happens, look at the scam of "No Kill". It realized early on that the nutters mean money and therefore the pits get a "bad rap" nonsense has fulfilled that. And the NCRC is no different with the flawed reporting and the lack of raw data. All are designed to appeal to the pit nutters lack of common sense and their pocketbooks.

What these nutters don't realize or refuse to realize is that they are being used. Used to promote the myth of pits being pets. Used to promote the gambling associated with fighting. Used to promote stupid books. Used to make others money, period.

Then there are the pit nutters who have the "Savior complex". They want to save them all. If it weren't the pits, it would be something else. They have an obsession and rather than seek treatment, they continue to take the pits out of shelters and adopt them to unsuspecting families. Rather than putting their money, time, and efforts into reducing the pit population, they choose instead to "save them all". You wouldn't have to save them if they ain't there in the first place. They know the pits fill the shelters, another reason to have BSL, as a means to reduce the pit population.

Responsibility is a word that should never be used to describe a pit owner. Stupid, perverted, egotistical, dumb are the more appropriate words. Let me know if you can think of others.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senate Bill 241 in California HAS PASSED THE SENATE!!!!!

After dealing with pit nutters tonight, God what a bunch of characters they are, Judie Mancuso sent this email which has lifted my spirits to new heights. And it will pissed off the pit nutters so that makes it even better. In my book the pit nutters are either:
A. Those suffering from the "Savior" complex
B. Those making us suffer with their breeding or rather in-breeding and I ain't talking bout dogs
C. Those who want their precious pits to suffer even more from overpopulation
D. Dog fighters

"AB 241, Assemblymember Pedro Nava's anti-puppy mill bill, co-sponsored by SCIL, has passed the Senate with a vote of 25 to 9! Here is the vote count - if your member is one of the people who voted for this bill, please consider calling and thanking them.

The bill now moves to the Assembly for a concurrence vote, and then to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. Thank you everybody for your hard work and congratulations Assemblymember Nava! We will contact you again when we need your support calls to the Governor."

Way to go, Judie!!! I salute you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Are All Pit Nutters Racist? The Miami Ones Sure Are!!

First of all they are very sloooow. Just getting around to commenting on a post I did in May!! I have always hated Miami, it stinks literally. And the only decent people I ever saw there were all prostitutes.

I just had to post a comment made by one of the Miami coalition fighting BSL. I won't post the name because there will be ramifications from this comment and I don't want to spoil it. It is hard reading for those of us who have evolved, but suits these primates to a tee. I really hate to post the "N" word because I find it so offensive and any apologies to those of color who might read this blog. And the same apology for the use of "spic" as well.

Anonymous said...

"Lets kill all the dogs over 50 pounds and carry around pussy dogs.You guys are pathetic and you get your stats and info from the ambulance chasers at dogsbite. Is wild african dogs on this list, because if you ban everything else i'll just find something else to have, maybe a gator, jeckel, or perhaps a monkey that rips your face off. Talk about real problems like all the fucking crazy redneck serial killers and all the gangster niggers that fill up our jails and spend their lives as career crimanls or how about the worthless fucking spics that just add to our crime rates or better yet the taliban mop headed middle eastern fucks that bomb buildings. Craven what fuck ass ethinic background are you so i can add you to my list of pontential races i should ban.Come to think of it will just leave the chinesse alone, their smart people and really dont bother anyone.For the rest of you death is near if you smell like coon,look like a cracker, or speak like spic its death to the dangerous races! RSL!!!! race specific legislation coming to a city near you, so if i was you i would relocate quick before i come knocking on your door."

Note the definite lack of education, not to mention the use of the little "i". Psychologists will tell you that this person is definitely off balance and thinks so little of themselves that they don't even use the proper "I" to describe themselves. You can find studies related to the use of the small "i" in referring to oneself. Just because they are unable to debate the issue in a civil manner, pit nutters such as this one ( and I know who it is) resort to racism and name calling. The nutters do have a point in that it is the owners and this one is a perfect example. But unless they open their mouths so we can identify them, I will stick to BSL against the pits because they are easier to identify. Pit nutters, they are their own worst enemy in this fight and they will be the very reasons why BSL/bans will come about.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

You Gotta Be Crazy to Own a Pit !!!!

While cruising the internet today, I came across something I thought to look into. A web site that says it is for educating pit owners, rescues, etc. Okay, I'm all for education but this one has a twist. I thought that I needed to see how many other breed specific sites also give out this type of info to educate. Seems that education on pit bulls includes how to break up a fight. Wait a minute, does that seem right to you? I found nothing on other breed specific sites as to how to break up a fight. What would this say to you? Says to me that it is foolish to get a breed of dog that you need instructions on how to break up a fight.

The PBRC website is a virtual shelter and resource for owners and caretakers of American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and pit bull mixes.

Related Links
Pit bulls are terriers and were bred to recognize other dogs as "prey." Simply put, in a fight, the other dog becomes a "rabbit." Terriers grab a hold of their prey and shake. Many pit bulls will instinctively do the same if they get into a scrap with another dog. As a result, breaking up a pit bull fight can be difficult if you don't know what to do, but is easier than other breeds when you do know how to proceed.

The key is not to panic and use the right tools. Timing is important and the quicker you intervene, the better. However, it is necessary to assess the situation before sticking your hands in the middle of two dogs fighting.

Most rumbles can be stopped with a stern "No!" and by quickly pulling the dogs off of each other. If the altercation has escalated into a full blown fight, however, you will need more than your voice to stop the dogs. A water hose or bucket of water might work but in most cases the best tool to break up a pit bull fight is a break stick. No responsible owner should be without one.


We suggest that you practice using the break stick before you may actually have to use it. Examine your dog's mouth while at rest, pull the lips back and find the space behind the back teeth. This is where the break stick is inserted. You then twist the stick to pry the mouth open.

Pit bulls should never go without a collar. Good choices include strong leather collars and heavy duty nylon collars. The collar enables you to get a good grip on the dogs if a fight occurs and pull them apart as soon as the hold is broken.

Remember that a fight may not always be preceded by growling, barking or posturing. One second everything is fine and the next the dogs are going at it. Excitement and external stimulus, such as a squirrel or cat running up a tree, can trigger a fight. A fight may also escalate out of rough-housing, competition over a bone or toy, or attention from a member of the family.

A wagging tail doesn't mean a dog won't fight. In fact, a wagging tail is often a signal of excitement and the faster the tail goes the more excited the dog is. As explained above, intense excitement can trigger a fight.

If the dogs get a hold and two people are available, approach the dogs from the rear, clasp the dog's hind end between your knees, and grasp the dog's collar from behind. It is important to immobilize the dog's hind end. Then insert the break stick in the space between the teeth in the dog's jaw (behind the molars). Twist the break stick gently but firmly in the dog's mouth. You should work on the more aggressive dog, and the other person should be ready to pull on the other dog as soon as the stick breaks the hold.

If you are alone, drag the dogs to something solid, tie one of the them to it, and then proceed with the breaking stick to separate them.

If you follow these procedures carefully, you can stop a fight relatively quickly.

Whoa, one second everything is fine and the next second they are going at it? One would think reading this, who in their right mind would want a dog like this description. A fight can break out because of attention from a family member? I mean to say, my dogs are jealous but not like that. And right, I would try alone to break up a fight between a pit and another dog, about as quick as I would take a trip to morgue. Are these people for real? What planet do they live on?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Vets Are Supposed to Care About Animals, So What Is the Deal with the AVMA?

All of us that use vets assume, and wrongly it seems, that vets care about animals. I have said for a long time that the AVMA doesn't give a damn about animals and here's why. They fight legislation that helps animals, particularly agribusiness. You see the commercials on TV about the California "Happy Cows". Well, I am here to tell you that it is anything but happy when you see the conditions the California cows are in. I gave up drinking milk or eating beef because of seeing this. They stand in pens up to their knees in what appears to be mud but is actually feces and urine. They aren't out roaming the grass fields, far from it. It makes you think how clean can this animal's meat be in those conditions. And then to see the downer cows being pushed by bulldozers, you don't know why those cows are down. Are they putting tainted meat on the market? I am going to put up part of Wayne Pacelle's recent blog post about the AVMA. The HSUS is now taking them on and I think their time is limited. And if you check the recent Board of the AVMA you will see the connections the Board members have with agribusiness. They can't be trusted because money talks and care for animals walk.

"We’ve known for a long time about the AVMA’s push to legalize the slaughter of horses for human consumption. This week, the AVMA issued a report attacking the prestigious Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, which had expressed support for a variety of important reforms in the realm of industrial agriculture, including federal legislation to end the widespread, routine use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics on factory farms. This misuse of antibiotics has been proven to increase the risk of antibiotic resistance in human medicine. It is estimated that 70 percent of all antimicrobials used are fed to animals on factory farms."

Ted Kennedy took on the subject of antibiotics for animals for food. I wonder who will take up that cause now. Connect the dots. We are having bacterial strains immune to conventional medicine. It means that the public is in danger when our medicines no longer work effectively because we have been fed so much of the antibiotics in what we eat every day. What will it take to see this is wrong, an epidemic?

"At the AVMA, we’ve seen time and again how the livestock veterinarians, such as the swine and poultry veterinarians, control the thinking of the organization. These vets typically work for agribusiness and they embrace the mindset of the industry, including the view that animals are just production units. And unfortunately, it’s standard for the AVMA to stand in the way of sensible reforms in the realm of industrial agriculture. "

So what can we do? We can see if our personal vets are members of the AVMA. I have already left a vet because he was and saw nothing wrong. And if they are, do something. Either tell your vet to drop his membership or you drop the vet. We want vets that uphold their oaths to help animals, not uphold agribusiness pocketbooks. Your life and those that you love could be hanging in the balance. If you care about your health, then do what you can do to tell the AVMA that you won't do business with their members.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Scumbag Bill Hemby and His "Rebuttal"

This man is shameless. He is denying that he had anything to do with the indictment charges by the California Attorney General. Yeah, like the AG has nothing better to do than make up false charges against this liar. Crook needs to be his middle name. He was involved with the agency under indictment during the time it was taking advantage of people's goodness. That's has already been established. As far as his past as a police officer, he used it to educated himself to take people's money illegally. Sorry bud, but the gig is up, you've been caught. And SB 250 is on it's way to the floor where it will probably pass. And no, there is no conspiracy between Judie and the AG, this was all your doing. I'll post his rebuttal here.

Judie Mancuso, co-author of Senate Bill 250 requiring mandatory sterilization for dogs and cats in California, has been attacking PetPAC Chairman Bill Hemby and accusing him of spreading ‘the worse type of deceitful information about spay and neuter legislation”. Mancuso claims Hemby, a decorated retired police officer is deceitful by pointing to a civil lawsuit involving a charity called LEAP which Mr. Hemby worked for years ago.
Allegations have been filed against the telemarketing operations of many police and firefighter groups, including the Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program (LEAP) a group that Bill Hemby used to do work for, which involved educational training for disadvantaged youth. Mr. Hemby had no involvement with the telemarketing operations cited by Ms. Mancuso and has fully cooperated with the Attorney General’s office. No judgment of wrongdoing has been rendered against Mr. Hemby. In fact, Mr. Hemby’s actions have been and continue to be of the highest ethics and integrity of the laws in which he took an oath to uphold. He has received numerous awards for service to his community, including the highest award for merit from law enforcement for his life saving actions while putting his own life at risk in the line of duty.

Furthermore, PetPAC has NEVER been accused of any wrong doing by any government agency. Any attempt to imply otherwise is slanderous and libelous.

Judie Mancuso wishes to change the debate on the merits of Senate Bill 250 into personal attacks because she can’t tell the truth about the facts on SB 250. According to the State of California Department of Finance Analysis, SB 250 won’t work because “Mandatory spay and neuter provisions have failed throughout California at the local government level”. They also say more pets are likely to be killed (30% increase) in shelters if this passes. Finally, SB 250 will drain millions from the General Fund resulting in higher taxes.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Robin Starr - A New Way to Go No Kill

UPDATE: There will be no charges because there was no "willful intent". Change that fucking law. This woman killed her dog and needs to pay for it. At the very least she should be kicked out of her position. But I'm sure her Board is full of "No Kill'ers" and "No Kill'ers" don't give a shit when an animal dies. Just look at how they treated animals in the Philly shelter and others, warehousing til disease kills them. Lied, NV where the staff was quoted in the paper that they didn't know the animals were sick and over a thousand animals were suffering to the point they had to be euthanized. This movement according to the latest in Animal People magazine has set us back to the dark ages. It has to end.
Just leave the damn dog in a hot car and "forget" about it. An "accident" is when you drop the beer bottle in a drunken stupor, not leaving your 16 year old deaf and blind dog in a car. So what that she has "dedicated" herself to "saving" animals? She promotes the program that doesn't exactly save animals but rather warehouses them. She promotes the program that says there is no reason to stop breeding, just breed all you can because there is no pet overpopulation problem. She promotes the program that says to adopt out pits just because they are "friendly", forget temperament testing (doesn't work on those damn beasts anyway). She promotes a program that destroyed the Philly and Rancho Cucamonga shelters.

So who gives a damn what she has done in the past? I do because she has shown she is an idiot, can be lead around like she has a ring in her nose, and she will probably not be prosecuted because of the misguided perception that she cares about animals. I say she doesn't give a shit about animals and the fact that she left that poor old dog in the car shows me I am right.

YOU JUST DON'T "FORGET" YOUR OLD DOG THAT'S DYING IN THE CAR IN THE HEAT OF THE DAY!!!! That is no accident, that is cruelty. Unfortunately Virginia probably has no law on the books about leaving animals in a hot car like California and other states do. I'm not sure on that but haven't seen anything to make me think otherwise.

PROSECUTE THE BITCH!!!!! SHE'S EARNED IT. She earned it when she became a Whinonette.

Pit Nutters Are So Ridiculous

Just looked at a blog on "Dog Attacks You Never Hear About". These people really are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find these "other" attacks. Plus most of them are not even in this country but these fools will try to compare anyway, hoping most people are too stupid to know the difference.

"Yes all of these stories were reported by the media, but definitely NOT on the same scale as a Pit Bull attack would be. Most of these attacks were only reported on one news station or newspaper, whereas Pit Bull attacks make headlines across the U.S."

Already this fool is lying because her attacks are not all from the US. I suspect that if we went to other countries, the majority of attacks would be from pits as well. And again here comes that worldwide conspiracy to "get the Pits".

"The dog bite epidemic does not discriminate. It involves any breed of dog that is abused, not trained, undersocialized, neglected, showing parental instinct, guarding, and many other factors."

Shades of Karen DePiss. Maybe that applies to other breeds but not to the pits. They can be leading the life of Riley and still attack. They don't have to be any of the above, just having a bad day.

"As you know, Pit Bull attacks are reported on a much higher scale than other breeds, so most other breed attacks go unreported."

DUH!?! What an absolutely stupid, ignorant remark. News is news no matter what the dog is. If the injuries are severe, then the media reports on it. This conspiracy thing is being driven into the ground by these pit nutters. When will they realize that the media is reporting on the attack, not the fucking breed. Just so happens that the breed is almost always a pit or pit type. This fool thinks that Mastiffs don't fall into that catagory.

It makes me ashame that I have to call this person part of the human race. This nutter makes us all look bad.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bill Hemby, Slut Breeder Along with His Slut Brothers

Just in, a piece about this slut. He is just like all his buddies, they are all cut from the same cloth. Evil, thy name is one or the other, Breeder or Nathan Winograd.

A local dog breeder and vocal opponent of spay-neuter legislation has been named in a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. as part of a nationwide crackdown on fraudulent charities.

William Hemby, who raises Borzois and silken windhounds in Grass Valley, is under scrutiny for his involvement with Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program Foundation (LEAP), for which he allegedly worked from 2004 to the present. He also is heavily involved in another organization facing a suit, California Organization of Police and Sheriffs (COPS), for which he serves as legislative director.

Contacted at home, Hemby said his attorney had advised him not to comment, as “this is a legal issue,” but he added LEAP has been inactive since 2006.

Hemby founded political action committee PetPac in 2007 to oppose spay-and-neuter legislation, raising more than $400,000 that year to defeat AB 1634. He drew attention with what his opponents charged were questionable lobbying tactics — printing posters opposing the bill as a “Pet Extinction Act” and alleging on television that the proposed spay rules were part of a campaign by PETA and other “extremist groups” to “eliminate all dogs and cats in California.”

He serves as PetPac's director and lobbyist and has been working to defeat SB 250, the Pet Responsibility Act. Proponents of SB 250 have been quick to publicize Hemby's recent legal woes, sending out a newsletter Aug. 16 that detailed his alleged shady financial dealings and the state lawsuits.

In May, Brown filed eight lawsuits against telemarketers and charities that allegedly “shamelessly exploited” people's generosity and squandered millions of dollars of donations intended to help police, firefighters and veterans.

The organizations raised millions of dollars, based on allegedly false claims that donors' contributions would benefit police, firefighters and veterans organizations, the lawsuits state.

But in most cases, 85 percent to 90 percent of donations are used to pay the fees of for-profit telemarketing firms.

The Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program, its directors and its for-profit fundraiser, Rambret Inc., are being sued in Los Angeles Superior Court for falsely promising contributors that their donations would be used to operate an apprenticeship program for at-risk youth.

The program never was operated and no students ever were enrolled in it, the suit alleges.

Instead, donations allegedly were used to pay for fundraising expenses, the personal expenses of the charity's directors and the purchase of a 30-foot sailboat.

The suit alleges in 2003, Law Enforcement Apprenticeship Program raised $529,863, but $31,501 — or 6 percent — was spent on its program services. In 2004, the organizations raised $372,623, but spent only $5,615 — 1.5 percent — on program services.

Hemby is listed in the lawsuit as a director of LEAP from 2004 to present, and the group is listed as operating out of Nevada County. He is named as a defendant in a charge of filing and distributing false and incomplete records, failing to disclose expenditures and preparing false returns.

He also is named as a defendant in charges that funds were illegally distributed, for failing to provide services, and failing to maintain adequate books and records.

“The suit is trying to dissolve the charity, which is a significant step taken in very rare instances,” said Scott Gerber of the state Attorney General's' Office. “It's also forward-looking — it's trying to prevent the directors from operating charities in future. It's also trying to prevent the telemarketer from soliciting funds until they comply with state law.”

Hemby ‘fully cooperated'

Though Hemby would not discuss the lawsuit, he pointed to a response on his PetPac Web site.

The Web page says the proponents of spay-and-neuter legislation have been attacking Hemby and calling him deceitful. The Web page goes on to allege that LEAP is a program that Hemby “used to do work for” that involved educational training for disadvantaged youth.

“Mr. Hemby had no involvement with the telemarketing operations ... and has fully cooperated with the Attorney General's office,” the page reads. “No judgment of wrongdoing has been rendered against Mr. Hemby. In fact, Mr. Hemby's actions have been and continue to be of the highest ethics.”

When questioned Tuesday about his involvement with LEAP, Hemby said he had been executive director of the organization for about two years.

“LEAP has been dormant since 2006,” he said. “We're trying to shut it down, actually, because there is no funding — we've had no funding for two years.”

Deputy Attorney General Tania Ibanez dismissed Hemby's claims.

“The bottom line is, he was involved from 2004 to 2006,” she said.

Ibanez confirmed Hemby has tried to dissolve LEAP in 2007, but explained that the group already was being investigated at that time.

“A lot of charities try to shut down pending investigation,” she said. “If you're under investigation, you can't dissolve the charity.”

San Bernardino-based California Organization of Police and Sheriffs is being sued in San Bernardino Superior Court for falsely representing that donations would be used to benefit law enforcement officers and that 100 percent of each donation would be received by the charity.

Donors allegedly were told that their contributions would be used to purchase bullet-proof vests, make grants to families of officers killed or injured in the line of duty, provide veterinary treatment for service animals injured in the line of duty and mentoring for at-risk youths.

Out of the $30 million raised from 2005 to 2007, more than $25 million was spent on fundraising. The suit alleges no money was spent on bullet-proof vests, no grants were made to families of officers, $6,600 was spent on veterinary treatment for service animals, and $16,500 was spent on mentoring.

According to the COPS Web site, Hemby has served as its legislative advocate for 23 years.

He is not specifically named as a defendant in the lawsuit, although the suit lists “Does,” or defendants who might be named later in an amended complaint.

“We're not going to comment on whether he will be a Doe,” Gerber said.

“I think we got the people we wanted,” Ibanez added. “But it's a possibility.”

To contact Staff Writer Liz Kellar, e-mail or call 477-4229.