Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Most of us are aware of the horrible dog auctions held in Ohio. Spent breeding stock, many needing medical care, not even to mention emotional care. Poor dogs with broken spirits. So, in ride the good guys, those wanting to stop these auctions - the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions. This Coalition managed to gather over 150,000 signatures on their petition when only 115,000 were required. Now the signatures have to be verified and if all checks out, legislation has to be introduced within 4 months. http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/ohio-dog-auctions-distrubtion-channel-puppy-mill-cruelty

Sounds good, huh? Sounds like the citizens of Ohio are in favor of banning these auctions, huh? Who wouldn't be in favor of something like this? Ask and ye shall receive.


On the Best F(r)iends Network, December 23, 2011, there is a piece about this legislation and this Coalition. Of course, you would expect to see something like this on BF's site, it is news in the humane world. What you don't expect to see is this disclaimer:

**Best Friends Animal Society has not taken a position of support or opposition to this piece of legislation.

**Best Friends supports legislation that promotes humane standards for commercial breeders of companion animals. Specifically, we support quality standards that incorporate strict guidelines to ensure that animals’ physical and mental health thrive. This includes capping the number of dogs in each facility. Periodic oversight by a state or local agency and notable penalties that seriously deters recidivism is important. We also support statutes that prohibit entities that are not in compliance with existing laws and regulations from operating a pet-for profit business.

I ask you how does that read to you? It reads to me that Best F(r)iends is in bed with breeders, "commercial breeders" at that. Puppy mills are commercial breeders. I don't know about you but it would be a cold day in hell before Best Fiends gets my donation dollar.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When I saw this, I had to wonder. Now why would this devoted "No Kill'er" not call upon her Lord and Master to save these poor doggies? She called upon the very organizations she openly condemns via her Lord and Master. This is concerning the horrible case in North Carolina where a rescuer was murdered, apparent, by her ex husband. http://www2.wspa.com/news/2011/dec/19/2/homicide-investigation-north-carolina-ar-2887455/?referer=http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwspa.com%2Far%2F2887455%2F&h=7AQEjqkX0AQHKz9oX27jnbMDPZvC39XEOCC4hsNs_h-HVnw&shorturl=http://bit.ly/uSsLUY

"This pound is a Maddie’s Fund grant recipient. In 2010, it killed 65% of the pets in its care. I suppose it should come as no surprise that it plans to kill pets for Christmas but I just can not stomach this. The woman who would have saved these pets was brutally murdered and the pound’s tribute to her is more killing?"

Please help spread the word about this situation. Can Maddie’s Fund help by offering financial assistance to board the pets for Christmas or working with the county in some other way to save the lives of these pets? Can HSUS, ASPCA or Best Friends offer any financial or other assistance? Please ask around to any contacts you may have within these organizations and share the news with individual rescuers as well. There are plenty of ways these needless killings can be avoided, even if Rutherford Co doesn’t realize the shame in its threat. I only hope something good can happen in time" 

Why isn't Nathan Winograd and his puppets stepping up to the plate, why does Shirley need to call upon HSUS? Does anyone know that answer?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This caught my eye and I just had to post it. It points to all the reason why I fight this morbid "No Kill" movement of Nathan Winograd.

In college, I volunteered at a small animal shelter in Ohio. I never thought much about the shelter's policies. Only later did I realize how much suffering its limited admission policy caused. All "no kill" animal shelters—big or small—are limited-admission facilities.  
The dogs no one wanted sat for years (yes, years) in solitary concrete and metal cages. The only bright spot in their day was when a volunteer would walk them for 15 minutes and give them a bit of time to wander in a dirt pen outdoors. Otherwise, they spent their days and nights confined to cages. On weekends, when everyone else was in the park or at the movies … on holidays, when everyone else was with their families and opening presents … 365 days a year, they sat in a cage. Occasionally, a puppy would be brought in and quickly adopted, but many of the older, bigger dogs sat hopelessly month after month.  
I befriended a dog named Tigger, who probably weighed 80 pounds, was very cute, and had a wonderful personality. He was one of the sweetest dogs. (I suspect that he wasn't adopted because of his size, because he was a mutt, and because he didn't look like a dog you'd see in a magazine. I would have adopted him without hesitation, but animals weren't allowed in my dorm.) It broke my heart to leave him after our walks because I could see how lonely he was and how our walks were all that he looked forward to each day.
Looking back, I think of all the Tiggers languishing in limited-admission shelters and all the animals who are turned away from those shelters only to suffer on the streets or in abusive households. I wonder why people think those fates are preferable to giving animals a chance to be adopted at an open-admission shelter and, if no home can be found, a peaceful, dignified, painless exit in a loving person's arms. I sympathize with the folks who run limited-admission shelters—as I saw, many of them really do care about animals. But they often have such a fanatical fear of euthanasia that they will let an animal's spirit die for lack of joy or love or a home, just to keep them breathing for breathing's sake. The limited-admission model has proved over and over again that it isn't the answer—it's just sweeping the problem under the rug.  
I have so much gratitude for people who work in open-admission shelters and have the thankless task of having to euthanize the animals they have fed, walked, cared for, and loved while constantly dealing with the question "Why aren't you 'no kill'?" We all need to speak out in support of shelters that accept every animal in need and support aggressive spay-and-neuter and "adopt—don't buy" campaigns. And next time you are chatting with staffers or volunteers at an open-admission shelter, thank them for their courage and compassion.

Monday, December 5, 2011


The first clip will show this "rescuer" training dogs to be aggressive. The second clip is a news story about the citations received by this "rescuer" for neglect. But this "rescuer" is shipping these trained vicious dogs to other states. 

Here’s a perfect example: a “rescuer” in FL called B.U.D.D.I.E.S. 

Here’s news coverage:

And if you look at his FB page, just about every dog on it is “mouthy, bitey, recorded bite history,” incl. one who went from the Gaston Co. NC shelter to FL (stayed at his place 2 yrs.) and then all the way to PA (and now has cancer).


Since the advent of "No Kill", I have said it is nothing more than a numbers game, creative bookkeeping. If you don't believe that, then look at the numbers from Austin. If you can figure them out, then you must be a genius.

Here is another person, not associated with the humane community, who sees the same as I do. First, there is an article proclaiming all the good it is doing as "No Kill". Leave out the city, fill in the blank with any shelter claiming to be "No Kill", and it reads the same. Note the timing, at a meeting so no one is able to dispute them on the spot. Remember first impressions are the ones that get us in trouble. http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/ACS-saves-record-number-of-animals-2338656.php

Now read this story and see there are differences of opinion. Many reporters also are drinking the koolaid of this cult movement and their reporting will deliberately misguide people. http://www.examiner.com/nonprofit-business-in-san-antonio/no-kill-initiative-san-antonio-needs-investigation-and-review

Although this Examiner seems to be drinking that koolaid too, he is concerned about the dishonesty. We all should be, this isn't the first case. I have blogged about Porter County. They too have a major case of dishonesty. The only way "No Kill" works is on paper, and when it is on paper it can be altered to suit the agenda of the writer. Nothing but a numbers game, plain and simple.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Free and BOGO kittens are cheap pit bull food and now snake food. This is what happens to those free kittens always being given away by the "No Kill'ers". The pictures are graphic but I want these puppets of Nathan Winograd to look at them, this is what you do, this is what you stand for.


A hunt has been launched for a sadistic pet owner who filmed himself feeding a kitten to a python.
The vile video, entitled Python Christmas, shows a man in his 20s carrying  the kitten called Jasmine into a bedroom in a Santa hat and then placed on a bed.
Lurking half-hidden under a pillow lay a yellow Burmese python, which can grow up to 19ft long and is one of the largest snakes in the world.

And the "No Kill'ers" hand out kittens like candy to anyone who shows up at their doorsteps. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


Hello Honesty Helps,
Things are even worse now.
Following is an excerpt from a transporter's facebook page, stating that the rescues that they send dogs to are "vetted and approved." Well, if they consider the rescues posting on Craig's List to be vetted and approved, I would hate to see what kind of rescues they turn down.
God only knows what becomes of most of these poor dogs ...
‎40+ dogs (lots of chis) from City of LA, Harbor Shelter & North Central Shelter made it safely to rescues in Washington & Canada rescues yesterday. After a long 24-hour trip, they are now in the kind and capable hands of vetted and approved Washington & Canadian rescues. Somedogs were pre-adopted from their photos and have homes to go to this week. All dogs will be in foster homes and spoiled... rotten until they find their furrever homes!!!
Many of the dogs who went on the trip had been at the shelter for 2 months.
AND NOW LOOK AT THESE POOR DOGS BEING SOLD ON CRAIG'S LIST IN VANCOUVER - only a sampling of what's on Craig's List in Canada
http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/nvn/pet/2703467305.html - an UNALTERED male being given away FOR FREE - this ad has been edited but here is original text (I have pdf of original ad):  He is just over 1 year, about 8 lbs., tan colour, beautiful boy who needs a forever home. He has all his shots but needs to be neutered and is not trained. Rescue dog from California. No fee for him, but I need to know he is going to a good home. He needs someone with time and patience to train him.
http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/pet/2691196391.html - This sad excuse for a "rescue" can't even take five minutes to re-take photos, these are obviously the shelter photos. These people are only after a quick buck, it's plain to see.
http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/pet/2699299308.html - NO HOME CHECK - "Just write me a check for $250"\
Now they are collecting donations for a massive transport of over 200 dogs.  How can these northern communities absorb so many imported animals?  Thay can't possibly.
Not to mention the dogs being sold for a HUGE mark up in BC. Always the rescue references something like "saved on his last day" which everyone knows is far from truth. These dog sellers do not care about the dogs, only their huge profits.
Thank you for your time, do you have any ideas to stop them?  confidential of course.


I have been a fan of these artists since the early 70's. Please consider ordering your cards from them, they deserve our support and they do beautiful work. Conversation pieces actually and always. 

Welcome to the U.S. web site of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA). Formed in 1956, the MFPA is an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouths or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This is a long story but I will do my best to make it easy to understand. Recently there has been a lawsuit filed by No Kill Nation (NKN) against another anti-Winograd comrade, Randy DeCarlo. Randy's a good guy, folks. But he has a mouth that won't quit, thanks for that, Randy.

There's a situation in Florida, one I admit that I don't know a lot about, but Randy does. I suggest that you go to his site and read up about it. http://squirrelsnnuts.blogspot.com/

He also has a Facebook page where he posts the most lovely pictures of his "Hounds". http://www.facebook.com/randy.decarlo

Now, Randy is being sued by NKN for his remarks on his FB page. This is now beyond just him being a victim of Nathan Winograd, if NKN happens to win this case against Freedom of Speech on Facebook, a can of worms will be opened to all  of us. I encourage you to join Randy in his fight that represents each and every one of us that want to share the truth about Nathan Winograd to the world.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


UPDATE: Yet another article showing the troubled shelter. Another parvo outbreak. Can anyone say overcrowded because of their following "No Kill"? http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/porter/duneland/porter-county-animal-shelter-board-member-resigns/article_2bb099b4-69b3-5918-9cc1-3c945994be90.html

I recently blogged about Porter County, Indiana. http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/11/more-on-shelters-to-watch-per-no-kill.html

Porter County has been a bragging right of Nathan Winograd, and now it reads like a duplicate of the Philly fiasco. http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=716
The municipal shelter in Porter County Indiana used to kill roughly 115 dogs and cats per month, young and old, healthy and sick, friendly and aggressive. There were even allegations of cruelty. After firing the long term director and staff, they now kill about 7 hopelessly ill animals or aggressive dogs a month. They did it overnight.

Like crooks stealing, they did it overnight. Now here is the latest on this miracle of "No Kill". http://posttrib.suntimes.com/news/porter/9006839-418/porter-county-animal-shelter-in-state-of-emergency.html
VALPARAISO — The fate of the Porter County Animal Shelter — riddled with concerns about theft, the loss of a new director after only 90 days at the helm and a parvo virus outbreak that shut the facility down last week — was the main topic of discussion at Tuesday’s Porter County Council meeting.

Porter County is now talking the talk of privatization. Could this be another hidden agenda of Nathan Winograd? Look what he did in King County. Could it be that his program was designed to lead a shelter to failure so shelters could be taken over by the private sector? Winograd has so many hidden agendas but let it suffice to say, saving animals never has been one of them.

Monday, November 21, 2011


The descriptions of what these animals had to endure are more than true animal lovers can stand. However, the "No Kill'ers" think nothing of this, it is common place in their world.


The shelter, One More Chance Rescue and Adoption, had been declared a public health nuisance, and with good reason. Conditions at One More Chance were pitiful: Dogs were housed in hog barns dotting the property and lived in stacked crates. The shelter manager, Jeff Burgess, also managed a second shelter in Piqua, Ohio, where 100 animals had been confiscated earlier in February.

The Clark County Humane Society and Clark County Combined Health District called on the ASPCA to help shut down One More Chance and assist the animals. When our responders arrived, they found 367 living and 76 dead dogs on the horrifyingly filthy property. Our responders immediately set to work helping local authorities collect evidence for possible criminal charges and triaging the animals, many of whom were in critical condition.
“The conditions these animals lived in were deplorable,” says James Staley, the executive director of the Clark County Humane Society. “These dogs were forced to live in their own waste, alongside rats and other vermin. Add to that the stress of coping in a crowded and poorly ventilated environment, and you have animals whose overall health is severely compromised.” 
And the quote to end all quotes: “This is an example of a no-kill situation that spiraled out of control,” says Kyle Held, the ASPCA’s Midwest Director of Field Investigations and Response.
This is happening altogether too often. You never hear Winograd condemning these shelters, do you? You never see him going in and helping the victims of his philosophy, do you? And you won't. He doesn't care, never has, nothing but a deadbeat failed attorney trying to make a quick buck off of gullible people.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


As usual we find that the truth about these "open door" "No Kill" shelters is just not to be found. This link has Porter County, Indiana listed as a "No Kill" shelter to watch, the question is "Watch for What?"

The Porter County Animal Shelter takes in strays from all of Porter County except Portage.  The shelter got a new director, Kristina Montgomery, in August.

While my recent post shows the link to an article that disputes this statement about strays. 

First there was a controversy with the first director hired to make Porter a "No Kill" about the theft of money. Then another shelter director was hired, one with a background in "No Kill". Suddenly that director has resigned in only less than 3 months. The "reason" being that she wants to spend more time with her daughter. Okay, she didn't realize that a mere 3 months ago? And she moved with this position. I would venture to say that she realized that this was a mistake, not because of spending time with her daughter, but rather in terms of "No Kill".

This article also points out a certain amount of cruelty involved since Porter made the mistake of drinking the koolaid of "No Kill". http://www.chestertontribune.com/PorterCounty/porter_county_animal_shelter_chi.htm

More troubling details about the shelter emerged at the end of July when County Council President Dan Whitten discovered cats where being housed in rooms with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

So the saga of "No Kill" continues. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Here we go again. Lying, lying, lying about the "No Kill" "open door" shelters. Nathan Winograd and his puppets wouldn't know the truth if it ran up their collective asses. None of their claimed "open door" shelters are truly open door. Either they have a waiting list for owner surrenders or an evaluation for acceptability into the shelter or they just flat turn owners away with dirty looks and criticism.

This one is out in the open now. People are speaking out. And also officials are beginning to realize that they just can't afford to spend the money saving them all and are setting limits on treatment. That probably means more animals will have to be euthanized in those shelters and that will mean they are no longer "No Kill". Isn't happening quick enough for me and probably not for the shelter animals either. Forced to live in a kennel with maybe, if they are lucky, human interaction for 20 minutes a day, is not a good life.

Montgomery said shelter officials have yet to come up with either a clear definition of no-kill or decide how much money to spend treating a sick animal. More money for treatment would translate into less animals euthanized, she said.
Shelter advisory board members formed a subcommittee last week to look at the financial threshold for care.
The Humane Society of Hobart criticizes Porter and Lake counties' shelters in the fall issue of its newsletter for refusing to accept stray animals, which has put a greater burden on its facility. This impact of overcrowding was among concerns voiced when the no-kill policy was adopted.



As always, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. And that is exactly what is happening with the "transport" program. I have said all along that transporting dogs to other states is not based in saving lives, but based in pimping "No Kill". It's simple really. Supply rescues with product so that they don't have to pull from their own local shelters and force more euthanasia, thereby giving Nathie Boy a consulting gig. Only Nathie Boy ain't getting those gigs like he planned, thank God.

The transport scheme is taking homes from shelter dogs and that cancels out any good from saving another dog. That's not the way it should be, sacrificing dogs to feed a small, fat man's ego. Rescues are not in business, they don't need to think in terms of competing with breeders. This is the excuse they use to justify what they do in accepting these transported dogs. The term "rescue" means you save lives, it has nothing to do with providing the public with what they want, yet this is what these receiving rescues say they are doing. We as rescues need to show the public the good in any dog whether it is old, black, big, or whatever. To subject these types to die in the shelter while you play businessman with the public does not make you a rescue nor does it make you a life saver. 

Breeder Brenda Barnette was caught red handed for bringing dogs across state lines without vaccinations, risking bringing in disease. This particular article points out those risks. States are beginning to pay attention to this morbid scheme and passing legislation. Connecticut has already passed regulation legislation, Maine is considering the same. Now New Jersey is jumping on board. This indicates to me that we don't hear all the horror stories about this scheme. But it can't be hidden very long, all evil things eventually come to light. 

The problem is too many people on both ends of this rescue spectrum and sometimes the transporters in between are unreasonably profiting from this burgeoning enterprise and the animals are suffering. We have heard of cases where unscrupulous "rescues" sweet talk shelter managers into giving them dogs, comb Craig's lists in the South, pick up puppies for a song, cram them into filthy cages, haul them to New Jersey - a hot bed of faux rescue activity - and peddle them at the local shopping mall for hundreds of dollars.

Bad rescues are rarely exposed until tragedy strikes. Puppies who haven't received proper vet care or were living in unsanitary conditions are flipped at the local Tractor Supply store for hundreds of dollars. The "rescuer" makes off with the cash while the new owners face high vet bills and emotional trauma of trying to save a severely ill dog.

But the profit mongers out there are preying on people's desires to adopt. With the torrent of publicity surrounding pet stores and their connection to puppy mills, families are looking for ways to adopt animals. Some New England states have a shortage of adoptable dogs, period. Blessedly, you don't see pregnant coon hounds roaming the back roads of Vermont. Sadly, many urban - and now suburban - shelters are overloaded with pit bulls. The number is well above 90 percent in Philadelphia. While pit bulls can and do make fine pets, unfortunately many in shelters have been abused and neglected. Many families are just looking for a fluffy puppy or more well-adjusted adult dog.

Transports deliver those animals. Beautiful hounds. Furry shepherd mixes. The occasional lap dog whose owner was living in her car because she lost her house. All abandoned, willfully or not.

I have several posts here on this scheme. Just do a search for transport. 

Monday, November 7, 2011


When you read things like this, it just makes you sick at heart. And it is happening far too often since the advent of "No Kill". George Bengal of the PSPCA was quoted in an article that before 2004 (when Philly drank the koolaid of Nathan Winograd's NKE program and he hand picked the management staff) the PSPCA saw about one or two hoarding cases a year, but since the PSPCA is seeing one to two CASES OF HOARDING A MONTH! Coincidence, I think not. Shelters are being pressured to "stop the killing" and this is resulting in too many animals being given out to totally irresponsible people. This pressure is a result of Nathan Winograd and his koolaid drinking puppets like Bett Sundermeyer and Ryan Clinton. Oh, they try to deny it but this is what happens. It's time that Ryan and Bett realize how much damage they are doing but that ain't gonna happen, they are on their ego trips and will be gone for a long while.


“The cats and several of the dogs were living in filthy conditions in the house situated closest to the street. The cats were kept in a small, filthy room attached to the garage of this first house, where they had no choice but to live in their own feces and urine. Eight to 10 dogs were living, some in rusted crates and some loose, in a room accessible from a bedroom in this first house. The floor in this room was decaying, and was coated in feces, urine and filthy bedsheets and blankets. The door to this room had been sealed off with industrial tape and hidden by a curtain,” a spokesperson with the SPCA said.
The second house contained approximately 20 dogs who were living in deplorable conditions.
The SPCA of Texas has received information that the animal owner in this case was a part of a rescue group, and was separated from that group to start her own purported rescue group called Elliot’s Friends Rescue, allegedly transferring animals from at least one municipal shelter. (But Winograd and his buddies think this is just a-ok, just as long as they are alive, who cares about the conditions they are living with or without.)
“Some licensed shelters are put under such pressure to not euthanize animals for any reason that they end up transferring animals to anyone willing to accept them. Some rescue groups that end up taking more animals than they can reasonably handle then often end up warehousing these animals,” the spokesperson said. (No shit, Sherlock!!)


My readers know by now that I hate Trap, Neuter, and Release. I consider TNR to be the ultimate cruelty for cats. I think of it as outside hoarding and this is a good example of why I think that. While reading this article, note that this cat was taken from the PSPCA by a "No Kill" rescue, microchipped, altered, and THEN PUT OUTSIDE IN A FERAL COLONY WHEN IT WAS A FRIENDLY CAT!!!! How frigging cruel can you be?

The female cat is spayed and micro-chipped, said Nicole Thompson, one of the humane officers involved in the case. The cat was originally at the SPCA in Philadelphia, which micro-chipped and released the cat to a no-kill rescue group that took her to a feral cat colony, Thompson said.
Both cats are at the SPCA's Lahaska shelter and appear to be friendly, Thompson added. Morrell has owned the black-and-white male cat for several years, according to people who know her.
Charges of animal cruelty against Morrell are pending, based on the outcome of the veterinary exam, Thompson said.
Why are they considering cruelty charges against this woman? She did the right thing by taking the cat in. The "No Kill" rescue group should be charged with abandonment. TNR is a horrible thing unless you subscribe to Trap, Neuter, and RETAIN. That's what the letters need to represent. Outside hoarding is all this case is, that rescue should be brought up on charges.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Yes, I am looking at that because I have discovered that Newfoundlanders have more common sense about animals than this country does. 

I came across this piece of media and it uplifted my spirits considerably. Seems that Newfoundlanders don't like "No Kill". They've figured it out without having to deal with it. Seems that instead of "No Kill" looking good on paper, these folks have a real sense of what it actually does. http://www.vocm.com/qotd.asp

It asks a question: Do you believe animal shelters should adopt the "No Kill" policy for stray pets? And the poll shows:

Of the 1785 responses, only 29% said "Yes", whereas 61% said "NO". 

Plus the comments are great too.

No, how can they continue to keep abandoned pets without winding up with more than they can handle. It also isn't fair to the animals to keep them penned indenfinately. The problem is with the owners, not the work of the shelters 

Let's be realistic here. I love animals but I do not love them stuck in cages their whole lives. we cannot possibly find homes for all animals. 

if no one wants a animal then put it down .keep it for one month to see if anyone wants it . 

I am an animal lover with no connection to any of the groups involved in this article.
With the huge numbers of stray and injured animals in this city ,it is unrealistic to adopt a no kill policy.There will never be enough temporary homes for all of these critters and lives in cages can only lead to greater issues in aggression and social isolation with them. 
The city should not use tax money to fund the housing and care of animals when so many of our HUMAN citizens are living in deplorable states of poverty and homelessness.

So it is good to know that there is a place where the sun shines but not on the morbid movement under Nathan Winograd.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Well, well, so Councilman Paul Koretz has  published that he's had "TREMENDOUS" success and adopted out a FEW animals at a shopping mall. Are a "few animals" a tremendous success? Why doesn't he tell us how many animals were shown and how many got adopted? Koretz needs to be realistic and admit that it is NOT easy to get homes for shelter animals, and just taking a few to malls isn't going to solve the problem. If he got his head out of Barnette's sandbox, he might be able to see that we've got a REAL problem and he isn't helping it.

Take Me Home Day

Councilmember Koretz joined Westside Neighborhood Council and LA Animal Services for a "Take Me Home" day at the Westside Pavilion. The Westside Neighborhood Council has been working with various shelters and rescues throughout the district to hold weekend adoption events in the mall to find homes for dogs and cats. The adoption events have been tremendously successful, with several dogs and cats finding permanent homes. (Several doesn't sound like "tremendously successful" to me!)

Or is Koretz learning just how hard it is to adopt out shelter animals? Show us the numbers, Koretz, not just your opinion.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Remember back when Brenda Barnette called in the LA Police Department to investigate guns in the shelters, guns used in the field to euthanize wildlife? That particular decision was questioned because why call in the LAPD, why not an internal audit? As usual Breeder Barnette was trying to take the emphasis off her poor decisions and make employees scapegoats. A waste of taxpayer money is what I call it. Now the audit is done, there are no missing guns, just a quote about poor record keeping. Now who does that record keeping, why none other than Breeder Barnette. 

An audit of guns and ammunition confiscated from city animal control officers found all were accounted for, despite initial reports of missing weapons (Could this be filing a false report, BB?), officials said Thursday.
Still, the agency now plans to sharply limit the number of guns in an effort to reduce the killing of wildlife, a move that has upset some officers who say the weapons are needed to put down injured animals.
The Los Angeles Police Department tallied 122 guns seized two months ago from six Animal Services shelters after months of tabulating them by make and serial number.
"There were no guns missing, that's the good news," said Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette, who requested the audit. "But we learned what we need to do record-wise."(Oh please, don't try to white wash it now, you screwed up!)
She requested the audit after at least one service weapon used to euthanize wild animals was suspected to be missing, possibly as a result of sloppy records, Barnette said. (And again I ask, who keeps up with this, who is reponsible? Records are kept for the education of the management staff, yet you couldn't figure it out and called in the PD.)
Now it appears that some animals will probably suffer in the field because of a change of policy. Officers will be injured trying to load wildlife to take to the shelter. Boy, this Breeder Barnette is one stupid broad.

Monday, October 17, 2011


When will this broad learn that spay/neuter is the one most important thing when it comes to pets? Once again, Breeder Barnette sends out a "press" release  that fails to mention spay/neuter. I can appreciate Halloween tips but the biggest and more important tip of all is missing.

Phone: (213) 482-9558

October 13, 2011


Make this holiday fun for your furry family members, too!

Halloween can be a festive and fun time of year for children and families, but for pets it can be stressful and even dangerous. Here are some ways to keep it fun and safe:

This is the perfect time to make sure your pet is licensed, microchipped and wearing up-to-date identification. A dog license helps our Officers get your lost pet safely home. 
Plan ahead to keep your companion animals in a room away from the front door when trick-or-treaters are visiting. It is too easy for them to become frightened by the goblins and slip out the door.

Chocolate and other seemingly harmless ingredients can be poisonous to dogs and cats, so keep them out of reach. Dispose of the wrappers where pets can’t get them to avoid choking.  Also, remember that children may not understand why Fluffy can’t share their treats, so use this as a teaching opportunity.

Tail wagging is a good thing – unless it’s done around a lit candle! Keep candles and lit Jack-o-Lanterns at an appropriate height where your pets can’t knock them over or get burned.

A decorative collar is far more comfortable than a costume for your pet. Make sure your pet thinks a costume is as much fun as you do before you dress them up for Halloween.
By following these helpful tips, Halloween can be a fun and safe holiday for pets and people alike!   
Trick or Treat! 
Now, my suggestion and something I do each year at Halloween. I put a sheet in each child's bag with information regarding spay/neuter. I also include information regarding chocolate, onions, grapes, etc. being toxic to pets. I tell the children that the information sheets are for their parents. Every year that I have done this, I get at least a couple of visits from parents about this information and it results in pets being altered. 
Why can't you put this kind of emphasis on spay/neuter, Breeder Barnette? You can't because your mindset is that of a breeder and we don't need a breeder in charge of animal control because you won't enforce the law regarding spay/neuter. Go back to where you came from, Barnette.

Friday, October 14, 2011


So Nathan Winograd, what happened here? And this is a very small shelter and one would think that the smaller shelters could make your morbid program work but it just ain't there.


Easton officials are at a loss to solve the city's growing problem with feral cats and the people who feed them.
The city has no official count, but says its feral cat population is on the rise. The turning point, officials say, came when the Center for Animal Health and Welfare in Williams Township went no-kill in 2003.
Feral cats are nothing new, especially in the city's more densely populated neighborhoods. But the shelter's policy change often leaves it at capacity and unable to accept new animals. Even if that weren't the case, Easton can't afford to spend $100 per cat to trap, spay and release them, Panto noted.

"The no-kill killed us. That's what did it," he said. "We can't have a no-kill shelter that doesn't euthanize animals."

Learning that lesson after the fact only means that more animals suffered in the meantime. Nathan J. Winograd, Michael Vick has nothing on you as far as cruelty of animals.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well, well, well, I get to say this, "I TOLD YOU SO", not that it brings pleasure to do so either. In fact, I hate saying this to shelters because it means that animals had to suffer in order to prove me right. So it is bittersweet at best.
Six years ago, the city took control of the animal center from San Bernardino County. At the time, it was one of the most disputed issues in the city and on Monday, some of those disputes resurfaced.

As soon as the minutes from that meeting are online I will update you.

I started this fight in Rancho Cucamonga against Nathan J. Winograd. I confronted him at public forum in Rancho and of course, he didn't respond to any of my questions. However, he was asked about the deficit he left in Tompkins County, a deficit that he denies even to this day, by the City Council members.

This is not the first article to be written saying Rancho is not "No Kill". When they opened their doors, they were overrun with owner surrenders, turning them away. Other local shelters reported that these Rancho owners were showing up at their shelters with the tale that Rancho refused them. Rancho denies this but we know the truth.

If you look at the original 2008 Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities, you will see that more animals died in their kennels/cages than at the County shelter which handles twice the number of animals. When a humane officer questioned them on this signed report, immediately they issued another report with the excuse that they still had not figured out how to use their Chameleon system AFTER TWO YEARS!! Another report was issued.

Someone once said that all these people who tried to relinquish their pets to Rancho just shows how people want to use a "No Kill" shelters. I bet to differ. It shows that "No Kill" just gives people an excuse to "get rid of" a troublesome pet. "No Kill" has taken the guilt away from the public and now they come running. Then "No Kill" wants to turn them away, can't have it both ways.

So the taxpayers of Rancho are spending over $12 each person each year to maintain a shelter that absolutely can't be "No Kill". Rancho is an affluent community too, and that means more spay/neuter usually. But with the advent of "No Kill", why not let your pet have a litter to show your kids the miracle of birth. With "No Kill", we'll take the litter, when it becomes too much trouble, to the no kill shelter, won't have to explain to the kids, and it is a happily ever after story.

Yep, that's right, a fairy tale that is destroying open door shelters all over. Don't throw up Austin, that is a failure just waiting to be recognized. Don't throw up Reno, nothing but lies. Charlottesville is non profit, can't get the truth via public records. Winograd, you have nothing left, you are a miserable failure and your puppets are deserting in droves. Get a job.

This is Pat Dunaway

Friday, October 7, 2011


I always say that pit bulls are accidents waiting to happen but not in the same sense as whether death by pit bulls should be ruled as an "accident" and no charges filed against owners. Here is a link to a really good, information piece that was published today on Opposing Views. Honesty Helps was quoted first, stirring that emotional pot, and then the truly informative, educational part follows, full of just plain common sense. 

The pit bull issue is an important one to me because I think it just may be the one issue that stops "No Kill". I started studying this issue in regards to the mentality of pits get a bad rap. I happen to love pit bulls actually. Once I did my research I learned that I have been one incredibility lucky person.  I can't tell you how many pits I have taken off the streets as strays, how many puppies I have picked up from owners and breeders, more than you can imagine. Never had a problem. Should I then assume that all pits are to be trusted, absolutely not. Just the opposite in my opinion from the research I had done. I was foolish to trust these dogs, foolish. Pits are highly unpredictable and if you make it through a pit's lifetime without an "accident" then it's only because you were lucky.

Back to this issue in regards to "No Kill". I firmly believe that pits need regulation because the facts are the facts. Pits are doing too much damage. I can refer you to other sites rather than repeat here. 


And from these two sites, you can go to others. I find the information overwhelming. Yet, the denial of the Whino and his Whinonettes of the pit bull problem, the money of certain interests in pit bulls, the unholy pimping of pit bulls by the rescues, have created a Frankenmauler. They're alive, they're alive that is the cry, rather than MAN'S BEST FRIEND SHOULD NOT BE KILLING MAN AND HIS CHILDREN OR BELOVED PETS!!!

This unholy pimping of pits is not helping them. I personally want to help them and I see the possibilities of BSL to do that. Otherwise these pits sit in misery, chained, abuse, etc. And to, it will force owners to learn a little bit and realize there is more responsibility associated with a pit bull. Would it mean more pits dying in the shelters, probably, I don't disagree with that. But it also may mean many other things that can make the future better. We can't stay in the present and fix the problem. We have to look to the future and think about saving those lives. Save as many as we can now, and let the rest go. 

So if more pits die in the shelters, if shelter policies mean more pit euthanization, then that would have a drastic affect on doing "No Kill" programs. Let the Whino go after the public officials when they dictate policy or make ordinances. Nathan J. Winograd has always barked up the wrong tree by going after shelters. Do BSL and people will know who the "real enemy" is when shelters responded that they have no choice, it is the law, then Nathan Winograd will have to back off the shelters and go for the lawmaker's throat. 

All in all, there is a problem with pit bulls, something needs to be done and I support BSL, not bans, but BSL. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GOTCHA, "NO KILL'ERS"!!!!!!!!!!

Seems these "No Kill'ers" (people who hate animals) are one sorry lot. Filing lawsuits left and right. In a time of budget cuts why would anyone want to take food out the mouths of the shelter animals by filing a lawsuit? "No Kill'ers" that's who. Recently the Whino sicced his forces on Michigan Humane Society but they didn't take it lying down. MHS is coming right back in his ugly, chipmunk cheeked face. http://workingtohelpanimalstodaytomorrow.blogspot.com/2011/09/honestly-nathan-you-need-to-seek.html

Prior to MHS, a similar suit was served against the Palm Springs Animal Shelter in California. From the looks of things, Palm Springs is coming out swinging too. I want to see these fools in court. I want the courts to decide where this arbitrary number comes from that determines whether you can call yourself "No Kill". What if you are a shelter in East LA where the majority of strays are either sick or behavioral problems? Does these fools think that the taxpayers want to be stuck with the bill for the medical or that aggressive dogs should be adopted out? They don't care, they don't care about the animals, all they want to do is feed their own egos.


A comment says it all, how little these inhumane people care.

It's too bad the city is having to spend thousands to defend this lawsuit when they could have used that money instead to finish the new shelter. Hopefully the city will be able to recover some of their legal fees from these people when they win the suit.

Yes, let's turn the tables and file lawsuits for fraud against Winograd and his puppets. I think I will start using Winofraud as suggested by one of my readers. It is a more descriptive name for the scheme that Winofraud is running for his buddy, Rick Berman. Really, people if you don't think all of this "No Kill Equation" nonsense isn't a scam, think again.


I am in total respect of police K-9s. How many lives of police officers have been saved with these wonderful canines? Well, Clayton County, Georgia gets the JOY award for this one. The JOY Award is given each year to the biggest jerk of the year, thus the Jerk of the Year title. Last year it was in the infamous puppet jerk, Brent Toellner and I was just about to do the JOY Award for this year. Ryan Clinton was the only nominee for the JOY but he will have to take second place. 

http://www.ajc.com/news/clayton/family-to-pay-bills-1195083.html These are excerpts, please go to the link to read the whole story.

The Clayton County police officer injured in a crash earlier this week is expected to make a full recovery, his wife said Wednesday. But his four-legged partner remains in critical condition, facing surgery and extensive medical care.
That's because the county commission voted to retire Lakota at its meeting Tuesday night, according to a resolution on the county's website. Since Lakota no longer works for the county, the county isn't responsible for the dog's treatment, Corey Fox said.

Lakota, who is currently at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital, has a shattered leg that will have to be amputated and another leg that is severely broken, Corey Fox said. The dog may also have a broken hip and other broken bones, she said. Lakota is stable, but in very critical condition, Fox said.
Katherine Gilmore, spokeswoman for the veterinary hospital, told the AJC Lakota is sedated and bandaged while awaiting surgery.
The surgery and medical care could total more than $10,000, but the hospital has agreed to cut the cost to around $3,000, Corey Fox said. And when Lakota is released, a ramp will likely be needed at the Fox home, and possibly a special bed and wheelchair, she said.

Corey Fox, who owns a dog-training business in Henry County, has posted an update on Lakota on her company's website, along with a link for those wanting to make a donation to the dog's care.
In honor of Lakota, donations can be made to the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine’s GRACE Fund – a canine emergency fund. Donations can be made online www.vet.uga.edu/GO/grace or checks can be mailed to the UGA College of Vet Med Development Office, 501 D.W. Brooks Drive, Athens, GA 30602.
My readers, please try to contribute if you can. This dog deserves better than what he is getting from Clayton County. And if you feel so inclined, send off a nasty email to Clayton County, I am.