Monday, February 28, 2011



On January 24, the Los Angeles Daily News published an article about the City Council considering shutting down city agencies one day a week. Here’s the quote about Breeder Barnette, “

“On the humane front, Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette said it will mean euthanizing more animals and even more limited kennel space. According to a quote in the LA Daily News about the City considering shutting down some city services by one day a week it will mean more euthanasia.”

But “more euthanasia" didn’t seem to bother her last weekend, when she sent the following notification about closing both the East and West Valley shelters for Saturday afternoon to New Hope partners and another rendition to employees. She reportedly told one rescuer that closing both the East and West Valley shelters for what should be one of the busiest times of the week for people to find lost animals and adopt a new pet, wasn’t a problem because
they only adopt out about five.

Now, if the GM of one of the largest shelter systems in the world can only get five adoptions on a Saturday afternoon in two of the busiest shelters, I’d say there’s something wrong. I suggest we see if we can get more bang for the $180,000 bucks per year that we pay her from tax money.

The notification sent to the New Hope partners:

The West Valley and East Valley Animal Care Shelters will close at Noon on Saturday 2/26/11 in honor of Captain Helen Brakemeier, a dedicated 26-year member of the LAAS family who passed away on Sunday, and to allow our staff to attend her memorial services. The other shelters (WLA, NC, SLA, & H) will maintain regular business hours.
While New Hope Partners do have access to the Animal Care Centers after business hours with prior scheduling to evaluate animals, there will not be any Clerks available to process New Hope Adoptions at the East Valley and West Valley shelters after 12pm on 2/26/11. West Valley and East Valley will be open again at 11am on Sunday, 2/27/11 for regular business.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WOMAN THINKING? CERTAINLY SHE DOESN'T THINK LIKE AN ANIMAL CONTROL AGENCY MANAGER. What if there had been an emergency or disaster and all the officers were in one location out of Los Angeles? What if a cattle truck had overturned on the freeway? What if there’s been a big structure fire in the Valley where lots of animals needed to be removed? This is how Barnette “honors” a career employee who devoted her life to saving animals? Capt. Helen Brakemeier, would have never thought closing the shelters and risking even one animal being killed or not adopted or not taken home is a “tribute” to her!

Why didn’t the shelters stay OPEN in honor of Capt. Brakemeier? Why didn’t a living, growing tree get planted at the shelter with a plague in honor of Capt. Brakemeier’s life? I’m sure Helen Brakemeier would have opted for life for those five animals, even if Breeder Barnette thinks five “precious lives” (to quote the ADL-LA) are insignificant.

Councilmen Paul Koretz--this serves your district, is it OK with you? Councilman Bill Rosendahl - what do you think of this "most qualified" manager now?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nathan Winograd Loses for Third Time

And all along I thought the third time is a charm. Not for the Whino. Losing ain't fun, is it Nathan? All those dogs and cats losing their lives in those "No Kill" shelters run by your cult members don't think it's fun either.

From the Whino's Facebook:

The Supreme Ct. has denied our petition to save L.A.'s feral cats currently being systematically put to death. While it appears our efforts in the case Urban Wildlands vs. City of Los Angeles are finished, our fight is not. We are preparing a separate lawsuit. We intend to bring the fight directly to Animal Services an...d the Superior Court, both of which are violating law and causing cats to be needlessly killed.

So you want to waste more of the LA taxpayer money with this frivolous lawsuit. You couldn't make it as an attorney so stop trying to act like one now.

Brenda Barnette & Best Fiends Bomb at “Acatemy”!

The highly touted Acatemy Awards adoption event in LA by Best Fiends, was a BOMB!

Only 58 cats were adopted in this "Big event". And they were doing the infamous hoarder sale, two-fer-one. Anyone looking to get a pet on sale probably can't afford the upkeep. You don't shop for a pet according to price. It's been shown that these "two-fer sales" result in a high number of returns. Any reputable rescue will tell you that unless two cats are bonded it is a mistake to do two together most of the time. Of course, there are exceptions and the two cats might work well together, but most often that doesn't happen. People get these cats home and one of two things happen. Either the cats don't get along together or they bond with each other and not the owner. A sure way for them (or at least one of them) to be sent back to the shelter or dumped.

Out of a city of 4-1/2-million people, only 58 cats adopted!! Possibly less than 30 people adopting. But Best Fiends thinks that is a success. Fair from it, it is a joke They took 137 cats to this event and only about a third were adopted. AND, how many of those went to rescues?

What is the definition of success, Best Fiends? I call this a FLOP. I bet at least a third to half are going to be returned to the shelter, but, of course, we’ll never know for sure. Are you finding cats homes or are you selling shoes, BOGO? Disgusting garbage, Best Fiends. Wonder how many donations were raised for Best Fiends because that is the real reason for these events. It has little to do with the animals, but a lot to do with donations and building a mailing address you can sell or use to solicit.. Let’s call for the City Council to prohibit the soliciting of donations whenever these events are held or having people sign things that give their contact information to ask for money later. The only ones who should be soliciting during events should be local charities, not one sitting in Utah or LAAS itself. If that happens, you won't be seeing Best Fiends around anymore.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bosom Buddies: The ADL-LA, the NAIA, and Brenda Barnette

Or maybe strange bedfellows? How did you miss this one, ADL-LA? Do you really know who you are supporting, Pamster? Just everything that you "say" you stand against is what your bosom buddy, Miss BB, stands for. I'm quite sure, Pammie, that you know who the NAIA is but for those who don't, well here is the morbid truth. For those less informed about the NAIA, it is the National Animal Interest Alliance, a very deceiving name because nothing it does is in the interest of animals, only in the interest of money. Kinda like the Whino and his "No Kill" deceptive name.

I will paraphrase because this group's website doesn't allow me to cut and paste.

Their philosophy supports:
The responsible and "humane" use of animals for food, clothing, medical research, companionship, assistance,recreation, entertainment and education. The NAIA supports ethical and regulated hunting and fishing for wildlife management programs. (Ethical, my ass, nothing is ethical about this group.)

The NAIA rejects the animal rights movement and considers it unnatural, misguided and harmful to animals and people. (OMG, Pammie, look at what they think about you. Yet you are crawling into bed with them???)

The NAIA is supported financially by breeders, medical researchers, livestock, poultry, and egg producers.

Whoa, wait a minute, Pamster, is this not all that you fight against? So how does all this fit together, one common factor, Brenda Barnette.

Brenda Barnette's kennel club, the Seattle Kennel Club, of which she was a legislative representative is a big supporter for the NAIA, raising funds for their dastardly work. We all know the stories associated with medical research. We all know of the plight of animals in entertainment. We all know of the poor chickens who are forced into cages so small they can't turn around and forced to lay eggs until it kills them. We know of the gestation crates of pigs and what a horrible life they have. Yet, this is part of the NAIA, they protect those involved in this type of cruelty by fighting legislation that would make these animals lives a little better. Barnette actually participated in raising funds for this, she probably is still a due paying member of the Seattle Kennel Club who raises funds for the NAIA.
The Seattle Kennel Club, along with NAIA (National Animal Interest Alliance), is hosting an "Organizing to Win" seminar on Friday, March 7, 2008, 7:00 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1801 E. Valley Road in Renton and will be speaking to help organize the people and clubs in Washington State to defeat Bills that are currently being heard in the House and Senate. We all know that if we do not organize NOW and show the AR's that we are united, it will only be a matter of time before BSL and MSN is on our doorsteps like it is in other states. The registration fee for this seminar is $40 in advance, $50 at the door with a portion of the proceeds to be donated to the NAIA. This will be a fast paced couple of hours exploring the issues and solutions facing the relationship of humans and their animals in today's political world. I plan on attending and if anyone else is so inclined, go out to the Seattle Kennel Club website at , scroll down the home page and click on the 'Organizing to Win' link and it will take you to the registration form.

Now I would venture to say that since this is pertaining to stopping legislation and since Barnette was the legislative representative for the kennel club, it stands to reason she was probably one of the organizers of this event. SO WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS, ADL-LA? HOW WILL YOUR NEXT ALERT READ? It should read that you have sold out, that you now support those who support medical research and the cruelty of agribusiness. Explain this away, Pamster, you can't. You're a joke, ADL-LA, a bad joke. Get some backbone back and help us get rid of this Breeder Barnette. And while you're at it, get rid of Nathan Winograd, he's in league with Barnette as well. You've been his puppet for too long and look where it's put you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I expect any moment for the Comedy Store to have a big picture of Pam Ferdin or Terri Macellaro as an opening act. The latest "alert" from the ADL-LA comes across as total desperation. C'mon Pam, Terri, face up, your gal ain't cutting it, never did cut it, and never will be able to cut it. Now you are standing proud of having a full blown breeder to head animal control and actually defending breeding? Geez, hell has surely frozen over!!!

Let's re-word your alert to it's truer meaning.

So any rumors about Barnette being "in" with the breeders is false "on it's face" and "as applied." She doesn't breed and all her companion animals are spayed/neutered and she likes it that way! Do you really believe that, Pamster? Did Miss BB stop paying her dues to the AKC or better yet, did her daughter stop paying her dues on her water dogs? Her daughter is still breeding with her Mama's blessings. Did Miss BB tell the breeders at the "Meet and Greet" that they should stop breeding because shelter animals are dying? Did she educate those breeders about their responsibility in all of this? Of course not, silly Pamster. Boy has she pulled the wool over your eyes. Believe me that the breeders would not be saying "she is one of us" if they thought any differently. The woman ran a commercial breeding kennel, for God's sake, a puppy mill.
"Seattle Humane Society Director Brenda Barnette is as concerned as the breeders about the proposed new law."

ADL-LA: Barnette is a bridge builder and a team player and that's why she is willing to work with any person or any group that will help her reach these goals. As the head of a City Department, she has a very broad constituency and it is appropriate for her to work with all community groups.

According to those employees that Barnette hired this ain't so, Pamster.

OMG, with all the things saying just the opposite, where are you getting off Pamster? Not at my station, that's for sure. She conspired, yes I said conspired, to create instability while in King County.
But over the past three years, we (Claire Davis, Kim Sgro, and Brenda Barnette) have worked by your side to create instability in the system, for the very reason that a broken, failing system should not be stable. This lawsuit is still on going. Barnette was ordered to relinquish her emails and that is when she tucked tail and ran for LA. It ain't over yet, Miss BB.

And then to add insult to injury, the ADL-LA is trying to defend breeders by bringing up a "training" video. Pleeeeeeze!! First Cathie Turner wanted to donate their rags and newspapers to the shelter and now they want to train staff. The ADL-LA surely doesn't believe that breeders are true rescuers, what an insult to the rest of us. The Vincent Bill was designed specifically to address the fact that breeders were pulling their breeding stock from shelters, thus a law to alter all shelter animals. How soon Pamster forgets this little tidbit of the Vincent Bill. How easy it is to pull a purebred from the shelter and pass it off as a "papered" product if your product has died. The vast majority of purebreds look alike so this is easy to do.

I pose this question to you Pamster, how many breeders have you walked the street with in demonstration? Got an answer? Wouldn't take you long to add them up, right Pammie? Where's the $$$$ dollar pledge from all these high-income breed clubs??? How many hours a week is each breeder pledging to come down and clean shit out of kennels?? Guess that wouldn't fit the pattern of "caring" as much as making a training video of something that "looks like a shelter dog" or "doesn't look like a purebred." Why don't you ask these breeders for money for advertising for LAAS?

This is the bottom line, ADL-LA. You made a mistake, you refuse to admit to it. Should be easy enough since BB failed your Messiah in King County, he ain't poking his head around too much, is he? You are a disgrace to everything, what you stood for, what we all thought you stood for, and a disgrace to your lack of helping the animals in the shelters. You disgust me, Pammie, you and your kind.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Help Me!! I've Been Rescued By Brenda Barnette

Help Me!! I was Rescued By Brenda Barnette for a News Release. I’m “warehoused” at an LAAS shelter. She didn’t give me a name, except A1182494.

When Breeder Barnette first got the LAAS GM job, those who did their homework were deeply alarmed that L.A. had selected a breeder and AKC Legislative Liaison who opposed our spay/neuter law to run LA Animal Services. Nathan Winograd supported her. Did you notice that Mr. Winograd has become silent now that
Brenda Barnette's kill numbers are UP (not heading for no-kill as she promised?) Wasn't it the Whino himself who says the killing can stop "OVERNIGHT"? So six months of overnights and the killing is up?

When the informed complained about L.A. hiring a breeder for GM, the cry from the fawning uninformed Winograd followers (ESPECIALLY THE ADL-LA) was, "The shelter animals don't care who saves them! Brenda Barnette will save them!" (The Whino knows that Barnette actually worked against the shelter animals while in Seattle, preferring to import unvaccinated dogs from Kern County over the shelter animals in King County.)

And what happened to the ADL-LA? They used to be strident advocates for improved shelter results. Now they are pandering and manipulated operatives spewing disconnected misinformation and using pathetic overdramatized scenarios to try to make Brenda Barnette look good (or at least like she’s doing something!).

Recent example. A cat. Let's call him "A1182494." Because that's what Brenda Barnette calls him. (Whoa, isn't one of the "No Kill" rules is to give names to the animals?)

The ADL-LA dutifully cross-posted a "News Release" for Brenda Barnette about A1182494.

It seems poor A1182494 got injured in Beverly Hills. That eventually led someone to call in SmART, the LAAS specialists in capturing small animals in life-threatening situations. The injured cat had evaded a humane trap, tranquilizer pills, and multiple dart gun shots.

Finally the SmART team "rescued" the cat. WHERE WAS THIS CAT NEEDING RESCUE? Amid the chaise lounges. Brenda Barnette with her very questionable "wisdom" deduced that a specialized team with specialized equipment (at a pretty hefty salary paid by tax money) "rescuing" a cat from under pool furniture is newsworthy. (Wow! Don't slip on the suntan lotion!)

She issues a "News Release" describing the "rescue." The SmART team is excellent, but really, Brenda. A news release for rescuing a cat from a Beverly Hills chaise lounge??

The real news will be if Brenda Barnette can actually get this cat adopted.

Brenda Barnette’s riveting news release said the cat was impounded at the West L.A. shelter on January 16, 2011. It is now February 16th, one month later.

Where is the A1182494 now? Right where he was when he got impounded 31 days ago. Stuck in his little shelter cage like all the other cats Brenda Barnette has done nothing new or innovative to get adopted. (Thank goodness, he didn’t end up in somebody’s garage or basement!)

Wouldn’t any halfway decent GM who had nothing better to say in a news release than that a cat was "rescued" from Beverly Hills pool furniture would at least say something cute, endearing, lovable, or heart-grabbing about the cat to help him get adopted?

Not Breeder Barnette. Maybe because Brenda Barnette's choice is poodles. She demonstrates no affinity (or adoption ideas) for cats. In her news release, buried in the hyperbole about SmART, is an easy to miss one-word description of A1182494’s personality as "sweet." That's it. A 641 word news release and that’s all she can come up with to help save his life.

The very least she could have done is announce an adoption date, offered a reduced fee or something. If you care to look, you will see a most unbecoming picture of this poor cat, scared in a cage with an e-collar on. Sure, people will rush right out to adopt this cat after seeing that picture! Any idiot knows that the cat deserves a better photo than that.

Did Barnette bother checking the photo? Did she ask the West LA shelter to use the “rescue” story to help promote this cat? Does she understand or care how poor this cat's chances are? Does she have any idea at all to help him?? Winograd and ADL praised Brenda Barnette's masterful adoption skills. What has she done to "market" poor A1182494? Or was the goal the “news release” and nothing after that mattered?

So A1182494 is “lost” again. This time among the other 1,000+ LAAS animal photos on the LAAS website. Brenda Barnette's "news release" makes herself and the SmART Team look good, but not the cat, who is now in peril.

Brenda Barnette used the cat for her own purposes but is evidently not doing a damn thing to help him get adopted. It is now one month since A1182494 was impounded. ONE MONTH since, January 16, 2011, he has been waiting. Waiting for Brenda Barnette to do SOMETHING to help him get a home and save his life. This special “rescue” by the GM has been overlooked by even the New Hope partners.

But can someone tell A1182494 that it’s not just him? Sadly, the other LAAS cats are in bigger trouble than before Brenda Barnette got here too. Look at Brenda Barnette's LAAS cats statistics. The last four months show fewer cats falling under the live release stats. In other words, more cats dying under Barnette.

Just wait till the spring when those litters start rolling and watch the euthanasia go up because Barnette is pulling a Boks trick, called WAREHOUSING. Look on the website and see animals there for several months, sitting in a cage, getting kennel stress and becoming sick and/or less adoptable with each passing day.

Also want to mention that in the last four months, Barnette's adoption figures are LESS than when the department was under Davis and Barth, and Brenda in her ultimate wisdom dumped Linda Barth—the only person with administrative knowledge-- because Barth wouldn’t be her puppet like flunky Mark Salazar. Barth knew how to say “No” and she knew when something was badly wrong. Barnette doesn’t want to hear “No” because SHE is always right! (Tell that to A1182494!)

Hey, somebody out there—if you want a “sweet” cat, the GM assured us a month ago there’s one at West LA Shelter. He doesn’t have a name. Just ask for A1182494.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The ADL-LA seems to have lost its collective nerve on protecting animals from research because they praised Breeder Barnette for sending over 100 helpless dogs from Los Angeles to Canada—where they still have pound seizure (giving shelter animals to medical research labs). Maybe that’s because the ADL-LA is no longer a “collective” (so to speak--) but a one-woman show! That one woman being Pam Ferdin.

Could there be truth to the rumor that Jerry Vlasak has flown the ADL-LA coup? We heard the Pamster (Ms. Ferdin) is now on her lonesome—except for maybe a friend on the LAAS Commission (who got their praises on the ALF website a few years ago)—and so she’s puffing up to look like something she ain’t! In the meantime was that JV with the next Ms. V that people are talking about?

Well, we’re not Dr. Phil here—speaking of which—it’s a shame that the dog he adopted from an LAAS Commissioner (posted on her website) made the headlines recently for biting a family friend. Wonder if the person who did the adoption told him about the tendencies of that breed?

Well, regardless, being a one-member ADL-LA doesn’t have much clout but it doesn’t matter because nobody’s paying any attention anymore anyway except maybe Bill Rosendahl and Paul Koretz. They seem to feel more powerful knowing they got the backing of a group a very reputable LA animal rescuer recently called alleged “eco-terrorists” in testimony to the City Council.

So after years with Sea Shepherds and other groups saving the oceans, here’s what the ADL-LA say about the Planning Department doing a study (EIR) on how much more poop-and-piss pollution would be produced in storm drains by a 66% increase in dogs and cats in Los Angeles—ALL (literally) dumping right into the ocean.

Read the ADL-LA post below and see if this sounds like an environmentally sensitive group. (Would you give an A+ to Breeder Barnette for trying to push this through without a CEQA?)

“FROM THE ADLL-LA on February 12th, 2011
“1.The ocean has an island of plastic bottles bigger than the size of the state of Massachusetts. Human-animals negatively impact the environment much more than non-human animals, who have NOT negatively impacted the environment for millions of years.
(In other words, all the public health officials are wrong when they say dog and cat poop pollutes the storm drains, river and oceans.)

“2.Hundred of thousands of baby diapers and plastic pampers filled with urine and shit are thrown out car windows and/or left laying on our beaches. Certainly babies, kids and adults negatively impact the environment much more so than two more companion animals per household! And when our companion animals poop, we pick it up in a recyclable baggy and dispose of it properly!

February 10th: Before we send out the second part in our series on Brenda Barnette: New General Manager at LA Animal Services, we want to set the record straight as to the role of Animal Defense League- LA, its board of directors and its members. First off, we are nobody's groupie, certainly not Barnette's. We have never sat down with her to hear her talk about herself or her plans; why would we?

Only actions speak to us, not words, as we continue trying to expose and halt the killing of homeless and abandoned animals inside our six city "shelters".

And, while we’re speaking of it, the number of animals that have “ESCAPED” from the LAAS shelters since she’s been here has ALMOST DOUBLED! Does that mean all those volunteers Barnette and Mark Salazar have turned the shelter over to aren’t very well trained or knowledgeable? (LAAS shelter employees rarely allow animals to “escape.”) Last year the number was only 28. The same period this year since BB has been in charge, 54 have “escaped.” Where’s her order that this must stop? Why isn’t the Commission and the ADL-LA up in arms? Could it be that they don’t really care what happens to the animals in the street—as long as they don’t have to count them or take care of them in the shelter?

This seems to be verified by another issue brought up by an animal rescuer who was trying to get help for two dogs owned by a homeless person who was leaving them on a one-foot tether in the blistering heat with no water and then in the thunder and rain and freezing cold weather without shelter because he put his trash in his tent to keep it dry.

The disgusting story of how Mark Salazar and Brenda Barnette handled this situation is below and I highly suggest you read it and weep.


I leave you (for now) with this post from a very responsible rescuer on how “humane” Breeder Barnette and her flunky Mark Salazar are. They’ll do anything to avoid having to take an animal into the shelter. (Isn’t that what “shelters” are for?}

Please cross-post across Los Angeles and on Facebook.
For most of the past year, my charity has labored to improve the living conditions of Princess & Dude, two dogs who belong to a homeless man. In the past decade, we have only asked for an LAAS intervention a handful of times.

One of those times was in December.

Unfortunately, LAAS has continued to tolerate well-documented inhumane conditions, from last summer's sweltering heat, to this winter's torrential rainstorms, to what I documented today.
We've got TONS of photos of the dogs tethered in the burning heat, and the torrential rain, of South LA.

Brenda Barnette and Mark Salazar original asked for 30 days to get the conditions improved by Lori from Downtown Dog Rescue. 30 days came & went. They asked for two more weeks, which also came & went.

Last year, when LAAS seized the dogs for inhumane living conditions, Lori bailed the dogs out and returned Princess & Dude, and kept a third dog, and found a home for her. My charity was willing to take on both Princess & Dude, but Lori wanted to play social worker while subjugating the animals' needs.

“So, enjoy these two sickening videos. The one of Princess is her hiding in December's torrential rainstorm, while tethered INSIDE a cage, and unable to get into a seeping nylon tent, because the homeless man stuffed it with trash.

“The other video is from YESTERDAY, which shows Dude in the heat without food or shelter, and a one-foot tether around his neck, unable to sit on the hot asphalt, or the jagged bottom of the chain link fence.

“Objectionable? You betcha. And Brenda and Mark want to give Lori even more time, putting the dogs' welfare on the back-burner, even though my charity was, and remains, prepared to take them on.

If you're as troubled about this as I am, call or email: (BB’s contact info provided.)

Brenda will tell you that they want to help the homeless man, but the Department's mandate is strictly public safety and the animals' welfare. At some point, the animals' welfare must come first. Life on a 24/7 tether is no life. Especially when it's one-foot in length. The alleged eco-terrorist who adores Brenda gives out phone numbers in action alerts, so I'm sure they're perfectly fine in sharing Brenda's.

Members of LA City Council (Again, BE POLITE)

Or the local media. Ultimately, Dude & Princess pay the price. For no good reason at all.”

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ya Missed One, Nathan J. Winograd

""Burgess has a similar operation in Medway, authorities said, and it is under investigation. As many as 500 dogs are believed to be at that facility."" This "no kill" has another place with 5 times the amount of dogs in this bust. Stay tuned for more of the legacy of "No Kill".

Where were you on this shelter, a "No Kill" shelter? Anyone else notice that the Whino never has condemned "No Kill" shelters although so many are busted for the horrible conditions and overcrowding? Not a word from the man to these shelters or any advice about watching themselves against overcrowding, poor conditions, whatever. His silence only confirms what I feel about him, that he isn't doing this for the animals, that he doesn't care about the animals, he's on an ego trip.

February 6, 2011 PIQUA, Ohio -- The Piqua Health Department, police and the Miami County Humane Society shut down and condemned an animal rescue facility that was in the process of relocating to Piqua from near Medway in Clark County.

The facility is the One More Chance Pet Rescue and Adoption Center located on Clark Ave. in Piqua.

Officials taped four notices to the facility's front door, shutting the place down.

The center is a no-kill operation, but Marcia Doncaster of the Miami County Humane society said what she saw took her breath away.

She said there were 98 adult dogs inside and 10 puppies, and as many as seven dogs to a stall on concrete without any type of bedding.

The building has been condemned, a no trespassing sign attached, on the front door you'll find a Common Pleas Court order attached allowing officials to remove dogs in immediate need of medical care and a fourth notice lists the violations in the building as no utilities and unsanitary conditions.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pacific Palisades SLAMS Door on Brenda Barnette And Rosendahl

Pacific Palisades literally cut off Barnette from her presentation on the pet limit increase. This is a major blow to Rosendahl since PP is in his district.

""Hot on the heels of Moore’s tip on barking dogs, Animal Services’ Barnette addressed shacking up with dogs and cats. The proposed ordinance to increase the number to pets per household to five dogs and five cats “may increase the public nuisance level and impair the quality of life in Pacific Palisades,” according to the Council. One councilmember warned of “unintended consequences of endangering household pets.

Urine run-off and fecal matter accumulated will be calculated from a scientific POV and then they will render a decision out of the Planning Commission and make a decision.

The Council was not receptive to Barnette’s argument: “The city is trying to cut costs and you’re going to have to police this? This will add millions to the city budget,” said one member.

“That is your opinion but it’s not fact based,” Barnette responded, respectfully.

“What is the purpose of increasing from three to five [animals per home]?" exclaimed a councilmember. "That makes no sense!”

Barnette said, “There’s maybe 10 percent of licensed animals out there…There’s no argument the department is not good at collecting licenses but those are apples and oranges. I agree this needs to be stepped up because we need to increase those revenues.”
(Apples and oranges??? The emphasis should be on collecting those 90% of unlicensed dogs, that would surely raise revenue! If LA can't collect on those dogs, then it can't collect on the 66% increase, can it?)

Without allowing Barnette to finish reading her statistics, the Council shut down the conversation pretty swiftly and unanimously voted against the measure.""
Looks like she didn't make any friends in that meeting.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brenda Barnette's Next Transport Plan - Priority Mail

And why not? Looking for alternatives to the expense of gasoline, I suspect this might catch on with Barnette and her cronies for transporting dogs since they don't seem to give a damn about where or who the dogs are going to. Wonder if there is a guarantee for delivery on time.

The postal worker was stunned when the package moved by itself and fell to the floor. Then came the sounds of heavy panting.

Within minutes, she and co-workers had unwrapped a tightly sealed box and rescued a 4-month-old puppy that a Minneapolis woman tried to mail to Georgia.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Contest: Who's the Biggest Liar - the ADL-LA or Brenda Barnette

Recently the ADL-LA, the newest supporters of agribusiness cruelty and research on animals, issued a statement that employees of LAAS and rescues are supporting BB. Yeah, right, and my s**t doesn't stink. No names of course to back up this ridiculous statement. As usual the ADL-LA makes their general statement to the effect they have insiders. No one in animal control that has a right mind would report to the ADL-LA. So I thought I would post a couple of emails that were sent to the Council members and Barnette.

Brenda Barnette has been sending loads of dogs in the back of cargo vans to Canada to get them out of her shelters and keep her numbers down. Many rescuers said they were worried about these animals going out of the country and to somewhere that they couldn't be traced to see what happened to them. An article on a newsite last week disclosed that Canada still has "pound seizure." They release animals from the shelters for medical research--any lost dog may possibly end up in one of the medical lab cages also. Thousands of animals go from shelters to labs each year. Here's the link to the article that tells about it.

So, wouldn't we expect the ADL-LA to be yelling and screaming? Aren't they supposed to be leading the charge against pound seizure and research on animals? Aren't they worried about the horrible prolonged suffering and painful death of these precious animals? Shouldn't they tell BB to knock it off and get out of L.A." But, NO, the ADL-LA this week gave Breeder Barnette an A+ on her job!! So I guess that shows what liars they are. ADL stands for ALL DUMB LIARS!
Subject: [stopthekilling] LAAS's SmART Team does it AGAIN!
Cc: L.A. City Council

Honestly, Brenda…..

Your staff rescued a cat from under a chaise lounge in Beverly Hills. Really, Brenda? What a marvelous feat. Really deserves boffo press coverage.

What happened with your "flyers" and your "aCATemy Awards" Brenda? Haven't heard anything about those. How about that foster program that puts animals in basements (which few people have in L.A.)? What’s happening with that? What happened with the hundreds of foster homes you promised? Haven't seen a press release about that. How about doing actually doing something about the horrible guard dog situation in South LA and the many illegal breeders about whom you’ve been alerted? Haven’t seen any action on either of those fronts.

Busting illegal breeders whom you can easily find by looking at Craigslist - there are new ads for pit bull and chihuahua puppies every day - now THAT might deserve a press release.

You have done absolutely nothing to decrease the killing of cats and large dogs, pit bulls in particular, which are the two largest populations of animals in the shelters. Are you ever going to actually do the job our taxpayer dollars are paying you for or just continue keeping a low profile and meeting with your AKC/breeder friends?

And killing shelter animals?

Many people involved with the shelters suspended any negativity about you after your appointment was confirmed by our City Council, and everyone has been watching to see if you perform. Doesn't seem to be much going on, does there? You've been here long enough to have made a positive, dramatic difference by now, but all you've shown is that you are not up to the task.

The kill numbers are up, and adoptions to the public are down - both significantly. What ARE you doing? The most recent stats, posted by YOU, are hideous:
(insert stats)

We have long memories and little patience for your incompetence. How much longer are you planning on staying here? Do you have a time frame for your real intentions, which are obvious?

It has been clear from the beginning that you want to repeal the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance that we worked so hard to enact. As a breeder and the AKC Legislative liaison who has been directly involved in fighting mandatory spay/neuter legislation here in L.A. as well as elsewhere, you really have no business even being a City Shelter Manager. Amazing that your appointment was confirmed. Your appointment is akin to putting a crack dealer in charge of our health care system.

It is also clear that you wish to help your AKC/breeder friends by increasing the pet limits without requiring spaying and neutering.

I and others would really would like to know when you plan to leave so that maybe - just maybe - the next GM might be someone who cares about doing a proper job and actually saving animals' lives.

That would be miraculous.

Subject: Re: Fw: [stopthekilling] LAAS's SmART Team does it AGAIN!
To: "Brenda Barnette"
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2011, 4:09 AM


We all agree on those 3 points. The problem is that you are doing nothing to accomplish any of those goals. You say you are willing to work with and communicate with those in the community, but you have not demonstrated so. Everyone that has met with you has walked away shaking their collective heads, and you are doing nothing to stop killing animals in our shelters. I've heard many in the community say that they actually miss Ed Boks. That speaks volumes about you.

You've been here 5 months collecting a fat paycheck and making no progress. I only wish to participate with those who are trustworthy and display public accountability, transparency and honesty. That doesn't include you.

This response you sent me doesn't address any of the issues I presented. You seem to be adept at rhetoric, but not forthcoming with real solutions or even information.

What about the breeders? Your friends and others? What about innovative programs to stop killing shelter animals? What about the stats that show a huge increase in killing on your watch? Care to explain? What about the guard dog situation? What about the foster homes? What about the Craigslist postings? Cats and Pit Bulls? Your AKC connection and the fact that you fought our mandatory spay/neuter law? Care to address ANY of it, Brenda?

When a pathetically attended unsuccessful adoption event was held at our $19 million shelter you ducked out to meet with your AKC breeder friends at Galpin Ford. You didn't even take the time to market the event and actually do something to ensure adoptions. Care to discuss that?

That poor cat who was shot with a tranquilizer gun in Beverly Hills was identified as a male. In this email you say "she." Do you not even know the sex of this poor cat?

And don't you think that this was overkill? This was a house cat - not a mountain lion. I'm sure your SMART team is well-intentioned, but couldn't they have used less drastic measures than dart guns to capture a small cat?

This is another example of your non-existent plans and ideas to help cats.

This cat has been available for adoption since Thursday January 20th at 8 am, and is still not adopted tonight, nine days later on Saturday night January 29th.

Your "news release" does not describe the cat in a positive manner that could make someone want to adopt. Your "news release" attempts to make you and the SMART Team look good, but not the cat who is in peril. The cat is possibly in isolation where no one will even see him.

The cat looks (appropriately) terrified, is an adult, and is not particularly remarkable on his own. For a cat who is the subject of a "news release," you would think the General Manager would at least make sure a good photo is on the LAAS website. You didn't even do that (see below).

What are the odds that this cat will be adopted? It appears the "Good Samaritan" has no plans to rescue the cat after calling attention to him.

What will you do with this cat now, Brenda? Transport him to somewhere else to be killed and then boast to everyone that he was saved from LAAS?

This is despicable. Please do the animals a big favor and leave. Leave now. We can't afford you for another 5 years.