Friday, April 29, 2011

PIt Nutters Are Soooooo Stupid!!

We all know that people who are crazy for pit bulls are just plain crazy. They are also sooo stupid. Yep, we definitely need BSL to keep these people from getting pit bulls. No wonder the one breed out of all the other breeds, pit bulls, are committing 2/3 of the dog bite related fatalities. You'd kill someone if you had to put up with this sort of person. This is an email sent to, one of my favorite websites.

DogsBite received this email from a Nutter named Peter who tried to set her straight...Superior thinkers these Nutters are!

Let's see here;  2006, 2007, 2008...yep that's two years!
From: peter d <>
Date: April 29, 2011 3:25:21 AM CDT
Subject: error

I was reading Releases 3-Year Fatality Study: U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 and again the statement  , "The report covers a 3-year period -- from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008" and I noticed the dates Jan. 1 2006 to Dec. 31, 2008, only encompass a 2 year period


Every week another "No Kill" shelter bites the dust. Plus every article shows how ignorant the media is in treating these hoarders/abusers. The media just can't imagine that a person who "loves" animals can put these animals in jeopardy like they do so the media comes up with the excuse that this was someone who became "overwhelmed". So does becoming overwhelmed mean that you are blind to the neglect and cruelty that you are causing? That's the part I don't understand.

"I've never wished myself to witness anything like what I saw over there. Very bad," Monsalve said. "The filth, the amount of cockroaches, rats. We were killing huge spiders out of the bowls of water the dogs had."
A humane society official called it one of the worst cases seen in St. Lucie County.

"This is absolutely the worst case of hoarding and neglect of dogs and cats that we've seen in the longest time," said David Robertson, operations manager with the Humane Society of St. Lucie County.

According to the Sanctuary Animal Refuge website, Dorsey founded Sanctuary in March 2004. The website states the Sanctuary is a "not for profit no-kill organization dedicated to the overall protection, care and conservation of animals."

It's getting worse, folks. Recently over 500 animals were found in horrid conditions in Ohio, again a "No Kill" shelter. Hoarding is on the rise and "No Kill" gives them credibility, just like it does for breeders and puppy mills. Our animals are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to "No Kill", there is more abuse than ever, all in the name of "No Kill".  This evil has to end and none too soon.

There has been a lawsuit filed against Palm Springs, CA animal control and a non profit who houses for them. I have faith that this case will not have the results that the "No Kill"ers want, in fact I think it will end up being a kiss of death to this movement. It is ridiculous to arbitrarily set a 10% euthanasia rate as a standard for "No Kill". This has put pressure on all shelters to the point that they can no longer make wise decisions regarding whether an animal is a good candidate for adoption. It is destroying shelters and setting the public up for failure, not to mention attacks from these "rehabbed" pit bulls or any other breed. This particular lawsuit can't get into the courts fast enough for me. Will keep you posted on this.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


 Just predicting the future here, I've had many successes in predicting the future. As we know from my previous posts, Breeder Brenda Barnette, has taken ACO's off the wicked streets and turned them into minimum wage canvassers for licenses in order to save her butt. She knew when she did this that the City already had plans to put ACO's on a furlough due to budget cuts.  

LA City Mayor is ordering forty-two (42) furlough days (eight and a half weeks of unpaid leave) for Animal Control Officers. This combined with the dog license canvassing proposal BB has implemented will cripple the city’s enforcement efforts for animal control services. Looks like it will be the wild, wild, west in LA City for stray dogs and animal suffering. One additional note, most ACOs already receive at least six (6) weeks of paid time off (holiday, vacation and sick leave). This will equate to a total of more than fourteen (14) weeks off for each ACO or three months. So now LA, which is already short on ACO's (there's never enough) has reduced their ability to pick up strays by a quarter.

No jurisdiction, in my opinion, could meet the needs of the community by furloughing animal control staff for two (2) months. Animal control is a twenty four hour a day service and this proposal will cost the City additional money in overtime compensation. As more dogs are abandoned and run loose, this will cause greater impacts on the Department to respond to injured animals after hours and other priority calls. Costs actually increase when you furlough a twenty four hour response agency.

The bottom line is how this plays into the Barnette Grand Scheme. Fewer impounds, fewer euthanizations. Just like San Antonio who tried to go "No Kill", the streets filled fast. And the same will happen to the City of LA. This was no fluke, folks, it was a well thought out plan to destroy, just like Barnette did in King County. Just like the transportation programs are designed to destroy local shelters by taking homes away, more euthanization. 

You think people who claim to work with animals are nice people, you think wrong. They are as conniving and ruthless as any Costra Nosta leader. Barnette is the head of this mob mentality. Be prepared to take your lives in your hands just trying to get from your front door to your car. Forget about walks, forget about letting your children play outside, to do these activities can be hazardous when strays abound on the streets.

I've always supported spay/neuter as a means of achieving no kill, because it is easy to figure out that you can't kill 'em if they ain't there. Barnette subscribes to the same except her version is just don't pick them up, take ACO's off the streets, and they don't come into the shelters thus they don't get killed. Of course they do get killed but scraping them off the streets is another department's job.

And when all of this happens, it will be easy to convince the public that animal control needs to be privatized. I have said it before and I will repeat myself, Barnette was hired to destroy animal control and get it privatized for the Mayor. He wants to be rid of it, only problem is he can never be rid of it. He just doesn't understand it well enough to know that placing animal control in private hands is not the solution. There is a bright side, gun sales will probably increase and that means more sales tax dollars. Hey, one always has to find a bright spot in any situation, doesn't one?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


One would think the LA Times would have contacted the head of one of the largest animal control agencies in the country for a quote on this article, but they didn't.

I guess the Times finds her as repugnant as the rest of us do.

UPDATE: This "game" has been dropped thanks to people who complained.

UPDATE 2: It has not been pulled as reported. In fact, there are already indications that perverts have moved on to real dog fighting as a result of this game. Read about it here. 



I was so taken aback by this woman's continuation of her lies to an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Daily News, I am now issuing a challenge for her to back up her statements. Anyone with any fraction of common sense will tell you that if you are shipping more dogs into any area while the local open-door city or county shelter is still having to euthanize for time and space, that you are the problem, not the solution. You can't claim your are saving lives when you send dogs in trucks to unknown destinations without any follow up and releasing them to other organizations who are then transporting them and you have no idea where they are going. You've even sent dozens of animals to Canada. Explain to us how you prove those animals arrived safely and didn't either die themselves or cause animals in that area to die because L.A. animals took up homes they might have been adopted to. Are you telling us there are unlimited homes for shelter animals as soon as you get outside Los Angeles? Hardly, this is nothing more than a scam to force "No Kill" down our throats. It has nothing to do with saving lives, it takes the lives of the local shelter animals by taking away their homes for these transported animals. And all the while, these importation groups are yelling about the shelter euthanasia and using it to cram Winograd's program onto officials.

The original op-ed was written in concern over handing over a new shelter to Best Fiends, the cult group from Utah, for $1 a year. Brenda Barnette is closely associated with this group, at one time being an employee. This is no more than her trying to solicit donations for this cultists. If you think for two seconds that Best Fiends is in this for the animals, then you are three seconds too slow. They will collect information, like e-mail address for everyone who attends an adoption event, to solicit donations, donations that aren't going to help the animals as much as to line the pockets of the founders of this cult. Donations that should be on a local level. Best Fiends are well described in this particular blog by "friends" and "ex-friends" of Best Fiends, employees concerned for the lack of proper security even though Best Fiends spends money like crazy to pimp pit bulls and themselves. THE Mission animal shelter in the northeast San Fernando Valley must be kept open - but not as a private adoption center. Property owners of Los Angeles are paying more than $19 million in bonded indebtedness and deserve a city animal-care facility for their underserved area.

The wishes of the people are being ignored in proposing that all city services be abandoned and a nonprofit organization, Best Friends Animal Society of Utah, utilize a portion of the building to promote adoption of the most desirable impounds from other city shelters. That would reduce the selection options for many potential adopters and could decrease their willingness to visit other local shelters when seeking a family pet.

Proposition F was sold in 2001 as a $154 million city bond that would end overcrowded shelters, reduce euthanasia and provide badly needed animal control and community care centers in underserved areas. City officials knew the Mission shelter would need staffing.

Los Angeles Animal Services is a core public health and safety responsibility, not an optional benefit that can be downsized merely for convenience. The need for vital animal control services resulted in establishing a successful licensing differential in 2000 and strong spay/neuter campaigns that subsequently decreased shelter impounds by approximately 50 percent.

However, the decision in 2003 to make Los Angeles a "no-kill" city in five years and the current mayor's insistenceupon perpetuating this mythical goal has worked against humane progress. The improvement L.A. was experiencing in attitudes of pet responsibility was mainly prompted by the honesty that not every unwanted pet will find a home. Euthanasia was discussed on TV and the front pages of local newspapers in a bold campaign to make it clear that the decision to get a pet should not be taken lightly nor done on impulse.

Now, assured by publicity that every animal is adoptable if we just keep it long enough, the city's shelters are packed.

The Mission shelter currently houses hundreds of evidence animals (those abused or used in criminal activities, such as, dog fighting) and mothers nursing their litters. These animals must be kept for long periods in separate kennels. Returning them to local shelters reduces space and hastens euthanasia of adoptable pets. Best Friends' high-profile advertising for its events would also affect the adoption rate at other Valley shelters and compete with local rescuers. These are the smaller organizations that consistently take animals from local shelters. (One thing not mentioned would be an evacuation center since LA is quite well known for earthquakes and fires.)

Turning a $19 million city facility over to one nonprofit organization for $1 a year is a major decision that must undergo a formal bidding process, if it is to be done at all. This is especially true when we are considering this gift of use of public property to an organization that reports 2009 income at $51million. City shelters would still provide initial veterinary care and sterilization for impounded animals, and the city retains responsibility for the maintenance and security of its facility. Current shelter employees would merely transfer to other facilities that are already fully staffed. So, where is the cost benefit to the city?

By floating Proposition F, the City Council and mayor made an implied agreement that all these public facilities would be operative. The Mission shelter was a promise that the needs of Valley animals and communities would no longer be ignored. That promise must be kept.

NOW LOOK AT THIS SHORT AND STUPID REPLY. ESPECIALLY THE ONE ABOUT THE TRANSPORT PROGRAM BEING SUCCESSFUL. Re "Running Mission shelter is a city responsibility" (Valley Voices, April 18):
Although this article purports to be factual, it is not. The article asserts that there are hundreds of animals housed at the Northeast Valley Mission animal shelter when the number actually hovers between 42 to 52 animals most days. Another misrepresentation is that we have a limited number of adoptable animals in city shelters. In fact, there are so many that we transport some of them out of the area to save their lives. These animals are chosen carefully with regard to the market demand in the part of the country they will be sent as to maximize the chances they'll be adopted, without jeopardizing adoption opportunities for animals already there. The program thus far has been very successful.

I would agree that in a perfect world, Los Angeles Animal Services should have the Mission Hills facility fully operational. But our world currently is far from perfect. Signed from Brenda F. Barnette

So what happens if you do get this shelter for your "fiends"? It means those moms with puppies will be house in a shelter, not the best for them and more than likely all will be euthanized for time and space. Those evidence dogs will be in the shelters, taking up space and causing more euthanization. Obviously BB doesn't care about these moms and puppies dying so her friends can make money. 

In a past post, I mentioned how this transportation program is being used to force the "No  Kill" issue. Connecticut and Maine already have legislation pending to regulate these transports into their states.
Providing fellow "No Kill" groups with a product means they don't take dogs from their own shelters, allowing those dogs to die for their cause. Then when euthanasia goes up, these same importer groups will yell about it. IT IS A SCAM AND BARNETTE IS A RING LEADER!! Her background in Seattle backs that up!!


Saturday, April 23, 2011


How did I miss this one? I didn't! Just waiting to see if this All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA), "Desperate Action Alert" announcing THE NEW LAAS WEBSITE DATED MARCH 7TH would pan out, but as usual, it bit the dust without anybody asking. BUT I NOTICED and want to know what's up, Pammie?. As you can see, the subject of this Desperate Action Alert is the pitiful LAAS Web Site. . Have you looked at the website lately? Pitiful!! Before BB came, it had icons on how to get spay/neuter information and a picture of the doggie policeman telling you to License your Dog--It's the Law. At least the homepage looked like an animal services agency. Isn't that what LAAS is supposed to be?  There's now a green license tag that looks like it's covered with mold. At least It's supposed to be a license tag, I think. SO HERE'S WHAT THE ADL-LA PROMISED US:

Sent: 3/7/2011 10:34:07 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Subj: Fwd: [stopthekilling] New LAAS Web Site Coming Soon!
Evidently this picture is on the Home Page of the new web site! It was sent to us by an anonymous individual who has apparently seen the site. We think it's GREAT!


Thanks to a huge volunteer and staff collaboration, a new website has been designed by an amazing web designer who wants to remain anonymous; (but sources "leaked" to ADL-LA that the cost was donated by the incredibly brilliant, savvy and compassionate animal advocate Erika Brunson of Spay4LA SHE IS ADL-LA's HERO OF THE WEEK!

We heard the new sight has already been circulated to members of staff involved in public relations, web specialists and some of the Board of Animal Commissioners for comment and to test usability. Having completed those steps, the site is now in the hands of a Spanish speaker to translate the most important parts of the site for our Spanish speaking community; FINALLY! If there are any volunteers who would like to translate to other languages, or even help the Spanish translator translate more pages on the site, then step on up and contact Brenda Barnette's assistant Maria at 213 482-9556.

ADL-LA has not seen the new web site nor even parts of it, except the picture above, but from what we hear from different sources, the new web site is not only MUCH MORE user friendly, easier to navigate, BUT it also contains inspirational and educational information regarding our shelters that were previously left out on the current web site.

AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT WE GOT!! The ADL-LA should turn in their scary costumes if their latest post is the best they can do for animals. They've only got one song and it's been sung to the point of making us puke. They could have been a voice to help LA animals but their narrow minds (down to two now, Pammie and Teri MASSIVElardo) calling everything "No Kill" only concentrates on adoptions while completely overlooking the lack of information on the "new" website about spay/neuter, the real solution. Even Animal People News reported that a decade of focusing on adoptions has set us back, impounds are increasing and thus euthanization is again increasing. We can't adopt ourselves out of this, how long does it take the ADL-LA and their other "No Kill" cult followers to realize this? And how many more animals have to suffer before they do?

While there on the home page, look to your left and see the license tag picture. See what I mean!! Would you want to put this on your dog? Where did Brenda Barnette find this tag, off one the dogs she killed at the shelter? What was she thinking, or the better question is was she as usual not thinking at all but just trying to cover her butt?

And isn't this just toooo sweet? Here's what All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) posted on March 7 to get us all excited about the new programs and new website that Breeder Barnette was ready to unveil. BTW, folks, this kennel-adoption program they are talking about was developed by Kathy Davis and Linda Barth and making good money before BB came. Haven't heard any recent reports on it since she arrived, so she probably tossed it down the toilet because it didn't help the breeders. Her Bigtime Breeder Buddy Cathie Turner was supposed to put together great programs for the breeders to help the shelters, like bringing in old newspapers and rags. What a novel idea. Why didn't we ever think of that before? Well, how about each breeder who sells puppies in LA paying $300 to adopt a kennel every month? Makes lots more sense to me. But here's the All Desperate Liars take on this.

Another new program is the adopt-a-kennel program whereby members of the public can sponsor a kennel cage for a year for $300. This program is designed to bring in much needed funds from the community.This is a brand new program, but if you walk around the six shelters, you can see the local community support starting to grow at each of our shelters. In fact, we went to the North Central Shelter and saw a plaque that reads as follows:
Our sources tell us there were more than 25 individuals and groups who chipped in for this tribute. This really says it all!

Really now, a piddling $300 total tribute to the new GM contributed by WHOM? Did it take 25 breeders at $12 each to get a kennel adopted in BB's name? Did you bother to check on this "tribute". How do we know she didn't pay for this herself? How much did the ADL-LA chip in, Pammie? Did you put your money where your mouth is? Grasping at straws AGAIN, All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) but the haystack is getting bigger and it's harder to find even a straw with BB's name on it. Time for the City Council to set it on fire. That will bring out all the rats fast.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Breaking News! Brenda Barnette's Easter weekend LAAS dog licensing plan changed? Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deception, Lies, Suffering - The "No Kill" Peyton Place

Every week now you can find news stories regarding the cruelty of "No Kill" shelters. These shelters/rescues seem to be falling like flies. The media doesn't really help bring the truth to light because, like most people, they think anyone who helps animals has to be the salt of the earth, a wondrous person, a monument to humanity. Thus you will always read the phase, "she/he had a good heart and just became overwhelmed". I say bullshit to that. When you are seeing those animals daily, suffering, dying, it is a little more than being overwhelmed. Decisions are made to keep these animals in this condition. And what about other rescues, many of whom know each other and what the other does? They don't report it either because they fear retaliation or it will make them all look bad. So the deception of the humane community itself contributes to the suffering of animals.

This link,, with a connecting story here:,  has a very popular shelter having to answer about their euthanasia. What is it actually saying when it refers to animals being there for years? Imagine a dog confined in a small kennel with maybe 20 minutes a day interacting with a human? Read between the lines. They don't euthanize "adoptable" animals, but what makes an animal unadoptable? Years of confinement for one thing. A dog or cat can be adoptable at the beginning but after long lengths, their personalities, their demeanor changes and suddenly they aren't very appealing any more. And more confinement is all they can ever see in a "No Kill". How humane is that? I call it torture.

Or how about those who aren't adoptable but according to "No Kill" can be saved anyway via means of  sanctuaries? This description of one of those sanctuaries just came to my attention. I invite you to visit their website and look at the pictures. Ask yourself if this would be what you want for your pets. If the answer is no, then you should be against the "No Kill" movement.

Paralyzed animals denied wheelchair carts and dragging themselves until they developed bleeding wounds; animals whose bladders should be expressed every few hours kept in the same diaper for up to two days until they urinated on themselves and suffered urine scald; severely dehydrated animals denied access to water; animals confined to crates, bathrooms, and even a bathtub that they could not climb out of; animals denied treatment for pain, seizures, tumors, open wounds, respiratory infections, eye infections, ear infections, mouth and gum infections, and skin infections; crowded conditions so stressful that fights broke out daily ... those are just some of the horrors that PETA's undercover investigator found at Angel's Gate (AG), a self-proclaimed "hospice and rehabilitation center" for animals in Delhi, N.Y., founded and operated by Susan Marino.

AG takes in "special needs" animals from all over the United States and promises unsuspecting people that the animals will "live out their days in peace, dignity and love." PETA's photos and video show anything but. We found that Angel's Gate was a chaotic hellhole where animals whose conditions required special, individualized, round-the-clock care were deprived of basic necessities and quality of life.

Despite claiming to provide "hospice care" and "rehabilitation" to hundreds of animals, AG does not have a veterinarian on staff. PETA's investigation found that most animals were denied veterinary care for a variety of ailments, from simple to terminal. Our investigator discovered the following:

•An elderly Chihuahua named Malcolm suffered terribly for about two weeks before he finally died—anemic, lethargic, thin, dehydrated, and unable to balance, walk, or even eat.
•PETA's investigator found medication that had been prescribed for Shifty, a bulldog suffering from seizures, and Tucker, a dog with hydrocephalus, untouched almost a week after a veterinarian had dispensed them.
•PETA's investigator repeatedly brought to Marino's attention the respiratory distress of a miniature horse named Mimi, who was denied veterinary care for days before she finally died. More than four months after Mimi's death, Marino still solicited sponsorship donations for Mimi's care on AG's website.
The animals at Angel's Gate need your help today!

PETA has turned over evidence to the Delaware County District Attorney's Office. Please join us in thanking District Attorney Richard Northrup Jr. for investigating AG and click here to politely urge him to ensure that the animals there get immediate help and to consider filing cruelty-to-animals charges against Marino.

"No Kill" is what needs to be euthanized. It doesn't recognize the consequences and those consequences are causing needless suffering. These are but two examples in a long, long list.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The LAAS Easter Surprise Story by Brenda Barnette

It's a beautiful morning with the sun shining and everyone is sporting new Easter outfits. The Churches are holding services for one of the most sacred Christian holidays. Then it's time for rejoicing! The grownups have finished hiding all those Easter eggs, wonderfully colored and just waiting to hear the screams of discovery from the children. The table is set with delectable foods, some passed down generation to generation just for this holiday. The prayer has been said and everyone is ready to dig in and eat themselves into a stuper.

KNOCK, KNOCK on the front door. Everyone should be here. Maybe Uncle Ernie made it after all. Who could that be? Cleo, the dog, runs to the door barking. The door opens and there is a uniformed officer.

"Hi, I am an LA Animal Services Officer and you have a dog that is not licensed." says the person. "You are in violation of the law and I'm here to collect that license" The children see the uniform and start crying, they think it is the police taking their family away. The food goes cold, not to mention the embarrassment from the entire family. "Cleo doesn't have a rabies certificate. Can you come back?, they ask. "No, I need the money NOW. I'm here to license, so give me $20 and we'll get the certificate when we can." Cleo isn't spayed. "That's OK, give me the 20 bucks. I have a "goal" to meet and I'm getting paid overtime." You can spay her later. Here's a star I can stick on your license. It means it's not valid, but the City needs your $20."

Can you think of any more disrespect to the taxpayers of this City or elected officials than to collect dog licenses on a religious holiday" Most people are either out of town or have their families visiting? That plus the costs of collecting these WANNABE licenses, not even valid licenses? It reminds me of collecting taxes in olden times, no respect, just take the money and run. Licensing was created to serve a purpose, to make sure dogs are vaccinated against rabies, not to fill animal control coffers. Barnette is taking the money only to save her ass at this point. Let me repeat, licensing has fallen 15,000 since Barnette came to LA. The officers are only collecting about 3 a day apiece on time-and-a-half pay.. And all the while the streets are collecting stray dogs while these ACOs are assigned to go door to door but ignore humane violations. Plus it doesn't serve the purpose of which it was intended, to reduce canine rabies by a vaccination program. 

Maybe Barnette is of another religion and cares nothing for the second biggest Christian religious holiday. Nah, I vote she is just being her usual stupid self!

Friday, April 15, 2011


You don't have to be an expert in math to realize that if this is Breeder Barnette and Sleazy Salazar's idea of a sustainable dog licensing program, the Mayor better bring in some of his school kids to help them out. Barnette is bragging that it only took five days (Wed. to Sun.) and 21 Animal Control Officers (taken off their humane investigations or paid OT) to get 314 dog licenses.

I'm a business owner and when I add that up, that averages about THREE (3) licenses a day per officer. That part doesn't surprise me. You send out uniformed officers in the middle of the day during the week and on weekends and most people aren't home. And if they are, why would they open their doors since there was no big media blitz saying that real live LAAS officers would be in THEIR neighborhood. Oh, there was that "Action Alert" (AA) by BB. I almost forgot because it was so unimpressive. More on that later, so read all the way to the end. Back to the licenses, here's how I figure it, City Council and CAO. .

21 officers x 8 hours ea = 168 hours

168 hours x $28.00 (averaging salaries for ACO 1) = $4,704.00 (Some may be ACO II's -
but I'm being fair and providing the lowest possible.)

If only six officers were on OT for 16 hours (Sat & Sun), that would be 96 hours @ $42/hr.

So, let's deduct (168 minus 96 hrs., which leaves )

72 hrs @ $28.00 = $2,016
96 hrs. @ $ 42.00 = +$4,032

TOTAL (cost for FIELD ACO'S) $6,048 (plus benefits + PLUS admin staff/clerical time)

TOTAL (Lic. Revenue) = $20 X 314 = $6,280


So with an annual budget of about $18, my math isn't good enough to figure how long it would take to make a dent in that at $232.00 per week. You do the math. Then figure how many dogs were left on the streets while the ACO's were chasing licenses and how much more overtime will be paid to take up the slack.


The first time out last week, flunky DFO Mark Salazar and Breeder Barnette showed their disregard for city and state law and their disinterest in public health and safety and the health of animals. Their first order instructed the ACO's to collect $20 and issue a license with a tinfoil star pasted on it if the dog (1) didn't have a current rabies shot and/or (2) whether or not it was spayed or neutered. This meant it was a license that wasn't really a license because it wasn't valid, huh??

OK, now I got it. This is to build up the count of licenses issued to try to save Barnette's posterior from an a**whooping by CC because dog licenses are down so far since she's been in L.A. . The tinfoil star means that the license is not valid until the rabies shot is given or the dog is altered. There is no plan for the follow-up to assure these are done, of course, because LAAS doesn't have that many officers and it really isn't at all about the animals or the safety of the public or spay/neuter to cut down pet overpopulation and shelter impounds. It is all about Brenda and making her look like she has a plan! If this was put together by Chief Flunky Salazar, BB, you are in deep doo doo!

Now, here's the AA (Action Alert) by BB about licensing. I don't know who gets her News Releases, Action Alerts, etc. Don't see the media breathlessly waiting for BB to send them the news of the day.

But here's the Action Alert we're talking about. It's not all posted but we're concerned about what it DIDN'T say. Something of prime importance was missing. (Clue: It's what stops shelters from overcrowding and lowers euthanasia.)

April 7, 2011

Contact: Brenda F. Barnette, General Manager
Get Your Dog License NOW!
Humane Officers are canvassing Los Angeles City neighborhoods checking for current dog licenses. (Wrong, BB, we don't have Humane Officers in L.A. Your employees are Animal Control Officers.)

If you have a dog that is not yet licensed or who has a license that has expired, you can visit one of the six shelters near you or renew online at:
Fees:Spayed or Neutered: $20.00 and proof of rabies vaccination.
Not Spayed or Neutered (if qualified): $100 plus breeder’s fee of $235.
* * *
An animal rescuer wrote to Ms. BB:
Dear Brenda,
I think it’s a big mistake to list these as if they are equally available options:
Fees:Spayed or Neutered: $20.00 and proof of rabies vaccination.
Not Spayed or Neutered (if qualified): $100 plus breeder’s fee of $235.
Moreover, you did not say anything in the press release to bring more awareness of the city’s spay/neuter ordinance. This would have been a perfect opportunity to remind people (or inform those who are not aware of) the importance of spay/neuter. In fact, it should be a part of the LAAS boilerplate.
Do you not agree?

This is not our only opportunity to get the word out. We'll consider your input when we do another release on this topic.
Activist wrote back -

Hello, Brenda,
Of course this is not the ONLY opportunity, but this was certainly ONE opportunity which LAAS could have used. Thank you for incorporating it in the future because spay/neuter is the KEY to reducing the killing.

Yet, the very next Action Alert also again fails to mention spay/neuter. AH, HOW NICE IT WOULD BE, IF THE GM COULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT WITHOUT BEING TOLD!! Then again what do you expect from a die hard breeder aka AKC legislative rep?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


And those Desperate Action Alerts just keep coming. The latest one today, Brenda Barnette should fall into the category of being a murderer of animals, according to the All Desperate Liars (ADL-LA) and their Messiah, Nathan J. Winograd.

According to the cult philosophy followed by the All Desperate Liars, the one pimped by Nathan Winograd, there is no pet overpopulation problem. Thus they conclude that the euthanization in shelters is a decision made by ineffective shelter directors who take the easy way out by euthanizing for time and space. They call these ineffective shelter directors murderers.

So with the euthanization increasing each month that Brenda Barnette has been on the job and euthanization is the highest it has been in 10 years, what does that make Barnette? Is she one of those ineffective shelter directors that makes the decision to kill rather than to save lives? If the All Desperate Liars says that euthanization is a "choice" because there is no pet overpopulation problem, then they also have to accept that Brenda Barnette is making that choice and therefore she should be classified as a murderer. Explain that one, All Desperate Liars.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Desperate Action Alert from ALL DESPERATE LIARS (ADL-LA)

March 11, 2011

Subject: Stop the Killing: Overcrowding from warehousing and Suffering Acceptable

Our inside janitorial staff sources tell us that great things are starting to happen at each of the City's six shelters. Although the previous Desperate Action Alert (DAA) was condemning shelter employees, this DAA is now praising those same employees. You might ask, "Why the turn around?" and the answer is this. We, at All Desperate Liars, are doing all we can to make our gal, Breeder Barnette, look good and it's hard to find anything that can actually do that. In the past, we have posted letters of condemnation of LAAS customer service, although we have to admit that the good letters far exceed any bad letters. But we need something to make our gal more acceptable, even something that has nothing to do with her. We believe that people should not be turned away from adopting from the shelters even if they are gang members wanting pit bulls or known hoarders. Those are the ones who wrote those past letters about poor customer service, the ones that can write.

Never before have we posted the nice letters that flow continuously into the shelters so why are we doing that now? Because it wouldn't have served our purpose. We had to have something to complain about, didn't we? Now we have a reason to bring these nice letters into the light, we want to help Breeder Barnette to bring "No Kill" to our shelters. Yes, we know the history of "No Kill" and we are aware of the open door shelters it has destroyed, but who cares about "those" shelters, not us. We just accept the pitiful explanations given by our Messiah Winograd without question. We want to see all shelters gone anyway. Free the animals and let them live naturally. Unfortunately we are unable to find very much positive press, none actually, on Brenda Barnette, so it is our duty to distort the truth to pimp our message. Especially now that we have our new BFF sitting on the Animal Commission, taking our message there. She makes us look good with her law school education.

We aren't questioning why adoptions are going down and euthanization is going up under our gal, Brenda Barnette. It's never been about the animals with us, it is just about US! Oops, not US any longer, it is about me, Pammie, there is no US any longer. We don't care that Brenda Barnette is shipping out animals into the unknown, outta sight, outta mind is the motto of "No Kill". Besides we take the stance that the decreased adoptions and increased euthanasia is due to a lack of budget for advertising, that is a good excuse.

Even though Brenda Barnette could at least include something about spay/neuter on her press releases, we still say it is a lack of advertising that is keeping adoptions down and the killing up. Brenda Barnette has also made it so difficult to locate information about spay/neuter on the LAAS website, but we feel certain she has her reasons for doing this and who are we to question her? Whatever her reason to now make the website user un-friendly can only mean she is working toward "No Kill". We'll just keep our fingers crossed that people won't give up their pets because of this lack of information. Her recent press release says to get that license but doesn't mention any programs to help people get their pets altered. Again, we don't question that decision because if impounds go up from people surrendering their pets over a license, we can always claim it is due to the lack of funding for advertising.

What is amazing to us is that despite our best efforts to paint the shelters as killing fields with barrels of dead animals and poor customer service, people are still adopting from the shelters. We do our best to keep people away so we have more to yell and scream about with the intentions of trying to get our "own" people hired for positions. After all that has been our goal, our only goal, since our inception. We don't volunteer, we don't take animals out of the shelters, we just want our "own" running the show. We consider our mouths and our pipe bombs to be our volunteer work.

Speaking of advertising, we think it should be paid for by the taxpayers. Why should Brenda Barnette take money from her budget for it or make an effort to get free ink about spay/neuter on her press releases? Therefore, we won't help in any way to get free advertising because it is the duty of the taxpayer to pay for it. Some feel that the very least we could do is pull weeds that are overcoming our shelters, making them unattractive to the public. We aren't gardeners and besides there is ONE volunteer who is trying to do this and we praised him in our last DAA. He should be able to cover all the shelters within a year and then he can start all over again.

Barnette is smart in saving taxpayer dollars by utilizing this one volunteer. We, the All Desperate Liars, feel that the money is better spent on warehousing animals so the numbers look better than they actually are. The money saved is better spent on sending Barnette to meetings with breeders to get them to donate newspapers to the shelters. Besides when have you ever known us to step up to the plate on anything other than sending out our Desperate Action Alerts to a handful of people. We also do our share of splashing red paint on private property and cars, throwing bricks through windows, and climbing onto balconies to scare children, all in the name of "No Kill". It's a dirty business but someone has to do it.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at the McDonalds on Pico. We thank that crew for their generous offer of providing Big Macs for everyone attending. Don't wear your Satan suits, we don't want to be recognized of course.

Heil Nathan Winograd, Heil Brenda Barnette.


UPDATE: Finally BB did a "press release" on her stupid decision to not adopt rabbits before Easter. All this will do is send people to the pet stores rather than the shelter, pet stores that don't give a crap about educating people about rabbits. This will mean that even more rabbits will end up in the shelters after Easter and the rabbits already in the shelters will lose homes. DUMB MOVE BB!! This is nonsense! People will end up buying rabbits that are pregnant at pet stores. If anything you should ENCOURAGE people to come to the shelters instead and adopt an altered rabbit. We all know that unaltered rabbits become aggressive as they mature and that is the main reason why people "get rid of" them. Whereas an altered rabbit stands a good chance, a better chance of staying in a home. People will get a rabbit no matter and all this does is take away the chances for a shelter rabbit. EASTER IS THE PERFECT TIME TO ADOPT RABBITS FROM THE SHELTERS, unless of course you have the heart of a breeder and want to support any and all breeders, right BREEDER BARNETTE?

Get a Plush Bunny for Easter and Adopt AFTER the Holiday Every Easter, adorable baby rabbits, chicks and ducklings are given as gifts. Sadly too many are quickly discarded or die. Los Angeles Animal Services will not be doing rabbit adoptions during the week leading up to Easter from April 18 through Easter Sunday on April 24th in recognition of the sad plight of baby rabbits each year at this time. If your family is considering getting a rabbit this Easter, visit one of the six LAAS animal shelters during Easter week and talk with our experienced adoption counselors and fabulous volunteers about rabbits as companion animals. Let them help you decide if a rabbit is right for your family. If you decide a bunny is for you, take the time to get the supplies you’ll need. Get your house rabbit ready. Then come to the shelter and adopt your very own spayed or neutered bunny after Easter. Rabbits are affectionate and personable. However, they do require a lot of care and attention. A well-cared-for rabbit can live 12 to 15 years.
This woman knows no boundaries on her stupidity. Once again, she proves where her heart is, with breeders, even rabbit breeders.

BB has declared a moratorium on rabbit adoptions because of Easter. The rabbit breeders and pet stores are gonna love her for this one. If someone wants to adopt a rabbit and can't get one at the shelters, then for sure they will turn to pet stores and feed stores. Many of the adult rabbits sold in pet stores and feed stores could be pregnant, happens quite a bit. So then a person takes the rabbit home and ends up with more than they planned. At least the rabbits from the shelter are altered, no chances of litters. Plus the rabbits in the shelter are usually adults and adopting adults means a little more serious adopter. So this means that even more rabbits will end up in the shelters after Easter, even more euthanasia of rabbits. She doesn't care, rabbits are a cheap commodity in her breeding book.

Plus those people getting a rabbit from the shelter can also get an education about rabbits whereas those gotten in the pet stores won't. Rabbits from the shelter stand a better chance of staying in a home with that education.

Once again, BB shows where her heart is - making money for breeding. Wonder if she will declare a moratorium on adopting black cats before Halloween. Nah, she's already discounted that one even knowing what black cats may face at that time. What a dumb broad she is.