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This is a re-post of an old post by Honesty Helps.  Winograd claims that I protected a cruel shelter when just the opposite is true.


Another Day, Nathan Winograd, No Evidence Yet

Yet another day where the Whino doesn't present any evidence to back up what he says about Pat Dunaway. I pulled this one out of my old posts to show that Pat Dunaway doesn't hesitate to go after animal control, again making the Whino out a liar since he says that she supports animal control no matter what. This shows plainly that Dunaway doesn't tolerate cruelty at the shelter and fights against it. So take that Whino, you've been caught in another lie.

Pet advocates accuse city of wrongdoing
SAN BERNARDINO: They file a claim saying the shelter mishandled dogs and donations.


A trio of animal welfare advocates has accused San Bernardino officials of misappropriating more than $10,000 donated by the public to help three emaciated puppies rescued from neglect in July 2001.

In a claim they filed earlier this week, Pat Dunaway of Fontana and Suzanne Martin and Pauline Itkin of Riverside are seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

The three, who are involved with animal welfare groups throughout the Inland area, allege the city's animal shelter mishandled the dogs and that city officials conspired to alter and forge public records documenting how donations were spent and how the dogs were treated.

"We want justice for the animals. We want whoever is responsible for allowing those animals to suffer to be held responsible," Dunaway said Thursday. "We also want reform at the animal shelter."

The claim, filed Monday by the women's attorney, Mark Blankenship, follows an 11-month city investigation into the dogs' treatment that was prompted by earlier complaints from Martin.

San Bernardino officials interviewed more than 16 people involved with the care of the puppies and concluded in November the dogs had received the best care possible under the circumstances.

City Attorney James Penman did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment Thursday. He has defended the city's integrity in the past, saying claims that the donated money was misspent are unsubstantiated.

The women also claim City Administrator Fred Wilson released a fraudulent report that the city had completed an investigation involving former city animal control director Jon Cicirelli.

Cicirelli resigned in November. City officials have said the investigation was unrelated to the animal cruelty case but have declined to specify its nature.

The three puppies, named Chopper, Bandit and Rosie, all have been adopted. As of November, a little more than $3,000 remained in an account for them after medical and food bills were settled, and the city said it was researching what to do with the rest of the money.


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This is an impressive piece and the author insists we spread it around. Glad to do so.

“If you are one of those people who believes you “love” animals but continues to defend killing based on a belief in pet overpopulation, I want to understand why it is that—when the very thing which you have publicly lamenting all these years as the “tragic” cause of animal killing turns out NOT to exist—you do not celebrate, but rather, go on the attack in its defense, even as HSUS—the flagship of the killing establishment—has abandoned you in the belief. Here is my survey for you:”–Nathan Winograd
Nathan Winograd wants to know why you still don’t trust him. I mean, you love animals, right? You hate that they die in shelters–right?  Didn’t you hear? The numbers just don’t add up. There is no companion animal overpopulation crisis. There are more than enough homes for all of the animals who are needlessly dying in shelters–so why aren’t you celebrating? What’s wrong with you?
According to Winograd, the data supports his claims that there are 17 million potential homes for the 3 million animals who are currently dying in shelters’ revolving doors, thus proving that companion animal overpopulation is a myth. Winograd says that shelters all over the country have adopted his patented shelter reform principles and literally ended their euthanasia of adoptable animals–overnight. Yet there are holdouts within the animal protection community who say it’s just too good to be true and Winograd wants to know why. And now he’s asking. Sort of.
Nathan Winograd is challenging naysayers to refute his evidence–in survey form. And while his survey reads more like a cry for help than a pet overpopulation survey, you have to admit it’s an interesting way to frame his argument. So, let’s take the bait. Let’s take his survey right here, right now, together, where our answers may actually count for something. As we go through each question, think about how you would answer it.
I believe that there are too many animals (“supply”) and too few homes (“demand”). The latest data says three million dogs and cats are killed but for a home. I believe demand exceeds supply because my data shows demand is___________________ [fill in number of homes annually, please state whether this includes replacement homes (a pet dies or runs away), new homes (a first pet) and expanding homes (a second, third, etc. pet), as well as your source].
Answer: No one really knows how many animals (“supply”) are entering our shelters and being euthanized there. While some states require animal releasing facilities to report their intake and disposition of animals to state agencies, others don’t, and there is no centralized national agency counting animals. The National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy identified and mailed intake and disposition surveys to over 5,000 shelters that handled a minimum of 100 animals per year in 1994, and repeated the survey for the following three consecutive years. While the endeavor was remarkable in its ambition, the results were disappointing. With only 20% of the polled shelters responding (even after reminder cards were issued throughout the year), the NCPPSP abandoned the collection of data using survey cards, with the following disclaimer:
It is not possible to use these statistics to estimate the numbers of animals entering animal shelters in the United States, or the numbers euthanized on an annual basis.  The reporting Shelters may not represent a random sampling of U.S. shelters.”
The NCPPSP is conducting new research, tracking the intake of animals and their disposition in eighteen US shelters and weighing the data against the human populations of the communities each shelter serves. The NCPPSP is hopeful that the formula will be useful in developing hypothetical annual and quarterly shelter population tracking trends that will allow them to estimate the number of animals entering shelters in other areas, in the future. Until all shelters report their numbers to their respective states, and each state reports its data to a centralized agency (like the USDA) , we can only guess at how many animals America’s shelters handle every year, even with sophisticated hypothetical tracking formulas.
The Asilomar Accords has designed a comprehensive standardized annual statistics table to track shelter trends, but like the NCPPSP survey, shelter participation is completely voluntary, and fewer than 200 shelters are currently participating.
Estimates for combined shelter euthanasia numbers range from 3 million to 10 million, but no one really knows for certain how many animals are dying in shelters, not even Nathan Winograd. And while Winograd limits the discussion of pet overpopulation to shelter animals, adoptable animals entering shelters account for only a portion of all homeless animals (“supply”). A study published in 2003 puts the number of homeless feral street dogs (“supply”)  in America at 33 million animals. In his book “Introduced Mammals of the World: Their History, Distribution, and Influence,” John L. Long writes that several American cities have homeless feral street dog (“supply”) populations of as many as 50,000 animals. Long estimates that feral cat (“supply”) populations in the US are as high as 70 million animals.
I should probably discuss why I’m answering this question backwards.  Nathan Winograd clearly asks about the “demand” end of the equation in his survey, not the “supply” end. Well, I’m not disputing that there are 17 million American households that may potentially be persuaded to adopt a shelter animal rather than acquiring an animal elsewhere. I’m not disputing it because it’s a pet products industry survey statistic, and purchasing the data ranges in cost from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on which marketing research firm you purchase it from. We’ll just have to take Winograd’s word about the 17 million potential homes for now. Some of us have bills to pay.
When and only when the discussion includes all homeless animals, those who enter shelters and those who make a hard living on the streets, can  we even begin to discuss “supply” and “demand” ratios.  So the companion animal overpopulation crisis is officially back on. In anticipation of this startling new development, Nathan Winograd issued the following statement on the online survey form:
“* Even if “pet overpopulation” was real, shelter killing would still be immoral. Advancing a practical over an ethical argument has long been the safe haven for those who want to justify untoward practices. Even accepting the sincerity of the claim, even if the practical calculus was correct, protecting life that is not suffering is a timeless and absolute principle upon which responsible advocates must tailor their practices. Every action they take must be subservient to preserving life. Ethics will always trump the practical and the two are seldom so inexorably linked that an untoward action must follow some fixed practical imperative.”
Let’s move on now.
“There are roughly 70 communities representing about 200 cities and towns across the U.S. that achieved No Kill, many of them overnight simply by changing the way the shelter operated. Some of these communities are small, some large taking in over 20,000 animals a year and they cover the demographic spectrum (urban, rural, liberal, conservative, affluent, impoverished, municipal shelter, private shelter). They are not “turning animals away” as they are open admission municipal shelters. Animals are not sitting in cages and kennels for years (see No. 5, below). This is logically inconsistent with pet overpopulation since they adopted their way out of killing, many times before a comprehensive spay/neuter program was in place. Yet I can prove that pet overpopulation is real in spite of these successes because ________________________________________________.”
Answer: Let’s talk about shelter admission policies first. “Open-admission” shelters take all strays and owner-relinquished animals on presentation. Many open-admission shelters utilize “drop boxes” that make it possible for persons finding stray animals, or those wishing to surrender owned-animals to relinquish those animals outside of normal shelter hours. “Limited-admission” shelters limit their intake of animals in any number of ways. Shelters that restrict their intake to specific species or breeds are limited-admission shelters. Shelters that restrict their intake based on space availability, or that use scheduling and waiting lists for admitting animals, are limited-admission shelters. Shelters that restrict their intake to healthy animals only, excluding animals who may require humane medical euthanasia, are limited-admission shelters. Shelters that require owners surrendering their animals to pursue all alternatives prior to their relinquishment, or to pay exorbitant relinquishment fees, are limited-admission shelters. Shelters that do not take all strays and owner-relinquished animals upon presentation, are limited-admission shelters.
The “70 or so communities representing about 200 cities and towns” (0.06% of the 35,000 cities and townships in America) that Nathan Winograd refers to in this question, are shelters that have “live release” rates of 90% or higher. “Live release” rates include animals who have been adopted and who have been relinquished to rescues and fosters. “Live release” rates also include animals who are transferred to other shelters and holding facilities, both inside and outside of the community. There is no data supporting Winograd’s claims that shelters are “adopting their way out of killing animals.” Many shelters are simply transferring their way out of killing animals.
I recently polled dozens of the shelters Nathan Winograd claims are “not  turning animals away,” and many stated that they do in fact limit their admissions. Some decline to accept owner-surrenders for medical euthanasia, and many limit their admissions due to space constraints. Some schedule admissions, or have waiting lists that are weeks and months long. Several accept either stray animals or owner-surrendered animals–but not both. A few limit their admissions to animals who fit their established adoption profiles, or require a medical screenings prior to admission. All rely heavily on rescues and fosters to make room for new animals. Nearly all of the shelters I contacted were candid about their realities: They limit their admissions so that they can limit their euthanasia. They limit their admissions for the health and safety of the animals who are already in the shelter. Shelters limit their admissions to give the animals they already have the best possible shot at being adopted, but at the expense of the animals they have to turn away.
Shelters that limit their admissions can focus their limited resources on “live release” rates, but the animals they refuse to admit may still go on to be euthanized elsewhere. They are not ending the euthanasia of adoptable animals in their communities, they are simply redirecting it elsewhere.
Shelters are turning animals away, and they’re admitting to it. Over 34,000 cities and townships are euthanizing greater than 10% (the national average is 50%) of the animals their shelters admit, and there are still more companion animals than potential homes for them.
“There are communities with per capita intake rates 20 times higher than New York City that are No Kill, higher than the intake rates in most communities. This is logically inconsistent with pet overpopulation. Yet I can prove that pet overpopulation is real in spite of this information because ______________________.”
Answer: Detroit has fewer human residents than New York City and they are dealing with a homeless feral dog population between 20,000 and 50,000 animals, and a feral cat population that is even higher. These animals aren’t represented in Detroit’s shelter statistics. Tens of thousands of homeless feral street dogs in a single city is logically consistent with companion animal overpopulation.
“Since puppy mills and pet stores that sell milled animals are only in it for the money, they wouldn’t exist if they weren’t making money by selling animals. And given that they wouldn’t be selling animals if there weren’t plenty of homes available, if pet overpopulation is real, why do puppy mills and pet stores exist? My answer is ______________________________.”
Answer: There are nearly 316 million people living in the United States today, 271 million of whom own cell phones. There are over 700 million operable used cell phones in the US–roughly 2 for every man, woman, and child. The average American cell phone user replaces his or her cell phone every 14 to 18 months, even though with proper care cell phones are designed to last up to five years.  Apple cannot make iPhones as fast as Americans want to buy them. There is no cell phone shortage, yet there are factories churning out new cell phones, and there are cell phone kiosks in every American mall, and in nearly every department and electronics store. Though some consumers may be considering purchasing a used cell phone, new cell phone manufacturers and providers are constantly assessing ways to tap that pivotal market.
There’s psychology behind consumerism, and trends in consumerism are closely studied. Information about our daily consumer choices is collected and sold to marketing research firms, and then resold to retailers throughout the world. But what motivates our choices as consumers?
Motivation has been defined as “a need that is sufficiently pressing to drive the person to act.” In “An Overview of Needs Theories Behind Consumerism,” by By David Ward (PhD), and Marta Lasen (BA), it is explained that our human needs fall into several basic categories; biological and physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs, self-actualization needs, and transcendence needs, and what we acquire and why we acquire it is based on those needs. The data shows that we consumers acquire goods and services not only based on need, but also based on our incomes and opportunities. Pet stores and breeders give us lots of opportunities to acquire pets, and they breed them with our “needs” in mind.
Americans spent 2.14 billion dollars on live pets last year, according to American Pet Products Association, Inc. The pet industry is clearly a lucrative market, and animal breeders work very hard every year to increase their share of it. If the animal protection movement were matching the pet industry’s marketing budget for promoting live animal sales, dollar for dollar, promoting adoptions, we could still only expect to have 50% of the undecided market. That’s 8.5 million potential homes–for 100 million potential animals. Best case scenario.
Who’s promoting animal adoptions on a national level? The HSUS, and PeTA. Two of the groups most attacked by Nathan Winograd for not doing enough for companion animals.
“When shelters do a good job, when they keep animals alive long enough to be adopted, when they market their animals, when they have good customer service, when they fully implement all the programs of the No Kill Equation, animals live instead of die. And they are not sitting in cages or kennels for year. Average length of stay runs from 8 to about 14 days, about the time a dog spends in a boarding kennel when his family is on vacation. My response: ________________________.”
Answer: In an important paper regarding shelter cat stays, Dilara G. Parry writes: “At the San Francisco SPCA, where I have worked for the past 6 years, a cats’ average length of stay is 21 days. However, at any given time, five to ten percent of our cats have been in our facility for longer than 90 days, a stay we consider long-term. About two percent of our cats stay past the 120 day mark. And we have had cats stay as long as 240 days. When we analyze those cats who have been here longer than 90 days, we find that 8 out of 10 had presenting behavior problems. Other factors that contribute include serious medical concerns and/or old age.”
And some animals are staying in cages and kennels for years:
“Many of our readers were heartbroken to hear the tale of an 8 year old dog languishing in a rural Missouri pound after spending her entire life in confinement. Our inbox was flooded with your questions after we shared her Petfinder listing recently, and it was apparent that many of you were on a mission to spring Hailey from her kennel at the Dogwood Animal Shelter. We’re happy to tell you that mission has been accomplished.”~ Life with Dogs
Still, many shelters that are limiting their admissions to focus on adoptions are having great success. I applaud their efforts. I get why shelters don’t want to euthanize unwanted animals, and there are many unwanted animals. Open-admission shelters deserve love too, though, because they aren’t turning unwanted animals away, leaving them to fates that may be worse than death. I say this a lot, but as long as people consider animals to be disposable property, euthanasia will be the by-product of their ignorance.
Now it’s time for you to take the survey, on your own, and with your own answers. But instead of answering it on Nathan Winograd’s website (where your valuable insight will fall on deaf ears), answer it on your own blogs and discussion forums, where it may actually do some good. Spread this survey far and wide, and ask your friends to answer it for themselves. Oh, and I encourage you to be as emphatic as you want. Your CAPS LOCK is welcome here.

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We know where you weren't, you weren't on the front lines helping to save animals. What was Winograd doing during this disaster while HSUS and others were actually saving animals, he was promoting his book. Yeah, Whiney, that saves a lot of lives.

This is an excellent blog about the failure of Winograd's CAPA program in Delaware and this blog post is required reading in my book. This post is about the brave men and women who were on the front lines and about how Winograd's cronies are condemning them.

I have said it before and I will say it again and again, Winograd is not for the animals, Winograd is for Winograd.

One can also ask how much money did No Kill put into the efforts as well. None that I know of. Winograd tried to pull the old "I will take credit" bit by saying No Kill groups were on the scene. How much money did Winograd send those groups, did he offer grants like HSUS does to help with the additional expenses? Nope. In fact, I will lay odds that his No Kill groups will ask for money from HSUS. And just how does Winograd think we can deal with these disasters without HSUS? He is trying to put HSUS out of business or rather he wants to be Wayne Pacelle actually. Sorry, Whiney, you will never be able to walk in Pacelle's shoes.

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Geez, Whiney is getting hit from all directions. Even vegans are turning on him.

Perhaps the better question is why is Nathan Winograd choosing to train his magnifying glass on insects, just days before his fifteen-thousand-strong readership will be arm-deep in the hulls of dead turkeys. And that is in no way meant to be a commentary on the moral relevance of one group of animals over another. It is meant to be a commentary on Nathan Winograd’s clear lack of vegan fortitude, given the audience he has, and his self-professed commitment to saving animals. Plato described the concepts of beauty and art this way: real beauty reflects truth, and art is a deceptive imitation of nature.  There is nothing beautiful about Nathan Winograd’s choosing the vegan low road, while so many of us are still reeling from Mercy for Animals’ recent release of their undercover Butterball investigation.  But it’s a detail about who he might be, and I think it’s a telling one.  No worries, though.  I’m pretty sure we’ve got this one without him.

And that vegan diet has sure made the math skills of vegans better than those of the Whiney's puppets.
Nathan Winograd is challenging naysayers to refute his evidence–in survey form. And while his survey reads more like a cry for help than a pet overpopulation survey, you have to admit it’s an interesting way to frame his argument. So, let’s take the bait. Let’s take his survey right here, right now, together, where our answers may actually count for something. As we go through each question, think about how you would answer it.

Well, thinking leaves out the Whiney's puppets. I'm impressed that this coming from the vegans but not surprised. Everyone is figuring out Whiney, finally. Only the slow ones are sticking with him now, are you listening DA?

UPDATE: The entire post from VeganMeanie is now on Opposing Views.


I was sent a series of screen shots of a conversation between a breeding group of the recent pictures of Nathan Winograd. Seems Whiney has managed to tick off the breeders, his biggest supporters. So what's new, he ticks off everyone.

I really like this one to begin with, the coining of a new phrase that I will use often now. This is one translation offered by a member of this breeding group on Winograd.

Oh, and BTW, I don't give a rat's patoot about breeds and think it would be just dandy if all dogs were mutts......
BUT all you breeders of purebreds, while I campaign to devalue your dogs and eliminate you, please buy my books, donate to my No Kill Advocacy Center, support my legislation and my brand of shelter reform only. After all, if you're not fighting for No Kill you're fighting for high kill. ISN'T EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL A WONDERFUL THING?

Another was asking the question as to why Winograd is presenting such a poor showing of himself by posting these old high school pictures of himself. This was the response.

He's a salesman. He lives on book sales, donations, and shelter contracts. I don't care that he is asking for business... that is what business people are supposed to do. I care that he is AR and has played to breeders and welfare people, even going so far as to speak at dog shows to sell books there. His recent statements reveal his true doctrine and attitude. He is viewed as being moderate, but he's not...people need to know that since not everybody pays close attention. When a man tells you what he is, believe him. HE IS NOT GOOD FOR US AND WE SHOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR HIM. 

This conversation clearly shows that the breeders were in love with Winograd before his "recent" statements. Winograd can deny his connection with breeders all he wants, but the breeders know that connection. Now this can play in Winograd's favor, he might be trying to separate himself from the breeding community since so many of us have pointed that out so often. However, he goes with the money and he knows the welfare community doesn't have the money. Let's see if he does a quick turnaround and tries to bring the breeders back into his harem.

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A reader sent me this little tidbit from our Dumb Ass friend.

"I'll admit: I occasionally wonder whether it was in error diving into this particular cesspool. I genuinely believe that the trolls you encounter in the Animal Rights sphere are just about the ugliest that the Internet has ever coughed up."

That man still doesn't have a clue. He fails to ask himself if maybe he is the troll. He fails to question his own decision making. How can he not with all the evidence around that his chosen Messiah is a joke, a scam, an evil and vile movement? Start questioning yourself, DA. Yes you are in a cesspool, one of Nathan Winograd's making. Give him up and you might get yourself clean again. 

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"Children being maimed and killed" is reported in a review of D.A.'s book, the one with a dumb name. Really? Writing about children being maimed and killed? Doesn't surprise me considering who D.A. pimps, the King of Suffering himself, Nathan Winograd. They seem to have a lot in common.

1.0 out of 5 stars Adult ThemesOctober 24, 2012
This review is from: Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help (Extended Edition) (Kindle Edition)
I wish I would have read this book series before I helped my kids load it onto their Kindle. If I would have known the content I would have never allowed it in the first place! When my kids asked about the adult theme aspects in this book, I was disturbed about when I read. Children being maimed and killed is not topics I want my children reading, rated "R" for sure! Buyer Beware.

WHOA - ADULT THEMES? I was unaware that D.A. knew anything about being an adult with his behavior recently.

Probably explains why D.A. has offered the sale of his books to go to some legal fund, another scam inspired by No Kill, no doubt. Good way to drum up business from his newly acquired groupies, or seconds as we use to call them.



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I had no more gotten the post below published about the Connecticut SPCA than this hit the news.

Another No Kill.    More info about Animal Rescue Konsortium Inc. (DeLand) More than 100 animals were rescued from a DeLand animal shelter on Thursday after police received complaints that the shelter was keeping the animals in unsafe conditions.
One hundred cats and 26 dogs were removed from the Animal Rescue Consortium as Volusia County firefighters wearing oxygen masks entered and set up fans to air out the facility.
But does the No Killers see the suffering? Not at all. 
Johnson told WKMG-TV that she was shocked when police served her a search warrant Thursday morning on complaints of animal mistreatment.
"The living conditions? We do everything everyday," said Johnson. "I never sit down."
Same song, second verse, Whinograd.


Yet another one bites the dust, involved in cruelty and a transport scheme. Seems this No Kill imported dogs from South Carolina, are you listening Biscuit Bitch? This is your people doing this. And then he was selling them, not adopting them by ethical standards, selling them. The bad part is the conditions these dogs had to endured once at their destination. On Thursday night in Bethlehem, 65 dogs had to be rescued from a freezing barn at an animal rescue run by the Connecticut SPCA. Even more concerning was that the owner, who is the director of SPCA of Connecticut, has been in trouble before.
Investigators told NBC Connecticut that the dogs were freezing and dehydrated at the animal rescue and at least four were rushed to the animal hospital. Animal control said officers demanded that Acker fix conditions for the dogs in October.
Shades of Spindletop and Boggs Mountain!! No Kill has always promoted hiring the inexperienced for key positions in shelters. That way he can have some control. However, it is beginning to look as though No Kill also promotes hiring prior abusers.
That problem had since been fixed, but court records showed dozens of criminal charges have been filed in Milford, accusing him of illegally importing animals. The case is still pending, but another case could be brought against him for the disturbing discovery police made in Bethlehem.
No Kill, the enemy of those who can't speak for themselves. But we will speak for them against this cruel, vile movement of Natan Whinograd.

Monday, November 5, 2012


As of late, I have acquired some obsessed stalkers. Blogs were posted, conversations on a conspiracy to discredit me, pictures of unknown persons with claims of them being Pat Dunaway. Pictures that were not very flattering, I might add. 

The above picture is that of Pat Dunaway, me, the only person, not all the other persons that these stalkers claim me to be. I do have a better picture, made at the same time, but I really don't want these stalkers to know what I look like. 

Regardless, this picture was taken when I was recognized by the City of Fontana for my "selfless contributions to the betterment of (your) community" with my work for the animals. Note the picture shows me shaking hands with the then Mayor of Fontana. This information can be verified via public records all you stalkers. As a result of my work in Fontana, a spay/neuter voucher program was established. A voucher for $50 for a dog and $25 for a cat plus we had availability of low cost services. 

Here is where I stood up against the shelter that Winograd accuses me of supporting. 

Pet advocates accuse city of wrongdoing
SAN BERNARDINO: They file a claim saying the shelter mishandled dogs and donations.


A trio of animal welfare advocates has accused San Bernardino officials of misappropriating more than $10,000 donated by the public to help three emaciated puppies rescued from neglect in July 2001.

In a claim they filed earlier this week, Pat Dunaway of Fontana and Suzanne Martin and Pauline Itkin of Riverside are seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

Also I was credited by the late Nell Soto as her inspiration to make cockfighting a felony, something that went against her culture as she told me on the way to a Senate hearing committee meeting.
Press-Enterprise, CA

Game fowl focus of disease fears 
NEWCASTLE: Because of the poultry epidemic, some want to increase the penalties for cockfighting. 
Soto's bill was inspired by a letter from a constituent, Pat Dunaway, 55, of Rialto. Dunaway, co-chairwoman of the Pet Assistance Foundation for the Inland Empire, said she learned that a strain of exotic Newcastle virus similar to the one plaguing Southern California was discovered earlier in Mexico, and it could have been carried here by fighting roosters. Federal and state authorities, however, say they haven't proven the origin of the current outbreak.

The County of San Bernardino has a national award winning spay/neuter program. I am proud to say that I played a role in obtaining this program that has not seen a cut throughout this bad economy. It also has been copied in other places.

The stalkers are children who don't understand that they are playing with a loaded gun. Winograd appeals to the unstable, those who are not playing in the real world and those people are dangerous. 

I issue a challenge to Debi Day to prove the picture that she posted is me. Just like I have repeatedly issued a challenge to Winograd to prove what he says about me. He has yet to submit any proof and his unstable puppets just continue to believe what he says without researching it for themselves. These are a sick bunch of people and they are being instigated to commit violence with these childish pranks. Let me forewarn you, that if anything does happen to me, officials have the names of those to question first. Keep it up, dig that hole deeper, the end of all of this may be sooner than you think. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Not to well. In the previous post, the Town Lake shelter didn't fair well in a recent State inspection. So now the begging begins.

 Subject: Please Help Austin Pets Alive
> Hi Friends,
> Many of you might have seen the segment last night on the news
> regarding
the potential closing of the Town Lake Animal Shelter currently being utilized by Austin Pets Alive. The city is threatening to stop all funding to them and close them down if repairs to their kennels aren't made by Nov 30th. They had just had an inspection this summer and all was fine and then a surprise inspection a day ago happened and all of a sudden things for the inspectors weren’t fine.  Hmmmmm.  Either way, if you have ever volunteered there, adopted from there, or been there, you will know this awesome organization is busting their buns to keep Austin a No Kill City. We need them desperately. Please go to their website to see how you can help. I know many of you are owners of pets and animal lovers and I hope you can find it in your hearts to help out our friends at APA.

What was that about No Kill costing less? Sure it can cost less if you don't care about the conditions the animals are kept in like Spindletop.

Austin Pets Alive says the city is in danger of losing its no kill status. The non-profit group says more animals may be put down unless more money comes in. But the city says there's no bite behind that bark.

And the solution according to everyone - just hunker down. This should be interesting.



Texas Health Department puts the old Town Lake Animal Center on probation

by SHELTON GREEN / KVUE News and Photojournalist DATHAN HULL
Bio | Email | Follow: @SheltonG_KVUE
Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:23 PM
Updated today at 7:29 AM
AUSTIN – A surprise inspection from veterinarians with the Texas Health Department on Monday didn’t fare too well for the non-profit Austin Pets Alive! at the city’s old shelter, the Town Lake Animal Center.
“They're still not happy with the kennels here. They believe the kennels are condemned. They don't believe the kennels are up to par to have animals in them,” said Faith Wright with Austin Pets Alive!.
When the city of Austin opened its new animal shelter in East Austin, APA! signed a three-year contract with the city to use its old facility, the more than 60-year-old Town Lake Animal Center.
APA! is credited with saving hundreds of animals from euthanasia, helping Austin reach the coveted "No Kill" status.
On Wednesday Chris Wilson with the Texas Department of Health said that on Monday inspectors took issue with the cracks in the walls of the kennels at the Town Lake Animal Center because those areas can harbor diseases and germs.
“They were talking about how we needed to either completely re-do the kennels, re-cement there and make them smooth impervious covers, or else bulldoze them down and build new kennel spaces for them. And obviously that's hundreds of thousands of dollars that we'd be looking at,” Wright said.
Austin became the largest "No Kill" city in the country, meaning that at least 90 percent of all animals coming through get live outcomes. Because the TLAC houses at least 500 animals through Austin Pets Alive! and is an overflow for the new Austin Animal Center, closing it could have devastating effects on the city, not to mention its "No Kill" status.
“If there were to be an issue with a state inspector that couldn't be remedied, we as a community would have a huge issue,” said executive director of the new Austin Animal Center Abigail Smith.
The Town Lake Animal Center is sitting down with cement companies on Thursday hoping to get estimates on what it will take to bring the kennels up to state standards.


Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Someone sent me a screen shot and I had to respond. Haven't been able to reproduce the screen shot on blogger. The screen shot basically said that I was trying to play nice now. I have no idea where this broad gets that from. She probably is reading one of the many people she accuses me of being. I'm out here, Broad, I don't hide.

Just to set the record straight, Maria, I have no intentions of "playing nice" with any of you. I do not cyberstalk the Whino, he cyberstalks me. And we will never "get along". You can't get along with a crazed person who lives in another world like the Whino does.

Now, I know this is so hard for you to believe but there are actually other people in this world who don't care for you or the Whino besides myself. I don't have time for either of you. You are children, playing games and this is a serious business. The army against Winograd is growing daily and that leaves little time to worry about the likes of you or him. 

You're running scared at this point and all your childish activity shows that.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I realize that your puppets required a Cliff notes book indicating that you think they aren't the brightest ones on the block, but please, this latest about someone threatening your dog? Get real.

Now I ask you, just why would anyone put a threat directed to you on an obscure rescue facebook page, one of tens, if not hundreds, of rescue pages? What would be the chance of your finding this threat under those circumstances? Why didn't they post it on a No Kill page, any of them?

Now where is a screen shot proving this? You mean to say that someone found this on an obscure page and didn't have the mind enough to make a screen shot? Did you see it yourself, Natan? Why didn't you make a screen shot and post it everywhere?

And if there was indeed a threat on this rescue page, ask yourself why? Why this page out of all the rest? Maybe something was said against No Kill and a puppet decided to get some revenge? Maybe someone was turned down or fired and they wanted to cause trouble. I'm saying if there was a threat, then the possibility of it being a No Killer is greater than anyone else. One the puppets wanting to make brownie points.

Heed this advice. Anyone with a facebook page that the public can comment on, check your pages carefully. I think maybe this will be the new tactic, making a post on someone's page and then sending it to the Whino. If you are not one of his puppets, then you can be open to this kind of attack. Then he can have you kicked off Facebook. He must be up all night thinking up all these scams and schemes.

Since No Kill Nation is trying so hard to take away our First Amendment rights via the lawsuit filed against Randy DeCarlo, this sounds right down that alley. They want to silence us.

Then it has been used as background for another child's article on the Huff Puff. I suggest that this Huff Puff kid start doing some research instead of continuing to listen to the Whino. Then again, I see his play as just a washed up writer trying to get groupies. I'm almost beginning to feel sorry for him and consider him a victim of No Kill. Wow, I need to wash my mouth out with soap on that one.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've written on this very blog about Judie Mancuso, even called her a hero. So you can imagine my disappointment when I received her latest email notice.

LA City has passed an ordinance banning pet shops from selling puppies and kittens from puppy mills. Do I have a problem with that, not at all. However, there is more to this story than that.

It appears that Judie doesn't grasp the underbelly behind this action, it wasn't in the vein of helping our shelter animals. Judie is subscribing to that piece of meat thrown out by Koretz and Barnette. Judie's version:

And for those of you wondering where people will be able to find that pure bred puppy or kitten they just have to have, this ordinance will help make those folks do their due diligence in finding a reputable breeder, instead of the impulse buy of a puppy or kitten shipped in from a mill thousands of miles away from the Midwest. We cannot control these cruel mills in the Midwest that ship tens of thousands of puppies and kittens per year into California (while we’re killing over 500,000 in our shelters) but we can certainly decrease the demand for them. 

First let's take the "reputable" breeder statement. Does that mean all of Koretz's and Barnette's buddies?  Can anyone say campaign donors?

Then that leads to who really benefits from this ordinance? Could it be those "reputable" breeders who proclaim Barnette as "one of them"?

Then let's look at the "impulse buy" referred to. Those in "reputable" rescue don't care for those impulse adoptions/buys. And we also ask people to carefully consider bringing in a pet to their home. So now are they going to do the "impulse buy" thing with these shelter animals in pet stores? Shelter animals usually come with baggage, is this going to add to that baggage when they are returned, thrown out in the back yard? What is the deal here? Are we not in this to seek quality for our pets? No, Judie, this was not done to help, this was done for vile reasons and it will not accomplish what you think it will. Don't be gullible.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Here's the link to the latest article by Pat Dunaway in Opposing Views. Seems it is a take off on Cooper's latest attempt to condemn HSUS for his own personal gain as a breeder. Wonder why he's in Mexico?

So Pat decided that Mr. Cooper needed a lesson in being a hypocrite. Look at recent events like Spindletop and Boggs Mountain. Taking money and killing pets, all under the guise of No Kill. And where does the money go? No Kill doesn't have any shelters, No Kill doesn't offer low cost/free spay/neuter, so what good is it? And the list of these scamming No Kills gets longer every week.

And Cooper has the nerve to insinuate that people are too stupid to know who and what they are donating too. Money comes hard these days and most people are pretty knowledgeable when it comes to what they want to donate to. Not to mention just why would anyone want to harm the only organization that does bust dog fighting, that does bust the cruelty of puppy mills? Evil and vile people that's who.

In a previous post, I announced that Cooper and his band of groupies are off Facebook. I don't know how long, won't be long enough for me. Prior to that, I would read the pages and it was like listening to a bunch of kindergarten kids talking about pulling a joke on their teacher. Cooper doesn't have a clue about the underbelly that Winograd associates with, or maybe he does and doesn't care.

Anyway, enjoy the read.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Although Nathan Winograd insists that there is only one person in the entire world that speaks against him, Pat Dunaway, and even though there are people dumb enough to believe that, Douglas Anthony Cooper, it just ain't so.

So now friends of Winograd are banned from Facebook and rightfully so. They played their childish games there never realizing the consequences.

A Facebook message board yesterday contained this message.

Per: Debi Day (of No Kill Nation)
EMERGENCY: Douglas Anthony Cooper has been banned from posting on Facebook, for his efforts to expose the HSUS. The campaign of intimidation began with an attempt to have his name removed from Wikipedia.

Debi Day -- the president of No Kill Nation -- has so far now been warned to remove content. 

And I was sent this as well.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Boy, Winograd doesn't know when to roll over does he? His CAPA efforts all failed this past year, along with many other things, but now Hawaii has said Aloha.

But members Romy Cachola and Breene Harimoto sided with Humane Society official Keoni Vaughn, who said the bill would impose an unreasonable financial burden. Vaughn also argued that many of the no-kill groups, while well-intentioned, are ill-equipped to handle an influx of animals that often do not interact well with humans.

Very well said. No Kill just wants another dumping ground for pit bulls and where better, an island. Hate to tell you this, although I think pits should be on an island and not in polite society, Hawaii is not what I had in mind. Guess they weren't too impressed with their No Kill conference. Probably got sight of a few No Killers and that scared the crap outta them. Anyway, we'll keep tabs on this one until it is a done deal.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I pondered all day on how to write this blog post. It could be complicated with loads of links proving what baggage BB brought with her to LA plus the baggage she has created since being in LA. Or it could be fairly simple. Let's try for the latter.

Barnette is attempting to take donations made to the shelter animals to reinstate a TNR program, using a back door since she is prohibited by a court decree to not participate in TNR activities. Is this not what No Kill/Winograd accuses HSUS and others of doing, taking donations deceptively? Tell me what the difference is. Winograd screwed his followers on the TNR issue originally. Who hasn't Winograd screwed, speaking of certain people.

This blog has more than you want to know about Breeder Barnette, her days in King County, Washington, conspiring with cohorts to "undermine" Animal Control for personal gain. Only when it was to come out to the pubic about this conspiracy did King County suddenly turn around and basically kicked BB to the curb. Unfortunately she ended up in LA. You can search on this blog for several words such as ACO Guild, Claire Davis, and of course, Brenda Barnette. This blog followed her long before she came to LA. Besides she is a disappointment to Winograd anyway, she failed to deliver in Seattle and now she is failing to deliver in LA, choosing instead to jump into bed with Best Fiends.

Now there is a new kid on the block. I received this link last night.

I do like the way it summarizes the situation with Barnette. I said all along that she was brought into LA to privatize and now people see that happening. At one point this blog was almost fully dedicated to LA City and Brenda Barnette's escapades.

I finally gave up hope and moved on. Winograd is trying desperately to get his morbid CAPA legislation installed and that has taken far too much of my time away from this blog. I apologize for that. I ask that readers in LA please support this new blog. Politicians want to hear from constituents, not outsiders. It's time to be heard on this issue of No Kill/Barnette. A goal of no kill is what we want, not the agenda/program of No Kill.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Douglas Anthony Cooper, I have all the screen shots even before you were aware they were being taken. All I can say is that you are a very foolish man. And you might find out how foolish the next time you go through security at the airport in the States.

Your childish prank has resulted in death threats to me and my co-blogger. These death threats have been turned into the FBI. I tell you this because if there are any threats carried out, guess whose front door the FBI will be knocking on. You better hope that no one acts upon those threats. I suggest that you issue an apology and warn your ass kissers.

You might want to read up on the ADL-LA too. Winograd is already on the radar but he leaves his dirty work to his stupid drunken followers. He's using you and if you don't do what he wants, he will discredit you in a heartbeat. He has shown no loyalty in the past to anyone other than himself. This is a poor way to increase your book sales.

The one good thing to come of this is your credibility, like you had any, is now destroyed. You've jumped into bed with a loser. His last op-ed didn't see his army come to defend him. You only made one comment yourself. How many times will you listen to Winograd's lame excuses as to why his program failed?

Make sure that apology is made public, Cooper. Send the link to it via a comment to this blog. Then keep your fucking mouth shut about me and Pat Dunaway. Don't add more to your loser resume.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


UPDATE: Too bad, they deleted the blog. One of the sickos who created the blog was discovered, her personal info, name, everything. She was made aware of this and deleted the blog but of course, we have a copy of it. We even know about her mammogram appointment that's soon. Great researchers are on this team. This whacko uses a fake name, and then goes on the internet accusing all of us of using fake names. I say she needs to get back on that medication.

I am in such a great mood as I write this. Yesterday I learned that I had received a gift, a gift that indicated to me that I am hitting home on No Kill and someone doesn't like it. My co-blogger, Pat Dunaway, has had a blog set up just to slander and defame her. We were jumping for joy over it. Our prayers had been answered. It was even more than we had hoped for because now not only is Winograd on the hot court seat, but now several others are as well. Couldn't be a better day, much easier to convince attorneys when you have several people to sue, rather than one chipmunk cheeks "man in black". Fedoras look good in court I think.

So here is the proof that Cooper has conspired to defame Dunaway. Shortly after this conversation, it was deleted but we have the screen shots for all of it. This is but a small part.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DUMB ASS COOPER IS AT IT AGAIN": 

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer So tempting to copy her blog, write my own with it but change the names LOL

Douglas Anthony Cooper You should! That would be hilarious. Substitute names like "Harve Morgan". If you copy her blog often enough, it will completely sink her. Every time you see the word "Winograd", substitute the word "Dunaway."

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer Now, what to title my blog page......hmmmmm

Douglas Anthony Cooper Nathan's already used "WHO IS PAT DUNAWAY?"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer how about "Who the fuck cares what Pat Dunaway has to say"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer What is the title of her latest blog post?

Douglas Anthony Cooper I don't know. I make a point of never visiting her blog. (Liar, this blog has a site meter, how many hits can one get from Oaxaca and it not be you?)

Douglas Anthony Cooper (People send me the fun stuff. By the way, if you DO visit her blog, do it via Google cache, so that you don't up her statistics.)

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer k

Douglas Anthony Cooper But I think you should copy it word for word, except for the names. It will be funny to watch a slanderer scream plagiarism. See if you can copy the design (well, "design") as well.

Lucy Van Pelt Yes, she has written blogs that Canadians eat dogs and No-Kill shelters are shipping dogs to Canada to end up on the dinner table. And now she is saying you have run from Canada for tax evasion and run a puppy mill in Mexico. I know it's laughable. But I also know you well enough to know how ridiculous it is. What about the 1 or 2 people who may read that pathetic excuse of a blog? And that wackjob has been investigated for cruelty to animals and people.

Lucy Van Pelt BTW, I know it's darn near impossible to do anything about things posted on the internet. Which is why I wasn't worried about that whole Tully thing. I know you scolded me for that but I was laughing at her threats of taking 'legal' action against me. Anyway, it served as a dose of her own medicine and she didn't like it at all.

Lucy Van Pelt Speaking of Tully I'm sorry to see she's back. She's better than an ambien....

Douglas Anthony Cooper Well, it would nicely neutralize her to set up an echo chamber. It would take seconds to update daily: just copy her blog verbatim, but substitute the name "Pat Dunaway" for mine, or Nathan's, or Ryan's.

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer design must be custom, can't find it

Douglas Anthony Cooper Ah well, that doesn't matter. It's pretty much the ugliest website I've ever seen -- just make something hideous.

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer Is Tully another name I should use?

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer How about Newkirk?

Douglas Anthony Cooper No. I wouldn't slander anyone other than the slanderer. I wouldn't even mention Randy (since he's being sued). Just stick with Pat Dunaway, Harve Morgan, HonestyHelps, and AnotherPointOfView. For now, anyway. I can hunt down her other pseuds, but those are certainly her. "Anonymous" always works in the comments section. (She talks to herself using "anonymous" a fair bit.)

Douglas Anthony Cooper I mean, don't feel you have to do this: it's not as if she actually *matters*. If it turns into a lot of work, I wouldn't bother. Just might be funny -- it's a very sophisticated version of, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer I messaged it to you DAC
Marilyn Reese I want to see!  

(Does it look like Teresa might have the hots for Cooper since she is trying so hard to please him?) 

The rest we are saving for other eyes, although we just might post it so the world can see the type of person that follows the vile Winograd. Now I ask you, how childish can these two be? Wonder if Huff Puff knows how childish one of their author's is? We'll see. Hey, Teresa and Dumb Ass, you accomplished the very opposite of what you intended. When we first saw your copy blog, we laughed so hard tears were rolling. Like I said, an answer to our prayers without a doubt. I figured eventually someone would be stupid enough to do something like this but never thought it would be this good.