Monday, November 30, 2009

The Legacy of No Kill or How to Make Animals Suffer Even More

The Toronto Humane Society has been in the news this past week. Another perfect example of why "No Kill" doesn't work in large open door shelters. And there is a confidential report in the comment section that tells the tale.

Shades of Lied, NV!!!! What kind of people are attracted to this "No Kill" movement has to be a question asked. Lied employees had no idea that all those animals were sick and obviously Toronto Humane didn't either. Doug Rae in Indy was hiding cats in the ventiliation ducts to keep from euthanizing them. And this was after the house of horrors he created in Philly. Rancho Cucamonga, CA issued a report for 08 showing a tremendous increase in animals dying in their cages. When questioned about this from a cruelty officer, they immediately issued a new report that put them in a better light. It's only a matter of time before the news picks up on this shelter.

And whose fault is all of this? Not animal control, they are just going a job for the public. It is the fault of the humane community, the very ones who yell no kill. There would be no euthanasia in our shelters if the humane community would step up to the plate. If they complain about animals dying in the shelter, why don't they take them out? Because there is a double standard when it comes to the definition of "adoptable". Most of the animals in an open door shelter are rejects from "No Kill' groups. Yet these same groups expect animal control to work miracles and adopt out their version of "unadoptable". The "No Kill" groups turn away owners and where do those pets end up? Either as road kill or being euthanized in an open door shelter. So what does that make these rescues, hypocritical. They have the blood on their hands even more than animal control does. They are the ones dictating the doom of animals.

A case comes to mind in LA of this. Zepher was a dog that was brought into the shelter sick. The shelter tried to treat the dog but in the end the medication failed to work. A "rescuer" had a hold on the dog, which means she intended to take it rather than it being euthanized. This "rescuer" walked by that dog many times as she bailed out other cute, fluffy dogs. The day before Zepher died in the kennel, this "rescuer" actually took a picture and the picture showed that the dog was dying. When asked by a reporter why she didn't take the dog then, she replied that her vet was already closed. Duh, as if there aren't after hour vets???? So she allowed the dog to suffer and die, and she failed Zepher. I felt all along this was a set up and Zepher was sacrificed. Then this "rescuer" had the nerve to fill a lawsuit against the County, along with Winograd.

Other open door shelters are being subjected to this type of setup. King County, WA has been setup for failure and it is a mess there. Memphis may be in the throes of a set up, will wait and see. This seems to be a trend to make the shelters look worse to the public. What does that accomplish? It sends the public to "rescues" and to breeders. Both of which are the friends of Winograd's "No Kill" movement. Yes, indeed, the Whino does love the breeders and they love him. Instead of helping bring the public into the shelters, "No Kill" drives them away and more animals go down as a result.

We have spent the last decade focusing on this "No Kill" movement and the numbers are showing it. Before all is lost, we need to defeat the Whino's movement. It can work in private shelters that pick and chose, it can work in smaller shelters probably. But it cannot work in large open door shelters and has proven, thus far, to be a detriment in those shelters. Keep in mind that the Whino has only taken care of about 10,000 animals in his "career", not nearly enough to classify him as an "expert". And he hasn't been in a shelter that handles over 3000 animals a year. Look at the SF SPCA and SF Animal control, their numbers are low. The Whino fails to explain that SF has mandatory spay/neuter for pits and that the SF SPCA doesn't take pits from the shelter. And the SF animal shelter euthanized pits. Read between the lines, do your research, don't fall for this hoax (according to Roger A. Caras, longtime President of the ASPCA). It is robbing our shelters of volunteers and it is making more suffering than is necessary. I classify it as the singularly most evil thing that has happened for animals in my lifetime.

MORE: They were letting them die in their cages rather than euthanize. "No Kill" is beyond evil to do this to the animals!!! Twice as many animals died in their cages than they euthanized!

Rancho Cucamonga, CA is doing the same thing. Check out an earlier posting about Rancho on this blog.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pit Nutters That Purrrrrr

To begin, I do not use "outside" to describe a cat. I don't believe in cats being outside unless supervised. Cats have never stuck me as being capable of taking care of themselves outside. Therefore, I do not accept Trap, Neuter and Release (Abandon in my book) as a viable way to manage cats. I came across this article and wanted to pass it along, some excerpts and my comments.

Animal-welfare activists have requested that the address be withheld; they say that revealing the location of a colony encourages people to dump unwanted cats there.

But people do know about feeding stations and colonies. This allows them to dump their cats knowing that the "crazy cat lady" will take care of it. It also means the punks know where to get cats for their perversions.

Working with RMACA, Des Marais and other volunteers are trying to reduce the kill rate by trapping ferals, spaying or neutering them, then returning them — in effect, transforming the entire colony from feral to sterile so that it will eventually die out on its own. But trap-neuter-return, or TNR, is a controversial solution, often unpopular with communities afflicted by the colonies.

Great in theory, doesn't work that way in real life. When will occur to these people that if they put food out there, cats will come? There will always be new ones. The perfect example of this was the Los Alamitos colony in LA that was 45 years old!!!! There recently was controversy because the cats were causing problems at a nearby day care center. Children were becoming sick from allergies to parasites. And it was traced back to the cats. So, to keep the Whinonettes off their backs, the city tried to work with the TNR people. When they started the count was 130 cats, a year later the count was 200. It never ends.

That appears to be the case at this apartment complex. Des Marais tracks down the tenant who invited her here, a man named Santos. He says things are getting worse by the day. He caught a neighbor shooting at the cats with a BB gun and asked him to stop.

"He said, 'Those aren't your cats,'" Santos recalls. "He told me to mind my own business."

Another tenant saw a coyote eating a cat. Cats have been found with their entrails hanging out. One was decapitated. Santos doesn't think all the mutilations are the work of coyotes. "People can be cruel," he says.

What an understatement, people can be cruel!!! I have seen worse than this in colonies. It changed my mind rather quickly that TNR is actually the ultimate cruelty. Where is a concern for quality of life?

It's a formidable task. Not only is there no magical place in the country for them to go, but feral cats are highly territorial. Relocating them requires keeping them confined for weeks until they get comfortable in new surroundings. Contrary to the myths about cats being able to fend for themselves — the same myths that have helped create the feral cat problem in the first place — a feral released in the country will try to find its way back to its colony and probably perish in the attempt.

Another myth about cats being territorial is that they will keep other cats from coming into their colony. THAT IS NOT TRUE, particularly when cats are altered. They do not sit at the feed station protecting it. That's why colonies never go away and TNR lies about this aspect. Now this conflicts with the Whino because he is now saying to relocate them. Who's right?

"Even people in the animal-welfare community think tame cats are one issue and feral cats are another, and they're not," she says. "Everything is connected. Tame is one end of the spectrum, feral is the other. But there's all sorts of shades of gray in between."

And who makes the decision as to whether a cat is truly feral or another domestic gone wild? Too many times I have seen a cat classified as feral come out of a trap friendly. Too many times I have seen cats in colonies who would greet you, rub against your leg, and want to leave with you. Those aren't feral, they shouldn't be left in those colonies. Think about this, imagine a kitten trying to survive outside long enough to become "feral". Yeah, right.

The effort to establish a grassroots TNR program in the city is enthusiastically endorsed by Doug Kelley, director of Denver's Municipal Animal Shelter. As an "open admission" operation, the shelter takes in every type of stray or homeless pet. Cats labeled as feral will be euthanized — but not before they've already taken up space and expense in feline housing that often operates near capacity.

Of course he supports it but not for the reasons you think. Otherwise all those cats would end up in the shelters and screw with the euthanasia numbers. Let the other fools pay for it, keep the cats out, and he looks more like hero.

Many of the volunteers in the TNR movement are violating the city's five-pet limit by virtue of the number of cats and kittens they are in the process of rescuing, fostering or otherwise housing; putting out food for a colony can result in further violations. Consequently, many feral-cat people tend to operate furtively, setting up feeding stations in alleys and hiding their work from the neighbors and animal-control officers. "We need an exemption for ferals," says Angelilli, who's been meeting with city councilmembers over proposed changes in local ordinances.

Wait a minute, the reason for the problem is too many cats per household, people being allowed to have that many and no licensing, no responsibility. And what about those who don't want the colonies around them for various reasons, medical, etc? We don't let dogs run around in colonies, why make exceptions for cats? That is not fair.

Kelley would rather not see his office embroiled in neighborhood complaints about feral cats, but they keep coming. "If somebody really pushes, then we have to take some sort of action, and we'll contact Neighborhood Inspection Services," he says of the city agency that handles such matters. "It's a fine line between being a responsible person who helps take care of a colony and being a hoarder. We've certainly been on properties where well-meaning people have a hundred-plus cats. Then it becomes a health and safety issue."

Ah, now we are getting to the gist of it. I do believe that much of the TNR movement is nothing more than giving hoarders a way out. I think of it as a type of hoarding. Letting the great outdoor be your kennel.

"Sometimes it's hard to tell a feral cat from one that's very unsocialized or one that's just nasty," Kelley explains. "What we're calling feral cats aren't always feral cats."

And that is the moral and ethical side of the issue. As I said imagine a kitten outside surviving on it's own long enough to become truly feral.

"We have people who are considered caretakers, who are feeding the cats but not fixing them," Aubart says. "They get overwhelmed, and they have to choose between feeding and fixing. They choose feeding, of course. But all that does is make it so that you have to feed more."

Thus, the biggest problem of TNR. And if you provide food, then they will reproduce.

No, I don't want them killed. I want them fixed. I want these types of people to put ALL their efforts behind spay/neuter. I want these people to realize that they really aren't doing these cats a big favor, they are just prolonging the suffering. I want these people to realize that they are putting owned cats in danger, they cross streets, etc. coming to a food station. Not all the cats in a colony were dumped, the food and the colony attract cats that have a home. There needs to be regulations, policies, oversight for these TNR colonies to make sure they do what they intend to do.
Look at cats outside. Most of the time they looked terrified. Would you want your cat to live that way? Only if you would be willing to put your dearly beloved cat in a colony should you support this treatment of cats. These cats can be brought in from the cold via cat enclosures. TNR is the lazy way out, the cheap way out. It requires less of the caregiver but puts more on the cats and the neighborhood.
I recommend to those thinking of engaging in TNR. There's more to the story. Cats are a non native species and we are all familiar with what a predatory non native species can do to the native species. Plus cats in areas such as LA attract coyotes. These coyotes feed on people's pets as well. Is it right to sacrifice one life for another? Is it right for cats to take prey from coyotes, birds, etc. in the wild? And cats don't kill just to eat, they kill for fun. That's what makes them dangerous to native species, the prey and those that prey. California hasn't had canine rabies in years but there is feline rabies every year. What about diseases carried by cats? The children in Los Alamitos who had allergies, those who ended up with tapeworms. Cats are mobile, meaning fences don't stop them. They go into people's yards, leave their little gifts. And they carry fleas, fleas that can carry plagues, plagues that have wiped out thousands of lives.
Can you see the mentality between the pit nutters and the TNR "No Kill'ers"? Ain't a lot of difference is there?

Friday, November 13, 2009

My New Blog

After repeated requests for there to be a blog that shows media headlines on pit bull attacks on a state by state basis, I decided to get it done.

Comments are welcome but nutters will be treated for what they are, dirt. They want to spar with me, then bring the big gloves.

Pits are attacking in epidemic numbers, nutters want us to accept that. Nutters want us to change rather than change the dogs. Ain't gonna do it. These dogs are dangerous and need to be treated like anything else that can come into your home and kill your children. Thanks DBO for making me a wiser person, you may have saved my life.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pit Bulls, Pit Nutters, and the Rest of Us

Been taking a short break taking care of my two dogs and some other stuff.

This morning I was on checking out the pit nutters and they are all over that blog. Craven really pisses them off but as I always say better to be pissed off than pissed on. And the nutters love to piss on people, particularly those victims of pits.

What goes through the nutters minds, if anything? They continue to defend a dog that is taking down people on a daily basis, what kind of people think like that?

They want us to believe that there are responsible owners of pits out there - WHERE?? I fail to see any. I have known some people who might fall into that catagory but unfortunately they ended up being just as crazied as the rest of the pit owners.

Nutters can't carry on a decent conversation about pits because they have nothing good they can say about them other than pits will lick you to death. Close, they do do death but not by licking. In every case where an owner can be found, the infamous statement also appears about how their dog has never shown any aggression and lives with their six stepladder children. This should be a red flag to the nutters that the pits are unpredictable. Oh no, it is because the dog was abused or trained to fight.

Anyone who has another breed of dog is able to see what the dog was bred to do even when they are puppies. Pointer puppies will point WITHOUT being trained. Terriers will chase even WITHOUT being trained. Border collies will herd WITHOUT being trained. Yet the nutters insist that a pit has to be trained to fight even though they have been bred for years to fight. DENIAL, IT IS CALLED DENIAL. And that denial only makes things worse. Can't these nutter fools see that they are the ones making the situation worse?

Why can't they face the truth? Is it because of the way they were raised? Didn't their parents tell them that lying and deceit is wrong? Who do you blame here? I doubt you'll find too many parents of pit owners who are proud of their offspring.

The scary part is to think that these people are out in society with their hatred of human life. They make excuses for the dogs but not for people. They will not hesitate to blame an innocent child for "provoking" an attack. You will rarely see a comment made by a nutter where condolences are made to the attack victim. In today's news headlines, the owners of a killer pit bull are forcing a mother to remove her remembrance of her dead son, how cruel. Instead of trying to help this grief stricken mother, these nutters are pouring salt into her wounds. And other nutters are supporting them for doing this.

Go to Cravens and look at the pictures of the typical pit owner, they will give you nightmares. At least they allow the rest of us to be able to distinguish them from civilized people because they have a pit at their side. I propose that all pit nutters with their pits be sent to an island, not be allowed to live in civilized society. These are throwbacks anyway, just get them out of sight. Then they can kill themselves off without disturbing the rest of us. The pits need to go the way of the dinosaurs, extinct. And as for the nutters, they just need to be lock away somewhere.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Utah Shelters REQUIRED To Sell To Research - Where the Hell is Best F(r)iends?

This blew me away. Here it is that BF claims to care so frigging much about animals and they are allowing this to happen in their own state!!

"Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dogs and cats dropped off at Utah shelters over the years have been handed over for laboratory experimentation under a state law that requires government-run pounds to surrender animals to research institutions that request them. Only Utah and Minnesota make these so-called "pound seizures" mandatory.

Subsequent open-records requests by a local activist confirmed the animal transfers, and that many of the animals were former pets. "

With all those donations and all that media, BF can't change this horrid practice in their own backyard? They're too fucking busy condemning HSUS and kissing Winograd's ass to clean up their own state. It's a money game for them now and taking time for real issues only detracts from getting donations from gullible people.