Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Kind of People Are Attracted To No Kill? Page 2

I received this comment on an old post here and felt it needed to be up front. It so resonates of the same type of scam that is run by "No Kill". When the Whino saw Philly falling, what did he do, spit out his handpicked manager rather than tried to help.

This is from a commenter named Sara. And I would like her to know that contact has been made with the reporter in the post link. He is trying to nail down some more on Vonda and you might want to contact him. Thank you for supplying this info and for helping that poor woman. Yes, you are right, he is a disgrace to the Native Americans in every way. Please do all you can to bring faith back to this woman you are helping and give her our prayers for a recovery.

Vonda is a piece of work. I just pulled a woman out of that situation. Like all the women his safe harbor scam is the way he finds abused women that he can abuse even more to get them to follow him. Once he gets them to believe his lies he moves them in, takes all that they own and sells it. He strips them down to having nothing at all. Works them to death and abuses them as he sees fit. Just trying to leave will get you beat.

The woman I pulled out will take years to undo the damage he did, he didn't care that she came from an abusive marriage with an alcoholic spouse. He used her, took everything and spit her out.

Being a real Native American myself, he gives our people a bad name which we can do without. He wasn't even given the name "soaring eagle", he gave it to himself which is an insult to native americans everywhere.

Only a couple of women with him, actually help him with his scams. The other ones only do what they are told so they don't get beat. Like many other they were just trying to escape a abusive situation when they thought Safe Harbor would help them, they didn't know it was worse than where they were.

I would be interested in knowing more about his scams before TX, I am doing my best to make sure he ends up in prison where he needs to be.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No Kill Equates to Hoarding

According to sources that track hoarding cases, the rise in hoarding has been in line with the decade of focusing on "No Kill". Philadelphia is a case where the Nathan J. Winograd program, the "No Kill Equation" was installed, along with his handpicked management staff, and failed miserably. In case you don't know, Philly allows 12 pets per household. Also, in case you have never been to Philly, it is very close living with a lot of brownstones. Imagine living with both sides of your home crawling with 12 cats/dogs/both and very small backyards if any. Not the way I want to live, smelling the neighbor's cat urine.

Because of the excessive household limit and the "No Kill" philosophy of pimping as many pets as you can without considering their quality of life afterwards, seems Philly is noticing a dramatic rise in hoarding cases. Stands to reason, "No Kill" doesn't give a damn who animals go to, just as long as they are outta sight so they can lay claim to "saving" them. I think the Whino named his program incorrectly and it should be named "FrankenKill", it's alive, it's alive!!!!
In Philadelphia, the number of large-scale animal hoarding cases went from one every six months in 2004 to one or two each month now. And the suburbs are not immune.

Time line here. The Whino's program was installed in 2004/5 when they were only seeing one hoarder about every 6 months and after his program hoarding cases took a dramatic rise to one or two a month!!!!!

"It does feel like an epidemic," she said, adding that the actual number of animal hoarders is probably much larger than the number of known cases.

"I believe there are many, many more cases in which people have not been caught," Paul said.

Probably so, no definitely so. It is an epidemic, an epidemic created by Nathan Winograd. He is the Messiah of those "Savior" rescues and many of those are nothing more than hoarders. The philosophy of pushing animals out the door results in more unnecessary suffering which the Whino and his Whinonettes just cannot see, they don't want to see.

Another article points out the "Savior" complex alive and well in Philly.
Federov, 59, couldn't even turn her back on dead animals that she found on the street. She placed them in a freezer until the next trash day.
Among the animals found in the freezer in a raid by agents of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Tuesday at Federov's home, on Mascher Street near Nedro Avenue, in Olney, was a fox she'd found hit by a car on Roosevelt Boulevard.
The PSPCA said that it rescued 90 animals, including cats, dogs, chinchillas and pigeons from her property.

She disputed the PSPCA's figures on the number of animals seized from her home, andWilliamson confirmed that Federov had helped foster kittens for the PSPCA.

Federov said she had taken dogs from the former PACCA to save them from being put down.

And the Whino's PACCA let her have them. The PSPCA isn't any better with Sue Crosby, another Whinonette, who is destroying that agency too.

The Whino stills brags about PACCA's save rate only it is actually a hoarding rate, a suffering rate. Another legacy of Nathan J. Winograd - Hoarding.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The ADL (All Dumb Liars) Take on Brenda Barnette's Screw LA Meet & Greet

The evening started off with about 100 confused looking crazy cat people. Michael Bell was there trying to bribe them all, of course, leading this writer to think he had rounded them up off the streets and paid them to come in.

Ugly man Koretz was running around trying to find a piece of ass. He's always worked the cat crowd because of their reputation of being so gullible. He chose the right venue because everyone was hanging on him, although someone finally put a paper sack over his head and that helped the atmosphere of the room.

When Barnette got up to speak, she made fun of how ignorant LA is instead of answering the truths that have been told about her. She said so what that she is a breeder, so what that she lies about SHS, LA was going to hire her anyway because no one else wanted the job. She came across as hateful, spiteful, and true to her reputation in Seattle. Many times she would not answer because she hasn't enough experience to know the answers. Some pertinent questions were asked but Barnette just shrugged them off and said to ask the Mayor.

She did say that she would continue to take homes away from the shelter animals in Seattle/King County by shipping dogs, altered and vaccinated by the LA taxpayer, to SHS, continuing her vendetta against King County for telling her to take a hike. She explained that this was "saving" lives. Actually it is taking lives but we won't tell anyone that.

She reminded everyone that she was part of the group that CLAIMED to make San Francisco the first "No Kill" city. Of course, she failed to mention that this was just a claim, not reality. The reality is that the SF SPCA has never taken pit bulls from the shelter and thus, they were euthanized. But hey, under "No Kill" that can be done because it's a numbers game and those pits were just classified under aggressive so they could be killed and it didn't affect those numbers.

Barnette explained the numbers game. She just took half of her "saved" numbers and put them out to "foster" homes, aka hoarders. Unfortunately her scheme to get taxpayer money in Seattle fell through and that is why she ended up in LA. She applied at her old stomping ground, the SF SPCA, but they said no more and didn't hire her. Oh, well, LA is better than facing the music in Seattle. She talked about her program to keep a pet with the owner who wants to surrender it. That is comprised of a $200 surrender fee, a waiting list, and just plain rejection. With her plans, there will be 100,000 foster homes in LA, no adoptions, just foster homes.

Flashbacks of Richard Nixon, shaking his head stating he was not a crook, were inspired by Barnette when talking of her breeder affiliations. "I am not a breeder" were her words while her fingers were crossed behind her back.

Even though Seattle Humane puts people on a waiting list, turns away pit bulls, and charges a whopping surrender fee, Barnette claims it is open door. According to the employees that she hired, this ain't true. While turning away animals in Seattle, Barnette helped LA out by taking their already altered dogs, the cute and fluffy ones, never a pit bull, or an old, injured, sick, dog, just the good stuff, the easily adoptable ones. Did she mention that the euthanasia that has to be done were on the animals that came in as strays from two terribly small contracts for housing? Many felt that her explanation about emergencies meant that SHS is an open door shelter, wrong again, explained Ms. Barnette.

At least she was honest about one thing, turning down the offer to speak at the "90 % Club" using the excuse she had to move. Do you think that somewhere deep down she actually does have some truth in her? Nah.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sorry Readers

I am responding to my non published comments about the pissing match with this pit nutter/"No Kill'er". Unfortunately you know that I don't censor and thereby I have to tolerate these types of jerks. You also know that it isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. Just want to say thanks again for your patience and also the great info that you've sent. I have the best reading this blog, couldn't do it without you guys. Remember, HonestyHelps always.

Letter to the LAAS Animal Commission

Dear Commissioners:

With the coming of Brenda Barnette to LA, I would like to bring up the subject of temperament testing for pit bulls since Ms. Barnette practiced that at her previous shelter and would be very familiar with it.

If you are not aware of this, pits are mauling and killing people and beloved pets in numbers unlike any other breed in history. The pits in the shelters have no history, you don't know whether they have been bred and trained for fighting, if they have shown aggression in the past, or if they are suitable as a pet. They certainly were never meant to be a pet in that they were bred for one thing and one thing only, to kill. An informative website about pit bulls is, the site that the dogmen (pit bull fighters) and pit bull breeders don't want you to see. Then for your consideration this blog is a compilation of media reports showing the daily maulings and all too frequent fatalities by pit bull and their types: The victims of pits are almost always left with no recourse for their medical bills putting a burden on taxpayers because most insurance companies will not insure pit bulls and the victims have to turn to the charity hospitals for their life altering injuries.

Other breeds were bred to be of service to mankind, but not the pits and bully breeds. Shepherds tend and guard flocks, border collies help to round them up, hounds help to locate food for the table, but what were pits designed to do is the question one has to ask.

To put a pit bull or any dog out to the public, a public who usually doesn't have any idea of how to train a dog or, in many cases, don't even know that a dog has to be trained, without knowing the temperament of the animal is a disaster waiting to happen. Plus it sets up the dog and the owner for failure in too many cases. Taking the position of doing better screening of applicants is not the best of ideas because people can lie or think they know more than they actually do.

I implore you to re-consider installing temperament testing at the shelters since Ms Barnette is so well versed in doing that. Thank you for consideration of my thoughts on this issue.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All You Pit Nutters In LA, Brenda Barnette Hates Pit Bulls

Yep, she doesn't like them. Because of the Seattle Humane Society's policy on pits, needless to say that her "high adoption" rate doesn't include them. And neither did she try to save any pits from LA and Kern. The pictures of those dogs were on the Seattle PI blog and all I saw were cute, fluffy dogs and chihuahuas, no old dogs, no black dogs, no large dogs, just the ones that stand a chance of being adopted from any shelter.

Barnette's policy on pits exemplifies a highly restrictive intake into her private shelter, Seattle Humane. This type of intake restriction of less adoptable animals falsely creates the illusion that a high adoption rate has meaning. If LAAS would restrict the intake of Pits and Pit mixes, our adoption rate would shyrocket.

Below is an e mail from Seattle Humane to someone who wanted to relinquish their Pit Bull.

Sent: 6/18/2010 1:15:01 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: RE: Relinquish a dog


With any Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix we place for adoption embassadors to the breed. This means that the dog cannot have any previous history of aggression of any kind. If the dog does not have a history of aggression then the dog will recieve a behavior assessment after it has been surrendered to our shelter. (In other words, an owner can walk away thinking his/her pit will go for adoption and it goes for euthanasia instead. Collect $200 and put the body out in the dead barrel.) During that assessment our behavior program manager and behavior team assess the dog's temperament. (So how does that fit in with the Whino's "No Kill" philosophy? How many times do we have to hear that temperament testing in a shelter is unfair to the dog.) If the dog passes the behavior assessment then we place the dog out for adoption. If the dog does not pass the assessment we will not place the dog up for adoption. There are no rescue organizations that work with us and pit bulls . (Why didn't she develop those rescues if she is so freaking good?) If the dog is not an adoption candidate with us the only option is euthanasia.

We do have a callback option. With a mandatory donation of 200$ at time of surrender we give you the oppportunity to claim your pet if he/she is not an adoption candidate with us. That $200 is not refundable. (Boy what a money maker this is. It says it all, Seattle Humane Society is NOT and never has been an open door shelter. Barnette would rather see the pits dumped on the streets to be shot by the police than try to work with them.)

We would like to speak with you about your dog's temperament and our policies before scheduling an appointment. You may leave us with a phone number where you can be best contacted.

Thank you,

Note that they won't even make an appointment until they talk with a pit owner. Do they say the same thing to a poodle owner? Obviously Barnette thinks pits are a dangerous breed. It would be interesting to see how many adoptions of pits Barnette made while at SHS, wouldn't it? So all you pit nutters in LA, how about them apples? You think it was bad before, this woman has no experience with helping pits and pits are the number one breed euthanized in the LA shelters. Then again, Barnette doesn't feel she is subject to public records, which a non profit isn't, so we'll never know.

Also of note is that Barnette worked for the San Francisco SPCA. Contrary to the lies of the Whino, SF was never no kill. The SPCA refused to take pit bulls from the shelter. In fact, the animal commission DEBATED ALL LAST YEAR TO BECOME "NO KILL". This is a myth perpetuated by the Whino to make himself look good. So Barnette's background shows she hasn't any experience with saving the pits. Course it depends on how you look at it as good or bad. Barnette pays lip service about pits but her background shows differently.

Brenda Barnette Has So Much Dirt

Seems there are those who can't take their time to read links provided. So I will be so kind as to post this article in it's entirety to show just how stupid Barnette is and how she fails to show that she gives a shit about shelter animals. Keep in mind that she got many of these dogs already altered, ready to be SOLD, at the expense of the LA taxpayer. She couldn't bring herself to help the local shelter animals in King County which should be her first priority. Wonder how LA will feel when she starts bringing in dogs from Arizona or Nevada rather than finding homes for the LA shelter animals.,0,1367074.story
State Investigates Illegal Transfer Of Dogs From California To Bellevue
Investigators say nearly 200 dogs brought to the Seattle Humane Society in the past year did not have rabies vacciations or required health certificates.

Bellevue - A state investigation is underway into the illegal transport of dogs from California to the Seattle Humane Society in Bellevue.

According to investigators, none of the animals brought here between September 2008 and July 2009 had rabies vaccines, heartworm tests or the state required health certificates.

"Our first choice is to rescue animals in our own community, but we were unable to get healthy dogs here locally in King County and we did not want to put our own population at risk," says Seattle Humane Society CEO Brenda Barnette. Then why did your own medical director stop vet services to the shelter animals, what did that help? And also, you did several transports over a period of time, does that mean that the shelter animals continiously have disease? Since that was a concern, why didn't you make sure the LA and Kern dogs were without disease?

Some say the Humane Society did just that, by taking in 180 dogs from Kern County Animal Control in Bakersfield, California that could have been sick.

"We didn't realize that they didn't have all the vaccines until recently and we weren't bringing them here. A volunteer was bringing them from California," says Barnette. "I mean it's our responsibility to know about it. I don't want to say we shouldn't but our vets didn't tell us about it." It was your responsibility to know the law, Barnette, not anyone else's. She's learned her Whino lesson well, always blame someone else, never accept your own responsibility in all of it.

King County Animal Control Sgt. John Diel says he was alerted about the alleged illegal transfer of animals from a Humane Society volunteer. Diel says this poses a serious public health hazard.

"If a dog came in with rabies and exposed another animal it would be very likely it could be spread if it came in contact with a human," says Diel.

Kern County Animal Control Director Gary Shaw admits the dogs were sent here without vaccines or papers, but says he was unaware of Washington state law. Shaw says he will now comply, but must charge the Seattle Humane Society five dollars per dog to have them vaccinated before transfer.

Sgt. Diel in King County says this is unnecessary when there are plenty of dogs locally that need homes. Diel says he has reached out to the Humane Society on many occasions, asking to transfer hundreds of dogs from his shelter, but been told there is no room. Could it be that she doesn't give a damn, Sgt. and was only seeing $$$$$ with neutered and free animals?

"It's a shame. It's unfortunate and I don't know what message they're giving their donors. I thought the mission was to help save dogs in King County," says Diel. Barnette's mission is to make herself look good, not to help the shelter animals.

Brenda Barnette says the Humane Society stopped accepting as many dogs from King County Animal Control recently because the dogs were sick with illnesses like Parvo. Then why not volunteer your druggie medical director to help instead of having him withdraw vet services? Again did the shelter have parvo over a year while you continued to import dogs?

A state vet from the Washington Department of Agriculture did visit the shelter Monday morning and says there are no concerns about the health of any of the animals there right now.

Stop the UHaul, Brenda Barnette, You Won't Be Here That Long

Well, Barnette blew it before the City Council today. Bill Dyer was the only person there in favor. He made a big issue of her being from an open-door shelter. Guess the ADL-LA lost their balls and didn't show. Another speaker pointed out that Barnette's claim to fame, the Seattle Humane Society, is most definitely NOT an open door shelter. It is stated on their website that you have to have an appointment to have a pet considered for admission. When Barnette later disputed it, she said that they took in 'any animal with an emergency condition" so that made them open entry. Our Council looked shocked, wonder why???

Janice Hahn asked her about her plans for enforcement and Barnette responded that she would be relying on LAPD. You should have seen their faces!!! Alarcon started off on that and told her that LAPD is "busy" and that LAAS IS a law-enforcement agency and she is expected to perform those services. She said she would set priorities. DUH!! And what might those be, Barnette, learning how thing works maybe? You ain't in Kansas, Barnette.

Reyes later asked her what ideas she had about abandoned animals left behind in low income areas when people move. She said the LAAS has a Small Animal Rescue Team and they could go in and get them. His mouth fell open. Then she added that the rescuers could also go get them. Of course LAAS can't give rescuers permission to enter private property and can you imagine the liability? This woman is beyond stupid.

The Council was a little stunned. They weren't pleased but they were polite. I don't think she'll be here long. She is not a nice person. She is not a friendly person. The staff will hate her. She will get frustrated because she will constantly be told she can't do things without Council approval, and I get the feeling she has a short fuse. I think she'll blow up. She has no experience dealing with a city council or governmental budgets, none.

At least I know that the Council did read what was sent to them, they are paying attention. And when the time comes, they have set the stage to blast the Mayor for his bevy of mistakes concerning animal control. Yep, the battle lines were drawn today and now war is declared. The Council has covered their asses and are leaving the Mayor out there to take all the blame for this mistake. Can anyone say high and dry?