Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Down (Philly) One To Go (NHS)

Well, finally, PACCA is out. Hopefully that means Whinograd's program is out as well.

There has been issued an RFP on short notice for animal control service in Philly. PACCA has had a lot of trouble. The State went in and found many violations in the keeping of animals. PACCA was able to clean up their act long enough to get the State to give an okay but it was still a mess. Whinograd's hand picked director ended up not being "committed" enough. So if he picks them and they fail, why does he blame the system rather than himself?

Whinograd claims that the PSPCA wants the contract for monetary reasons. Beg your pardon, but a $2 million dollar budget for handling 30,000 animals would make you run in the other direction. Rancho Cucamonga has a budget well over $2 million dollars and only handles 5,000 animals a year and they can't make his program work. Rancho is now spending $12+ per person, per year on animal control and cannot claim "no kill". Their "public" surrenders are seven times what the animal control officers bring in. The world is beating a path to their door to surrender pets because they are "no kill". You can't proclaim yourself as a "no kill" shelter when the others around you aren't. Where do you think people will want to surrender their pets, a "no kill" or a "kill" shelter? These "public" surrenders are not people picking up animals on the side of the road, they are owners wishing to avoid fees, hard looks, and lectures. And the poor pet ends up in the shelter with no history and no name. This is the legacy of Whinograd's program, needless suffering of the animals.

I predict that one day people will spit on the ground before saying Whinograd's name. It will turn out that he has done more to cause suffering for animals than anything before or after. I have learned that "No Kill" does not allow itself to see the suffering. "No Kill" has contributed to the devaluation of our pets as well. We need to be upping the value of pets, not putting them out on two for one sales. We're not selling shoes here folks. These are lives that we need to consider valuable and treat them as such. We need to make it harder to get a pet, not easier. Our disposable society throws away things they get for free or on sale.

Now only Nevada is standing and only because public records can't be gotten because of the non profit status. And I can see that it has begun for NHS the questions that they can't answer, the complaints, the firing of employees who speak out. All the things that indicate the beginning of their downfall. Only problem is that the animals will have to suffer until it is done. Has anyone looked at the poor dogs on NHS Pet Harbor. One is 15 years old, had to have been someone's pet for all that while. I can't go back and look at all the older dogs they have. You know these dogs will sit in cages for the rest of their lives, chances of getting out are slim to none. Ask yourself, would this be what you want for your pet? Not for mine.

Keep working to save our pets from this Whinograd and his cronies.

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