Sunday, January 18, 2009

Colorado Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Colorado Humane Society "No Kill"

Just filed in December, go to page 10 to read about "No Kill".

When you put this one beside Philly on record keeping, seems these "No Kill" shelters have a real problem. Use this one, folks.


Unknown said...

Check out B Representations Regarding No Kill Status 63-82

These are charges that could be levied at any time against Best Friends, and the Winograd shelters. They have all done these things

Falsely claimed they are open admission, misrepresented euthanasia to encourage donations to their shelter rather than to animal shelters with allegedly higher euthanasia policies, etc

Best Friends never reveals to their donors, for example, that they turn animals away every day and get local animal control to euthanize them (so Best Friends doesn't have to have the euthanasias on their records) or the animals just die in the desert

At least this Colorado shelter was humanely euthanizing!

The Best Friends and Winograd No Kill often means death by suffering that never shows up on any records

At Winograd's PACCA, they gave away animals to KNOWN & DOCUMENTED ANIMAL ABUSERS to try to reduce the kennel population, or unchecked "rescue" groups (letting them take for example unaltered pit bulls) or let animals die in their cages of disease.

The fatal flaw quickly becomes evident in all these No Kill animal control shelters- it is not possible to be truly open admission and be No Kill!

My fear, though, with the Colorado shelter is that a Winograd type No Kill will take over. Where cats are dumped outdoors with no caretakers and called wild, dogs are handed out to abusers and hoarders, and animals are refused admission so they end up getting dumped on the streets to die.

That is much worse than any humane euthanasia, and is a REAL falsification of the records.

HonestyHelps said...

Codey, do you have a link or something concerning PACCA giving to hoarders? I asked for public records from Rancho concerning the "rescues" they were giving animals to. And they had no records of which groups or how many animals. Unfortunately, the Hayden Act (I hate it) says that you do not have to be a 501c3 to get UNALTERED animals from the shelter. Therefore the hoarders beat a path to Rancho's door and they didn't give a shit.

But the point with this one is now the can of worms is open and I predict that you will see more of this. Now we have something to send to our Attorney Generals and ask for relief.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Codey is a wealth of info. I'm really enjoying this blog. And I agreed, at least this shelter was euthanizing to relieve the suffering. But why not just be truthful about it? Guess they thought they could fly under the radar since they aren't subject to answering to the public.

Unknown said...

There were several cases with PACCA.

One real disgusting one was that PACCA gave over 70 dogs to the Faithful but Forgotten Friends animal rescue

"Something needs to be done. The fact that they turned over 70+ dogs to Faithful but Forgotten given what we all knew about her still boggles my
mind. All they care about is the numbers because why else would they turn over so many dogs to a "rescue" who had been banned from pulling from
nearly every other shelter in the area?"

This Faithful but Forgotten Friends had been known for some time as being extreme hoarders, I'm talking extreme cruelty. They eventually were busted and shut down.

Some believed they were a front for a puppy mill

See here and go down past the false ravings of "persecution" by a person connected to this hoarder to Neighbor 22 post and beyond

And note that the Faithful but Forgotten Friends hoarders (the wife) was an ex lawyer!

This is part of the way they are getting away with the abuse and misbehavior on many fronts. Attorneys that twist the law, make up false complaints of persecution to fight back against criminal charges and the truth of their deeds, and get away with lying. A knowledge of how to abuse the system.

HonestyHelps said...

Copy and paste this link with the newspaper article stating that PACCA gave animals to this known hoarder. Thanks Codey.

Anonymous said...