Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where's The Report????

Seems some more propaganda has come out from Best Fiends. This time they are trying to tell us that BSL costs too much money. I won't provide the link because it pisses me off too much. Seems all you can get is a "calculator" for each state. My question is where is the report??

I want to see where this John Dunham got his information from. I did a bio search on him and seems he has connections with the tobacco industry and not in a pretty way. This a case in 2004.

Dunham, John. (US Fact Witness): Mr. Dunham was employed by Philip Morris
Management Corporation for five years managing fiscal issues. As the manager of the Fiscal
Issues department, Mr. Dunham was involved in economic research, and he prepared critical
analyses of tobacco-related articles written by economists. These analyses were then used to
formulate talking points and summaries that were provided to Philip Morris lobbyists and
communications department employees at Philip Morris USA. Prior to coming to Philip Morris,
Mr. Dunham worked for the Philadelphia Port Authority. After leaving Philip Morris in 2001,
Mr. Dunham has continued his relationship with the company as an outside consultant on
economic issues. His positions at Philip Morris include the following:
• 1996-2001: Manager, Fiscal Issues, Philip Morris Management Corporation
His positions outside of PM include the following:
• 2001-2002: Consultant, American Economics Group
• 2002-present: Founder, John Dunham and Associates

And here is a press release confirming his connection to the tobacco industry. Seems this is a hired gun whose "economic" results are always in favor of those who pay him.

We accept that the tobacco companies lie and this is their economist, the one who puts the studies together to deceive the public. Now he has put together something for Best Fiends saying that BSL will cost too much. WHERE'S THE FUCKING REPORT? Don't take bits and pieces from it, I want to see how this jerk arrived at his conclusions.


Anonymous said...

The "it will cost more money" thing comes RIGHT FROM THE BREEDING LOBBY. This is what the breeders say any time anyone proposes puppy mill rules, breeder licensing, anything that might cost the BEREEDERS a buck.

The dog fighters too have been using this to oppose regulation for many years.

They all just make up lies to oppose it and this is one. They literally make up numbers out of thin air, try to sound like "experts," and hope some dummy will fall for it.

(Of course the breeders are costing governments millions upon millions by cheating on their taxes, etc thanks to lack of regulation, but)

If there is a lobbyist connected to tobacco involved, then it sounds like this is Center For Consumer Freedom (the breeder lobbyist) in there. and in there in a sneaky way.

He works also with and her NAIA. She is AKC, the pro puppy mill division.

It sounds like the breeders are taking over Best Friends and trying to run a pseudo welfare group that is really just a breeder lobby in disgiuse.

The old board of directors is gone, and it sounds like Best Friends sold out to businesspeople in breeding.

Anonymous said...

Could you post your info on this the dogsbite site? People need to know if Best Friends is even more aggressively getting involved with the breeders, and what their tactics are.

Honesty Helps said...

And I don't know of a report that gives estimates on how much dog bites cost us. Health care, lost productivity, etc. probably cost far more than BSL ever thought of costing. I did read one time that over a billion dollars a year is lost from the economy due to dog bites. And we can't afford to get an economist to do that kind of study on what pits cost the taxpayers.

John Dunham & Associates are defintely connected to the tobacco industry. Their reports were used to stop tobacco bans. They are all in bed with each other.

Anonymous said...

Pit bulls, by the nature of their physical structure alone, do far more damage with any bite than nearly every other breed of dog.

This damage usually means loss of limb, loss of mobility, and years and years of surgeries.

Pit bulls are costing society massive amounts of money just in medical costs, not to mention everything else!

Anonymous said...

Surely someone is working on a report of how much pit attacks are costing us. Course the opposition to pit bans have money to draw from i.e. breeding and dog fighting. Keep an eye out for studies that might help put a report together.

Anonymous said...

Just something on my mind that makes me so angry about this No Kill horror.

Many of us have seen the news story about the Miami teen that horribly killed cats.

I just keep thinking about the No Kill mantra that cats should be thrown outdoors to be victims of people like this.

That being tortured and killed is somehow better than being humanely euthanized.

Also that shelters should not accept cats so that people abandon them and the cats can become victims of this kind of thing, which is more common than most people think.

More cruelty in the name of No Kill.

Honesty Helps said...

Rancho Cucamonga just sentenced another cat killer. Although it was not reported in the papers, I got wind that he said he knew where feed stations were for "feral" cats and was able to get them there. Seems these "ferals" were friendly enough to come up to their killer. This is what gets me, that someone would leave a friendly cat in a "feral" colony. I consider TNR to be the ultimate cruelty to cats.

"Rescues" take the cats out of the shelter, put them in a colony, and that means they live a miserable life. Ever noticed how they seem scared all the time. I don't use the word outside to describe a cat. In my world you don't put cats outside unsupervised. I don't see how these people sleep knowing these cats they throw food out for are outside facing dangers, disease, etc. I can't do it. I have brought cats in from the cold and refuse to participate in TNR. TNR is for the lazy people in rescue, for people who have an agenda of making themselves feel better by saying they "rescued" these cats. I say they are cruel, hateful, and need to be stopped. I care too much for cats to do something like this to them.

Anonymous said...

No Kill shelter places pit bull that attacks with 24 hours

Kootenai Humane Society

Honesty Helps said...

I read this story. The Humane Society is trying to blame the victim saying that he lied about another dog at home. Under the comments it is posted that the Humane Society has adopted two other dogs to him so they had to know. Also the behavorist never said that the pit had been found to be dog aggressive and this had been passed along to the owner. Plus if the pit was dog aggressive, why did it attack a human, why not the other dog?

Anonymous said...

Just like Karen Delise they won't release the Raw Data...

You can tell the Dog Lobby is getting nervous since they are switching from "Pits are least likely to bite" to "BSL is too costly to enforce" talking points.

Just look at Indianapolis, endlessly housing and euthing 2300 pits a year, 500 plus pit attacks, and the in the line of duty investigations from police having to shoot them.

Then they bang on Denver for getting out of the pit bull euthing business altogether. They feel that the A/C infrastructure belongs to them and they hate losing it a s a disposal mechanism, while they pump out more pit bulls.

Honesty Helps said...

Karen Delise is another one. You're right, she says that she has too many cases to put online. Pleease!

I have a question which is since dog fighting is illegal and pits were bred to do that, why does the bred need to continue? Bull baiting is illegal, I think, so why continue the line of dogs bred to do that? There are probably more but I can't see the sense in continuing blood lines of dogs bred for this kind of viciousness when the act of the breeding is illegal.