Saturday, October 3, 2009

"THE DOG ATE GRANDMA" or An Ode to the Pit Bull

A 70-year-old woman is said to be fighting for her life after being viciously attacked by two neighborhood dogs.

The attack happened Friday night just outside of Westminster in the 6300 block of Julian Street in unincorporated Adams County.

Mary Garcia is hospitalized at Saint Anthony Central Hospital.

Neighbors say they never heard Garcia scream. She was too busy fending off the two dogs as they tried to go after her face. Garcia suffered several bites on her ankles, thighs, arms and face. As a result of the stress, she suffered a heart attack.

Animal control says a boxer-mix named Roxy and a mastiff/pit bull mix named Brutus broke out of their yard and attacked Garcia in her driveway. Neighbors heard what sounded like dogs fighting.

"We heard dogs barking. They sounded like they actually had food in their mouth," neighbor Christian Juarez said.

Garcia tried to fight them off, but when on their hind legs, the dogs were bigger than she was.

"They were just trying to get her face," Juarez said.

Juarez and his father saw the attack and beat them off with a stick, shovel and a broom.

"Real hard, it was two of them trying to get both of us and like they tried to jump on us, but the neighbors started helping us too, so that's how we got them away," Juarez said.

It took four men to get rid of the dogs.

"Then the dogs started coming back so he took off chased them off with a shovel," neighbor Richard Wold said.

Garcia's family says she is fighting for her life.

"She's not a very big woman and two big dogs tearing at her, it makes you very angry," said Garcia's son, John.

Garcia wasn't the only victim. Her 2-year-old great grandson, who saw the attack from the front door, is traumatized. He was crying "the dogs ate grandma."

Neighbors say Roxy and Brutus have gotten loose before and they've complained to the owners about it, but those complaints never made it to animal control.

No longer the Big Bad Wolf eating Grandma, pits and pit types have changed that. Maybe we need to put the book out - Little Red Riding Hood and the Pit Bulls.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the boxer mix label is a lie.

"Neighbors say Roxy and Brutus have gotten loose before and they've complained to the owners about it, but those complaints never made it to animal control."

Of course, if they made those complaints to one of Nathan Winograd's animal control people, like Douglas Rae, animal control would do NOTHING, and the lady would be fighting for her life.

Can't make complaints just to animal control. People need to call the mayor, city council, and back it up with letters BEFORE someone gets killed.

HonestyHelps said...

If the picture shown in the paper is the dog, and I believe it is, then it can pass for either or a mix.

Anonymous said...

Did you read the comments (and blog and news story) of Sparkly Susan who posted in Comments on the top toddler fatality story on dogsbite?

This poor woman!

She not only has the wackos after her, but some cop and the animal control pit bull lover officer are threatening her!

Maybe you might want to link to her blog.

I can't believe what they did to her after her attack! And she's still living in the same situation in fear.

Anonymous said...

If you want to read pure insanity, read this related story.

Anonymous said...

And this Holden is now going to be animal control in Providence!

It's like Rae run

Anonymous said...

This Dave Holden is a prize. Check out the DB discussion board, esp the mastiff attack story!

Anonymous said...,0,1707474.story

Anonymous said...

It needs to be pointed out that this woman was transported to Denver for treatment. Denver hosts 5 of the 8 trauma centers in Colorado and host many of the states Pit Mauling victims as they get sewn back together.

Last year a Colorado Springs boy who sustained a 2000 stitch Pit mauling was also lifeflighted to a Denver hospital which reflects on Denver's Dog bite hospitalization rate.

The Living Safely with Dogs coalition never mentions this in the tightly held "Secret" data.....I'm thinking they should change their name to "Coalition of Pit Breeders with Dormant Rape Stands". They stand to make millions sending a slug of Pit Bulls into the Denver market.