Friday, December 18, 2009

King County ACO Guild Files Lawsuit

This is great news!!! Hopefully we can see the conspiracy that has developed between certain council members, the Seattle Humane, and the Whino.

According to Michael Brannan, attorney for the Animal Control Officers Guild, “It is time for the truth to come out, and the truth is those who pushed most strongly for the services to be handled by non-county run shelters appear to have the most to gain.”

“We support the County’s decision to reduce euthanasia,” stated Sgt. John Diel, President of the Animal Control Officers Guild, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. “Animals housed in the shelter require food, medical attention and adequate care. We have managed to do that in a fiscally responsible – and humane – manner,” Diel said. “Our reputations have been smeared, jobs have been lost, and in my opinion, this happened as a result of political favor. Taxpayers will likely field the bill for a sweetheart deal worked out between King County and the Seattle Humane society.”

The same sweetheart deal that was worked out in Reno. I agree with Sgt. Diel and hope the truth comes out before King County is screwed.


HonestyHelps said...

I received this comment today under another posting but thought it was appropriate for this one.

I am a previous employee at the Seattle Humane Society and I would like to clarify a few things.

The American Eskimos that are still at the shelter are their due to behavioral issues. The are not adoption candidates due to aggresive behavior towards people. The shelter has contacted numerous rescue groups who specialize in aggresive dogs and American Eskimos and the resues dont want to take them.

Ms. Barnett is a poodle breeder. She is not an appropriate CEO for an animal shelter whos main motto is "spay and neuter all pets!"

The puppy mill that housed the American Eskimos was from Kennewick, Wa. The woman who ran the puppy mill was selling the dogs online to pet stores and to private buyers. She is being prosecuted for animal cruilty, neglect and for having too many animals in one location. Unfortunatly, animal cruilty laws are very lax and due the animals almost no justice. In Washington state if you are convicted of animal cruilty or neglect, you can move out of the county you were convicted in and open a kennel.

In closing I would like to state that Brenda Barnett is not good for the shelter, not good for its employees, and most importantly not good for the animals of king county.

Felony said...

UGH! There is no end to this madness.

Anonymous said...

And Brenda Barnette is lobbying (through her breed clubs and groups like NAIA, which her breed clubs are donating to http://www

Why? Because Brenda Barnette's AKC makes most of its money registering puppy mill dogs like those American Eskimos!

That's what pays for Brenda's dog shows and breeding activity, including purebred dog sale promotion!

Brenda Barnette is a dog breeder lobbyist. She even wrote a letter to the paper after a national expose on puppy mills DEFENDING BREEDERS and encouraging readers to buy dogs from breeders, without revealing that these AKC breeders are involved in puppy mills through AKC business activity with the puppy mill industry!

Brenda completely hid that link (that she has a personal interest in!) and signed the letter as a ceo of the Seattle humane society!

This is a gross misuse of this humane organization, to lobby to protect abuse and consumer fraud by the breeding industry.

Anonymous said...

Brenda Barnette's AKC also claims that they do breed rescue, and there aren't purebred dogs in shelters!

Where are Brenda's AKC friends to do breed rescue for these American Eskimos?

Brenda personally knows American Eskimo breeders!

HonestyHelps said...

It might be interesting to know the dogs she pulled from Kern as to what they were, purebreds vs. mutts. And since it was a "rescue" then the Vincent Bill didn't apply on altering prior to leaving the shelter. A great way to get breeding stock! Since many purebreds look the same, how can the AKC know the difference? And it is so easy now with the internet for breeders to replinish their stock from the shelters. That was why CA passed the Vincent Bill, to stop the breeders from getting their product from the shelters but they use the loophole that rescues can get them unaltered. Then the rescues, by law, have to alter them. But who checks this - no one.

Anonymous said...

This whole situation sounds like the Winograd/Warren Patitz/legislator conspiracy in Indianapolis

Indianapolis never knew that a private business was angling to take over and impose their agenda at taxpayer's expense until people and pets started suffering the consequences

Indianapolis fixed THAT quickly!

HonestyHelps said...

I hate to give the Whino this much sense, but he is good with the conspiracies. Seems each one has it's own tale to tale. Indy wised up quickly enough but really should have never hired him to begin with. I'm just wondering where he will end up next, along with Boks from LA.

Anonymous said...

Where the heck IS Ed Boks now?

As a woman, the saddest part about what these guys do is that they manipulate very naive, stupid women to do their dirty work for them

Makes me ashamed to be female

HonestyHelps said...

Boks has a blog still claiming he made LA no kill. He was doing some lobbying work recently on banning declawing. He was caught then going against his former position on the subject. If you're interested here's the link to his blog

We have to keep up with him and stay ahead of him getting another job in animal control.

Anonymous said...

You people don't have a clue. Ever been to a dog show? Ever talked to a breeder - make that listened to? Ever examined what a breeder does on a day to day basis? Or the AKC for that matter? Show dogs are the healthiest, best socialized, most well taken care off dogs anywhere. If they're being judged on structural soundness and temperament, etc., why would they be any other way? I've been to lots of rescue events and seen how it's all about numbers, if you don't get that dog, we have more. No interest in matching people to the right type of dog, no interest in whether or not the adopters are responsible. Just numbers. I was at an event where they asked how many people did obedience with their dogs, or any other dog activities. Not a single person raised a hand. They adopt them, take them home, spoil them, let them get fat, and dress them in silly clothes. What kind of life is that for dogs? There is NO definition of what a puppy mill is, although I'm sure you've all seen the heart tug videos put out by PETA and HSUS. A true puppy mill is where the dogs are kept in filthy cages, treated horribly, no vet care, and bred season after season till they die. Go out and look for them. See how many you can find in your state. California has NONE. Go visit a real breeder (with your eyes open, and blinders off for a change) and see how their dogs are part of the family, cared for, healthy, interacted with on a daily basis - in families just like yours and mine, average middle class people whose hobby is a love for dogs, for their chosen breed, and whose motivation and money goes to improving the breed, NOT to mass produce puppies. The IRS calls it a hobby, what gives you the right to say otherwise? How many true puppy mills have you seen? BTW, California has NONE. Most are in the midwestern states. Every breeder is not a puppy mill - MOST breeders are not. You just make these knee jerk reactions based on emotional propaganda put out by animal rights extremists whose agenda is so far from your own and yet you can't see what's real and right in front of you. No big surprise, you don't seem to see much of anything. Which is why what I've just written won't even make a dent in your thinking. You hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see and get led around like sheep with no mind of your own and apparently no interest in doing your own research. BTW, I am not a breeder and never have been. I have owned rescue dogs (tried to get one out of our shelter recently. Nope. It was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Nice money for the shelter and who cares what kind of home it went to) of my chosen breed, I am involved in obedience, conformation, rally and freestyle with my dogs and you'll never see more happy or healthy dogs than mine. get a clue, people. I'm betting this doesn't even get past the moderator...

HonestyHelps said...

The first question for you Anon, is what fricking planet do you live on? What do you mean that breeders have quality dogs when the BBC exposed the UK breeders and the horrors they have done to dogs? Didn't you catch the Nova special about those same horrors are compounded here in the states? The AKC allows so many bites on their judges, etc. from those "well socialized" show dogs. The life expectancy of purebreds is dropping because of the genetics that aren't natural all for that structure. Bulldogs can't have puppies naturally from these breeding techniques.

Puppy mills in CA, you think there are none? What fucking planet, I want to know. I have been on busts of plenty of puppy mills in CA, and it ain't pretty. Go into the high desert, out in the middle of the Mojave and tell me there aren't puppy mills. Dogs sitting in temps of 115 degrees, no shade, dead ones everywhere.

And I've been to breeders. They don't have family dogs, who are you kidding, unless it is one that no longer is breeding material and they just happened to bond with it. No, they keep their distance so they do the pervert things they do with their "breeding". Actually I think it is nothing more than they jack off doing these things.

A hobby is making pottery, jewelry, not making lives. God does that. A hobby is not breeding a dog over and over until it dies. If you think that breeders are the typical family, you are seriously mistaken, you are fucking fool. Breeders take lives every time they fucking sell a puppy. But the likes of you don't care, high and mighty. If you think for a second that I believe your bullshit about not being a breeder, you are an even bigger fool.

I been on this earth too fucking long to fall for your bullshit. I know the truth, you are nothing but a pack of lies. You are one sick motherfucker, you know it????

Anonymous said...

HonestyHelps, the previous anonymous poster spoke truth and the only way you respond is with vicious, gradeschool pottymouth language.

What does that say? What impression does that make on anyone reading this blog?

Face it. Animal rights is not animal welfare.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 22, ask me if I give a flying fuck what you or your butt buddy thinks, okay? Is that clear enough for you? You two are the ignorant fools, not me. You know damn good and well that that shit is one big whopping lie, straight from the mouth of a breeder and most likely a puppy miller. You obviously wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the ass.

As for grade school, at least I have some education whereas you got yours in a bathroom stall. Now if you don't like what I say, fuck you and go to Winograd's site, he's as stupid as you are, you'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you can't read either. I specifically said I was NOT a breeder and never had been. You proved exactly what I said - blinders on, not enough oxygen, don't see what's around you, didn't respond to a single one of my points - because you don't have one - and typically, resort to foul mouthed nonsense when you have nothing else to say. Well, thanks, you made my day for proving me right, though it makes me sad because the result of your narrow minded thinking is the death of more animals. Look it up, ever since the 1970's euthanasia numbers have been dropping, something like 70%, until you wackos got involved with your mandatory spay/neuter and all the rest. I'm not making it up, the figures are there for anyone who takes the time to LOOK at them. Now the numbers are rocketing again, in part because you refuse to listen to people like Winograd who have proven results with their programs. Better just to call him names too. The vast majority of animals in shelters are adult dogs, already sterilized, so how can that be a breeder problem? It's an OWNER problem. And the real majority of animals in shelters are feral cats who do not have owners - or breeders. But you'd rather ignore all the facts and go for the emotional fiction put out by Wayne Pacelle and his minions. Fine go there, and when there are no pets left, don't come crying to me. "One generation and out. I have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals." I didn't say that, Wayne Pacelle did. But I don't expect you to hear a word I'm saying, you haven't so You're not fooling anyone with your foul-mouthed tirade. It's a common way to divert attention from the fact that you're wrong. You're a classic case. That's classic, not classy.

HonestyHelps said...

Well, Anon, you talk the talk and walk the walk, what quacks like a duck, well you know how that one goes. Can you spell L I A R ??

You have no fucking points, understand? Not on this blog. The AKC jerks your chain, not me. Go talk to them.

And you ain't proved shit. That's all in your feeble mind. The reason the euthanasia numbers have dropped is because of the HSUS busting the shit outta your buddies. Putting a lot of you outta business. Plus the hard work of people who care about animals by giving their time and money to stop the influx by stopping the births. While you kill animals with your breeding.

Your fucking scare tactics don't make it here either, asshole. And when God said to come get some class, you turned around and gave him a moon thinking he said ass. Get outta here.

HonestyHelps said...

WINOGRAD, DID YOU SAY WINOGRAD? Can you fucking read this blog, dumbass? He is a failure and the proof is right at your fingertips, if that is what the monkey has. Learn you fricking jerk because I don't give a damn if you want to stay in the dark.

Anonymous said...

As is usual, when you don’t have facts just be the one who yells the loudest.

HonestyHelps said...

Yeah, and you're just pissed off that I knew the truth and didn't fall for your bullshit.

Breeders have destroyed the purebreds in this country and in the UK. So don't tell me your fucking version of the truth, the truth is out there and it ain't what you are spreading around like manure.

And the lack of responsibility from these breeders is immoral. They created the whole fucking mess by selling unaltered pet quality and thus, the backyard breeders. Fucking fools is what they are for creating more competition for themselves that causes a lowering of prices on purebreds. They have devalued the purebreds, put more dogs in the shelters, and are nothing more than animal killers.

You don't fucking keep breeding when they are being killed in the shelters. So in my book you are the low life of the earth for condoning this horrid irresponsibility. Go find a stupid person to preach to, this person ain't stupid.

Anonymous said...

OK, it was fun for a while but now I'm bored. You know what they say about having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Try to add another word to your vocabulary other than fuck.

HonestyHelps said...

What part of "Fuck You" can you not understand?? Just goes to show how hard headed ignorant you are. Fun, my ass, it's never fun talking to idiots.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: Re California has no puppy mills. "None," you said. What a dumbass you are.

I investigate these places. There are HUNDREDS, if not thousands of unlicensed puppy mills in CA. These mills are producing many of the dogs who are killed in L.A. "shelters." You show dog people are in a dream world, where you hand out ribbons while dogs are being killed by the millions.

You say you love dogs. Where are you? I've never seen ONE of you at a shelter helping a dog who needs rescue. Gee, I guess his hocks are too long or his gate isn't just right or maybe the ears are not the right lenth for you? God, I wish a sink hole would form right under Westminster one of these years during the judging of Best in Show and swallow up you morons. Dogs deserve better than your obsession with looks at the expense of health.

You think show dogs are so healthy. They're not. The diseases they suffer from are real and they are due to inbreeding. There's no such thing as a sound English Bulldog or German Shep. One can't breathe or walk and the other can't even stand up after the age of 7. I could go on but the BBC did a whole program about it. Or read Dr. Paula Kislak on the subject. She's the leading expert on how the Fancy tortures dogs through inbreeding, actually creating disabilities and deformities.

The AKC is a dishonest corporation and ex inspectors now work inside the animal protection movement. We know what goes on there and we shake hands with AKC creeps at auctions for pm dogs. What a farce this all is. Anyone who is associated with that non-profit disgrace has some splainin' to do.

Anonymous said...

We told you last month about the BBC's announcement that it won't air the Crufts Dog Show (the UK's answer to Westminster), citing concerns raised by a BBC documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," over the health of dogs bred for the show ring. The BBC reported:

The programme...says dogs suffering from genetic illness are not prevented from competing in dog shows and have gone on to win "best in breed," despite their poor health.

It says physical traits required by the Kennel Club's breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling, screw-tails and dwarfism, have inherent health problems.

Other problems occur because of exaggerations bred into dogs by breeders trying to win rosettes, it adds.
Pedigree dogs plagued by disease People are carrying out breeding which would be first of all entirely illegal in humans and secondly is absolutely insane from the point of view of the health of the animals

Professor Steve Jones
University College London