Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Can Thank the "No Kill Equation" For The Mess That We Are In

Looking at the shape of things to come, I see the progression of the "No Kill Equation" as a terrorist invasion. Although I feel that the Whino has seen his better days, his Whinonettes are still drinking the koolaid.

I predict that shelters will have to stop using volunteers because of the Whinonettes. Too bad we can't paste a big "L" for loser on their foreheads so we know to run when they come around. A major Humane Society in San Diego is now being attacked by the Whinonettes as well as others.


These Whinonettes want the shelters to adopt out their rejects no matter what the problems are with the pet. They find a dog to be a "sweety" when in truth they keep their distance themselves. Just because a dog will take a treat from your hands while they are behind a safe gate doesn't mean they are "sweet". Just because a dog wags it tail at you doesn't automatically mean they won't bite you. This is part of the conspiracy they engage in, either knowingly or unknowlingly. Force the shelters to adopt aggressive dogs, sick dogs, whatever, then when there is a complaint, the Whinonettes can use it to condemn the shelters. These Whinonettes actually want something to happen so they can use it against the shelters. Look at the case of Zepher in Los Angeles. A "rescuer" and a Whinonette actually walked by that dog shortly before it died and left it there. When asked by a reporter why she didn't take it to a vet, her response was that her vet was closed. Hello? We're talking LA here with emergency clinics on every corner. But she did take a picture of the dying dog. Then, this piece of shit teamed up with the Whino to file a suit against the City. Although the Whino claims victory, it wasn't by a long shot. Nothing really came of it, except to waste taxpayer money.

The Whinonettes then push for privatization thinking they will have more control. They aren't interested in saving animal lives, they are interested only in pushing the public away from the shelters and shelter pets so they can get the business instead. What happens when shelters and animal control is condemned to the public, the "rescues" end up with more business because the public doesn't want to go the shelter. I have little use for those kinds of rescues, those that condemn shelters and never take animals out of shelters. Instead they kiss up to the public, take their animals along with a donation, and many of them take those pets to the nearest place and have them euthanized.

Take away euthanization and you'll see many of these so called "rescues" fall. Either they will stop what they are doing because they can't keep up with the influx or they become hoarders. Such is the case in San Bernardino, similar to the one above. The Whinonettes are going after a low cost spay/neuter clinic and cruelty Humane Society because they euthanize. The Whinonettes in this case have tried everything to force the "No Kill Equation" in San Bernardino and now they are picking on the only way for low income people to have their pets altered. Plus these Whinonettes are now being reported as hoarding in empty houses. I've blogged about Vikki Shore before and she pops that ugly head up again. Shore has lent support to the most infamous hoarders ever and now she are one!! Shore is trying again to lead a campaign which is nothing more than a personal vendetta.

Shore is the perfect example as to why the Whinonettes need to be stopped. They are the crazies of the world, the ones who can't see the forest for the trees. They are the scum suckers of the humane movement. I see them as inflicting more punishment and cruelty than is necessary and they need a scarlett "W" tatooed to their forehead. They push the Hayden Act, the worse piece of legislation ever. The Hayden has caused more adoptable animals to die than ever before. I call it the "Pimping for Pits" legislation because it causes Fluffy to die to make room for Spike the pit bull. Taimi Bryant should be thrown into a pit with pits for what she has done. Another of the stupid people who claim to be "Saviors".

For those who think condemning animal control and shelters is the way to go, fuck you and the white horse you rode in on. You are the problem now, you are pushing away the people who want to adopt a shelter pet, you are using marketing to get more business for yourself at a high cost to the shelter pets. To the Vikki Shores of the world with your personal agendas, check yourselves into the nearest psycho ward. Leave the animals alone, you are killing them with kindness and your ignorance.


Foster Mom said...

I am a foster mom for a local rescue and have taken 40+ dogs from the sheleters into MY home with my family and other dogs! I have never had a problem. I have adopted out ALL the dogs that have come into my home. Today I will be heading to get another. I keep in touch with maybe of the dog's new families. Your not going to believe this, BUT none of these crazed dogs have hurt anyone, and have yet to have any major health problems araise. Many families have returned to get another. Our rescue, like many others, is 100% volunteer! That's right we don't get paid! It is not about the money at all! Can you say that about many of the higher ranked Humane Society workers. Now there are MANY good hearted shelter workers, but you would also probably called them "crazed" since they are pro-active in getting these dogs adopted or transfered into rescues. You also may want to review Hayden's Law, as it does not save Pits and kill Fluffy, it is a last chance for ANY dog facing death. Sometimes "Fluffy" slips threw the cracks and that is what the law is there for. And if you feel that we don't adopt dogs ourselves from shelters, again you are wrong. I have 2, not from rescues or breeders, but local shelters. Check into what Mr. SDHS has....ummm a PB Black Lab that he studs out. I will leave you in saying to please have an open mind to rescues, as many are in-home and live with these dogs before they get placed, for months sometimes. Many of us have fulltime jobs, kids to raise, and regular lives. We do this out of the goodness in our hearts and to give back to the community. I feel that SOME Humane Societies are doing a GREAT job! I hope one day I can say I feel that way about SDHS.

HonestyHelps said...

I would say that you probably picked and chose those dogs. How many were pit bulls? I will say that there are a FEW good rescues out there, but for the most part the rest are a crock. I've been around this game for decades and I assure you that it ain't the way you are describing as a rule. The Hayden does not require that you be a 501c3, just represent yourself as a rescue is fine by the Hayden, thus an onslaught of hoarders like Cindy Bemis and Charlotte Spadaro. I have actually seen these hoarders at meetings regarding "No Kill" and they were chomping at the bit.

I know the Hayden like the back of my hand. I have seen first hand the horrors of the Hayden. There is a video of those horrors around too, just shipped to New York to fight Oreo's bill. It shows what happened when the Hayden takes effect and it ain't pretty. Despite what you want to believe as you lay your head on your pillow and think what a good job you are doing, the Hayden is causing more Fluffys to go down in order to make room for more Spikes. What do you think happens when Fluffy's time is up and Spike comes in? If there are no rescues to take Fluffy, and most of the time the rescues are full, then Fluffy goes down. Whereas before the Hayden, the shelter would put an aggressive Spike down and leave Fluffy until someone adopted it. You need to get out more to shelters, ask some questions of the staff, and make observations. The answers are there if you chose to seek them. Then again, it is much easier to live in a made up world than to live in the real one.

Anonymous said...

You may have a lot of decades of experience in general, but I have seen first hand in San Diego that the Fluffy's are easier to adopt out for the shelters and 99% of the rescues will pull a Fluffy with no thought given -- that is not the case for the Spike's out there. Most of the Spike's are being killed before the Fluffy's as I have advertised for fosters to save the Spike's and Fluffy's so I know the rate of finding a foster for a 'Fluffy' versus a 'Spike'. And I have advertised dogs for both local shelters and local rescues. Foster Mom has rescued about 90% of the dogs that had some form of Pit bull in them and were considered in high danger of being killed. When a shelter wants to play god unilaterally and not partner with their community rescues to save a dog, then there is a problem -- period!!! Also, a shelter will most likely keep a 'Fluffy' for their own adoption program and want to get rid of 'Spike' whether it be by killing or transferring to a rescue. The local rescue I helped find fosters for, saved over 1000 dogs in 2009 and most of those dogs were saved thru their local partnerships with shelters.

HonestyHelps said...

I should start keeping a scoreboard dedicated to how many times I have heard this same story. I doubt very seriously, no I flat don't believe you, when you talk of taking out pits and pit mixes. Unless, of course, San Diego is totally unlike the rest of the country, your story doesn't hold water with me. Sure, the shelters want to hold on to Fluffy but the rescues cherry pick knowing the situation of not having enough space, they take advantage. If the rescues were indeed doing what you claim you do, then there probably wouldn't be that much euthanization. But the euthanization numbers tell the real tale, not you.

So if the rescues do what you claim you do, then we wouldn't have any problems, would we? That's what makes your story hard to swallow. Sorry, but I am not going to proclaim you to be a wonderful person like you think you are. You sound like all the rest, proclaiming how wonderful you are for cherry picking shelters and leaving the public nothing to chose from, leaving your rejects and expecting the shelter to be able to do what you can't, adopt them out. Then you are one of the ones that condemn the shelters to hell and back for euthanization of the rejects left by you and your rescue. If you were what you say, then you would be agreeing with me instead of trying to convince yourself, because you sure ain't convincing me, of how wonderful you are. In my world, you earn the name "rescue", not talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Well I see there is no point in trying to debate anything with you and trying to solve some of these problems, because you are just coming from the side that you are right and I am wrong. You don't believe what I have personally experienced? It's the truth from MY personal experiences with advertising for fosters. So not much point in arguing with you anymore since you don't want to be objective. The rescue and shelters I worked with to find fosters for were mostly for dogs that were pit mix or pit bull -- period. I made it a point to help so that a lot of these dogs that were volunteer favorites at the shelter and were on the shelter's 'watch list' would get out safely. I am speaking from my own experience and not generalizing. I personally helped Foster mom find fosters for the dogs she pulled so yes I do know that 90% of the dogs she pulled were pit bulls or pit mixes.

HonestyHelps said...

I didn't invite you for a "debate" and there is not one anyway. If you do adopt out that many pits then you are scum in my book anyway. That's the problem, these so called "rescues" adopting out pits by lying to unsuspecting families that pits are nanny dogs, which they sure aren't. They are killing at the rate of one every 22 days, people that is, and the number of pets they are killing daily is more. Since the beginning of 2010, the rate is now one every 9 days. And you think this is something to be proud of? Not hardly. Now you have really pissed me off with the thought of putting those pits out there. Besides I think you are the kook Georgie Porgie and many others that this one obsessed person claims to be.

Why do I think you are lying, because the comments went to pit bulls too easily. Start your own fucking blog with your own lies. You are just another nutter spreading the propaganda of the dog fighters and breeders, another pawn in their game.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstood my numbers - the rescue that I volunteered with adopted out over 1000 dogs of ALL BREEDS in 2009 and most were from local shelters where the shelters asked for our help in saving dogs in danger (again ALL BREEDS). Foster mom fostered 40+ and 90% of those were mixed with pit bull. Of course most large dogs in the local shelters have a mix of this breed in them.

And do you think name calling is really the way to go? I find that when someone starts name calling, they don't have much common sense to state their point. Of course from looking at your blog, there is a lot of information that is not factual that I see. But as you said it is your blog. I just think it is sad that a lot of people such as yourself want to preach about the problems, but never really want to find common ground to work out the issues. It's more of a matter of you want to be right. So go for it.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, indeed I am going for it. And as for factual, since when can you decide that with your lies? How many people did you tell that pits get a bad rap and they aren't really the way the conspiracy laden media portrays them to be? How many??? You talk factual when you are lying every day to get pits adopted out so you can feed your "Savior" addiction.

As for my "name calling", I am pissed, do you understand? Pissed at people like yourself that can't see the truth if it hit you in the head. People who come onto this blog with their lies who can't handle the truth. People like yourself that have made this problem much more complicated than need be. I see you and your comrades as the problem, and it makes for more suffering than is necessary. You can't fool me like you fool others with your sweet talk. I've been around too long to fall for your bullshit.

Work out issues?? Give me a break. All you want to do is make me drink the same koolaid as you are drunk on. You have no interest in the issues, just your addiction to making you feel good about yourself. If you really were doing the right thing, you would not be adopting out pits with no history. You would not believe that pits can be rehabbed. You would not believe that "No Kill" is the way to go. You would have come to this blog to add your endorsement to fighting "No Kill" and the adoptions of no history pits. You would be complaining of all the attacks by pits and what "rescues" can do to prevent them. You would be complaining about the Hayden which pays shelters to euthanize. Thank God, the governor saw fit to repeal this piece of shit legislation. It set our shelters back to before the dark ages and because it paid for euthanization, it caused too many good animals to go down.

I'm on to you and your kind, that's what bothers you. You don't give a damn about what the Hayden or "No Kill" has done.

Anonymous said...

Boy, this Anon doesn't have a clue, does she? And being a regular reader of your blog, I think I see that this one is the obsessed nutter. This one didn't even stay with the subject, just went on and on about how great she and her rescue are. Yep, I think you pegged this one right. When will they learn that we have heard it all and are very good with reading between the lines.

HonestyHelps said...

True Anon Friend. No clue. This person doesn't even realize that the Hayden paid shelters to euthanize or she would call it a piece of shit too. It only set the shelters back into the 50's, might as well take them to the landfill and shoot them. At least that's better than what Winograd proposes, letting them waste away in their cages and kennels like Rancho Cucamonga does.

The problem is that anyone who speaks against the Whino gets condemned to the public and 501c3's can't afford to be condemned like that. Again it comes down to money, getting donations. It's understandable but it is not acceptable that they remain silent. Animals are suffering because of Nathan Winograd and his Whinonettes along with the Hayden. That's the point.

Anonymous said...

Foster Mom and the related rescue kooks are handing out sick and aggressive dogs, or dumping dogs in inappropriate situations, and the adopters are simply dumping the new arrival on the streets or in another shelter.

These kooks aren't even aware of what is going on with their placements.

This is what happens when the mentally disturbed get into rescue, not to help animals, but to boost their egos.

The animals are paying dearly.

There are some good, honest rescues and there are a lot of freaks and outcasts doing stupid things, and supprting Winograd Animal Abuse.

Some of them are even handing pit buls right back to the dog fighters.

Anonymous said...

These dimwitted women seem to have no care whatsoever for the dogs that are dying at hoarders, or that the puppy mills or dog fighters get their hands on, either directly from animal control or from some "rescuer."

Some nutjob sitting at a computer putting dogs in the hands of animal abusers, then telling herself she is wonderful.

These women are just crazy.

It takes a peculiar kind of hatred of animals to engage in this kind of behavior, to have animals die slowly and badly at some hoarders or abusers instead of be euthanized.

Plus there is a reason that many of these pit mixes are getting given up. THEY HAVE BITTEN SOMEONE! They are dangerous dogs.

Well, these "rescuers" are going to get sued when they get caught in the middle. The lawyers have caught on to what they are doing.

Foster Mom said...

Just wondering what you might be doing to help dogs?? Are you helping at the shelters? Posting to find homes? I'm just trying to see where you are coming from. I have fostered a dog that was rescued from Cindy Bemis. He was in horrible shape! He is now a only dog and is loving life on a ton of land with his new family. Also, I am not a cherry picker in any sense of the word. I ask the shelter workers which dogs they feel would benefit most in foster. Some dogs handle the shelter pretty well and others don't. I lisen to the shelter staff and take their advice. I am not interested in fostering dogs that an be easily adopted by the shelter. Just today I was requested by a shelter to check out a Chi Mix that wasn't doing well there. I decided to pull her and now she is doing great and is sleeping with my other two. While I was there I saw an Aussie Mix puppy that I knew my frind would love. She has asked me to keep my eye out since I make 3 to 4 trips to shelters each week. I did not ask to pull this puppy into our rescue so we could make a buck (FYI, our rescue has NO paid workers, and all money made and donations go to medical care for dogs shelters can not afford to treat). I took a picture, sent it to my friend and told her to come check him out. A dog out of the shelter is a dog out of the shelter. I will help in any way that I can. I don't care where these dogs are adopted from as long as they are adopted. Where the Hayden Law has helped in our case is it allows us to see who we need to help first or gives us time to find a foster if the shelter is unable to adopt him/her out. We have had much success in working with certin shelters and have really come a long way. In some cases dogs have to be put down. Space is an issue in rescues as it is in shelters and we cannot pull every dog that's time is up. Recently there has been a larger shelter that will not allow us to pull ANY dogs from them even though they claim to be over full. This is where the Hayden Law comes in. They have no room and need to make some, before putting a dog down the humane thing to do is to ask if anyone can take them and to be honest if there are any known issues. I stood in the lobby and requested two dogs and was told no. These dogs were to be put down anyways. Why not allow transfer to rescue? Sometimes we can say yes and sometimes no, but those yes's add up and that's thanks to the Hayden Law (which we probably wouldn't even need if the Humane Society staff did there job to begin with. I don't think I can save every dog, but I do my best to do my part lend a helping hand to dogs in need whenever possible.

HonestyHelps said...

Foster Mom, typical "savior" response, "Well, what are you doing?" I've done more than I have room on here to explain. A hell of a lot more than you can even imagine. I'm coming from decades of experience with people like you, that's where I'm coming from.

So what that you fostered a Bemis dog, because of the publicity, the "rescues" came running so they can use these dogs to solicit donations. Oh, poor doggie, we are so wonderful for rescuing him, please send money to help. Yeah, I know the spill. No you don't have to pay people because they have an addiction that they want to feed and money doesn't feed it.

The Hayden doesn't help you contrary to what you think. It doesn't make a difference in what pets you pull or whatever. That's not the Hayden. In fact, many "rescues" (I prefer to call them adoption groups because they sure ain't rescues) actually use the shelters as boarding kennels by yelling Hayden. Like the one in LA where the dog died. That "rescuer" put a hold on the dog, left it there for a month, walked by it several times a week and pulled cute fluffy dogs instead. She was there the day before it died, took a picture even. When asked why she didn't take it to the vet, she said her vet was closed. Duh, emergency clinic!!! No, she left the dog knowing it was dying, left it to die a slow, cold death. No it didn't freeze, the temps were in the high 40's that night. She knew the shelter was medicating, she knew that the dog wasn't doing well, but she walked by for the cute fluffy dogs. Then had the nerve to file a lawsuit when it was her that needed to be sued.

It is not the humane thing to do to push the animals out the door of a shelter, not at all. And to invoke the Hayden when a shelter hasn't found you fit to take out animals is immoral. It is the mentality of hoarding, of abuse, to force shelters to go against their better judgement and give you what you want. Throwing a tantrum yelling Hayden is something I have seen too many times. And to say if they are going to be put down, why not give them to a rescue, bullshit. See your attitude, if the workers did their job, that is what I am talking about, the "Savior" attitude.

I noticed you haven't said a word about the Hayden paying shelters to euthanize. Why is that? I also note you've said nothing about working for spay/neuter, why is that? You've said nothing about working to stop the influx into the shelters, why is that? Could it be, again, the "Savior" complex? The Savior complex doesn't want mandatory spay/neuter because to stop the influx means they can no longer get their fix for their addiction.

How many animals did you pick up this week from people and take them for altering? How much money did you take out of your pocket to help people get their pets fixed this week? You want to continue to run behind the cart by "rescuing" animals rather than grabbing the horse by the head and stopping the cart. This is the Winograd method and you are one of his Whinonettes.

HonestyHelps said...

"There are some good, honest rescues and there are a lot of freaks and outcasts doing stupid things, and supprting Winograd Animal Abuse."

EXACTLY!!! Too many. Out of the hundreds of "rescues" I know, only a handful have earned that title of rescue. We need to be doing better adoptions, not more adoptions. The more adoptions method only continues to fill our shelters. Setting up a pet and a family for failure with anything less than a quality pet is wrong. You will find the pet back in the shelter, on the end of a chain, or dumped in the desert when you send out less than quality. But they don't care, outta sight, outta mind, is their way, the Winograd way.

Foster Mom said...

I have to say that I totally agree and just before I read yuor post I set 2 appiontments with a low cost moble vet to get 2 of my friends dogs spayed. We work VERY close with them. They offer to do it for $20! It's great and leaves no excuse for it not to be done! The answer is 100% in the public to do the rght thing. Breeders would not breed if no one was buying the puppies. People's dogs have litter after litter. It's horrible and that is the root of our problem. I do what I can to educate the public and do commonly help to set up appoints for dogsto get fixed. I have BOUGHT certificates as gifts to give to my friends and family have not done the right thing by having their pets altered. Also, our group will NEVER take puppies without their mom and we of course spay her. In the meantime as the public continues not to be responsible there are many good dogs dying in the shelter. That's were we come in. I DO NOT feel like I am saving the world by any means. I am making a VERY tiny difference, but that's all I can do. You should put more focus on backyard breeders (mainly Pit Bull, breeders) that keeping feeding the problem. We have more than enough Pits, we DO NOT need any more! And again, I was just wondering where you are coming from, as to what you do to help. You you work to make sure pets are getting fixed? Seek our backyard breeders?

Now, I of course annot speak for all rescues, that would be crazy. I am only speaking on where I am coming from. I put a hold on 7 lab puppies(4 weeks old) and there mom that the shelter didn't have room for. I went on my lunch break to put them up and they were all killed mo included....Hayden Law should have protected them. Oh and if I wanted thanks and donations I would have said which rescues I volenteer with. And as far as the Cindy Bemis dog, it was never made a big deal. Sadly he was one of many.

HonestyHelps said...

By the way, Foster Mom, do you know how Bemis was getting her dogs? FROM RESCUES!!!! Vikki Shore admitted to a credible source that she was taking animals to Bemis and giving her money. Since Bemis is no longer there and Spadaro has been stopped, Shore is now becoming a hoarder. This was a previous posting of mine.

Many "rescues" in LA dealt with Bemis. A neighbor who is very familiar with "rescues" saw them bringing dogs to Bemis. They bailed the dogs from the shelter and brought them to Bemis. She wasn't picking them up from the streets, she was being supplied by the "Savior" rescues. A fine example of outta sight, outta mind mentality of those "rescues" that subscribe to the Winograd line of thought.

HonestyHelps said...

Foster Mom, I was doing spay/neuter probably before you were born. I had a sanctuary when I was a teen, long before others. I did it when it was not a method of birth control but for certain problems pets have. No one had even heard of it in those days. I developed a national award winning spay/neuter program that has been copied by others. I do more for animals in a day than you will do in a year. I am well known for my cruelty investigations. Now don't ask that question again.

I can only hope that you practice what you preach about helping others with spay/neuter. Do you know how many "rescues" I know that will pick up puppies and leave the mom. Then go back again and pick up puppies. They have a steady supply of puppies that way and we all know that puppies are easily adoptable. I know very few that will take the time to pick up the mom, take her in for spay, and take her back, very few. I know many rescues that don't adhere to the Vincent Bill about altering at 8 weeks. I know many more of these types of "rescues" than those who try to do right.

Foster Mom said...

In order to prevent people like Bemis adopting from we do a home visit to ensure that it's a good fit for both the adopting family and the dog. Until the home visit is done it is considered a trail period. Sometimes after the period people change their minds or whatever and we will ALWAYS take the dog back to prevent it from doing back to the shelter. As far as the mom's of puppies, like I said we ALWAYS that them. It's horrible that some people do not alter them. The dog I got yesterday had puppies. All were adopted from the shelter, and I have the mom who is now spayed. That how it should work. The shelter adopted out the best they could and when no one wanted the mo they called me. Like I said when shelters are doing the right thing Hayden isn't needed. It is sad that some groups abuse it. We do not. Your program sounds like a good one and I hope that it is still up and running. Just so you know I never said anything about doing more than someone else, what I did say is that I can doing what I can to help dogs in need. There is LOTS more to be done. I would just hope that more is put in to education to the public about what they can/should do and less about groups/peopel that are trying to do the right thing. Groups/ rescues that are not should be exposed and corrected.

HonestyHelps said...

The Hayden enables people like Bemis, that is the point. And the fact that you continue to adopt out pits with no known history still puts you on my shit list. You're trying hard to convince me that you are one of the good guys and I'm not falling for it for that one reason. All the home checks in the world don't overcome what pits have become and how much of a danger they are.

And yes, my program is still being funded even in these economic times because it has proved to be successful. And when I pitched it, not once did I refer to the euthanasia in the shelters. Euthanization in the shelters is not the problem and it will take care of itself if people would just wake up to the real problems. You still are avoiding the subject.

Foster Mom said...

Once again we take ALL BREEDS. I have a Chi Mix right now that would have otherwise been killed. I judge the dog.

HonestyHelps said...

"Foster Mom has rescued about 90% of the dogs that had some form of Pit bull in them and were considered in high danger of being killed."

Someone is telling the tale on you.

Anonymous said...

Foster Mom, the hoarders and breeders and dog fighters are taking UNALTERED DOGS from animal control and guess what? They breed!!!!!! (and worse)

How ignorant can you possibly be?

Just because you live in a sheltered little greeting card world doesn't mean the rest of the world is doing the same.

Terrible things are being done to animals taken from animal control, and you are supporting that.

And it is clear that you focus on your narrow little world and don't care about the animals that are suffering and dying at the hands of the hoarders, puppy millers, and dog fighters getting these animals right from animal control either directly or with "rescue angels" enabling them!!

You just tune them out, pretend it isn't happening.

How hateful can you be?

HonestyHelps said...

Since the Hayden "requires" shelters to give the animals to anyone presenting themselves as a "rescue", you hit it on the nailhead, Anon Friend. And if the shelter does know someone is a hoarder, they can't stop them because of the fucking Hayden Act. I just hope I never have to be in the same room as Tom Hayden because there would be hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

Just a question for foster mom...do you tell your adoptive families THE TRUTH about the pits you adopt out? That,even if they APPEAR to like other dogs now, that can change in the future? (Especially if the pit is under three years old) Do you require a fenced yard, and for the adopter to own their own home? Do you require proof of insurance? Do you educate propective owners about the reality of dog aggression in pits and pit mixes? Do you advise potential adopters to never bring their pit to a dog park, and to always keep it on-leash in public areas?

If not, you are no hero to me....I know many cases of pit bulls, raised as family "pets", who have gone on to maul other dogs. I am sick of the cruelty of bringing fighting breeds like pit bulls into neighborhoods where their clueless owners think they are "just like the Golden Retriever next door"...until they disembowel some poor beagle. I have PERSONALLY witnessed a pit bull kill another dog, and it was traumatic. I hold rescues like you responsible for the suffering of countless numbers of family pets who are mauled each day by some "loveable wiggle-butt" of a pit bull some crazy rescuer convinced a family to take home.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, if Foster Mom did all those then who would adopt one of her pits? People aren't gonna place their family in jeopardy just because Foster Mom says it is a "good" dog but tells them the rest. Then Foster Mom wouldn't have her fix, would she?