Tuesday, September 18, 2012


UPDATE: Too bad, they deleted the blog. One of the sickos who created the blog was discovered, her personal info, name, everything. She was made aware of this and deleted the blog but of course, we have a copy of it. We even know about her mammogram appointment that's soon. Great researchers are on this team. This whacko uses a fake name, and then goes on the internet accusing all of us of using fake names. I say she needs to get back on that medication.

I am in such a great mood as I write this. Yesterday I learned that I had received a gift, a gift that indicated to me that I am hitting home on No Kill and someone doesn't like it. My co-blogger, Pat Dunaway, has had a blog set up just to slander and defame her. We were jumping for joy over it. Our prayers had been answered. It was even more than we had hoped for because now not only is Winograd on the hot court seat, but now several others are as well. Couldn't be a better day, much easier to convince attorneys when you have several people to sue, rather than one chipmunk cheeks "man in black". Fedoras look good in court I think.

So here is the proof that Cooper has conspired to defame Dunaway. Shortly after this conversation, it was deleted but we have the screen shots for all of it. This is but a small part.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "DUMB ASS COOPER IS AT IT AGAIN": 

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer So tempting to copy her blog, write my own with it but change the names LOL

Douglas Anthony Cooper You should! That would be hilarious. Substitute names like "Harve Morgan". If you copy her blog often enough, it will completely sink her. Every time you see the word "Winograd", substitute the word "Dunaway."

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer Now, what to title my blog page......hmmmmm

Douglas Anthony Cooper Nathan's already used "WHO IS PAT DUNAWAY?"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer how about "Who the fuck cares what Pat Dunaway has to say"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer What is the title of her latest blog post?

Douglas Anthony Cooper I don't know. I make a point of never visiting her blog. (Liar, this blog has a site meter, how many hits can one get from Oaxaca and it not be you?)

Douglas Anthony Cooper (People send me the fun stuff. By the way, if you DO visit her blog, do it via Google cache, so that you don't up her statistics.)

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer k

Douglas Anthony Cooper But I think you should copy it word for word, except for the names. It will be funny to watch a slanderer scream plagiarism. See if you can copy the design (well, "design") as well.

Lucy Van Pelt Yes, she has written blogs that Canadians eat dogs and No-Kill shelters are shipping dogs to Canada to end up on the dinner table. And now she is saying you have run from Canada for tax evasion and run a puppy mill in Mexico. I know it's laughable. But I also know you well enough to know how ridiculous it is. What about the 1 or 2 people who may read that pathetic excuse of a blog? And that wackjob has been investigated for cruelty to animals and people.

Lucy Van Pelt BTW, I know it's darn near impossible to do anything about things posted on the internet. Which is why I wasn't worried about that whole Tully thing. I know you scolded me for that but I was laughing at her threats of taking 'legal' action against me. Anyway, it served as a dose of her own medicine and she didn't like it at all.

Lucy Van Pelt Speaking of Tully I'm sorry to see she's back. She's better than an ambien....

Douglas Anthony Cooper Well, it would nicely neutralize her to set up an echo chamber. It would take seconds to update daily: just copy her blog verbatim, but substitute the name "Pat Dunaway" for mine, or Nathan's, or Ryan's.

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer design must be custom, can't find it

Douglas Anthony Cooper Ah well, that doesn't matter. It's pretty much the ugliest website I've ever seen -- just make something hideous.

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer Is Tully another name I should use?

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer How about Newkirk?

Douglas Anthony Cooper No. I wouldn't slander anyone other than the slanderer. I wouldn't even mention Randy (since he's being sued). Just stick with Pat Dunaway, Harve Morgan, HonestyHelps, and AnotherPointOfView. For now, anyway. I can hunt down her other pseuds, but those are certainly her. "Anonymous" always works in the comments section. (She talks to herself using "anonymous" a fair bit.)

Douglas Anthony Cooper I mean, don't feel you have to do this: it's not as if she actually *matters*. If it turns into a lot of work, I wouldn't bother. Just might be funny -- it's a very sophisticated version of, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer I messaged it to you DAC
Marilyn Reese I want to see!  

(Does it look like Teresa might have the hots for Cooper since she is trying so hard to please him?) 

The rest we are saving for other eyes, although we just might post it so the world can see the type of person that follows the vile Winograd. Now I ask you, how childish can these two be? Wonder if Huff Puff knows how childish one of their author's is? We'll see. Hey, Teresa and Dumb Ass, you accomplished the very opposite of what you intended. When we first saw your copy blog, we laughed so hard tears were rolling. Like I said, an answer to our prayers without a doubt. I figured eventually someone would be stupid enough to do something like this but never thought it would be this good.


Anonymous said...

Winograd always gets others to do his dirty work. I would say you have a great case against these idiots. Just make sure you get Winograd in it, he is the leader, it's him inspiring this slander. He is such abuser of women it appears. Wonder if he will be his own attorney in a lawsuit, they say that he who represents himself in court has an attorney for a fool. I'd say Winograd fits that bill perfectly.

Harve said...

Today's conversation looks like Cooper is shitting a brick and trying to distance himself from it. Yep they realize they have fucked up badly. Cooper doesn't strike me as being the brightest bulb anyway. Why does he wear that stupid hat - to keep his brain from floating away maybe?

Harve said...

You realize that the Lucy Van Pelt person is a fake name, it belongs to the cartoon character in Peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd might have thought that enlisting this lowlife hiding in Mexico to attack women who were concerned about cruel things that have happened to animals would protect him.

All it does is discourage people like me who used to respect him and be a No Kill follower.

He is nothing but a disgrace, and it is clear to me that what I had put off as rumors are true- he is involved with disgusting dog breeders and dog fighters.

He has problems he needs to address in his own life and with No Kill, but instead he just persecutes women like a sexist bigot, and does it by using criminals and potentially violent people. Why is Winograd hiding behind these people? They have exposed him, so he can't deny it.

As for Ryan Clinton, he is an attorney and being involved with people like this does not reflect well on his license. He is participating in attacks that may end up getting someone killed.

The women who are the victims of these people should contact the licensing board. Clinton is a danger to others.

HonestyHelps said...

Harve, Lucy is really Maria. We already have her name, address and former employment. That didn't take long, did it.

Cooper better hope he has no skeletons in his closet because if he does, it will be made public since he writes for the Huff Puff. Guess what, it looks like he does have a few hidden away.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Huffington Post letting a sexist bigot involved with Rick Berman and hiding out in Mexico for his crimes attack women that expose what the breeders are doing to the animals?

This Douglas Cooper, who revealed to everyone that he is working for and with Nathan Winograd and people like Ryan Clinton and their gang of breeders, is a breeder himself that represents the interests of puppy mills and dog fighters that are the support and financial platform of the breeding industry.

He attacks people that reveal the animal abuse that these breeders support and profit from? Who reveals the harm breeders are doing to shelter pets and rescue people as breeders protect their finances?

Is the Huffington Post just another Fascist playground for the rich and abusive? Were they bought with Rick Berman money?

Maybe they have old Richard Nixon staff around to attack whistleblowers.

They lost credibility with this one. It looks like they are letting this guy use their site to protect the criminals and let them use it as a platform to stalk and harass women who are whistleblowers. Money rules at Huffington.

It casts doubt on everything else at the site. Who is really producing it and why?

Anonymous said...

I looked quickly to see what this Teresa Kay Fulks-Dyer person (who seems to be a subjugated servant to Cooper) has come up with, and all I find is reproduced propaganda from the dog fighters as to why they should be allowed to breed as many pit bulls as they want and persecute them and make as much money as they can.

Is she another Rick Berman pay off?

Anonymous said...

With all the drug cartel crime happening in Mexico (and many of these cartel people use/abuse pit bulls and fight dogs) and spilling over into this country, and getting people killed, why is Huffington Post and Winograd using a crooked person hiding out in Mexico to attack women here?

This is really something that homeland security should be looking at, because drug cartel people are involved with dog fighters and breeders here.

There are American breeders that sell dogs to them and are involved in breeding and dog fighting with the cartel.

Is Cooper some kind of representative for this aspect of their business?

This whole thing is really disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Why is Austin Texas letting itself get misled by people like this Ryan Clinton and these friends of his? They are getting tricked by people involved with lowlifes and supporters of animal abuse like this.

Didn't anyone know who Clinton worked for?


I'll be doing another post today to bring everyone up to date. I planted something just to see if Cooper would pick up on it and he did, proving to me that he is a faithful reader/stalker. I'll divulge that later in the new post. Boy has Cooper got a comeuppance coming to him. He's just a loser following a loser.