Thursday, March 14, 2013


Looking at some figures on Alameda County this morning. Winograd is based in Oakland, or at least that is what we think. The address given for the "Advocacy" center is a drop box location. Anyway, maybe he lives close around. Let's look at Alameda County.

The Hayden Act came into play in 1998. The Companion Animal Protection Act, CAPA, is based on the Hayden. Why I will never understand but. Now, let me remind you of the infamous slogan of Nathie, "STOP THE KILLING OVERNIGHT !" So here we go.

In 1998, the year of the start of the Hayden for Alameda County:

Dogs Intake  10,555  
Dogs Euth.     4,850
Cats Intake    10,452
Cats Euth.       5,612

Jump to 12 years later, 2010. The reason is that the last full online report is for that year. This is taken from the Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities, a state required report for all shelters done by county. Some counties have more than one entity doing animal control and/or housing.

Dogs Intake     7,136
Dogs Euth.      1,651
Cats Intake      8,357
Cats Euth.       3,495

So do the math. My figures come out to a little over a 1% difference in those 12 years. Overnight, I don't think so. This is slower than the strides being made by spay/neuter focusing on the problem. Maybe Winograd meant one of those long Arctic nights, you think?


Anonymous said...

He lives in a million dollar house in Oakland, livin the high life while the rescuers go broke cleaning up after the breeders, as Winograd gives the orders.

Perfect example of the 1 percent treating everyone else like their servants

Anonymous said...

Intake has dropped because other people unrelated to No Kill were busting their butts doing spay neuter education and setting up free and low cost spay neuter programs!

There still is a problem with dogs that die abandoned and don't get counted, and those are cruel deaths.

Harve said...

On the NK Advocacy facebook page, a comment was made that CA "killed" 62% of cats and 29% of dogs in 2011. Okay, so how does that show the Hayden to be, and the Hayden is the basis of CAPA. I'm surprised he would allow this info on his page because it shows failure for him.

Anonymous said...

Even Austin took 4 years to get there. Assuming they are there of course. I have seen shelters forced by politics to go no kill overnight. Just start stacking them in crates, run the staff to death and then wait for the disease to take them through natural selection. Of course all the photo ops are over and the headlines have died out the politicians are trying to put as much daylight between them and the shelter as they can and the animals suffer on.

Anonymous said...

Hayden and CAPA do nothing. The fundamental flaw in both is that they attempt to force shelters to allow rescues to rescue. Problem is ther are not enough rescues to take care of all the animals. Of course that fact escapes those that write the laws because it just feels so good to dictate something with no real solution behind it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Austin is succeeding in any way.

Weren't they sending pit bulls to Spindletop where they abused them to death? Those weren't adopted, they were killed, just not in the Austin shelter and the deaths never got counted.

They are dying in cages at higher numbers in Austin, and overcrowding is getting out of hand.

Meanwhile they begged for a million plus more in budget and got denied. They just go through every penny and need more because it's failing and they are trying to prop it up.

They also were shipping in adoptable puppies from outside the city and adopting them out to artificially inflate their adoption figures and make the euthanasia figures seem better.

Austin is a mess!

They clearly are still giving out pets to hoarders and crazies and the pets disappear and die where no one counts them.

Anonymous said...

And it is very strange to me even though Austin "trasfers" 25% plus of their animals to Austin Pets Alive (APA) we never see any numbers from APA and the no kill faithfull don't seem to be interested in that. How odd. Kind of reminds me of a game I saw at a circus once. You know the one with three shells and one has a ball under it and you have to guess where it is. The really sad part too is given all the publicity and photo ops, egos etc. involved the incentive to "cheat" is huge and I suspect the animals will be the ones to suffer.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but it is really disappointing to see the comments at craven desires turn into a promo camp for AKC breeders trying to pretend they aren't all beavering away to help the dog attacks increase, as well as opposing anticruelty laws and everything else.

I thought craven desires had a little more common sense than that but they got jacked

These Brenda Barnettes are pretty transparent in their games, but I guess that's lost on he/she who runs craven

Thanks for hacking through the bullshit honesty helps

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed that too on that craven site.It's a good site but I wish victims would be posting on it, not a bunch of breedersthat are sitting at home gunning on animal control to help out the breeders and stop ac laws.Those breeders are trying to get the craven person to look the other way. uh hello these nuts want no laws at all, where have they been?