Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Must Read

Seems that the number uno "no kill" city is no longer. The San Francisco Weekly has an article about the SF SPCA that will open your eyes. Now the paper contributes the downfall to the SPCA needing money to finish a white elephant. But it appears to me that they have seen the cruelty of their ways. I suggest that you read this article, it is lengthy, but well worth it. And this is the best tool we have now for the fight against the cruelty of "no kill".

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Happy Camper said...

That was an excellent piece, shame it is a bit to long to post. Oreo has posted a similar situation on her site. It is a copy/paste of an article about the "flagship" failure at Tompkins in Ithaca New York. Nobody is gloating here, it is a tragedy and just because those of us in the field foretold the fall, doesn't mean we don't feel the loss of the dream and the animals that suffered for it. None of us wants to put an animal down, but untill we get a reduction in population it is the only way to get the animals off the street. I think No Kill and it's creator have created a suffering and pain that will be their legacy, much like Typhoid Mary.