Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Man In The Mirror

Winograd needs to just look in the mirror and he will see himself in his condemnation of HSUS.

Joining forces with PetPAC and the breeding community (AKA puppy mills) is, in my opinion, the most horrendous thing that he could possibly do and that is saying a lot considering his background of supporting a marketing term gone bad.

But despite this, he blogs about how great Prop 2 was for the animals. HE DID NOTHING TO HELP THIS LEGISLATION!! And then has the nerve to condemn the very organization that got this legislation passed. What is with this man? He who has done everything to destroy shelters and thereby hurt the animals in the shelters. He who handpicked the director in Philly who allowed the suffering of animals. Dare I go on? You know the stories.

He's no saviour but he needs to be nailed to the cross.


Anonymous said...

This is what attracts the breeder lobby to Winograd.

He smears the groups like HSUS and Peta that they have hated for years. Why? Because HSUS and Peta support humane laws, and have exposed cruelty like puppy mills!

Much of Winograd's smear of Peta and HSUS come right from breeder lobbyists.

Like Rick Berman, Mr. Consumer Freedom and Activist Cash. And his employee David Martosko. Those are websites this long-reviled tobacco lobbyist set up to smear groups like HSUS and Peta on behalf of his newer clients, the livestock farming industry, and YES the puppy mill/breeder industry. (Puppy mills are considered part of farming.)

Here is how he works.

When Winograd's book Redemption came out, Rick Berman's Consumer Freedom was not only interviewing him, and send out emails to affiliates encouraging them to promote the book. Berman's Consumer Freedom did PRESS RELEASES for the book and Winograd.

Look at the kinds of websites that post links and information about Consumer Freedom, and spread their propaganda. Puppy mill commercial breeders, dog fighting people, and AKC breeders.

NAIA, for example, run by an AKC board member on the AKC puppy mill committee. They issue forth propaganda from Consumer Freedom, and they also promote Nathan Winograd.

So there is a reason that Winograd didn't work to get Prop 2 passed. The people at Consumer Freedom and NAIA wouldn't like it.

Since it is a done deal, he'll make some comments, but uses the opportunity to slam HSUS.

Anonymous said...

And when Winograd's book Redemption came out, and Consumer Freedom was promoting the book and Winograd, Michael Mountain (who heads Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and edits the Best Friends magazine) published links to Rick Berman's Consumer Freedom run website bashing Peta and lying about Peta.

And Mountain wrote an article bashing Peta that was straight from Rick Berman Consumer Freedom propaganda!

So there is an animal sanctuary and humane organization trying to hurt other humane groups by using smear from a lobbyist who supports animal abuse and abusers of the worst kind.

Best Friends supporters have no idea what the head honchos are up to at Best Friends, whom they are engaging with.

Why would Best Friends do this? I believe it is simple- donations. Smear other humane groups to convince people that Best Friends is "better" and deserves donations instead of the other groups.

It is the lowest that a fundraiser can stoop to.

And Best Friends has millions of dollars that just sit in the bank, unused for animals. I think it is at least 12 million and growing, and all they run is one sanctuary in the desert where they refuse to take pets every day! This is part of the reason that watchdog groups like Guidestar give Best Friends Animal Sanctuary a lower rating.

I think Best Friends started out with good intentions, but something has gone very wrong!

Anonymous said...

More information

Honesty Helps said...

I have not had much use for Best Friends in a long time. They are all about donations, not truly saving animals that need saving. If it can get good media coverage, they will be there. However, if it means keeping an elderly couple out of jail because they had tried to save abandoned animals from the desert, forget it. I know of a case of an elderly couple who had too many dogs and animal control tried to get Best Friends to help this poor couple. They were living without a roof because of a fire yet their dogs were well cared for and most had been altered. They were unable to reduce their population except by euthanization since most of the dogs were the "unadoptable" kind. Finally they were found in contempt of court and were facing a jail sentence yet Best Friends turned them away. Transportation was offered to their facility and they said no. And all because there was no news media or donations involved. They could have helped, they should have helped, but they didn't. Best Friends is not honest either, along with their buddy.

Anonymous said...

This is the company Nathan Winograd is keeping.

Many have seen the recent HSUS story on Petland and the puppy mills. Anyone who knows dogs knows that Petland has been buying puppies from puppy mills, and they lie about it.

So a little bad press for Petland, and where does Petland go for help?

Why Rick Berman of Consumer Freedom, Nathan Winograd's friend who was issuing press releases for Nathan's book Redemption and promoting Winograd

Here are the kinds of lies and smear that Consumer Freedom issues to attack humane groups that tell the truth about animal abusers

See who is quoted for this info?

So Nathan Winograd is being promoted by the SAME LOBBYING GROUP (Consumer Freedom) that lobbies for Petland, the pet stores, and the puppy mills.

Anonymous said...

Another Nathan Winograd No Kill Equation consulting failure. San Antonio TX.

He doesn't mention San Antonio Texas much, but he consulted there and Best Friends got in. (


Stray dogs not picked up, no law enforcement, people dying from dog attacks, pets dying from dog attacks, dogs suffering on the street, diseases like rabies spreading.

People in the community talk about Winograd No Kill being such a mess

Clearly Winograd and Best Friends packed their cultees on the ACS Advisory Board, which is running Animal Control instead of the City!

San Antonio was where the No Kill Animal Control director Hale got arrested for driving under the influence. Hale was the No Kill placement.

So now people's pet are getting killed in their yards, bites and rabies are at an all-time high, and animals are getting left on the streets to die. No cruelty investigations.

The dog fighter breeders must be so happy there!

This is what Winograd and Best Friends brought to San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

Look at this comment on page 8 of that My SA board.

No Kill means the shelters aren't taking in animals.

So people are taking their pets outside the city to abandon.

This is what No Kill and Winograd is doing to these pets!

"Large numbers of cats and dogs are hauled out to the country. I am a rancher and see these strays show up nearly every weekend. Lost souls who usually don't survive the first couple of nights...the coyotes kill and eat the cats and the small dogs. The large dogs either starve or run in packs...uncontrolled, they come after the young live stock....we have no choice...if we can find a tag we try to contact the owner...but that happens very seldom. The tags are usually taken off. The dogs end up being destroyed.

One sick individual left a bag of canned dog food at the gate...with a note saying this is for "smokey"...please give him a good home. Smokey probably did not make it through the first night. They kept dropping off dog food for over a month."

Anonymous said...

San Antonio, thanks to Winograd, is not accepting owner surrenders.

They have fees, waiting lists, and counseling instead.

They aren't taking them

So these poor pets are getting abandoned to starve or get killed by coyotes

Anonymous said...

And now that San Antonio Animal control is refusing to take animals, this is just a taste of what these animals are experiencing on the streets

This Ron Aaron seems to be part of the problem. He is the vice chairman of the ACS Advisory board that is basically running animal control like a private no kill group.

It appears from comments I have seen that this Aaron is the one who brought Winograd in????

Aaron was a radio personality whose show got axed, but he has connections to the media and is able to manipulate the media to propagandize for no kill and hide the secrets.

Anonymous said...

This Ron Aaron runs ADL Animal Defense League of San Antonio, which looks like a private No Kill shelter

It looks like they are the ones pushing for Winograd and No Kill in Animal Control

Looks like Hale wasn't doing what they wanted, so they got Winograd in in December 2007 and started attacking Hale and ACS. And this Ron Aaron is getting pushed by his followers to replace Hale and go Winograd in ACS.

Look at the comments about this Aaron's ADL

Overcrowding. Dogs fighting in cages, Unclean. All the usual No Kill failure.

Honesty Helps said...

Anon, I tried to see that the "no kill" program in San Antonio was contributed to the Whino and saw nothing to say that his program was adopted. However, their program is definitely following his rantings. Can you send something that says his program was officially adopted? Either way it is obvious that "no kill" is not working there. Thanks for the info.

Honesty Helps said...

This is an article sent to me, doesn't mention the Whino program, but says a lot about the total aspect of "no kill".

Anonymous said...

Can you get through on this link?

This Jeff Hale was hired two years ago to make the city go No Kill, but it looks like the No Kill people there were unhappy that he wasn't extreme enough and Winograd was brought in in Dec 2007 to sell the snake oil

Anonymous said...

Honesty, that link you provided is chilling.

Remember that Winograd says it will all magically happen? Because there is no overpopulation problem according to him and the breeders?

Well, not enough vets are willing to get engaged in providing spay neuter programs.

And they are sinking their own ship when "the adoption problem was compounded when ACS converted an all-adoption kennel to house both adoptable animals and strays not ready for adoption."

Warehousing animals!

Greater and greater numbers that pile up and spill over into other areas, reducing ability to even do adoptions.

Another familiar problem "A main frustration for the ACS advisory board has been the filling of ACS positions"

Who is going to work on a sinking ship, where animals are piling up and problems are multiplying?

And don't you love when Hale says citations aren't effective? It is madness. Animal control gets ignored UNLESS there are citations.

And " an $800,000 public awareness campaign," Money WASTED on a ridiculous, empty marketing campaign that only rewards the marketers it pays to sell the No Kill snake oil.

Anonymous said...

What is going on in King County?

Honesty Helps said...

This was received in the last few days. Note they say they haven't decided.

Thank you for your comments. My apologies for taking so long to respond

The members of the Metropolitan King County Council received the options presented by the King County Animal Services Interbranch Work Group on Oct.5. One of the options presented was the use of non-profit agencies for specific aspects of animal care and control. You can read their final report by going to

While members of the Council have stated their desire to partner with a community agency to provide shelter services, no final decision has been made.

Your message has been sent to Councilmembers for their response.

Once again, I'm sorry for the slow response to your comments. Thank you for visiting the County Council Web site.

Al Sanders, Communications Specialist
Metropolitan King County Council

Anonymous said...

Dear God, this is all so depressing. Those poor, poor animals. You are so right when you say that man should be nailed to a cross. I just knew those Best Friends people---Alley Cat Allies...all of them---are related to the Whinoman, and all they want is MONEY and they're destroying the animals in the worst possible way. They're all part of the same cult.