Sunday, December 14, 2008

Found the Way!!!

Looks like there is a way to stop NKE, just declare the entire year to be Christmas!! Seems that the Whino likes to take Christmas off, so there it is folks, the way to stop him. Let's pursue our legislators to declare Christmas 365 days a year.

Sorry to make so light of this situation but we have to have a laugh sometimes. It's been a rough year for those of us who care about the shelter animals. We had to endure Philly, knowing how the animals suffered. Seattle is still up in the air about what they will do to either create or stop the suffering. What can you say about LA other than pray for those animals. NHS will probably go down this coming year but not without suffering. SF SPCA is backing off from "no kill" and they will be interesting to keep an eye on this coming year. And Patricia Ruland will hopefully continue her writing in Austin.

Hope all of you have been reading Pacelle's blog lately. He is exposing some of the Whino's cohorts. Hopefully this will give us another tool to fight NKE. Establishing the relationship between crooks, NKE, puppy mills, and breeders seem the direction to go in at this point.

We do have the weapons to fight this fight now but do we have the stomach for it is the question. As you all know, the Whino loves to threaten those who speak against him. Look at the case of Pat Dunaway. He is using her to intimidate those who oppose him. She's not scared to stand up and be counted from the looks of it. And she must have something he is scared of or he wouldn't take the time to blog about her. Let's have a goal for this coming year of giving the Whino reason to post many more names on his blog of those who oppose him.


Happy Camper said...

Wino has a new post..blames the world for his lack of common sense.

Anonymous said...

Another No Kill animal control melts down into disease and suffering.

Oh how the animals suffer in the nhame of this snake oil!