Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pit Bulls and the Idiots that Own Them

The Big Bust of last week shows that the pit nutters are alive and well and into dog fighting.

So everyone thought that the sweet nurse down the street with the pits was a "responsible" pit owner. Or how about the dedicated school teacher working with the disabled? He was probably looking at his students as bait for his fighting dogs. Need to check the rolls and make sure they are all there. Just middle class, responsible jobs, but FUCKING DOG FIGHTERS IS WHAT THEY ARE.

Scum, nothing but scum. This time it ain't the low life of the neighborhood disproving what the pit nutters try to make us believe.

It's time to put these pit nutters in their place, they are failing to police themselves, so now we do it. They belong in jail in my book with a big red target on their asses.

Trust no pit owner at this point, they are all trash. I no longer believe that even the most experienced person should be allowed to own these dangerous dogs. They need to be eliminated from the face of the earth, all those breeds that are bred for aggressiveness need to go.

Can you tell that I am pissed?


Anonymous said...

Dear Honesty Helps--you are "honest"ly a f*cking idiot when it comes to pit bulls. You obviously have no idea of the breed past what the biased media crams down the public's throat! The problem with pitties is not within the dog, but within the owner, breeder, handler, trainer, etc.! Any dog of any breed can be trained to do wrong!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are full of shit. You're the idiot here because you don't even know the breed that you are trying to defend. And there is no fucking defense for these dogs or their no dick owners. They were bred to fight and fighting is no longer legal, so these dogs need to be gone. And their fucking red-neck owners right behind them.

Monica said...

Do some research. You havent studied. These dogs were NOT bred for agressiveness. At one point they were bred to help on the farms even. The dog from the little rascals was a pitt. There are dog fighters that do breed for agressiveness but it rarely goes with a Pitt's personality to be agressive. The abuse that fighters put their Pitts through to get them to be violent speaks volumes about it going AGAINST their nature. Seriously don't say such extreme things, when you have no clue about what you are talking about. Last time I checked, they are definatley not the most agressive breed of dog. Chihuahuas tend to be worse. Plus, even in your post you blame the people.... why say that pitts "need to be eliminated from the face of the earth"? I think dumbasses need to be stripped of their voice boxes, lest they make a fool of themselves. Go to the local library, find some statistics. I know it's hard, but don't just trust the news to give you the truth, they just want ratings. I'm being respectful. Why dont you? What happened to you to make you hate this way, and this much? What experience are you coming from? I am not being argumenative or sarcastic, I sincerley want to know. I'm with you though on one thing. The people who fight pitts should be locked up with a target on their ass! Punish the deed, not the breed. Truth be told, there was a point when I thought all pitts were bred for fighting. Then I did an essay in college against them, and looking at the stats, couldnt support my thesis.

HonestyHelps said...

Well, I think pit nutters should have their voice box ripped out by their "pet" and that happens quite a lot. And you must have gotten a failing grade on your essay.

You are in denial, denial, denial. These dogs have been destroyed in the backyard breeding practices and they are no longer a "nanny" dog, they are killers now. And they do it, day after day, the attacks continue. Even your own people talk about how the dogs don't adhere to normal rules of dogs. When another dog submits, the pits just rip their stomachs open. Other breeds let it go. The pits have no shut off valve like other breeds, they don't know pain, they are bred for game. One well known source says to carry a breakstick in case of an "accident". Have you heard of Chihuahua owners having to carry breaksticks?

And not even to mention that you fools can't understand that something needs to be done about the abuse suffered by the dogs too. BSL can help eliminate some of that suffering.

So my conclusion after 50 odd years of working with pits, is that you pit nutters hate people and hate the breed. You want to destroy both and have found a way to do it with one stone, a pit bull. All I will say to you is that you are a fool. Now go back to the pit nutters forums and spout your denial to each other, it isn't going over here.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really going to yell at you here for your idiotic blog post, many of us have already done plenty of that on other forums.
All I can say is I feel sorry for you. You jump on the bandwagon of hate and slam pit bulls and their owners without doing real research and going off of hearsay. That's sad, really sad.
I just love the comment underneath "Leave Your Comment." You need to follow it yourself!!

HonestyHelps said...

I'll change it to read unless you are a fucking pit nutter and thereby don't deserve any respect.

Melissa said...

I am not a redneck or some violent piece of shit, and my dog is a pit bull mix. I do see where that stereotype comes from. All you have to do is watch/read the news to see the fucking assholes laughing when their dogs attack people, and fighting their dogs. I'm not an idiot either, I got my dog when he was 8 weeks old, an adorable puppy in a litter of mutts, I had no idea at the time what breed he was. I only saw his mom and she was not a pit bull. I didn't even know about their reputation until 1 or 2 years ago, and by then he was 5 years old. So it was impossible for me to throw him out after all that time. He doesn't have the huge muscles or the instinct to attack other dogs, or any animals. He's 7 years old now, with no behavior problems. Even though he is a great dog, next time I will make sure I know what breed of dog I am getting before taking it home. Some of you need to understand that we need a breeding ban, not one that kills them, just prevents future litters. These dogs are being bred by violent trash, it's not their fault, but they don't have a future because of what "humans" have done to them. We can't allow people to be killed and severely injured like this.

HonestyHelps said...

Melissa, you are so wrong to think that these violent dogs are only bred by trash. Recently there was an 8 state dog fighting bust. In those who were busted were school teachers, little league coaches, middle America, Melissa. The breeding of fighting dogs is not limited to those you refer to as rednecks and trash. You are lucky that your mixed breed took the other breed's temperament. But you do point out the problem of not being able to identify a pit puppy from other breeds until it is too late. And it is not the way they are "raised", you "raise" children which means you teach them morals and ethics. You can't do that to a dog, you can only train. And how does one train a pit not to kill other animals? You don't. And then people get killed trying to save their pets during an attack. The killer instinct was bred into the pits, that is why they are pits. We bred for hunting, herding but deny why the pits were bred. That is killing people.

Melissa said...

To me, any person who breeds dogs for violent purposes is trash, and that is what I meant. I read about that bust, and I don't care what profession they are in, they are worthless piece of shit. I know the origins of the breed now, and it still comes down to people who did this. I do see the breed as victims of humans, which is where my opinion differs from others. I can't see the dogs as evil or monsters, but I still understand why we need to stop them from being bred. I wasn't trying to say my dog is great so they all must be, I know better. Another issue is some breeding bans allow someone with a license to breed them for show, and that needs to be stopped.