Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rancho Cucamonga "No Kill" Spin OR Ain't Public Records Fun?

Want to know how to become "No Kill"? Just take a hint from Rancho Cucamonga, the shelter that Nathan Winograd wants to forget.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA handled 6067 animals in 08 while the County of San Bernardino at their Devore Shelter handled 13,756 animals in 08.

In 2008, Rancho's euthanization of dogs increased slightly but those who died in the kennels went up dramatically. Only 11 dogs died in the kennels in 2007 but 102 died in kennels in 2008. Throw pits and other dogs into a kennel and let the pits kill them for you. One way to go "No Kill".

Rancho's euthanization of cats decreased slightly but died in kennel went up as well. They had 149 cats to die in their cages in 2007 but had 352 to die in 2008 in their cages. This way helps the euthanization numbers at least.

San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control handled over twice as many animals at 13,756 in the Devore shelter and only had 90 dogs to die in kennels and 120 cats for 2008.

Rancho had 1434 dogs surrendered by the public (not owner surrenders) while the County had 1575. And Rancho had 2883 cats surrendered by the public (not owner surrenders) while the County had 2104.

Rancho had 390 dogs surrendered by their owners and 288 cats surrendered by owners whereas the County had 417 dogs and 158 cats surrendered by owners. Again you can see that something is really wrong considering that Rancho has as many and more owner surrenders than the County at Devore.

Rancho serves a population base of about 170,000 whereas the County of San Bernardino encompasses the largest land mass of any county in the country and serves 4 cities with a population of 217,000 plus the unincorporated areas of the county, just to give you a comparison.

Since installing the "No Kill Equation" program Rancho has not been able to reduce the number of impounds with an increase every year. So far their volunteer time has been limited to an average of 10 hours a day and 08 saw a decrease in volunteer hours. (Per Rancho web site) Also the budget for Rancho for 08-09 was $2.5 million. Divide that by population and probably the citizens of Rancho pay more for animal control than any other citizens in the country. And with all that money, Rancho still can't make the "No Kill Equation" program work.

The writing is on the wall here with Rancho Cucamonga, the shelter Winograd wants to forget. To hell with the live release rate that Winograd throws out, look at the suffering and the animals that are sacrificed to get those numbers.

This info is taken from the Annual Report of Local Rabies Control Activities for 2007and 2008.
Public records were requested also for Charlottesville and Reno but since they are non profits, no public records are available or they would be posted here also. With the downfall of PACCA, Rancho is the only truly open door shelter left in Winograd's bag of tricks. He is dependent on the status of non profits to keep the truth hidden.


Anonymous said...

Wino goes out of his way to deny the Rancho Shelter and what his program has done to it. And the very ones who yelled about the alleged cruelty, and I say that because there were no public records that show complaints of cruelty, are no where to be seen or heard. Examples are the inexperienced staff putting two litters of puppies together, all died from parvo. Their excuse, they wanted to "socialize" them so instead of quarantining them first, they just threw them in together and didn't notice the one puppy with symptoms. Or when the staff comes in in the mornings to find the "bad rap" pit has killed his kennel mate, which is not unusual. Or when the inexperienced staff failed to recognize ringworm and then failed to let the public know of their exposure. Where are the damn activists with all of this? Why aren't they raising hell, there is more wrong now than it ever was with the county.

HonestyHelps said...

Codey, just want to thank you for some good info you've sent in the past. Just recently it has come in handy. Expect something wonderful to happen soon.

Anonymous said...

This is animal abuse at this shelter. Just as bad as a puppy mill or a hoarder. How can people who say they love animals just let this happen?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, because this is "No Kill" and abuse abounds in "No Kill". How many times have you heard overcrowded in relation to "No Kill"? And since they think pits should be adopted just because they are "friendly" (directly from Winograd's mouth), then they throw other dogs into the same kennel. When the pit kills the other dogs, that doesn't count against the euthanasia numbers. To let them die in the kennels and cages of disease, well, that doesn't count against the numbers either. Look at Lied, NV where staff responded to a reporter's question as to why all the animals were so sick, they didn't know they were sick. How can you not know - if you follow "No Kill" you become deaf and blind to the suffering you cause.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, I just finished reading another animal blog much like yours in caring for shelter animals and it was posted there that Mr. Winograd is having a hissy fit because SF turned him away again. I can't tell you how pleased I am. I went straight to the horse's mouth and there it was a long whinning rant about regressive leaders. Perhaps there is another part of the horse's anatomy that fits as well. I am in the devils district so to speak and have no wish to see him back.

HonestyHelps said...

Gret, I have been following the SF Commission meetings. He has been whining, that's for sure. They've been talking about this for several months. You need to write and express your opinion. Some of the commissioners seem to be for it, some not. I'm not sure which way it will go at this point.

Anonymous said...

And that Vikki Shore supports the killing at the Rancho shelter because she never speaks against it. Rancho is a joke of a shelter. Overcrowded, hateful staff, degenerate shelter manager describes the Rancho shelter. It is ten times worst than it was with the County. But you don't see Shore up there complaining because of the dogs and cats dying a miserable death in their cages. No she is too busy being a bitch to those who don't deserve it.