Monday, August 23, 2010

I'M NOT ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea who set this site up but it sure makes me feel good to know that there are so many others who see the Whino in the same light. Please visit this site and pass it along to those elected officials being hounded to adopt the Whino's pet killing program.

In case you might not know, Bill Hemby, the founder of PetPac, was indicted by the Attorney General in California for fraud. Now if the Attorney General would just indict Hemby's friends, that would make us all feel a little safer.


StopBarnette said...

Rumor has it that this site is funded by a "big organization" that is fed up with Winograd and the "No Kill Equation" shit that has proven itself to be a failure. Let's hope so.

HonestyHelps said...

And that rumor appears to be correct. I thought at first it was Judie Mancuso but it is not her. I've been checking around and everyone agrees that there is something bigger than Judie doing this. God, my prayers may have been answered.

Anonymous said...

PetPac is run by Bill Hemby, who is an AKC breeder. PetPac is involved in lobbying for the puppy mills that keep AKC alive.


He's involved with their puppy mill board member Patti Strand, and all the rest of the puppy millers.

Dog fighters link to PetPac and belong to it too, and raise money for it too.

It's all about the crook breeders opposing regulation so they can torture and cheat at will.

Nathan Winograd agreed to oppose regulation for them if they would support him and push him. That was the deal. He sold the animals down the river.

Bill Hemby was also running a crook lobbying organization called COPS, that threatened Hispanic people that 911 would not respond to their calls if they didn't donate to his lobbying group COPS.


And Brenda Barnette pushes PetPac, and the breeder organizations she belongs to give them money. Great choice, Mayor, right? Cheating Hispanic people with threats.

Center for Consumer Freedom, Rick Berman, is involved with this too. The lobbyist for every animal abuser who makes a $

Of course, as Nathan Winograd fails in big obvious ways and No Kill torture comes up daily, these breeder people aren't so happy with their boy. Winograd makes them look even worse, as do the terrorists that attack people and use Winograd to excuse their activities! The breeders are already looking bad enough. They don't need that.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Anon, I was just about to put those links up but you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Rick Berman and Center for Consumer Freedom sent out press releases promoting Winograd. They did pr for him. They contacted their clients and told them to push Winograd. This was NOT just an interview. It was a pr campaign, and Winograd says he demands full review of anything written about him, and right to edit or deny publication. So he knew!


(Good article on Winograd's and Berman's puppy mill dealer friends there)

Diane Amble is involved with NAIA, who also does pr for Winograd


Barnette was fundraising for Petpac on her Facebook page, before she disappeared it when her affiliations that she kept hidden started to emerge.

Did you read Winograd's denials in his Web Of Self Delusion attempted defense! He sounds like Richard Nixon "I am Not a Crook!"

Winograd may as well have painted guilty on himself. He makes it sound worse. GUILTY! The breeders were idiots for ever getting in with him. He's like an anchor, pulling them down and making them look bad.

And he doesn't seem to "know" who gives him money? This sounds like that Blago guy!

Plus he's already throwing Brenda Barnette under the bus! She'll fail, according to him, but it's to be blamed on animal control officers and their union, despite the fact that Winograd No Kill FAILS EVERYWHERE!

This guy is sinking more and more every second. The desperation and the empty denials reek!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I read more, Winograd is really desperate. He's calling Best Friends names and calling them killers, even though his No Kill has tortured and killed so many poor animals.

And he's obsessed with this Judie Mancuso, which the AKC breeders also are. FUNNY, hey? He's parroting the breeders AGAIN. But he sounds crooked when he writes it. He always thinks it's some single person out to get him. Doesn't he realize that many people are disgusted at his form of animal abuse and his support of and involvement with people who torture animals for profit?

I don't think I've ever heard this guy being this desperate. He obviously thought he could keep his dirty deeds hidden. They aren't any more. And it looks like they cut this failure off.

Anonymous said...

Just the latest of the constant No Kill insanity


"No-Kill Policy

At a called meeting on May 7, members discussed the organization's no-kill policy.

Currently, there are almost 40 dogs at the shelter. Some of them have been there for more than two years. The dogs who have been at the shelter a long time must be resocialized before they can be adopted.

The group voted Monday to table the no-kill discussion and any changes in the policy for six months. In the interim, they hope to be able to recruit more volunteers for fund raising, and most importantly, people to help with adopt-a-thons."

Meaning they will keep up torturing these dogs No Kill style, locked in cages, unsocialized and going nuts.

And turning away needy animals because the cages are full.

Animal shelters have really become canine concentration camps if it's No Kill.

And this No Kill shelter

refused to investigate hoarders because Greene County Humane Society is playing the No Kill torture game. They don't pick up strays, they refuse to take unwanted animals, they harass people trying to drop off abandoned pets, they don't investigate cruelty, there are packs of stray dogs trying to survive outdoors while this Greene County shelter does nothing. Check out the complaints in the comments.

We are become a Third World, No Kill nation with pets dying on the streets again and animal cruelty allowed. .

HonestyHelps said...

The Whino loves Berman because Berman attacks Pacelle/HSUS. The Whino is a Pacelle wannabe. He wants the money and power of the HSUS not to mention he wishes he looked as good as Berman instead of the chubby, squirrel cheeked, short man that he is.

He does sound like Nixon and why? Because he are one!!! Barnette failed him in King County and she will fail in LA, he knows it. King County is still not over yet, there's more to come on that story. And when it comes, I believe that it will show the sneaky schemes of the Whino, the chain yanking of Barnette by the Whino.

He knows his time is up and yes, he is desperate. I looked at his 990's last night and he should be reported for it. He shows he only made $37,000 last year from his front group, No Kill Advocacy. Like you can live in Oakland, CA on $37,000, not a chance. You'll pay that in rent. I heard that his father in law is pissed because he isn't making a living for his family.

He is fast becoming a joke and those that follow are his jesters.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, Berman gives stipends and money to people who spread around his propaganda and work for him. Berman supports other, smaller lobbyists with the millions that his animal-abusing clients give to Berman. That's the shady lobbying business and how it operates. Berman hires many "sub lobbyists" and they use Berman material and attack Berman victims on behalf of Berman's clients like the puppy mills.

Those who work for Berman don't just share a sympathy; they work for him and there are rewards.

This is why the lobbying business is so dirty and so many lobbyists have been busted. The transfer of cash goes on on a personal level, like an employee or a sub contractor. Or they'll call it things like public relations or something like that, and transfer cash.

Lobbyists are supposed to register but so many don't, and it's such a gray area with so much abuse.

But the relationship that so many have with Berman is a working relationship. It's a business, the lobbying and propaganda business.

HonestyHelps said...

Oh yes, Anon, it is a dirty little business. Note on the Whino's 990 that he did check lobbying but only admitted to writing three letters in support of the Oreo's bill which died. Guess he doesn't have much credibility.

Dumbfounded said...

I can't find the 990's, looking at the long pdf it appears he didn't file, am I missing something

Dumbfounded said...

BTW, you have never been alone, nor have I.....pah

HonestyHelps said...

This is the link from Guidestar the "No Kill Law and Advocacy Center"

Now if you look at his web site it no longer says "No Kill LAW & Advocacy". That came off quite awhile back, I think he got in some presenting it in such a fashion.

In order to get to these links you would need an account with Guidestar. Then it is explained, easy to do. Bonney Brown is now on his board of directors, his wife is on it. He shows a little more money each year but considering he is the Messiah, the guru of no kill, the money is pitiful. At least that tells us that the Whinonettes ain't got no money.

HonestyHelps said...

Another thing to notice is that the 2007 and 2008 990's have the name as "No Kill Advocacy Center" yet the 2009 990 has the name "No Kill LAW & Advocacy Center".

Anonymous said...

So is this organization of his a charitable organization, or a lobbying organization, which isn't charity?

Most of his activities are lobbying, often lobbying for donations to lobby for more donations.

Anonymous said...

"At least that tells us that the Whinonettes ain't got no money."

LOBBYING money received goes into personal bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me that the "charity" is being phased out, because LOBBYING is where the action is happening, and there is deep trouble mixing that (which is personal income) and the charitable group, which is doing no charitable work.

The lobbying aspect is also easier to hide, no public disclosure, no disclosure of money and where it is coming from and going to, public has no idea what is really going on.