Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anyone Need A Laugh??

This info was just sent to me and I just had to do a post on it. PAH

Seems that the Messiah, the Guru of No Kill, the Savior of all shelter animals, the Wayne Pacelle wannabe, the envious of Richard Avanzino, the chubby cheek vegan, has a mail box drop address for his "business", his "non profit" whatever. Pretty impressive, huh?

He just knew he would be the next great thing to happen. Well, Whino, welcome to the real world. If people believed so much in this "No Kill" shit, you would be rolling in the dough, just like the ASPCA, Best Fiends, and I don't want to put this one with those two, HSUS.

If that doesn't work for you, just look up his address and find out. This link gives you a street view. Try Google maps for a street view. Thing is, Is this best he can do? Pitiful, Whino, didn't work the way you tried to plan it, did it?


Dumbfounded said...

Oh my word, it's like a little strip mall. Thank you for the earlier response, I did join

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, especially since Winograd pushers have been picketing at people's homes in California, and setting off smoke bombs at their neighbor's and everything else.

Why is Winograd hiding? His pushers have been doing these things on behalf of him, getting him hired, as they said. That's what they said.

If you noticed, the ADL LA seems to have blackmailed the mayor and said they would call off the non-stop pickets and harassment if the mayor did what they and Winograd wanted and hired Barnette.

Maybe Winograd doesn't want his pushers to visit him. They aren't welcome. They can use the back door at some other location to worship him, donate to him, and then they aren't welcome.

Anonymous said...

6114 La Salle Ave #837. Oakland CA 94611

It's a Mailboxes Etc. from what the map information says. Mail drop.

Why does Humane Society of Pulaski County have a link to send money to this guy's business mail drop?

Anonymous said...

This is kind of weird.

There is a Winograd working for this consulting company that has done consulting for the Houston Chronicle


Anonymous said...

This Winograd really is the New Nixon.

Check out this article pushing Wino No Kill BUSINESS.

Do you see the EXTENSIVE quote by an apparent member of the public, Jennifer Holdt?

That is Nathan Winograd's wife. So his wife was an undisclosed plant to push Winograd's business down SF's throat, that she would personally benefit from.

I'm sure there would be lots of book sales pushing, especially as Winograd wrote about his wife complaining that he hasn't been making money from the books.

There's no identification at all connecting her to the Winograd business. Why is she using her maiden name here, but her married name on the cash-in book?

Does SF know his wife is a plant on the commission?

Talk about lobbying, personal lobbying.

Anonymous said...

So Jennifer Holdt Winograd wants to force San Francisco to adopt out aggressive pit bulls, since clearly that is what still needs to be euthanized?

Sue, sue, sue! Harass, harass, harass! That's all these jerks ever do.

But do you think Jennifer has a pit bull at home with Nathan Nixon? No way. Other people should be letting their children get attacked so the Winograd Pretend No Kill Business can get promoted, especially since her husband has nothing but failure to refer to.

The very evillest kind of lobbying. And always so sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Save the article. He'll probably hide it.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Someone who is using money and donations to help animals vs pocketing it so he can live in a huge mansion?

By all means, lets condemn that and celebrate folks like Pacelle taking money intended to go to animals and using it for their own benefit.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:48 I will explain this to you but I doubt you have enough sense to understand it. Stop drinking the koolaid long enough to sober up and you might. Your Messiah doesn't do anything for animals, see where he spent any money saving animals, see where he fundraised to help the animals. All he does is pay it lip service.

HSUS on the other hand, does help animals. If HSUS put their money into local shelters, your fucking responsibility, then there wouldn't be anything left to bust dogfighters and puppy mills. Just what you fucking Whinonettes want because you follow a Messiah that supports the dogfighters and puppy mills because he is in bed with these types, supported by them. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours sorta thing. HSUS is out there doing the right thing and obviously you are out there trying to stop it for the benefit of the dogmen and breeders by following this false Messiah. Without HSUS these dogs in the puppy mills would continue to be suffering. Without HSUS the cows, chickens and pigs would be suffering. It takes money to stop this large scale abuse, to fight the agribusiness torturers but you want them to come into shelters. Local shelters is your responsibility, not theirs. Which would you rather have trying to convince legislators to stop farm animals from suffering, the nicely suited Pacelle or the chubby cheeked sloppy dressed Whino? Which one do you think the legislators will listen to? Officials must see money behind the mouth before they listen. Not a bunch of radical, hateful, stupid idiots such as yourself that don't have a lick of common sense.

I see you as a promoter of animals suffering and I condemn you to hell for it.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:45 I believe that this is another Jennifer Holdt. Can't be in two places at the same time and I have researched both of them. Check again and if you find anything different, let me know.

HonestyHelps said...

Sorry, I meant Jennifer Winograd. How sad this other woman has the same name as the stupid woman who married Nathan Winograd, such a burden to bear.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you have let hate and bitterness get the best of you...and because of that, 'honesty' isn't really something that happens around here.

FWIW, HSUS spends about 1/2 of its money on more fundraising to add back to their coffers and pay for Pacelle's (and others) $200k+ salaries. That's all public record information.

Most of that fundraising comes from requests that mislead people into thinking HSUS really helps companion animals -- but they don't. As you note, they are out there lobbying against Big Ag and buying stock in fast food restaurants. That's fine, that's their busines, but they should be honest about it.

Winograd is honest about what his goals are...he wants to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters. That's it. That's his mission. And he's got a pretty solid track record at doing so and helping others to do so.

That seems to be like something you'd support if you cared about animals...

Anonymous said...

Winograd cult member? Or AKC puppy mill breeder who's a little sour?

I vote for the latter. It stinks like the usual AKC breeder "I hate Pacelle because he does something about the puppy mills that we profit from" whine

Winograd does nothing whatsoever for animals. Nothing. He just promotes his ego, tells lies, and asks for money to pocket so he can promote his ego more and make his wife happy.

Anonymous said...

And from what I'm finding, Winograd DOES live in a very very expensive house that his donors are paying for, or paid for

His comfort is Numero Uno

HonestyHelps said...

Oh no Anon:45, you're the one who can't handle the truth. Am I pissed off and angry, you damn right I am. Unlike yourself, blinded by the rhetoric of a self proclaimed guru, basking in the comfort of ignorance, I use a little common sense about all of this. In other words, no one is yanking my chain.

I don't need public records to convince me that HSUS is the best safeguard we have against what you obviously stand for. This is letting the dog fighters, breeders, abusers, go and adopt, adopt, adopt, who gives a shit about what it's adopted into. Pimp those dogs out the door, outta sight, outta mind.

Take your head out of your ass and do some research on this blog about your hero. He DOES NOT have a good track record. Study the issue, he takes credit where credit isn't due. You just don't have a clue as to how it all works, do you?

Anonymous said...

Oh look, an AKC breeder came and CUT AND PASTED AKC & Rick Berman propaganda smearing Pacelle and HSUS, who ACTUALLY HELP ANIMALS and spend a ton of money doing it.

And that is an ABSOLUTE lie about money spent on fundraising. An absolute lie. HSUS has been a higher rated charity than Best Friends and many others.

You AKC idiots think you can just lie, and the gullible will believe it. What else is new?

You cut and pasted your HSUS smear, you moron! You didn't even change the words! It's right from AKC Puppy Mill Lobbying Central. It's right on your breeder boards.

But then AKC is absolutely livid that HSUS is doing something about puppy mills. Without puppy mills, the AKC goes bankrupt. They are going bonkers on their boards with anger that HSUS is involved in puppy mill investigations (and spending a lot of money on it!) taking puppy mill complaints, and involved in getting puppy mill regulations passed in places like Missouri.

Yes, the companion animals that AKC tortures for profit. The companion animals that AKC breeders allow to be tortured so their dog shows are paid for.

AKC is on all allout propaganda and smear campaign against HSUS and Pacelle. These breeders are going nuts, telling each other to cut and paste comments and smear like those from anon smearing HSUs everywhere they can.

Nathan Winograd, on the other hand, has done nothing but fail and kill animals with his scam. Winograd is drenched in blood, the blood of animals his No Kill have let die in cages, have sent to hoarders, have refused to take.

His track record is killing and ONLY killing, and killing as inhumanely as possible.

But Winograd opposes regulations that breeders don't like, and so breeders will lie for him and support him.

If anyone doesn't yet know about the AKC puppy mill business, their opposition to regulations, why they hate successful organizations like HSUS, and why they support scammers like Winograd, here's the lowdown


The AKC spends millions on lobbyists like Rick Berman to smear humane groups that really do help animals, while the AKC props up their frontmen.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, check and see if your local AKC breeder has licensed their BUSINESS and is paying their taxes.

AKC- torturing animals, cheating on their taxes, and smearing those who truly help animals.

The American Killing Club.

No wonder Winograd is in bed with them.

HonestyHelps said...

Okay, Anon/Cultmember/Breeder, does that answer your inquiry about hate and bitterness? Yes indeed, we are pissed about all those animals sacrificed for a personal agenda. We hate those who condemn an organization such as HSUS, the only hope we have of stopping the puppy millers, cruelty, dog/cock fighters. Bitter because all of the above have the money to fight the fight. We only have the truth as our sword. But it cuts clean and the truth is coming out all over. "No Kill" doesn't work the way it is presented, period. It's done more harm than good. And it must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

"I don't need evidence to convince me that I'm right" -- HonestlyHelps.


I've been reading your blog for months, and all I've seen is you spouting off your beliefs with zero evidence at all that any of it is true. Oh, you're good at spewing hate, but not really very good at having real evidence to back it up (which, I realize you don't need in your world).

And Anon: 3:29 -- it's easy to try to typecast anyone that says something negative about HSUS as an AKC puppy miller so you can just pretent they are lying so you don't have to face reality. But here's the reality, I've never bred a dog in my life and have never made a dime from being involved in animals. And I oppose HSUS because in spite of the good things they do, they raise money on false pretenses and spend a whole heck of a lot of it on more fundraising.

Here's their annual report -- so straight from HSUS's own numbers. Read for yourself:

218 million in total assets (which could save a lot of animals' lives if they'd use it for that).

$103 million earned in contributions.

31 million spent on fundraising + 6 million on management and 13 million in "strategic communications" -- most of which was fundraising.

Even by their own numbers (and keep in mind, this is their annual report which they use to promote themselves, not their actual tax returns), they spend 30% of their money on more fundraising even though they're sitting on $200 million in assets.

There's no reason for me to lie about HSUS's fundraising, the info is all right there for anyone who wants to read it.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you've answered nothing.

You've made some crazy accusations -- but you've answered nothing.

Anger, with no substance.

HonestyHelps said...

What part of 'WHO CARES" just as long as they are getting a job done that needs to be done and that fucking Winograd isn't gonna jump in and take up the slack. There's evidence all over this blog so what the fuck are you doing when you come here, because you sure ain't reading anything.

Again, I repeat, so fucking what that they spent that money on fundraising, it takes money to make money, ever been in business? And doing what HSUS has to do is a business, getting the money to be able to bust these horrid people that your opinion only supports.

You are so fucking clueless, how do you even make it to the grocery store?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:56 READ THIS FUCKING BLOG, IT IS ALL THERE AND STOP THIS NONSENSE. Check the fucking links provided all over this blog. For all the good it would do you because you can't see the forest for the trees anyway. You're the one not presenting a damn thing other than your uninformed opinion which is nothing more than a cut and paste from your "friends". I hope you get rope burn from them pulling that noose.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29 cared -- they said it was all a lie, made up by Rick Berman and the breeders.

But it's not, it's straight from HSUS. It's become ridiculously easy to typecast people a certain way without doing any research...but getting the real information is always best.

And there is no evidence of anything on this blog -- just you saying so isn't evidence...
And yes, I care that an orgnization has $200 million in the bank and uses 1/3-1/2 of their contributions on fundraising vs what they say they're using the money for. Anyone who donates money to any cause should know that type of information.

HonestyHelps said...

I fail to see what your freaking argument is. You talk as if people can't get on the internet and find any and all of the shit that you are posting on here. You can't cram anything down a person's throat. Your "evidence" is easily obtainable yet people see thru your bullshit and continue to contribute to HSUS. Get a clue!! Look at how many contribute to your bullshit cause of the Whino in comparison. We have a saying where I am from:

If one person tells you something, you don't have to listen. But if two or more say the same thing then you need to take notes.

What that means is look at the numbers, and it shows that many more people believe in HSUS than believe in the bullshit of the Whino. What you want to do is say that all those people do this blindly, never researching and I say bullshit. HSUS would not be the power they are if the people didn't approve of the job they are doing. The Whino doesn't even come close, he's a loser.

HonestyHelps said...

By the way why don't you go post your shit where it might be appreciated on the Whino's Blog?

Oh I forgot, he doesn't allow comments, stifling the First Amendment rights, only presents a one way street. He's afraid of comments just like he afraid of his gullible cult members finding out the truth.

Anonymous said...

Well at least one of your "educated" anonymous commenters thought it was all a lie about the large amount spent on fundraising. I'm sure Winograd could get quite a lot in donations if he spent most of the money he received getting more donations. And I actually think it's amazing that you are criticizing him for this. But I suspect that you'd criticize him for anything at all at this point.

And no, I've never seen HSUS try to raise money for more fundraising or for high salaries to their staff. But I have seen them ask for donations to help them "care for" dogs that they weren't even caring for. Amazing how that works.

The first amendment doesn't give you the right to post on other people's blogs so Winograd is not stifling that. It does give you the right to post to create your own to spew your hatred on -- which I see you have taken advantage of.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, you are so full of it. All you know to do is spread the shit that Rick Berman tells you to spread. There's not one bit of sense coming from you, not any. The Whino would be fundraising like crazy if he thought he stood a chance to use that to spead his evil around.

Your hole is around the corner, go get in it and wait for the next chain yanking from Berman/Winograd. You'll not get anywhere here.

Anonymous said...

Again, it's not Rick Berman's numbers -- they're HSUS's numbers.

And if you don't care that they spend your donations just raising more money from you, that's fine by me I suppose. Your choice. But seems like people who point that out are actually doing the animals a favor so people will give more money to their local shelters where the money will actually go to helping animals.

I guess I'll have to continue to wait for a shred of evidence that anything you spout here is even remotely true...because it's still just rants coming from you. Which is a shame. You spend so much time ranting here over nothing, it's a shame that you couldn't put the time to good's too short to spend so much time hating someone.

Anonymous said...

Big problem, anon, you cut and paste from the AKC propaganda screed. You used the EXACT WORDS.

And you said HALF. You got caught in a lie didn't you?

HSUS is routinely one of the top rated charities in the country, routinely gets high scores, routinely is cited by the media as one of the best overall charities in the US (not long ago, number one by USAToday and in top ten by Worth magazine)

They get action for every dollar, every single one. They save lives and stop cruelty every single day, while you stroke and push Nathan Nixon Winograd and post crap on blogs. (And every AKC breeder who posts crap on blogs trying to hate on some humane group ALWAYS says they are not a breeder, just a doglover. Same lies as always.)

While the AKC tortures more dogs for profit, and Winograd helps.

You better worry more about the fact that America is cluing into what you and your dog killing breeder friends are up to in the AKC. That is not to mention the government, which is finally figuring out what tax cheating "hateful" Americans you are.

Do you feel the rising anger? I hope you do. Thanks to groups like HSUS and all the other humane groups you attack, the ugly secrets about how many AKC breeders and the AKC make their money got exposed.

(I say many because there actually are a very few AKC breeders who hate what the AKC board, management, and corrupt breeders have turned the organization into. But they are afraid to speak their mind because breeders like you, Patti, and Charlotte the Insane will terrorize them and stalk them.)

You can attack HSUS all day, but the fact is that people care more about those suffering AKC puppy mill dogs than they do about helping you breeders make more $$$ and cheat on your taxes more.

And shall we talk about the giant salaries made by the Board at AKC? The money wasted on Madison Ave rent?

All paid for with the blood of tortured dogs in cages that register them AKC.

Did you ever think that an egomaniac outcast like Winograd would give you credibility and hide your dirty deeds? You locked onto a loser, a very desperate loser. But a loser is always a loser. And he gets animals killed, and people figured that out very quickly, despite the lies.

And if anyone would like to get a glimpse of the kind of person our little Anon AKC breeder is, this torturing freak Patti Strand is pretty illustrative of the group, and that includes you, Gina and Christie, although you always try to stay at arm's length from her and distance yourself from that kind of deviant life. But you've dirtied yourselves beyond repair by letting people like Patti use you.


Does it surprise anyone that these people hate HSUS so much?

Anonymous said...

One of the most Nixon moments for Winograd is when he responded to critism that he took money from a breeder and dog fighting lobbying group, WHICH HE DID, as they tried to bring him in to tout because he'd oppose laws for them.

He says that he didn't know where the money came from, he didn't try to find out.

So when the Nazi Party gives Nathan money, then I guess he wouldn't care and wouldn't try to figure out where the money came from.

If the KKK sent him a check, he wouldn't ask a question. That would be cool, right? They breed pit bulls, they are pit bull advocates, right?

If a gay bashing group sent him some $$$, he wouldn't bat an eyelash. That would be ok, I guess, because he wouldn't ask. He would just cash the check.

This man takes money from people who advocate cruelty to animals, and practice it, and want to hire Winograd so he will oppose regulations like anti-cruelty regulations that they obviously don't want, because they abuse animals to make $$. They state so openly in their emails and boards, why they like Winograd.

But he says as long as he doesn't know where the money came from then that is ok. That's his excuse when it gets exposed.

Winograd No Kill is like a gas chamber for ethics. The gas chambers they use in the south, where the AKC breeders that support and promote Winograd SUPPORT THE GAS CHAMBERS AND WANT TO KEEP THEM.

Winograd No Kill is death.

Anonymous said...

". I'm sure Winograd could get quite a lot in donations if he spent most of the money he received getting more donations."

That's exactly what he does. All of it. Spends most or ALL of it getting more donations (and attention)

He does nothing but attack, hate, cover himself when he gets caught doing something wrong like taking money from those breeders, and promote his massive ego.

But because he supports animal cruelty, no one wants to send him more money to get used to promote himself, use for self-lobbying, or advocate animal abuse.

That's why he is failing. He and his Equation are a failure, only that failure means suffering animals.

Who could ever support that?

HonestyHelps said...

AnonAsshole, the fucking evidence is in front of your damn nose, just fucking read it. No, I don't care about the HSUS spending money because I accept the results of that, I give unconditionally. I agree with what they do. You didn't come here to learn, you just want to argue expecting us to suddenly see the light, meet the deliverer, praise you for opening our eyes. It ain't gonna happen, Nutter, not in your fucking lifetime. Now go to and see if there is anything new for you to spew around as the truth.

Anonymous said...

"to their local shelters where the money will actually go to helping animals."

You are SO busted, AKC breeder!!

This is right from NAIA, the AKC puppy mill lobbying arm.

This is EXACTLY from their playbook. EXACTLY. They coach the other AKC breeders (and the dog fighters) to post this when smearing big, national humane groups.


Because your local shelter can't do things to help animals on a big, national level, can't get laws changed, can't do undercover investigations, can't reach the mass public and educate about the hidden cruelty, and the breeders don't want any of those things going on SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO TORTURE ANIMALS FOR PROFIT WITHOUT REGULATION OR EXPOSURE.

The local shelters struggle to keep up with all the problems, cruelty, locally, and they can't advocate for the big issues, the big problems.

HSUS and the other national humane groups change things like the laws so the local shelters are not so overwhelmed, and so things really do get better for animals on a BIG scale.

All the local shelters can do is barely keep their noses above the flood of animals pouring in. They can't ADVOCATE nationally.

And if there is no national advocacy, then the abuse and cruelty just continue (which the breeders think is fine)

And HSUS directly helps many shelters on top of that, too.

Anonymous said...

It is too funny that the old, tired AKC brains just haven't figured out that the general public is getting to know their deception playbook by now.

They just use the same old games!

But then the idiots at NAIA let so many secrets out of the bag. They still don't have a clue that enemies walk among them.

Anonymous said...

"life's too short to spend so much time hating someone"

Then why does Nathan Winograd waste his life hating all day long? It's all a poopstorm of Hate out of Nathan Nixon Winograd.

Including Hating on the animals.

Anonymous said...

"You didn't come here to learn, you just want to argue expecting us to suddenly see the light, meet the deliverer, praise you for opening our eyes"


Anonymous said...

The breeders also want you to send money to only your local shelter so your local shelter can keep cleaning up after the breeders, their unwanted animals, offspring from the unaltered animals they sell.

Your local shelter is a free (for the breeders) garbage dump for the breeders getting rich and cheating on their taxes.

Dumbfounded said...

The most damning facts are on the 990s. Nothing says you're a loser like a 990 that shows a loss, even when the submitter is lying. I would ask the gentleman, anonymous number, which ever: to post any of Winograd's successes. I have lived with the beast and the stench lingers. This yo-yo sounds more like Mike Fry.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mike Fry's shelter the one with the PIT BULL BREEDER LOBBYIST on their board? The one who also goes to Winograd's parties?

HonestyHelps said...

Anyone have an answer on the Mike Frye board member? Wouldn't doubt it because Frye is a definite Whinonette, although he tended to disagree with his Messiah on the issue of importing dogs into his area from other places under the guise of saving lives. At least he understands that when an area is still having to euthanize their shelter animals, it is immoral to bring in more dogs to take the homes from the shelter animals.

Anonymous said...

This guy is so intent on financially providing for his own comfort that he can't even be bothered to have an office so he can talk to people, and function in any way.

It's called being as cheap as possible so the donations stay home. His home.

They Call Me Chap said...

Do he have a home? Many people have po boxes, but this guy is not grounded in the earth. I doubt he has a real house.

Anonymous said...

I believe that he lives in a home purchased for 1 million dollars in 2008.

Was this when he moved?

HonestyHelps said...

He moved to Oakland long before 2008. The last time it was checked, there were no homes listed under his name. But his daddy in law may have bought it for him or maybe Ricky Berman made a donation. We'll check this out and let you know.