Friday, June 24, 2011


Once again, another "No Kill" rescue bites the dust. When you go to this article, look at this woman. Does she look like a sane person to you? Not to me, she looks like what I picture people to look like who are part of Winograd's cult.

"No Kill" attracts the worse of the worse. It doesn't attract rational, clear thinking people. It attracts those who can't accept the guilt of the public in all of this. To do so to them implicates themselves in the euthanasia in the shelters.

Hoarding is on the rise and has been dramatically since Winograd appeared on the scene. It's no coincidence, they go hand and hand.
Jeanine Ann Cook, 60, of Golden Valley, operated an unpermitted no-kill sanctuary called “Pleasant Farms,” Trish Carter with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office said.

Carter said animals were observed dead on the scene and a horse and goat had to be euthanized after a local veterinarian’s inspection.

A baby goat also passed away at the temporary holding facility where the animals were kept before being transported to state facilities, Carter said.

Winograd should be arrested, this is his product, a defective one.


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd =/= hoarding. Hoarding was around long before Nathan started promoting no-kill, hoarding just gets more press now. To connect the two and make Nathan Winograd criminally responsible for hoarding makes no sense at all. It sounds like your idea of "Working to Help Animals" is to kill them.

HonestyHelps said...

Yeah I bet you'd like to believe that.
Sorry to bust that little bubble of yours but you have it backwards. Look up a quote from George Bengal from the PSPCA where he says that since 04 hoarding cases have gone from one or two a year to several a month since 04. Do you think it is coincidence that Philly installed Winograd's program in 04? Did you read also about the hoarder who was busted by the PSPCA who stated that she was taking animals from the Winograd shelter even when she had been reported as a hoarder? Guess you haven't bothered to look at things like that huh?

My idea of working with animals is NOT FUCKING THE NO KILL EQUATION. I've been doing this too long, I know too much, and therefore I am not so foolish as to follow the cultist mentality of the Whinonettes. You sound like you are drinking his koolaid.

Anonymous said...

HH, sounds like YOU have been drinking the batshit crazy PETA kool-aid. Do you also seek out pets to kill like Newkirk?

Let's see... you hate pitts, hate feral cats (even s/n ones), hate all breeders, hate moving pets to areas that want to adopt them... sounds like you don't want to prevent killing. You sound like a PETA abolishionist.

Blaming a mental disorder like hoarding on No Kill is not rationial.

You champion what successful programs, exactly? All I've heard so far is bash & trash, bla, bla, bla.

Not all the positive things about Calgary animal services are on their website. I am personally requesting their info to look it over for myself.

While thier site says the money from pet licensing is used to fund free spay/neuter services for low-income families, it doesn't mention that the city had people going door-to-door in a targeted area, getting the word out about the s/n program. (Project Postal Code T1Y, The will target one area code at a time (data shows that those with the lowest incomes are less likely to s/n their pets).

There are several groups who offer high volume spay/neuter services in Calgary & Alberta. There's even the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force that does mobile s/n clinics in aboriginal (First Nation Member) communities,

Groups & individuals in Calgary, including the City, have come together to fight puppy mills & online sales of pets by unscrupulous breeders. They would like to have laws that other cities have found are successful: Actions Speak Louder,

Calgary wants to become No Kill, & they are willing to do what it takes.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, at least I am not making animals lie in their own feces and die slow lingering deaths which is the mainstay of your morbid, perverted puppetmaster, Winograd. I bet you jack off looking at those pictures of the animals he is responsible for making to suffer. That would explain your perversion toward this sort of person.

And you are so wrong on what I hate. I hate people like yourself, who refused to see the evidence and truth. I hate Nathan Winograd because he is the very one who has set back the humane cause in this country. I hate people who follow blindly and accept his feeble excuses for his failures.

Winograd is the fodder that feeds hoarding with two fer one sales and freebies.

You might want to spend more time on Calgary. All is definitely not well there. Dog fighting is on the rise and dog bites are on the rise. Especially bites/attacks from pit bulls. And if you look at who brings Bill Bruce in for seminars, it is always breeders. That speaks volumes on who thinks his program is great.

Get real Anon, all you are doing is following blindly, staying drunk so you don't have to face the truth. You're a fool.

HonestyHelps said...

Another point, Anon, the last word I would use to describe my feelings toward pits and feral cats is hate. Maybe you can lie your clueless head down at night and go to sleep but I can't. I think about those cats outside, abandoned by their owners, scared, may hit by a cat, maybe being eaten by a coyote, trying to eat ant laden food. TNR is the lazy man's rescue, outside hoarding. I want those cats brought inside where they belong. That's not hate, that's love.

The dog who was the love of my life was part pit bull. I don't hate pits, I love them. I want to see their cruelty stopped, I want to see the attacks stopped and I am realistic to know that the only way is regulation. Pits are different no matter what you think, they are different and we need to treat them differently. To deny what they were bred to do is denying every purebred out there. To accept it means we can work on a solution, can't work on a solution if you don't think there is a problem.

See how you are so drunk that you can actually sleep at night thinking all is well and happily ever after. I envy those who can do that and at the same time, I hate those who do do it.