Monday, January 21, 2013


Screen shots of Dumb Ass's conversation with his handful of drooling beasts passing themselves off as humans, shows that this idiot wants to come after Devore Shelter.

Bring it on, little man. You will be blown out of the water and reamed a new one if you try. You stupid man, haven't you bothered to do any research on your own? Of course not, he follows the Whino, no one that follows that vile man does their own research or even thinks for themselves.

C'mon, Dumb Ass. Stick your nose in, make another complete fool of yourself along with your butt buddy, Marilyn. Do you realize that broad has never even been in the Devore shelter, much less rescued anything from there. Are you aware that she is connected with breeding? Of course, you are aware, you are a breeder yourself and breeders stick together.

We've stopped the morbid Marilyn and her cronies with the truth, and you will be stopped too.

Of course, you will do this "expose" on the Huff Puff so you can control the comments, deleting any that disagree with you. Coward, I challenge you to do your dirty work in such a fashion that comments aren't deleted. You are too much of a coward to step outside the Huff Puff protection. You're a coward just like the evil one you support.

Dumb Ass, you are one dumb shit.



Anonymous said...

You know DA won't stick his neck out on an open forum. He follows a coward because he is also a coward.

Anonymous said...

Why is Cooper hanging with Winograd and worried about this country? Why isn't he spending his efforts to stop the horrors in his own country? Canada is still killing seals for fur, eating their hearts too. Canada is still eating dogs as well. Why is this man campaigning and using his time to stop his fellow countrymen from committing these acts?

Because he has another agenda and doesn't give a shit about animals.

Terry Ward said...

Cooper's bored.

Anonymous said...

I am one that hasn't been blocked yet. I see the "conspiracy" that DA talks with his cronies.

It's like watching a bunch of children. I find DA and his group offensive myself. They are focusing on a vendetta, not on saving lives.

Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd attacks women who dare to ask the misogynist King Winograd questions about his lies and his breeder friends, then he gets criticized

So he hooks up a crook breeder hiding in Mexico to attack women that dare to ask about the lies and fraud Winograd No kill is engaged in

Meanwhile Winograd sits in his million dollar house in Oakland, living like a king, doesn't spend anything helping any animals, doesn't do foster care, doesn't fund spay neuter DOES NOTHING

Expects his woman servants to shut up and do the work.

Time for women to rise up against this sexist clown!