Sunday, January 27, 2013


Those of you who aren't blocked on DA's facebook page will instantly recognize this picture, minus the glasses. Give you a hint, her first name starts with an "M" and she thinks she is a photographer. DA calls her his favorite "peanut butter cup". Her facebook picture looks just like this one except she put on some makeup. Sorry, M, but no matter what you do, you are still one ugly woman(?), and not just on the outside.

I'm so glad she has never stepped foot in the Devore shelter because she would have scared all the pets to death. Keep that makeup on, M, it does help a little.

We also obtained a picture of the infamous Lucy Van Pelt but it was too horrible to post on this blog.

And we learned also that the reason DA is in Mexico is to obtain plastic surgery. Unfortunately it seems he got what he paid for and here is the after picture.

Put a Truman hat and sunglasses on and it does cover up a little. Should have stayed in Canada for free medical coverage, probably would have done a better job than this.


Anonymous said...

More like a barf cup! She gets what she deserves. Too bad you didn't post a picture of the infamous Lucy Van Pelt who is the most vile and black hearted person I've come across on FB. They are nothing but a bunch of low life twits.

Anonymous said...

OMG, put the pictures side by side, it is them!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These pitiful women just seem to lay themselves out there for these Winograd woman-haters to abuse

Do they have any dognity?

They are like servants to the No Kill men