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 Christie Keith writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, and saying that is really a stretch of the imagination. She is also a breeder and she loves Nathan Winograd. So really, HH, is that news? Not really. I do remember a comment section where she denied being a breeder, at least until links were put up proving her to be a liar, nothing else from Keithie.

I don't read her "blog" but someone sent me this one. I thought it would make for a good post. No link for you however, I'm not encouraging anyone to read anything from this woman.

She begins by addressing the "opposition". Lately I've been seeing a number of distinct and similarly-worded objections to the No-Kill movement appearing with predictable regularity on public discussions. So the next time you see someone post on Facebook or a website about how the No-Kill movement should be targeting sources of shelter animals rather than shelters where the animals are killed, tell them this:  We pressure shelters to reform because that's where pets are being killed.

NO CHRISTY, you have it wrong. Shelters are where pets are housed, attempts are made to reunite them with owners, adoptions, medical care are what shelters do. Get it through your head, shelters follow policies and often those policies come from another source. The shelters do a job, but the bosses are the ones you need to talk with.

Animals are being killed by shelters, so that's where we must focus our most intense efforts. Those other efforts are important in the long run, but they will not save the lives of pets in shelters right this minute.

Christie, ask yourself why those animals are there in the first place. And you want to make such a stupid statement as that? You can't kill 'em if they ain't there. And that means DON'T BREED ANY MORE WHILE THEY ARE BEING KILLED IN THE SHELTERS !!

What do you think these protests outside shelters do? What do you think the public thinks when they hear these distortions by Winograd about shelters? That is pushing the public away, not us telling them they are the cause.

And what happens when the public is pushed away? They go right into the waiting arms of breeders and Petsmart rescues. Oh how you guys love Nathie Boy. He is sending the best business ever to your doorstep. 

Christie, you are a breeder, you love Winograd. Shelters report 25-60% purebred populations. YOU, CHRISTIE, are the one killing them in the shelters, you, your breeder buddies and your Messiah. You disgust US.


Anonymous said...

Christie Keith is not just a breeder, she is a lobbyist for the puppy mill industry that is AKC.
She's a propagandist representing the MONEY interests of the tax cheat, puppy milling, dog fighting, Breeder Industry.

She also lied about that with her fake pets column for the San Francisco Chronicle. It's just an advertisement, progranda for breeders pretending to be a column.

The Chronicle pretends to be peace and love progressive to suck in the suckers, but they knowingly hired Christie Keith to BE A PROPAGANDIST for the animal profiteer set.

Her editor, a criminal named Moon, actually lied FOR Christie Keith when it was exposed on their comments board that Keith was a breeder and worked for the breeders. Moon outright LIED and said she wasn't, and attacked readers of the paper who revealed that Keith was.

Keith denied it too at first, outright LIED, but when evidence proving she was a breeder and worked for the breeders was revealed, Christie Keith admitted she was in her worthless blog and tried to justify her dirty corruption.

The Chronicle hid.

Of course, Keith has long been a liar, but her editor (with the ok of the publisher, apparently?) Not surprising. Moon got busted on an ethics charge at the Chronicle and was SUSPENDED but that rag took her back, admitting they value criminals and proven liars over journalism and truth.

Christie Keith also works for a pet industry sales lobbying group directly. I forget the name, something with Reptiles.

The whole setup at the San Francisco Chronicle is as good as the Chronicle hiring a tobacco industry lobbyist to WRITE A HEALTH COLUMN. It shows that the paper is completely untrustworthy, and whatever their pretense is, they represent the industries that torture and kill animals for profit. Is it a surprise that California Rick Berman, of the Center for Consumer Freedom (a lobbying group for both animal profiteers and the tobacco industry) is hooked up with some Chronicle staff?

The San Francisco Chronicle is a pretend act, prattling the "progressive" line while in actuality it is a lobbying mouthpiece for the hardcore profiteers and rapers of the country, trying to convince the dumb ex hippies and the naive hipsters to do what the profiteers want.

That's why they hire business lobbyists like Keith and then try to cover up her real activities.

It's especially hypocritical that the Chronicle is concerned with gay rights, but Keith's breeder industry is involved with the neo-Nazi extreme out there right wing, Ku Klux Klan dog fighters breeders and all. These breeders are constantly bashing gays. When Winograd tried to make some extra brownie points and get attention and wrote about gay rights once, Chritie Keith's AKC and other breeders friends bashed Winograd and gave him orders that he was to stay away from gays completely, in more disgusting language than I will use. Winograd did what he was told, to keep the $$ flowing into his pocket.

I think that the Chronicle perceives that they can trick gays into supporting the pet profiteer industry too, that's all I can think by this stunt of hiring her.

Anonymous said...

Keith and her puppy milling, tax cheating breeder friends don't want regulation of breeders or for breeders to take responsibility for the overpopulation, because then Keith and her friends wouldn't make all that dirty money and also profit from it, like getting their dog shows paid for and everything else.

Christie Keith is just a greedy liar, but the real ethics breach is a newspaper that would hire a cheat and a liar like this AKC, Rick Berman affiliated profiteer to represent business profits.

No Kill is Keith and Rick Berman's and the breeders' answer to the horrific overpopulation they have created, the lack of regulation, the cruelty that they profit from.

They simply LIE and deny there is a problem and use lobbyists like Winograd to falsify the numbers and create fake reports, then torture and kill the shelter animals to get them off the statistics, either by letting them die in cages, refusing to pick up strays and letting them die on the streets, or handing them to hoarders to kill or to people who will sell the animals to the labs, etc.

It's the same number of animals and more, because no one is doing anything about the overbreeding, and not doing anything about reducing the numbers coming into the shelters, because breeders say no spay neuter. The animals are just used in a shell game where they die off the records, hidden from the public eye to die in terrible ways that go back to the 1800s.

The breeders don't care about shelter animals. Christie Keith's friends call shelter pets garbage that should die, and they have done this for years, even though the breeder industry created these unwanted pets. The breeders are the elitists of elitists.

That's why they also use No Kill to get naive rescuers to spend their money and time GOING BROKE cleaning up the unwanted pets after the breeders.

Breeders keep sucking in more and more money, and able to cheat on their taxes, no regulation, making even more. The puppy mills keep churning out more to keep registration dollars flowing into AKC.

They don't pay licensing fees, they don't contribute a dime, they just TAKE. And DUMP.

Rescue community goes broke cleaning up after all this overbreeding, and experiences the heartbreak of the suffering, while Keith and Winograd and their breeder associates sit in their million dollar houses laughing like slavemasters and issuing commands and lies.

When is the rescue community going to have an I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE moment?

When will the rescue community break their chains of enslavement that the breeders locked on them with No Kill?

When will rescuers stick up for the animals, instead of protecting breeder interests?

How long will they let profiteers like Keith spit in their faces? How long will they let the Chronicle spit in their faces? Or Winograd? Or Best Friends Animal Society, another charade in cahoots with the breeders and now with puppy mill affiliate breeders on their board using the organization so management can get triple figure salaries and free houses?

Anonymous said...

"I do remember a comment section where she denied being a breeder, at least until links were put up proving her to be a liar, nothing else from Keithie."

No, lying Christie Keith got proven a liar and then she ADMITTED she was a breeder and whined that is was ok to lie about it and hide it in the column, in her personal blog.

The Chronicle and Moon never came clean and issued a correction or forced her to reveal her business interests that were in conflict with her job with them.

Of course if her editor Moon admitted that Moon had lied AGAIN and covered fir a liar, then Moon might have been fired, as she should have been when she was caught lying the first time and got suspended.

The Chronicle is knowingly allowing Keith to misrepresent herself and hide her business interests, and knowingly allowing her to lie in her column and produce business propaganda hiding under the mask of a columnist.

Christie Keith does not represent animal welfare, shelters, shelter animals, the public. Christie Keith ONLY represents the FINANCIAL INTERESTS OF BREEDERS.

The San Francisco Chronicle is allowing AKC, through propagandist Keith, to get free advertising and lobbying.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, you might want to post a link to the recent New York Times article exposing the AKC puppy mill racket that Keith is protecting with Winograd and the others.

The AKC is Christie Keith's real employer.

Did you see the article?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:07, put up the link, not sure which one you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

It's a joke, Christie Keith issuing orders to the rescue community to LIE for her and Winograd, and cover up the torture she and her breeders are committing through No Kill to save their $$$$$.

Christie Keith, who does nothing but breed and enable more animals to be bred and profit from it, and increase the overpopulation.

Keith, who doesn't lift one finger to help a shelter pet or spend a dime.

However, I think she really is also issuing orders to the dumb breeders to threaten people who expose the torture.

The breeders are getting taken by Winograd too, and Keith is helping him do it to her own.

Anonymous said...

The AKC and their puppy mill business exposed, in all their procruelty glory


Anonymous said...

It isn't just that there are so many purebred, or breeder mixes, in the shelters.
Breeders are responsible for what they call the "mutts" too.

Breeders sell UNALTERED dogs to the public to save money and increase their profits.

Some of them claim to make people sign "spay neuter" contracts but those are NOT LEGALLY BINDING.

They are worthless, sham pieces of paper, to cover up the breeders' irresponsibility.

The buyers can do what they want, and what the buyers do is breed the dogs or let them breed, or have "accident" litters.

Thus the shelters are filled.

"Mutts" are just mixes of unaltered purebred dogs.

Anonymous said...

I am falling over with laughter.

This puppy mill supporting akc breeder Keith is telling people not to look at the breeder behind the curtain, ignore the breeders that are causing the problem and start blaming the shelters that get the breeders castoffs dropped on them.



She isn't just spitting in the face of rescue, she is taking a big dump in their faces

poor winograd, he just got outed by keith. she just admitted that the breeders are behind all this and to leave them alone and let them keep breeding and cheating!!!!

She ratted it all out!!!!


Anonymous said...

honesty, woulsd you consider posting a blog piece about that AKC article? Some people would love to read it I'm sure because it explains who is controling Winograd.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I'll work on that article. Did you notice Pasedo's Safe Haven is involved? WTF????

They sent Katrina dogs to a known hoarder, were told over and over, Pasedo threatened people with lawsuits that were telling them about this hoarder. It ends up that the hoarder was busted and dogs from Katrina were dead in the same crates they came in.

Anonymous said...

It is worse than that on Pasado's Safe Haven. It's in state of Washington, right, or was?

The heads of Pasado's Safe Haven No Kill sanctuary or shelter whatever they called themselves, were taking donor money and spending it building luxury homes worth nearly a million dollars. Other luxuries too.

They also lied about where donations went, and were collecting for pets they claimed to have at that sanctuary that were long dead.

The IRS shut down Pasado's Safe Haven. It was a scam.

The media gave Pasado's all kinds of attention before they got busted but they didn't do their research. They got taken.

It was the usual sob stories getting people to do chip ins or paypal them money, like all these No Kill people are constantly begging for on Facebook and other places. They just abused the money.

That's the face of No Kill, or what Winograd and his friends have turned it into

I think No Kill started out with good intentions but then scammers moved in and took over and people are being ripped off by all these No Kill sanctuary and advocacy setups. The money is just being stolen and abused, and people get told empty promises and lies.

Anonymous said...

Christie Keith was one of the ones who sold out her own breeders to Winograd.

I love it when she tells her own kind what they should say!

HonestyHelps said...

The link that Anon:18 provided is about "Margi" Hamilton, not Margaret. Brenda Barnette and Hamilton showed dogs together. Barnette is a major shrill, at least when she was in WA, for the Wino. Pasedo is linked to Barnette as well.

And yes, I am aware of all the shit in the background of Pasedo. Nasty people, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Kim Sgro. She was hired at Pasado's Safe Haven No Kill and sent those katrina dogs to their death at the hoarders.

Pasado collected millions in money from donors crying about their "katrina rescues" and claiming they were No Kill and would "adopt out" all rescued dogs.

Typical No Kill lies.

But they didn't take the dogs home despite the fact they had gotten money from the public claiming to be saving them.

Like Best Friends, like No Kills all over, Pasado's just dumped the dogs to die at a known hoarders.

Kim Sgro was the one who sent them there. There was a news article about it.

They obviously thought no one would find out about the killed dogs, but whistleblowers pushed the issue as they knew it was a hoarder. The whistleblowers saved the dogs, the hoarder was arrested, and HSUS and a local humane society spent their money cleaning up and vetting all the dogs and getting them into homes.

The management of Pasado's Safe Haven No Kill threatened the whistleblowers with lawsuits if they continued to demand answers about the dogs and the hoarder. They refused to shut up. Thankfully they didn't get intimidated by the Pasado's No Kill criminals because the dogs were found days later still packed into the same crates that Pasado's shipped them to the hoarders in. They hadn't had any food or water. Some were dead.

Kim Sgro disappeared after that cruel activity then resurfaced in King County Washington in league with Brenda Barnette and Winograd and a Best Friend shill to harass local animal control to try to take over No Kill style and take taxpayer money to do the same damn thing she did at Pasado's!

Winograd and Barnette teamed up with a woman who sent dogs to die at a hoarders while she and her No Kill organization claimed they were "saving lives" and claimed that No Kill worked, and got money by claiming that No Kill worked.

Winograd and Barnette and Best Friends are doing the same thing today to the dogs of Los Angeles as happened to those katrina dogs.

They want the dogs to die unseen and unknown, where no one can count their deaths, so the No Kill industry can hide the truth.

Anonymous said...

That logic is kind of like blaming hospitals for disease and death or jails for crime and then pressuring them to reform. Bizzare logic at best.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see that another writer was just as puzzled by Keith's crazy post. Great response: