Monday, April 1, 2013


Over a long holiday weekend, this article received over 1400 facebook recommendations!!

I wonder how many "pro bono" cases NKN's attorney will be willing to handle. Can't sue them all.


Anonymous said...

I have seen no kill use this strategy before against shelters. Typically starts with a "volunteer" who just wants to help. Volunteer takes pictures, distorts facts then claims whistle blower status when challenged and gets pro bono legal help from no kill. "Volunteer" starts Facebook page and bashes shelter. No killers many of which are out of state and have never seen the shelter "like" on Facebook and send politicians emails all managed by no kill. Politicians freak out and decide to go no kill. Problem is they don't want to raise taxes so politicians provide no funding. Shelter becomes over crowded. Animals get sick. No kill blames shelter. Animals suffer. This is an especially effective strategy in small communities where the voter turn out for elected officials is low and results may swing on a hand full of votes! Also these communities typically have limed funds to fight any law suit.

Anonymous said...

These nuts are screwing over the people who are working like slaves doing all the work for them!

Talk about stupid.

The only thing they accomplish by these lawsuits is a lot of bad feelings and bad history that then is out there for everyone to read no matter how they try to silence it, and they look like guilty people trying to hide something.

Successful and smart people don't get into these sleazy lawsuits because it makes them look bad. It's much smarter to ignore than to inflame passions and build enemies as well as create a history of aggression.

I would never have heard about the money scam with the donations if it hadn't been for THEIR lawsuit. Their lawsuit made me look into the whole thing, and research the personalities, and what they were up to.

Winograd seems to hook up with people who do him tremendous amounts of negativity and harm, and he isn't able to see how he is just cutting off his nose to spite his face. The suing thing is a new height of stupidity that only weakens him. STUPID!

Anonymous said...

Did you see what these AKC breeders are up to? Child rape as well as The Puppy Guy dog breeding business.

The breeder No Kill community ha!


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Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I know this is off topic to this particular post, but it might be something you'd like to write about in the future.

Anonymous said...

Well a couple of quick updates from Texas. HB (House Bill) 2981 (Basically CAPA without the provision to eliminate gassing) died in the Calendars Committee without making it any further. Translation: The bill was so weak they did not even put it on the Calendar to be considered. That is despite a ridiculous last minute attempt by Ryan Clinton to put together a story in what appeared to be a legitimate "Headline News Feed" and try to share it all over Facebook. Hint to Mr. Clinton. Might want to have some additional news content in your "News Feed" if people are going to think it is more than just a propaganda forum. Kind of gives it away when you click on all the other category buttons (Sports, World News, etc.) only to discover there is nothing there! Oh and guess who the story Ryan Clinton wrote blames for opposing CAPA in Texas. You guessed it PETA! And his logic: PETA does not think domestic animals should run the streets so they must be against Texas HB 2981(which basically red tapes the entire shelter, rescue process) and guess who you should support. You guessed it "No Kill". Is someone getting paid to attack PETA!

On a related note if any one is curious and I kind of hate to encourage this. Take a look at Mr. Winograd's lattest rant about PETA. Then take a look at the "Center For Consumer Freedoms" lattest rant about PETA. Wow and both published within 24 hours of each other. Ryan Clinton rant about PETA, Winogrand rant about PETA, Center for Consumer Freedoms rant about PETA. Coincidence? Do I see a connection here?

I have personally have mixed emotions about PETA but clearly there seems to be an organizied attempt to discredit them. I wonder why. A couple of options. Option 1. Discrediting PETA will save tons of additional animals being killed in shelters today and giving the money to No Kill (which spends nothing on animals) will help the animals out. Option 2. PETA is against breeders who make the AKC millions by new puppy registrations every year.

I am pretty much leaning with Option 2!

Anonymous said...

PETA has been active in investigating hoarders where Winograd's No Kill sends animals to die, hidden from sight.

Winograd and breeder company want to send animals to die at hoarders so they can keep coming up with fake statistics falsely claiming success

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Honesty, I really miss your blog updates on this blog. Hope you will pick up on it again!