Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Yes, I know. I have had a lot of fires to put out here lately and the blog has suffered. 

A few weeks ago, No Kill Nation hired Jim Crosby to do a seminar on pit bulls in Miami. Along with him was Victoria Stilwell. Let's take a closer look at these bedfellows.

Jim Crosby. Resigned in disgrace from Bay County, Florida. An investigation proved that he condone the slaughtering and eating of a pet pig. This was not a hog, this was a pet and there were two families waiting to adopt it. Crosby also is two faced, saying one thing to No Kill about pits while testifying totally different in court cases. 

Victoria Stilwell. A failed actress who became a dog walker to pay the rent. Next thing she is considered an "expert" but how?? What has she done to make that claim? Credentials? She got credentials via mail order. Although she uses the clicker method to train, she goes against everything that the inventor of the clicker method says about pit bulls. What does she know, she's only been around for a little over a decade.

Then we have the infamous Camille Hankins that is all over No Kill Nation. And NKN is planning a protest with Hankins against PeTA. Well, well, well, does anyone know about this infamous abuser? Why is No Kill Nation kissing her ass? Because No Kill Nation hasn't got the sense to come in out of a shower of rain, that's why. 

Is this the best that No Kill Nation can do, pig killers, mail order certificates, and known abusers as their followers? No respectable person would ever consider being a part of No Kill Nation. 


dawn james said...

whitewash jimmy is a shill for the pit bull industrial complex and victoria stillwell is an empty headed bimbo.

Anonymous said...

Does Victoria Stilwell know she is involved with animal abusers? Is she willing to sell her butt to this?

Anonymous said...

A protest against Peta and not all of the zillions of animal-abusing corporations out there? Clearly, NKN is the animal abusers' best asset.

Hankins is a true loose cannon who vilifies the ASPCA for euthanizing Oreo, a pit bull so dangerous it attacked the people trying to do a temperament test. What a great household pet.

Anonymous said...

More information about Camille Hankins. Her court case documents are posted. She was convicted of animal cruelty.