Thursday, September 25, 2014


UPDATE:  Looks like Barbara Kay reamed you a new one, Cooper. Whiney Boy will love that.

So D(umb) A(ss) Cooper is at it again in that Huff Puff rag. Following his Master's order to get the bad man. Cooper hasn't the sense to come in from a shower of rain, hasn't he even seen the light yet? His Messiah was proven to be a false prophet, an out and out liar. Cooper isn't as stupid as we think, he knows his Messiah has fallen and he is right there trying to pick up the distressed groupies.

What does DA know about pit bulls anyway? What are his credentials when it comes to pits? What are his contributions, other than lip service, to the issue of pits? I doubt seriously he even wrote that piece, I lay my bets that Whiney Boy himself wrote it. Cooper isn't that bright a bulb.

Cooper, who isn't in his homeland fighting cruelty there, isn't in the States either so he contributes nothing here. Nope, he is in Mexico claiming to be saving a rare breed aka breeding for big bucks is how it translates. Living the good life with a little girlie girl who loves to kiss on chihuahuas. I would say this is a better reason for his living in Mexico than trying to save a breed. Some things just aren't allowed in this country. What's the matter, Douglas Anthony Cooper, isn't Lucy enough woman for you?

And his book goes right along with it, a child's book for his girlfriend. How sweet of him. So here is Barbara Kay's review of that book. And the funds raised for it seem somewhat suspect to me.

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