Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!

Looking back, this blog has been neglected for too long. So much has happened in the past year. Between the demise of No Kill, hoarders running all over the country and transporters loadin' 'em up, not a lot of time for the blog. I would like to ask the readers to submit links for stories that you want to see captured here for easy searching. Where do we start?

I think the first place with be with the 'movie' of Nathan Winograd. The man doesn't do one single thing to help animals directly but he has time and money for a movie? C'mon. Whiney Boy criticizes HSUS for not spending their money on shelters, does he realize he is the pot calling the kettle black? He does nothing to contribute other than run his mouth. His actions, or lack thereof, prove he is full of it or rather full of himself. He actually believes he will walk the red carpet at the Oscar's this year. Does his ego know no limits?

Take a look at his version of 'sell out' crowds at his movie. I would say there are more empty seats than attendees. Maybe it was intermission and they all went to potty. I'm quite sure he has some kind of excuse. Here's but three.


Poor Valerie, she failed her Messiah, more empty seats. It was so bad she had to resort to showing Whino rolling on the floor with a dog more than showing all those empty seats. No officials, nothing, once again. LOL


Mary Cummins said...

Pretty self serving to make a documentary honoring yourself for something you never accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Im not a fan of Winograd or NKN but the Humane Society of the United States does not spent their milions helping animals. They are as crooked as so many other orgs. Helpng animals has turned out to be nothing but big business. Money continues to roll into these places but doesnt go out to help cats and dogs. If we spayed and neutered every dog and cat in America.......many businesses would go out of business.

By20hounds said...

Saving animals has become big business with huge financial rewards. It is not unusual to have "rescue" groups like Miami Dade's Abandoned Dogs in the Everglades pull in over a half million dollars in donations alledgely rewarding its founder Amy Roman with a whopping $50,000 salary and a new SUV to cart the rescues around. Groups like No Kill Nation drag in even more money while handing those donations over to breeder supporters or attorneys used to protect the golden goose called No Kill. Groups like Best Friends aren't immune to chasing down the millions in donations either. You won't hear these groups exercising any common sense political changes like supporting BREEDER LICENSING which untimately would not only lower shelter kill numbers through a reduced pet overpopulation but quite possibly put a huge number of rescue scammers and non profit parasites out of business. Shouldn't THAT be our goal?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Missed you.