Thursday, October 30, 2014


The types that are attracted to No Kill never cease to amaze me. We have, of course, the likes of Best Fiends, or Best Friends, as idiots call them. A cult who figured out they got more money from pimping animals than from passing around the church plate.

Now here is Jane Berkey, idol and hero to every pit lover in the country. If you don't know her, here is but some info on this woman.

Seems there are other loves of Ms. Berkey. Warning: May be more than you want to know.

Credibility. Know thy enemy better than you know thyself. Attack credibility. How many officials want to be linked with the likes of these folks? More tools for the arsenal.


Anonymous said...

From the Frying Pan Into the Fire, thanks to No Kill.

If you remeber the recent meltdown with the Olympic Animal Sanctuary and Steve Markwell. Markwell was connected to Best Friends Animals Society and was being promoted as a person who took in dogs that had attacked or killed and rehabilitated them. This was shown to be not only a total lie, but he was torturing killing and abusing the dogs that were given to him.

A group of No Killers did the right thing and exposed him, and he gave up the dogs but now they are just repeating his crimes and getting those dogs hurt after they have been collecting a lot of money for them.

With aggressive dogs like the ones sent to Markwell's, people can't keep them. Best Friends certainly won'tt use any of their millions to take them in, even though they had people send dogs to Markwell and hid his abuses. and sent their own dogs to him too.

So instead of doing the right thing, these No Killers are just reshipping the dogs that came from Markwell's to new hoarders. This woman where they sent this poor dog to has packs of aggressive pit bulls, and this poor dog got attacked when they dumped the dog there and lost a leg. She even said it was lucky that she was there, or obviously her pack of pit bulls would have killed him.

How could they ever give a dog to someone like this and a situation like this which has BAD all over it? What is wrong with the veterinary clinic that knows she's doing these dangerous things? Who knows how many dogs have died here? But they just keep begging for more money. It's really a crime.

This was their posting begging for money and revealing what happened to this poor dog in the name of No Kill. I just can't believe they did this, the problems with this woman's place are so obvious, but they sent the dog any way just to unload the dog and dump the responsibility. I'll put their post in another post.

Anonymous said...

This was in their public post. It makes me sick. Newton NJ Animal Hospital, they make me sick.


For those who have not heard, Midas is struggling for his life right now.
We were told that so many have invested so much in the former OAS dogs---their time/their money/their love----that it would be okay to let everyone know what happened.

Linda asks for your prayers and positive energy for Midas.
No negativity, please. Fights sometimes happen, and we are glad Linda was there to break it up. (somehow, she was not badly hurt).
We will post more as we hear more. Thank you for any help!

Here is what was posted by one person:
Dear dog loving friends - please share this and help if you can. Linda Schroeder is an amazing woman who rescues dogs that many people have given up on Her pack got into a fight yesterday and although most are fine, of them, Midas, was severely injured. He is in the hospital and has had two surgeries. Please read the story below and share, share, share and help if you can. Thank you.

And another:
Okay folks, an amazing woman in the rescue community can really use some help. Linda Schroeder is a professional dog trainer, and takes in fosters and adopts dogs most of the world would give up on, many of which are seniors. Her pack got into a really bad fight yesterday. Although most walked away with minor wounds, Midas was not so lucky. He suffered major damage to tissues and arteries. He's already had surgery, and will need more. Midas is one of the dogs from OAS in Washington, the "sanctuary" of evil. He lived in horrific conditions for a long time. He finally got a home with Linda in NJ, and now he is going to need a lot of vet care to survive.

Some of you may remember the story of Unlucky Victor, the Pit Bull that was rescued full of gunshot pellets and had a shattered hip from being kicked multiple times. He also had stage 3 heartworm. Linda is the person who took him to foster in 2011, and eventually adopted him in 2013. He underwent multiple surgeries and extensive treatment and rehabilitation, much of which she paid for.

She adopted a senior dog from an NYC shelter to save him from being euthanized, so he could have a beautiful place to spend his final days. She does so much and never asks for help. Hell, she schedules free training days in her area that anyone with a dog is welcome to take advantage of.

She is one of the few people in the rescue community I wholeheartedly trust and respect. She's not asking for anything, but she can use some help with the vet costs for Midas. If you're not comfortable donating to her PayPal, the vet information is also below. Don't underestimate how much even a small $5 donation will help. She gives, and gives, and gives without ever even expecting a word of gratitude. She deserves our help and support. If you can't donate please share.

Linda's PayPal is flypiper@**.com

You can also donate directly to Newton Animal Hospital 973-xxx-XXXX.

Anonymous said...

I'm really worried about the other dogs at that place in NJ and who might be sending more dogs to bad things there.

Why do people keep shipping off dogs to places like this because someone says they are ok or claims they are some kind of professional? That is how Markwell ended up with those dogs

I'm so sick about these lies about professional dog trainers. No professional takes in aggressive dogs and can't handle the situation and has them fighting in packs or puts them in a situation where that could even happen. Or is taking in too many dogs so that something like this can happen

Plus she's leaving them alone in these packs

Another dumping ground. I hope that word can get out in NJ and NY and anywhere else so no one is sending dogs there. I hope thast someone can find out what is really going on because the vet doesn't seem to give a damn

Anonymous said...

It's called Oscar, oscar animal rescue

She also claims she flies planes and picks up dogs from shelters.


Anonymous said...

Here she is with one of the pit bulls, maybe the one that nearly tore the leg off the dog from OAS

Is anyone being the adult here and realizing that something is going very wrong? Packs of pit bulls means dog fights and dog killing and no other breeeds should be subjected to that


Anonymous said...

I just saw that Bonney Brown abruptly resigned from Nevada Humane Society last year where she had been making a mess for Winograd for six years. Nothing but lies about her disasters online, but do you know why she finally hauled her butt out of there? Someone posted they had lost 4.1 million and were still hemorrraging money, so was that it, or the overcrowding, or something else? Wasn't there a blog that covered the mess she made and the lies she told?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see you posting to your blog again. I have seen a disturbing trend where a lot of animal advocates are not maintaining their blogs and not doing the investigative reporting they once did through that avenue and are using things like Facebook more.

The problem with this is that when people search for issues on something like a google search, the Facebook posts won't come up and people can't see the history behind some of the issues and people. This makes it easier for the No killer killers to hide their crimes abd their histories.

Also a lot of people are not on Facebook and can't read posts or the no killers are making fake complaints to Facebook and getting them thrown off, so valuable information can't be given

The blogs are important documentation especially when people like Doug Rae keep getting recycled. If people can't search and find good exposure of their past crimes and histories, they just don't know and can get fooled by the new lies, since the media often lies for them.

It is impossible to track this kind of alternative investigative work through Facebook.

i hope to see people like Randy Decarlo posting new investigative studies on their blogs and things like opposing views. They reach a lot more people and are great reference for the future, and a way to share information .

Anonymous said...

This Schroder woman is still trying to make money from these people after dshe got this dog nearly killed, and now she's selling dolls. No One is addressing the fact that something very wrong is going on at her place and there is no no supervision and dogs are getting hurt or killed


Who even knows where the money is going, this money is going into her personal accounts and no one is there checking up on the dogs