Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So let's see what we have here. We have a man (I'm making an assumption) who is from Canada, now living in Mexico, has little lap dogs, and runs with a very young crowd. Did I mention that he is 57 years old? Yet the pictures he uses on all his 'writings' is not that of a 57 year old. Guess he figures can't catch those young groupies with a picture of an old man.

This man writes about pit bulls but where is his credentials for doing so? He doesn't own one and doesn't the pit community insist that you don't know a pit unless you own one? 

He claims he isn't a Berman puppet, but he spews every word that Berman spews. Berman now includes him on his sites and the man still wants to claim he isn't on a payroll? Cooper isn't making a living writing Travel and Leisure articles, money has to be coming from elsewhere. 

Take a gander of this old man with his 'friend' who is young enough to be his granddaughter. Take a gander at his dogs, narry a pit bull to be seen. Just like with Winograd, they want everyone else to jeopardize their families with a pit bull, but they don't put their money where their mouths are. 

Yep, his number is easy to figure out. 


Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
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This is Pat Dunaway said...

Oh admit it Dougie, you are obsessed with me, can't stay away. C'mon, I have those screen shots with Lucy planning blogs and pages about me. Obsessed you are.

I didn't report your ass, Dougie. They were asking about you. I doubt seriously you have tried to cross the border, you lie about everything else.

You're a old fart who's washed out just like Winograd. You need to be upset about how many No Kill killed last year and the year before. PeTA can't even compete with the killing fields of No Kill, you little fart.

This is Pat Dunaway

Anonymous said...

Well, now we all know why no real publishing house will touch this person Cooper with a ten foot pole.

Every time I see Cooper posting, he's making some kind of threat or another

He just gets in deeper and deeper.

He makes threats about doing harm to people, especially women, then when someone says they are reporting him for making threats and promising to do harm to women, he makes more threats, as though he can't remember the threats he already left a trail of online, maybe directly too?.

Is this idiot for real?

This is the same joker who solicited fake reviews for his ebooks right? Is this a parody? Is someone setting up Winograd?

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this that I stumbled on about Berman, Martosko, Winograd, and their attack om Peta for exposing No Kill.


Anonymous said...

I also wanted to pass this along that I just happened to find.

It took these people this long to figure out that Barnette is a fraud working for the breeders?


Anonymous said...
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Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
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Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
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HonestyHelps said...

LOL, oh sure that's a good address, go there and find out. LOL

Cooper you don't scare anyone. No one is hiding, fool, for you to find.

You're more washed up than Whiney Boy.

BTW when you plan to go to that address, let us know, we want to see the look on your face when you get there. LOL


Tell you what, Dougie, I'll come to you. Just walk up Callie de la Reforma to the corner of Murguia. Meet you there next Saturday at 3:00. Once we are finished, I can visit the museum afterwards. I doubt you will be in any shape to accompany me. See you then, let's see what a big man you are when you are face to face.


Dougie, you are a real hoot. You know nothing, you wasted little fool. Go over to that address, see what is there, I dare you.

You didn't show today, Coward.


Cooper the Pooper, is your book out yet? What's the holdup, another war? LOL

If anyone is guilty of anything, you would be it. Can you say fraud? You've collected money for yourself without providing the book.

Maybe you are so washed out, you can't even write a children's book. LOL

Douglas Anthony Cooper said...
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You are so full of shit. The only thing with the FBI is about YOUR stalking and Winograd's stalking of Pat Dunaway. Dumb ass. Plus if you did go to the FBI, and I don't believe that for a moment, they would tell you that you are the stalker, that you are on their list because of association with a movement that is on their list.

""helpful if investigators know where you live. I don't intend to make your details public."" WHAT? You don't have to tell an 'investigator' this info, that is what they investigate. Make the details public, I dare your sorry asse to do that.

Now I challenge you to publish the name of the FBI person you spoke with. You should be able to do that, I'm sure they gave you a business card.

You are totally breaking the law with the shit you do, you fool. You know it too. That's why you live in Mexico.

Why didn't you show up? That trip cost a good bit of money. You are a coward, hiding behind your computer, just a washed up coward.


Cooper, you don't know enough to be worried about the FBI. You don't know how Winograd is associated with a terrorist group that is on their list.

""According to the FBI, ALF and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) alone are responsible for more than 600 criminal acts in the United States since 1996, causing damages in excess of $43 million dollars.


(Patty Ruland posed the question to Winograd as to why he doesn't disassociate himself from this radical group. Instead he encourages them.)

To continue:

While their actions have not yet taken human life, federal and state lawmakers are proposing legislation to give more muscle to
law enforcement efforts against those committing violent acts in the name of animal rights or the environment. ALF is listed as one of the U.S. Department of Justice’s domestic terror organizations. While the ADL­LA
claims not to know the identity of ALF members, both groups are part of the recently formed NortH American Animal Liberation Press Office. The office received
communiqu├ęs from anonymous sources to publicize actions made by animal ­rights groups. It also opens up lines of communications between animal rights groups.""

So you have placed yourself in a bad position following Whiney Boy. He is indeed on their radar and his associates.

I would love to be a fly on the wall if and when you are foolish enough to speak with the FBI. LOL


BTW Dumb Ass Cooper, your deleting your comments doesn't work. They are sent in emails and they are still there. LOL