Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Poor little Dougie, Ledy, Pacelle, Whiney. They are all crying in their vegan soup at this point. 

They have been stopped in their tracks this year. Very proud to report that during the first quarter of the 2015 legislative season, state preemption bills prohibiting local governments from enacting breed-specific laws were brought in five states

To put it simply, so far in 2015 Best Fiends has a 0% success rate in passing legislation. Last year, 2014, wasn't much better with only a 33% success rate.

This is without money and that makes it all the more amazing. Grassroots all the way. 

Yeah, poor Dougie with all his efforts, if you want to call his uneducated rants an effort, failed to convince people. Guess folks just don't read that rag he writes for. 


Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in a new documentary that exposes the politics behind the for-profit dog industry lobbying, like the breeders who are in bed with Cooper and Winograd to protect their puppy mills and dog fighting rackets, and the corporate agriculture industry that is behind it all.

Cooper and Winograd and the AKC fascists can't support puppy mills, dog fighting, and the interests of those industries on their own. They work through the corporate agriculture industry lobbies, including foreign interests in those industries.

Those corporate interests will happily pay off dirty little greedy greaseballs to create No Kill groups to trick people into supporting corporate agriculture financial interests and breeding cruelty.

Anonymous said...

Also this FB page that is confronting the liars at AKC who are still protecting puppy mills, hoarders, and dog fighting.

You can still see the breeders show up in the comments though claiming they are wonderful show breeders and don't make money, those liars.

Anonymous said...

More on the truth behind Winograd's and Copper
s bed buddies, the AKC, and their profit interests in supporting puppy mills

Anonymous said...

AKC and Big Ag lobbyist Rick Berman in bed with each other, and Winograd and Cooper, etc too. This is what is behind Cooper, Winograd, and their breeder affiliates whp use No Kill to torture animals and oppose meaningful regulations.

How does AKC pay off Berman? Through shell game front groups to hide them! The payoffs get laundered

Petitioning American Kennel Club
May 29 at 11:47am · Edited ·

"The American Kennel Club maintains it is not a Berman customer. It has “never made financial contributions to HumaneWatch or the Center for Consumer Freedom, nor has it been a client of Richard Berman,” a club spokeswoman said in a prepared statement.

However, on Jan. 25 and 26, at the American Kennel Club’s 2014 Legislative Conference at its headquarters in Raleigh, N.C., one of the presenters was Sarah Longwell, a senior vice president of Berman and Co. She talked about and how to handle animal advocates. Her talk was entitled, “Taking Back the Conversation.”

When asked about how Longwell came to be present at the gathering or whether she was compensated, Kennel Club spokeswoman Hillary Prim sent an email message saying the organization would not be making any further statement. Longwell didn’t return calls seeking comment." Source:…/the-sleazy-war-on-the-humane…

packhorse said...

No need to hate on vegans. I'm a vegan and am pro-BSL.

HonestyHelps said...

Packhorse, absolutely no offense intended. And bless you for both.