Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Have An Anniversary-Bow to God

Let me brag on myself, it is a one year anniversary of my book. Course the whole world is reading it and I have made lots of money. I need that money too because fewer and fewer are buying into my BS on "No Kill" so I had to do something to support myself. By the way, I now charge to speak to people and some are foolish enough to pay. Like PT Barum said, there's one born every minute and PT is definitely my hero.

My book outlines the history of animal control is this country. Course I don't give any footnotes or reference materials so one can check on my writing for themselves, don't want them doing that, might find out I "fudged" a little. Course "fudging" is my mainstay and people know that, so they give me slack.

My book, of course, tells everyone that I am the way and the Savior, there are no others before me, you will follow my commandments. (Oops, sorry, I had the bible sitting next to me) But it is true, I am the only way and I am big headed enough to say it.

I can picture now the types who are reading my book. As they sit in front of the TV eating bon-bons, haven't washed in days, and sinking lower into the sofa with the weight of their body, my book is providing hours of time to eat their bon-bons, they like books like this.

I just know that one day people will put my book on the same level as the Bible, they will proclaim me as the second coming and I will accept.

And never mind that my book didn't answer many questions as to how to accomplish "No Kill", you don't need to know that. I just put it out there and let you figure out how to force people to foster and volunteer or where all the rescues are going to come from to take the animals out of the shelters. Never mind that I forgot to add in a few things that would alter my perception that there are enough homes, and therefore there is no pet overpopulation problem.

Also the fact that I have had nothing but failures this past year has not hurt sales of my book. There's always the kooks such as the ADL-LA to threaten people into accepting me. And the hoarders, they love me too. So there will always be the outer fringe of mentally that will be there for me.

My book, "Back to the Dark Ages" is a must buy for all of you who have no idea what the problem is, for all those who breed and keep our shelters full. As long as the breeders are my buddies, I have nothing to fear. They will keep our shelters full and hopefully, I will get some work from it. Keep it up Breeders, I love you.

Another Satire by Honesty Helps.


Happy Camper said...

Per epc his book was a total flop and I think so too. It is praised in the same way his shelter directors are, by him alone

HonestyHelps said...

I love the review that is posted by Oreo on "his" book. It asks the questions that need to be asked. But his book is read by those who don't have a clue, just like him. So they don't know the questions and after reading his book, they certainly don't know the answers.

Happy Camper said...

touche !! well said, all of the reasons he seeks the uninformed.the emperor..

Anonymous said...

The book flopped.

He gave out lots of free copies.

The "animal rights category?" It's miniscule.

And the awards are from BREEDER INTERESTS that are falsely claiming to be impartial.

Dog Writers whatever for example. A bunch of crazy breeder lobbyists.

His write-ups that he brags of were promotions from his BREEDER FRIENDS that hide the fact they are breeders, like Christie Keith of the SF Chronicle.

HonestyHelps said...

One would think the Whino would be ashamed to have people like Christie supporting him but he isn't. His ungodly attitude about what the problem is won't let him admit that "hobby" breeding is what has gotten us into this situation. The man is crazed to think that each man, woman, and child in this country should own 15-20 animals, then there would be no pet overpopulation - maybe.

Anonymous said...

Very true.

The problem in the hobby breeding world is that these self-professed "responsible" breeders are opposed to things like breeder licensing (that could help deal with the puppy mills, dog fighters, etc) because the hobby breeders are running very lucrative businesses, breaking all kinds of local zoning and other laws, and HIDING INCOME. They don't pay taxes.

They whine that they "lose money." That is a crock. They make a bundle. But they deceive to keep the tax man off their backs, as well as others cracking down on their infractions.

And many breeders who claim they are "hobbyists or reputable are actually running mills themselves.

The other problem is that the world of "hobby" breeding is BUILT ON THE BLOOD MONEY OF PUPPY MILL REGISTRATIONS. It is puppy mill registrations that keep the AKC going. They have business deals with horrendous mill brokers like Hunte Corp.

Without puppy mill money, those "hobby" breeders wouldn't have their shows and their organization that lobbies for them and enables their games and pays for the "hobby."

So the AKC gets its "hobbyists" to lobby for the puppy mills interests, convincing them that puppy mill interests are also the "hobby" breeder interests.

AKC breeders are actively colluding with puppy mill lobbyists and opposing everything from breeder licensing to mill inspections to anti-cruelty laws.

Their emails and boards discuss this activity.

A very dirty state of affairs.

And people like Christie Keith don't admit that they benefit from the puppy mills through the AKC.

Other breeder/fake journalists include Gina Spadafori (Christie Keith's friend, who used to write for the Sacramento Bee but now gets another fake hack to write pro-breeder propaganda for that publication,) Denise Flaim (of Newsday. She works for the AKC, and writes shameless promotion pieces for AKC too, promoting things like their microchipping business that she benefits from as an AKC breeder.) Also Kim Campbell Thornton (writes a pets column for MSNBC that is especially poor. Just the dumbest of lies and obvious proganda. No wonder MSNBC is at the bottom.)

These breeder lobbyists all know each other, share the same propaganda, discuss their agendas with each other, and cover for each other.

And all deceive the public and their publications about their for-profit business agendas.

They all also promote Nathan Winograd. Because Nathan helps them lobby for the financial interests of breeders.

They know him personally and have a relationship.

They all spread around Winograd's misinformation or outright deceptions. When Winograd wants to spread a rumor or some misinformation, they are ready and willing to do the deed. And they have repeatedly.

It's a dirty, dirty state of affairs in the world of the media.

Anonymous said...

The breeding lobby also cooked up the whole deception that mandatory spay neuter MSN increases pet deaths. It's a crock.

The breeders don't want MSN because they would have to get licensed and account for how many unaltered dogs they have, therefore giving away an idea of their sales (which are higher than they claim, and they haven't been collecting sales tax and reporting the income/paying taxes.) And are running illegal businesses.

They also don't want to spay/neuter before sale because it CUTS INTO PROFITS.

So they cooked up this scam that falsely claims that MSN is "bad" for pets.

Look at the guy that Nathan just interviewed. The one who is claiming that mandatory spay neuter in Los Angeles has increased pet deaths. Well IT HASN'T EVEN STARTED YET IN LOS ANGELES. The law hasn't even taken effect.

He is flat out lying.

They get caught in lies so many times, but they just keep on lying.

And Nathan Winograd is more than willing to spread these lies that the breeder lobbyists cooked up to protect their financial interests.

HonestyHelps said...

Unfortunately the AKC is well tuned and has been devoting funds for lobby activities for a long time. And you have to deal with it amongest the elected officials. One assistance City Manager in Rancho became very upset because his wife breeds and he jumped me for calling it backyard breeding. He said that his puppies are inside but I told him the name still applies. Then in trying to get the Board of Equalization to go after "breeders" I find that my rep has a sister who breeds and he would not help. We need legislation on this issue for conflict of interests.

And the media only wants a good story. We have to be on the lookout for articles and respond to them immediately to overcome the BS from the media. Complaints to the editor that a reporter is bias in their writing is a start. Asking for equal time for an editorial has results at times. The breeders have a good communication network and we need to establish one too.

And I have given thought lately that maybe the Whino was solicited by the breeding community and he has been working for them all along. All that he stands for helps the breeding community, no new laws, do away with old laws, no pet overpopulation, etc. There has to be reasons why he stands for these things when we all know that they hurt the shelters and animal control.

Yep, I think he has been on their payroll for a long time and making fools of us all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I absolutely believe he has been. I do think when he started, Winograd thought that he could be the cult leader for the humane community. I think he thought that the humane community was naive and easily tricked and would give him money to pontificate.

Some are, but not enough. And he has turned off so many former cult members through his hostility, failures, and the suffering that no kill has created.

I think he had an egotistical hole that needed to be filled, and a need for cash, and the breeding community saw an easy tool.

And I think he is getting lobbying money. The lobbying money in the breeding world is spread around in secret, and deceptively. They feed money to their shills. Hush hush.

As regards those community leaders that are protecting their relatives, they are protecting tax cheats, pure and simple. Those breeders are not declaring income or collecting sales tax, etc, and there ARE legislators who are concerned about that.

If someone is abusing their office to protect a relative's tax cheat business, that is worse.

THis "Then in trying to get the Board of Equalization to go after "breeders" I find that my rep has a sister who breeds and he would not help" needs to go to the Governor's office and the press.

Everywhere, communties are cutting services because of the decline in the economy. They cannot afford to let the tax scofflaws withhold.